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Packers Kick The Tires On Pac Man Jones

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Packers Kick The Tires On Pac Man Jones

I was going to write some high-minded prose about how the Packers contacting Pac Man Jones, if even to kick the tires, was only the act of an organization doing its due diligence on a player, like it would and has done with so many others...

And then I remembered that I'm a blogger, one who does this for free and doesn't collect a paycheck, and that I can write pretty much whatever the hell I want.

And as that is the case, I can only say:

Ted, are out of your fucking mind?

If this excuse of a football player gets on the roster, we can officially bury the term "Packer People".

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Dan at Marquette's picture

Let's not even worry ourselves with this. It's what happens with every free agent we show interest in. We'll be mentioned among the final few teams. We'll be a contender. We'll be in the talks. Blah blah blah. Ted will be passive, some team will make a push and overpay the dude, and we'll go about our business and win 11 games. Nothing to see here.

nerd's laptop's picture

Ted wouldn't give a 4th rounder for Randy Moss. You think he's gonna make Pacman an offer? Then again, he sure could return punts back in the day. LOL.
Dude has lost it on the field, as is evidenced by his stint in Dallas. And still doesn't get it off the field.
He's trying to drum up interest by making it seem like teams are pursuing him, just like Clifton did when he visited the Redskins.

cow42's picture

Ted woulda given up a 4 for moss. moss didn't want to come to GB... Good.

packeraaron's picture

Oh no, don't start...

alfredomartinez's picture

its all part of the HUSTLING game, Jones did just say that signing with the lions would be endering to his career (not necessarly his quote but bare with me)...that being said, would TT just be fucking with the Lions by messing w a prospect they might be willing to sign (oh yeah lions sign him get burned again...TT playing his tricky mind games)...just a drunken tought...prolly shouldnt have posted nothing lol!

dustybricks6's picture

As much as I pride myself on the 'packer-people' mentality -- if the guy can play, let him play. In the post-Vick era, I welcome the opportunity for a talented someone to turn their life around in Green Bay, at our benefit. Besides, what possible trouble could he get in in Green Bay, WI?

Wiscokid's picture

What kind of trouble? I don't know, ask Mossy Cade.

dgtalmn's picture

Was in Detriot, thought he'd stop by and see what a REAL football organization is about.

Stan's picture

We all remember the 'Michael Vick to the Packers' story that circulated. This is gonna happen a lot and it won't come to anything. Pacman's done, and the only reason I can see having him on the team is because we already have Atari Bigby and Ted wants to collect players with retro gaming names.

Mirra520's picture

+10 for best comment I've read on this website

maxginsberg's picture

I've learned to never be surprised by any roster move Ted Thompson makes. I will never know what he's thinking, or pretend to know how he operates.

Having said that, I completely agree with you.

"If this excuse of a football player gets on the roster, we can officially bury the term “Packer People”."

Well said, Aaron.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Packer People" is a joke Max... a gimmick (and you know this).

If the FO thinks they can get a game-changer, they'll do it. If he has a questionable past, they'll put a spin on it. "Packer People" sounds great, in theory. Unfortunately, in today's NFL, there is no way to field a squad comprised of 'just' "Packer People", and accomplish the "end-game". There are way too many thugs out there that can flat-out... BALL!

A 53 man roster full of Brady Poppinga's and Austin Collie's would be ideal, if one were teaching youngsters how they can play Football 'while' worshiping whatever they worship, all the while being mediocre-average in their craft.

But, I'll take a 53 packed with Michael Irvin, Randy Moss, Lawrence Taylor... to name a few, if I'm just looking to win... which I am.

If I wanted to watch an upright citizens brigade on Sunday's, I'd go to church with the Old-lady and the kids... I don't. I wanna see whoever is representing the G&G absolutely DESTROY whoever's lined up across from him. And, in all honesty, for that 3-4 hrs, I could give 2 shitz what kind of a rep. they have off-the-field, as long as they rep-the G&G on the field.

I don't want anything to do with Douche-man Jones. BUT, it's got nothing to do with him not being "Packer People".
More-so that he's an average talent, with an above average risk level... the law of averages is against him. The risk vs. reward isn't there, I'm sure Ted will see it the same way.



chazman's picture

The Packer organization "does it's homework" on all free agents and when the free agent in question is a pariah there are not a lot of other teams interested. This leads to the short-lived media frenzy that is sports today where the Packers are suddenly interested in Schmuck "A". I understand why they do it but I wish sometimes they would think it through from a PR standpoint. Then again . . . I'm just a fan.

erfine's picture

Kids, just say NO to Pac!

