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Packers Have Moved On From Lyerla, Who Is Looking For Another Shot

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Packers Have Moved On From Lyerla, Who Is Looking For Another Shot

Last year, the Packers took a shot on former Oregon tight end Colt Lyerla, bringing in the troubled but talented prospect as an undrafted free agent. 

Lyerla showed little promise in camp before getting hurt in the Family Night scrimmage. He was waived-injured and then reached an injury settlement.  Shortly after, Lyerla was arrested for DUI. (Lyerla posted on Twitter on April 21st that the charges had been dismissed.) that the  Many observers felt this was the end of the line for Lyerla's chances in the league. 

Well, now the young man is making a pitch to NFL teams to give him another chance in a series of videos he's calling The Resurrection. The latest is below. 

When Lyerla was in camp, his unique athleticism certainly jumped out from time to time. The trouble was, you rarely if ever saw it translating to anything on the field of play. Bad routes, drops and missed assignments were plentiful. By the time Family Night rolled around, I was pretty sure it was going to take a bunch of splash plays in preseason for him to make the team. 

His injury took care of the Packers needing to make that decision. I asked a source at 1265 Lombardi if the Packers might take another look, but I was told in no uncertain terms that the team has moved on. 

I certainly wish the young man well and hope he catches on somewhere in the league. 

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chaka's picture

Lyerla is better than any of the garbage TE's currently on the roster. Ted should give him a chance. He would make an impact.

PackerAaron's picture

Oh good lord...

Idiot Fan's picture

Ted did give him a chance. He did nothing at all, until the play where he tried to jump over someone and injured his knee.

4thand1's picture


Packer_Pete's picture

you do realize that those "garbage TE's" beat him last year in camp, right? What does that tell you about Lyerla??? I just wish people would stop and think before writing. It doesn't matter what he did in college. It doesn't matter what he might do. The only thing that matters is what he can do now on the field. And he showed last year that it is absolutely nothing that other TEs on the roster couldn't do in a split second. So wasting a roster spot on him is not something Ted will be doing, and I am glad he won't.

As an undrafted rookie last year in camp, he didn't display anything on the field, and he also didn't display any professionalism. He may talk about doing everything right now, but I simply don't buy it. His agent should've told him last year that the Packers were the only team willing to actually give him a chance, and he wasted it. I assume the agent did exactly that. And he still wasted it.

Forget about him. Why on earth do people think that what happened in college matters at all once one has gone through an NFL camp? Why did absolutely nobody, not even his old college coach, want to see him on a roster??? Man it irks me to no end that people think they know more about professionals who get paid to evaluate players, and who don't want to touch Lyerla with a 20 foot pole. He is not worth wasting a roster spot. Ted always finds diamonds in the rough and undrafted rookies who are actually worth keeping. If anybody wants to tell me that they'd rather have Lyerla than let's say finding someone like Jayrone Elliott or Mike Pennel who can actually help the team is not a Packers fan.

Lyerla had his chance. He failed miserably. What's so hard to understand?

tm_inter's picture

I still think Lyerla's athletism could be put to good use in diverse positions, such as tight end, fullback, or special teams. He's quick, strong and hard to be brought down. Why not use Lyerla the same way the Packers used Ryan Taylor in the past: as tight end, fullback, and special teams.

Tundraboy's picture

Like it. Worth a try, and he has more upside if he is in fact healthy and has his head together.

Harlan Huckleby's picture

So Colt's talking about eating right, getting the legs right, getting the hands guess is the brain's still wrong.

Packer_Pete's picture

very well said. And one cannot fix that.

ben's picture

Lyerla has some of the best college tape I've ever seen. Not a lot of it, but made some incredibly athletic plays. He's a beast. Plays hard.

He still would be worth giving a shot & bringing into camp for the Packers. Quarless is pretty good. Richard Rogers can't run & is a bad blocker.

This is not a good draft for TE's or FB's.
Bring in Colt for another look.

Attempt a trade for Coby Fleener
Round 6 / 7 - TE: CJ Uzomah
Round 7 / UDFA - FB: Hunter Joyner

4thand1's picture

RR was a rookie. Played really well at the end of the year. His arrow is pointing up and has nothing to prove.

ben's picture

"has nothing to prove"?

such a homer thing to say.

How did he play before the end of the year? Made a few catches? What plays really stood out for you? He sucked all year blocking. He got beat repeatedly. Was the key on a lot of bad running plays.

He has good hands and that it. The biggest thing he has going for him is that he has Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball. His arrow may be pointing up, but his upside just isn't there. He can't run and can't block and that's a problem.

