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Packers Podcast: Playoff Hopes Still Alive After Bears Loss

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Packers Podcast: Playoff Hopes Still Alive After Bears Loss

On Monday morning I joined Bart Winkler on K107 in Fond du Lac to take a look back at Sunday's 38-31 Packers loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. But more than the game itself, we gazed into the future with the Packers still alive for the NFC North championship and a spot in the playoffs following the Bears loss to the Eagles on Sunday night. We discussed the never-ending Aaron Rodgers saga and how far the team could advance without his services.

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Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and an editor at Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Ho Le Fuk's picture

The Pack is still alvie. Lets hope Flynn can put it together on Sunday. Ted will not let Rogers play the rest of the year behind that O line. He doesn't want to get him killed for just one game.
1. Flynn, if you have to run, try holding onto the ball and sliding feet first. Every other Qb in the game understands this, time you learned it by next Sunday.
2. Flynn, if you have a minute left to win it, that is a 60 seconds. Please don't take your time to the line of scrimmage and look at just one receiver in the end zone. Your guy was covered, the other two were open.
3. Josh, start blocking and not grabbing face masks. The refs are on to you and watch every play.
4. Newhouse, can't you just put your fat ass in front of someone and stay there? How freekin hard is that.
5. McCarthy, two runs and a pass, two runs and a pass ain't working. Besides other teams know you don't trust Flynn to throw so they play the run 80% of the time.
6. Datone? Wake up man your a first round draft pick savior that everyone in packer land hailed as the next coming. Lets start earning that money.
7. Shields, how can you be sliding all over the place on your own turf and the receivers aren't?
8. Ted lets just give away the first second and third round picks and get a ton more 5 and 6 rounders to develop. How is that workiing for you?

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree with your Flynn takes.
I would say don't blame the OL for the sacks. Flynn has held the ball way to long.

The one facemask penalty was kind of a fluke type of play by Sitton, he reached out and got the guys facemask. it happens...

I hated McCarthy's play calling in the redzone. 2 runs and 1 pass doesn't work. Especially when Flynn's 1 pass is out of bounds...

Shields simply slipped because he doesn't know where the WR is running. The WR knows where he is going.

What is Thompsons record? I am pretty sure he is doing ok...

James's picture

Nicely put. Enjoyed this. Thanks.

SOL's picture

Slipping is a cleat issue and they should know better. Who's making those decisions? Are the equipment guys letting the coaching staff know who's not use their brain properly? Does the coaching staff realize they're working with 20 something year olds that don't always think things through? They need to wear longer cleats...but these guys get hung up on "longer cleats slow me down" mantra. In fact you gain traction, not slippage with longer cleats. You have to change stride and increase leg speed. Additionally, with plastic bottom shoes there will always be slippage. Rubber bottom or rubber coated bottom with cleats is the way to go in freezing weather on turf.

The TKstinator's picture

What does your screen name mean? I don't understand it.

Al's picture

He was trying to get the first down. It was crucial. That's why he did not slide. His effort and technique were not the problem. He just needed to hold onto ball

Digital Tucker is he real's picture

the play calling was fine... the o line was destroying pitt...the false start was the killer..and not snapping the ball. I was on a train in Tokyo and knew the clock was going to start. so what- a hell of a game by a number 4 qb and the team ... real heart

RC Packer Fan's picture

What really is crazy to think about. If Rodgers plays the 7 games he has missed. We can assume they win at least 4 of those games.

Going into this week they would probably be 10-5 at worse. If that were true they would hold a 2 game lead on the Bears and this game would be meaningless...

PacMan's picture

Now is the time for a serious discussion - Packers are VERY unlikely to make it far in the playoffs with all these injuries and with this defense now minus CM too. Do Packers owe it to fans to play Rodgers against Bears with this offensive line?

Evan's picture

I doubt he'll be cleared this week (there was that ESPN story Sunday morning saying how Rodgers wasn't even close this week) - so it's probably a moot point.

lennysmalls's picture

Who are the Packers going to play with next Sunday? Rodgers will be out, same with Cobb and probably Lacy (their best offensive player this year) and Bostick. Jolly is going to be out, probably CM3 too. Hayward's out of course, so that means either Marshall, Jeffrey, or Bennett will have a HUGE game early. Then they'll just pound the ball with Forte and Bush. Ball game. Zero chance.

This team needs at least 12 draft picks in 2014, some FA signings, and it definitely needs to FIRE the strength and conditioning coaches, probably Capers too but my guess is they'll give him another lackluster year before letting him ride off to pasture.

briank029's picture

um... cutler will be behind center. that means we have a good chance.

