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Packers pass on CB Bashaud Breeland

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Packers pass on CB Bashaud Breeland

-- There seems to be very little incentive at this point in the summer for the Green Bay Packers to invest in another free agent cornerback.

That means former Washington Redskins cornerback Bashaud Breeland is off the Packers' radar after initially being on it four months ago.

That was before the Packers drafted Jaire Alexander at No. 18 overall and Josh Jackson at No. 45, two of the top defensive backs in this year's draft class, in April.

According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN, Breeland is scheduled to visit the Oakland Raiders on Sunday through Monday before venturing to Kansas City to meet with the Chiefs on Tuesday.

Demovsky previously reported in March that the Packers were indeed in discussions with Breeland. However, that was before he signed a temporary three-year, $24 million dollar deal with the Carolina Panthers.

"Temporary," thanks to a non-football foot injury and failing his physical before officially signing with the team, thrusting him back onto the open market. Even after making a full and successful recovery, the Packers still aren't interested in Breeland at this point in time.

With $10.9 million in cap space, the Packers could certainly afford Breeland, making him far from unobtainable. But with Alexander, Jackson, last year's No. 33 overall pick Kevin King and the recently-re-signed Tramon Williams, the Packers have every reason to feel optimistic about their current crop of cornerbacks.

Bringing Breeland to Green Bay less than a week before the start of training camp would also be a dangerous move considering the unfamiliar environment and hurdles he would need to surpass in such a short period of time to learn the playbook.

While Breeland would bring a significant boost to the Packers' depth chart at cornerback, a chunk of that aforementioned change is likely to be invested in other areas, such as quarterback Aaron Rodgers' impending contract extension.

For what it's worth, there is a multitude of ways to construct a new contract and distribute finances for a player whose annual salary is likely to be three times as much as the current remaining cap number. The Packers wouldn't be negotiating a new deal with Rodgers if $11 million was all they had to work with.

Breeland last visited the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals in May, but still remains unsigned.

In four seasons with the Redskins, Breeland missed just four games, accumulating 59 defended passes and eight interceptions.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

We've already blown too much cap $ on 2018. It's time to focus on 2019 and beyond.

Here will be the signs we're in trouble and focused only on 2018:

1. If Allison makes the team and a better young talent signs elsewhere. I put the chances of this stupidity occurring at 95%. We might as well just admit the future means nothing.

2. If Josh Jones is banished to the back 4 rather than used in the front 7, where he excels.

3. If Byron Bell--who has shown no potential at all--starts at RT over improving younger players.

4. If we risk our top pick on punt returns, rather than focusing his attention on CB development. Jeez, letting him take shots from 7th round gunners would be a new level of stupid.

5. If we don't move Rollins to safety immediately, in hopes of salvaging yet another low-athleticism Ted pick.

6. If Devante Mays isn't given a real chance in camp to show he can start in Aaron Jones's absence. Let's see if he has corrected his fumbling issues--maybe we can have some semblance of a threat at halfback, not just a technician. Jones-Mays could potentially be a good 1-2 punch.

7. If Davon House makes the team over Pipkins and other ascending talents.

My bet is we'll keep burning up the future while clinging to the present. I'm betting on stupid.

Johnblood27's picture

Your doom scenarios have MM written all over them.

either or both of the MM's that is...

I hope BG can cure the stoopids from the TT era and move forward with the positive momentum that was built and eliminate the head scratching errors.

Some of your list along with many MM game day decisions including PT, play calling and game situation/clock management really need to be cleaned up. Coach pad level hasn't been optimum.

Getting those issues cleaned up gives this team a fighting chance for a successful season.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Very true, sir--and great mention of PT and play-calling--but MM is still there.

I question just how much sway BG has with the management structure changes, but that's a long-exhausted debate I'd rather not revisit.

Suffice it to say, there has been SO MUCH STUPID in recent years on this team, I'm still too emotionally damaged to believe we'll see smart moves.

BG's stellar draft does offer hope.

Johnblood27's picture

Lets hope that Philbins HC experience will give him the stones to really challenge MM in the areas where he needs to get things cleaned up and that the "new" leadership will bring the Packer coaching to a level of helping instead of hindering.

60 minutes of playing to win would be a great start.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture


Sean-Luc Shanahan's picture

My only issue with your worries/assessment is the notion that jones shouldn’t be banished to the back 4. Yes he showed he can play better in the box last year but he also was severely handcuffed by capers’ overly complex defensive scheme. Jones is the only safety on this roster that is 220 and can run a 4.42. He’s potentially a sideline to sideline safety. I think he needs to play on the back end. Let Burks/Ryan/Martinez dominate the middle. We aren’t even sure if HHCD can return to form.

I also think gute will play hardball with mccarthy and send him some messages. Imagine he cuts Allison and keeps the three rooks and essentially sends the message “look, you make these guys work, you coach them up, and you get rid of this ridiculous hierarchical structure you and rodgers have going where only guys that have proven themselves with inferior talent can get in a few measley reps with rodgers and the 1’s.... otherwise, you’re fired next year.”
That would be awesome. I also believe mays needs another fair shake. He is potentially the best RB on the squad. I said that last year and I still feel that it could be true this year

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Welcome to APC. I think Josh Jones can do both - eventually - but I wish they would let him learn one position. The second paragraph is beautiful.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I totally agree that Rodgers attitude of "they have to earn my trust" is a problem. I have to work with people who haven't "earned my trust" everyday. If I refused to include them my boss would loose it.