Jayme's picture

To quote some famous book "Judge not lest ye be judged."

Pac-man is an idiot, it's true. He's done ,some extremely bone-headed things repeatedly. But Green Bay is a good place to get yourself straightened out. Don't forget, Favre was a drunken philanderer before he came to Green Bay, who went on to become a drug addict. He turned out to be a pretty great player, and, many reckon, one of the people who define the term "Packer People." Charles Woodson was a malcontent who liked to party. He came to Green Bay and transformed himself into one of the most well-liked and philanthropic Packers in recent memory.

Who knows how many other NFL players, and indeed Packers, have done stupid crap but just haven't gotten caught?

Now, be that as it may, I seriously doubt Adam Jones will be a Packer. He hasn't shown enough skill or "want to" in his professional career to warrant the risk that the Packers would have to take on whether he can indeed turn himself around.

packeraaron's picture

I hear all that - but indulging yourself is one thing. Causing someone to be paralyzed and hiring people to kill someone is entirely different in my book.

Keith's picture

Conjecture much?

PackerFan4Life's picture

Packers sign speedster Sammy Shields from the U

looks like we got a steal, check these videos out of him,163118

packeraaron's picture

McGinn's piece on him got me excited, that's for sure...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Fo Sho

FITZCORE1252's picture

That clip vs. Wisconsin = Goosebumps. He was the fastest person on the field, HANDS-DOWN. Get the ball in this kid's hands.

FITZCORE1252's picture

A bit more on Sam:

This scout makes it sound like he just has hands-of-stone. Let Donald Greg and Jermichael work with him... coach his ass up. Can't teach speed.

PackersRS's picture

Well, we won't sign him.

But if we do, he players better start bringing umbrellas to the locker room...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Good stuff RS, good stuff.

Ron LC's picture

PacMan wandering the streets of GB. A picture I cannot draw.

OFF Topic: Heard the news this morning - Brent Fahvray needs ankle surgery. And the Queenies agony begins.

FITZCORE1252's picture

OT... If that in any way comes as a shock to you, shame on you. Just another reason for him to stay in the press, yet not show up 'till August. What a God Damn Diva.


FITZCORE1252's picture

That SOB best play this year, I want my pound of flesh. And we will get it.

Ron LC's picture


nerdmann's picture

Maybe Pacman could still play if he was moved to safety. But between Peprah and Burnett, we got that position rectified.

nypacker's picture

Aaron you're a couple days late on this story :) This rumor was dispelled later on and reported false.

PackersRS's picture

In other news, Merriman to be a Packer???

PackerFan4Life's picture

nah I doubt that he will be I am sure he is just being long winded. I cant see TT making a play for him unless they trade nick barnett for him which both are unlikely, remember we know TT as tight wad ted

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, I know what kind of GM TT is, but why would Merriman make that remark? What's in for him to make it? He has no leverage to where he goes, he's not a FA...

NickGBP's picture

Cheese as

Nypacker's picture

Jason Wilde came out with an article that reported that no packer personnel have made contact with Pacman Jones. While it's likely that TT may be keeping this under wraps, Wilde says that it's highly unlikely.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Ted, are out of your fucking mind?" LOL.

Nice to see you show some emotion dude. You should do it more often?!?!


Black Hawk's picture

I agree's a way different story for the drama queen upon his next return to GB. The revenge tour is over and we are a full season + into the new 3-4 the next time we face the primma donna!

FITZCORE1252's picture


greenbowlpackerbacker's picture

I'm sick of people saying "packer people"

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yep. Somebody define that for me. Please. It's a Goddamn joke. Sounds good, people buy it,BUT, nothing more than a gimmick. Somebody, anybody, prove me wrong... PLEASE.


FITZCORE1252's picture

By the way A-hole, I had a FF team named the "Green Bowl Packers" years ago, so don't go thinkin' you're special, You didn't reinvent the wheel, bud. :) Wear the moniker proud, Bro.


dilligaff's picture

I believe P. Jones has put on 20 pounds of fat, Cowboys cut him for lack of performance than the off the field problems.

What did he do in Dallas that even warrants the Packers interest?

Ruppert's picture

If Pacman was a better football player, I would be all for signing him. I don't want anything to do with him based on the fact that he's just not that good. Risk vs. Reward.

foundindaho's picture

May I say, Mr. Nagler, that I don't think I've ever agreed with you more. And I agree with you fairly frequently. I'll be totally disgusted if this happens and I won't be tweeting him with words of encouragement - that's for damn sure.

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