Derek in CO's picture

The question I have is, do we even deserve the playoffs? Play a road game and get plastered? Not fun to me. We can't stop anybody, esp. not the good team.s

Evan's picture

"Play a road game and get plastered?"

They'd host the game.

Bugeater's picture

I will answer this for you. Yes, the Packers deserve to be in the playoffs.

They're fighting just as hard as anybody and playing with whoever they can get on the field. If they lose, so be it. I just want to see them play.

Marlow's picture

Yes. This.

Digital Tucker is he real's picture

double yes... it's a team with heart, odd talent, and frustrations...but the heart of champions... which they may still be ....wounded and flawed as they are

briank029's picture

then stop watching. nobody will miss you

phillythedane's picture

What he said.

Bart's picture

Given the Packers and Bears both have crap defenses I think this game will come down to which QB performs the best. I can't stand Cutler and hate the Bears but I doubt if our offense can score enough to win this game without Rodgers. Next Monday we can start talking draft.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Why wait till next Monday. I'm always ready to talk draft.

Packers needs...

S, S, S, TE, LB, and then pending on free agency, WR, DL, CB (if Shields were to leave).

Bart's picture

I agree on the needs but I would sure hope TT gets back to the BPA philosophy this time around. I'd love to have a S, LB or TE be the BPA but if not then I'm OK with just getting a darn good player. This roster needs an upgrade IMHO. Too many just average type players and not enough impact guys across the board.

RC Packer Fan's picture

For the most part TT stays with the BPA, its just recent years the BPA was the position of need.
Its hard to talk about draft needs because we have no idea who is staying and leaving as far as Packers free agents.
But based on their needs now I would say S, LB, TE are the 3 top needs.

I agree, that I just want them to get a good player. And honestly, I just want them to stay healthy.
Their last 4 first round picks have been injured to some level which has hindered their play.
Bulaga, Sherrod, Perry and Jones. Most people forget that Jones had a bad ankle sprain which has really hurt his progress, much like Raji had his rookie year.

RunAndHyde's picture

Shields can't leave....I won't allow it.

SOL's picture

Has anyone watched the game tape on the Bears? The whole second half they didn't change their defensive schemes. It was the same sets over and over. Plus on offense they limited the plays also after their first series. I'm thinking they were bagging it so as to not show too much after the knowing they were beat.

briank029's picture

yeah thats exactly what they were doing, because the bears run such a complex scheme. they have been hiding there best defensive packages all year for the last game. wow.

Point Packer's picture

Seahawks got in a couple years ago at 7-9. Played the Saints at home. And won. Anything can happen in the playoffs.

Bart's picture

I agree that anything can happen. With AR and Cobb at least we would have a "punchers chance" in the playoffs.

Digital Tucker is he real's picture

puncher's chance....awesome term. perfect.

cLowNEY42's picture

New DC - Mike Caldwell
New ST coach - Chad Morton

1st rd pick - Stephon Tuitt
2nd rd pick - Deone Bucannon
3rd rd pick - Brandon Coleman
4th rd pick - A.J. Johnson
5th rd pick - Aaron Murray
6th rd pick - Colt Lyerla
7th rd pick - Cornelius Lucas

Derek in CO's picture

I watched Buchanon play on sat. Big guy with decent ball skills (made a nice INT), but seemed slow to me. Don't think he's got elite NFL DB speed

Evan's picture

Who is Caldwell?

Digital Tucker is he real's picture

safeties are guys who can't make it a corner.. with that said..I find it hard to believe that Hyde couldn't become a hell of a safety..but I'm not a coach.

cLowNEY42's picture

Hyde can't get sideline to sideline... and he's too light.

Stroh's picture

2nd would be too high for Buchanon IMO. He doesn't have great ball skills or range. I'll depend on his combine I guess, but from the estimates his 40 time and quickness won't be elite and his ball skills aren't either. I think 3rd is more likely for him. Clinton Dix isn't even looking like a 1st anymore. He has same issues. Not elite athleticism for the position. This is a pretty poor Safety class. The best in this class, but not sure good enough to warrant a 1st.

Might need to pass on safety this year and hope Richardson steps up.

cLowNEY42's picture


Who am I kidding?

RC Packer Fan's picture

For the most part I agree with your draft picks. But just knowing how TT operates, I would say you will want to add 2-3 more picks, probably in the 5th - 7th round area.

Also the Packers should be receiving a couple of compensation picks for losing Jennings, Crabtree and ?

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