Spock's picture

ALP, Sounds like you are betting on yourself. (Just kidding, I had to take that low hanging fruit final line.) :) I actually share your lack of enthusiasm for Allison. He strikes me as "just a guy" who has made some plays. His play last year made me 'under whelmed' to say the least. I pretty much disagree with the entire rest of your 'points'. In particular not using our best returner as a returner. People are all over Cobb for not "earning" his salary. I will never understand why Cobb wasn't the number one returner for kickoffs and punts (especially punts) when he clearly was the best player on the team for doing that. As to the rest I'll have to agree to disagree with you on your assessments. Peace, fellow Packers fan.

porupack's picture

"we'll keep burning up the future..."

Most people complain on the opposite, that GB mngmt isn't investing urgently in the 'now'.

You seem to feel no further investment needed for 2018. I respect that.

Disagree with #3 and #2
If Bell plays, after proving himself in TC, then him playing is great, not doom. If he starts and doesn't hold his part, and no one able to work in his spot....then I guess the young prospects just aren't good as advertised, or not ready.

Yep, until JAlexander is ready for starting CB role, get him in the game on punt returns and game time action.

I am fine if DHouse makes 53, as his veteran experience is valuable.

Bearmeat's picture


I agree with you about Allison, Mays and Rollins, but disagree on your other points. We don't need Breeland at this point. Between the three recent high draft picks, Tramon and House, we have to let the CB room develop. The ceiling is very high and there isn't enough snaps to go around at CB already. So I think that's too doom and gloom.

Same regarding punt returns. You put the best player out there until he indispensable on his side of the ball. Alexander isn't that yet.

Same with Bell. No, he's not been awesome the past 3 years, but he's cheap and provides Bulaga insurance in case neither Murphy or Spriggs makes the jump.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

1. Perhaps I didn't communicate clearly on Breeland: I don't want him on the team and never did.

2. On Alexander, I just strongly disagree. We need a dominant slot corner. Have someone else take a beating on returns.

3. Bell sucks. If neither Spriggs nor Murphy can show enough potential to warrant the reps over Bell, then burn down Lambeau and call it a day.

I'm using hyperbole, of course, and you make some good points. But I certainly wouldn't risk our top pick on returns unless we're absolutely desperate.

Bure9620's picture

Hello doom and gloom. I dont think its over if Bell has to play, I actually dont think he will. The Packers will figure it out at RT. Lets not forget they went 15-1 with Marshall Newhouse who was a turnstyle. It would not be time to "burn down Lambeau." Don't be surprised if Cole Madison earns the coaches trust early, yes at Tackle......

Bearmeat's picture

Exactly. This isn't Madden. You don't get a cast of all-stars, and you can win with a below average starter if he's masked acceptably by the talent around him. Am I excited about RT this year? Nope. But there are options. Between Spriggs finally playing to his talent level, Murphy battling, Bell playing at a C- level, or even Madison playing RT (which I doubt tbh), we have options.

And let's not forget that Bulaga was one of the best RTs in the league in 14-16. He'll be back probably mid-season if all goes poorly.

jww061356's picture

I am gonna agree with Bearmeat on this one. It's not a video game, you are going to have some weaknesses, but for the first time in a long time, it looks like we have added the speed and athleticism to compete. For years we just didn't have the speed to play with the better teams. I think with the additions at tight end(particularly Lewis) we can move the pieces around to compensate for an average or even slightly below average RT. We will find out in the first two weeks. I am more concerned that we may have got complacent with the interior of the line when it comes to dealing with interior lineman combos like Linval Joseph/Sheldon Richardson and the Rams DTs If we don't get killed by the injury bug, again, we look like we ha ve the pieces..

Spock's picture

jww061356, I don't get your concern about the INTERIOR of the OL. I see it as a strength with multiple players being able to play there (...and I'm a big fan of McCray). I agree that we can get by with sub standard RT's until Bulaga is ready but am puzzled why your think the interior lineman could be a problem????? I think the only coach of the Packers who consistently gets the most out of his players is the OL coach. I'm not worried about the INTERIOR guys at all.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't think the interior of the OL is anything to write home about. Taylor is adequate, at the low end of average. I think of Linsley as something above average, though he had a down year. PPF gave him a poor grade, which I thought was harsh. I have hopes for a jump from McCray, though I'd have to say he was just okay at RG. I do think Murphy and Patrick provide good depth at OG. Not sure whether anyone is a decent back-up OC.

porupack's picture

Agree. Packers mngmt invested wisely in youth the last 2 years (while not so wisely the preceding 3rd year). No need now for Breeland now.

I like who they got. Keep some spare change to sign a rookie victim of the 53 numbers from another team's practice squad who shows developmental talent at OL or OLB spots. Its kind of like stealing another draft pick, because all teams have same challenge to keep young prospects if they have an overload at a couple of position groups.

Arthur Jackson's picture

HOF position players have been outstanding returners for many teams while starting every game on offense or defense. Besides talent there is ZERO reason Alexander could not be the returner if he is indeed the best on the roster.

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