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Packers Lowballing Jennings

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Packers Lowballing Jennings

That's the word from Packer Update.

If this is even remotely true, I can't tell you how pissed I will be. Thompson's whole philosophy is to reward guys who have produced. Um, I think Jennings qualifies. In fact, I'd say he's done much more over a longer period of time than Rodgers' had done after 6 NFL starts when he got his monster deal.

Ted, I've been sticking up for you for some time now. DO NOT screw this up.

UPDATE: Several commenters have pointed out that a) It's Packer Update and b) It sounds like the beginning of any negotiation. This is, of course, true. I fully admit to being in a bad mood when I read it and probably posted out of frustration regarding other matters.

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BobbyOShea's picture

it'll get done before the season starts.. you can write that down. the negotiations probably just started, so lets hang back and see what happens. (side note.. if tt does mess this up i'm going to incite an angry mob at oneida/lombardi).

Cletis's picture

It doesn't say they are lowballing Jennings, only that they exchanged one round of offers and are far apart. That's completely expected at this point in any negotiation. I'd say of much greater concern in this Packer Update is the news about Justin Harrell.

Ron La Canne's picture

So the ball is in Ballz (I know, I'm being disrespectful - he deserves it) court, so to speak. Let's hope the talks proceed with a positive and non-combative attitude towards Jennings. He is a top flight young player and certainly deserves a bit of special treatment. There sure as hell is enough Cap Cash to reward him appropriately and fairly.

I see from the same post that Justine Harrel is lagging behind in his recovery program. Gee what a surprise! So, the backups for the front three are Montgomery, Malone, and some slug they signed whose name I can't remember. Err please TT a D Lineman is a must. Montgomery will start for four games while Jolly is sitting out a suspension. Plea deal, please a plea deal (misdemeanor?)

The review of Oher over at JSOnline blog is certainly less than enthusiastic. I'm beginning to think these co-called experts are all full of crap (see McGinn). One thing that has sunk in over the four years of TT drafting, you can never predict what he'll do on draft day.

I'm being forced to go to an unknown location (Naples) for two weeks. So keep up the draft day debate at a high level. I'll be checking on you every chance I get(If my wife has anything to say about it, that won't be too often). I need to be at the pinicle of draft day knowledge. I'm hoping for the best!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Who is the source of this information? Is there a source? I didn't think so.

Pack Fan In Enemy Territory's picture

Hardly a credible source if you ask me.

WoodyG's picture

PackerUpdate ???
How'd you come up with the term 'low-balling' from that.
It sounds just like the beginning of every contract negotiation.

If you act fast you can delete this "non--blog'.

coreyb's picture

Sometimes the beginning can be a defining moment for a player who feels disrespected by a low offer.

bomdad's picture

There's warts on GJ's resume like any other player. He disappeared in the NFC CG, and his cold weather ability is questionable. Nagging injuries have held him out of games prior to last year. I watched the Titans again, and not only Driver but Nelson showed him up. He is elite, and I love his attitude and personality. But when the agent comes in with the asking price of the highest paid reciever in the league and, you cant roll over. I bet he gets top 10-15 money guaranteed and incentives for everything he produces above that. He's showed up for everything so far and has not spoken to anybody in the media.

DaveK's picture

I understand the desire to get Jennings locked up but negotiations for elite players coming to the end of rookie contracts are always long and difficult.

If Jennings wants to be highest paid WR in the league then he will have to enter FA. But, if he wants the security of a long term deal a year early then he will have to take a few million less a year in salary and guarantees. It is a big risk for a player. He tears up a knee before he signs an extension and he flushes away millions in salary. So, does he hold out for FA type money or does he take the security of a new deal which would be a $7-$8 million pay raise. My guess is they will get a deal done sometime in July and Jennings will make around $9 million per year which is about what Dallas gave Williams last season and New England gave Moss last off season. It's just how these things usually go unless Jennings is willing to take the substantial risk or really wants out of Green Bay.

Williams: 5 yr -45 million with $20 m guaranteed

Moss: 3 yr - 27 million with $15 m guaranteed

grhombe's picture

One reason why TT wants to sign guys before their contracts are up are to get the for less for the long run. He did it with quite a few players, is TT a screw up for that too??

Its early. You and I know Jennings will be signed before the season, and Collins will be the middle of the year signing as long as he can play well in this next season. This is how TT rolls, he wants to leave his options open (aka making a big move which he is open to as long as he gets the better end of the deal, not paying people when he does not need to yet leaves all of his options open.) Once those opportunities are shut, he will resign Jennings and then use all the $$$ we are under the cap to pay Collins 6-8 games into the season as long as he is still in Pro Bowl form.

AdamOBOD's picture

Nice post Aaron. I think this has been a big fear for many fans this offseason that Thompson will try to lowball Jennings like he did last summer with Ryan Grant. Now there is no distinct proof that this has happened yet, but Thompson does have a history of operating like this. After not signing any significant FA's, the new deals of Jennings and/or Collins will still make this offseason a success.

I regards to bomdad's reply, I fully agree that he will and should get a deal similar to Roy Williams of Dallas. It seems about right or something similar to what Lee Evans got last year (don't know the exact numbers off hand). Jennings is not at the level of the Fitzgerald's of the league yet, but he is defintely in that second tier and should get a deal to warrant that.

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