The Seahawks just got Jimmy Graham the best TE in the game and already had one of the most athletic and underrated TE's in Luke Wilson. Who, by the way, can F'n block.

Richard Rodgers is good enough, has nothing to prove? Yea?

Enjoy your 1 championship in over a decade with the best QB to ever play the game you dumb homer.
What a waste. Should have been a dynasty.

PackerAaron's picture

Ben, while I agree with the sentiment that Richard Rodgers has plenty yet to prove, I'd like to suggest that there are plenty of decaffeinated brands on the market that taste just as good as the real thing.

Also - Who cares what the Seahawks did? You decry the Packers for only having one championship (never mind the fact that Rodgers and company could still win another Lombardi) and then compare them to a team with...wait for championship.

That's adorable.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Richard Rodgers has plenty to prove, unless your expectations for him are very low, like 3rd TE on an NFL team. I was also encouraged by his play towards the end of the year, but he was still looking up at average in terms of blocking at the end of the year. He has soft, quality hands, but he is not quick, he is not fast, he cannot threaten the seam, he is slow in and out of his breaks, he is not elusive running with the ball, nor does he run DBs over. I was pleased that he improved as a blocker, as it showed character. IIRC, he was not asked to block much in college, so it didn't come as a surprise that he was a project in that regard. My expectation is that he improves his blocking, and will have more receptions now that Aaron Rodgers knows he will catch passes thrown to him. He can be a #2 TE.

Sorry to hear that Lyerla was so bad in practice. Impressive athleticism frequently does not translate into being a good NFL player.

Nick Perry's picture

Ben you do understand he was a rookie last year don't you? He improved all year long in both catching the ball and blocking. Sure he has work to do but the kid has great hands and with the emergence of Adams to go with Cobb and Nelson, Rodgers will become more and more of a factor, can't cover em all Ben. With Janis and Abby coming back who's receiving group would you fear more, Seattle's or Green Bay's?

Nevin Paustian's picture

Hahahaha...the best TE in the league is Jimmy Graham? You sit here and hate on a rookie for being a poor blocker then say that a veteran TE who is notorious for being a bad blocker is the best TE in the league.

RCPackerFan's picture

'such a homer thing to say'
'Enjoy your 1 championship in over a decade with the best QB to ever play the game you dumb homer.
What a waste. Should have been a dynasty.'

Just to be clear, by these comments I would assume your not a Packer fan? True or False?

4thand1's picture

Liking a guy with no character issues (should have been more specific) , as needing nothing to prove. A lot of good TE's aren't considered "good" blockers by the way. You're also the clown who hates HHCDix. Sucks having good young talent on the team.
P.S. I am still enjoying the last SB win and was there to see it. The Packers are still one of the favorites to be there in the end this year, something most of the league can't say.

Packer_Pete's picture

That's awesome. He also couldn't beat out the current TEs on the roster in last year's camp. So I don't care whether he has some of the best college tape anybody has ever seen. He is not going to cut it in the NFL. And wasting a roster spot on a guy like that is idiotic. The Packers already gave him a chance. And I might add, they were the only team to do so. And he failed, plain and simple. And it had nothing to do with the injury. He didn't do anything, period.

xuyee's picture

Did his best work under Chip Kelly ... who doesn't want him.

sonomaca's picture

Exactly. If Kelly doesn't want him, why would anyone else.

Tundraboy's picture

I dunno but with the time they already wasted/invested in him last year, what the hell ,why not?. Invite him to camp. It definitely is going to be an all business mentality this year and if he fails he fails. Nothing to lose.

Evan's picture

"It definitely is going to be an all business mentality this year..."

Same thing should have been true last year and after he got cut he went and got a DWI or something, yea?

I was all for giving him a chance last year, but no more. I think the above comment about Chip not being interested speaks volumes.

Packer_Pete's picture

Yes, there is something to lose. While it doesn't seem relevant to many people, roster spots are valuable. So why invite some guy who is rejected by his old coach, has shown nothing in camp last year, and is a head case to begin with? He would block the spot for someone else who maybe more deserving. After all, being an undrafted rookie last year, it should've been all business for him. It wasn't...

4thand1's picture

Where is J Finley?

Packer_Pete's picture

Out of the NFL and he will not be back...

Tundraboy's picture

After more thought, we might as well go with a new draft pick, but we must have more talent and depth at TE this year.

Clay Zombo's picture

Im sorry Pete but there are a lot of guys in this league that have been cut more than once in their first or second year but go on to have good careers.

Im not gonna argue with you about Lyerla because its not worth it but to say hes junk and cant have a decent NFL career here or elsewhere is beyond dumb. Especially when you base it off of one training camp.

The reason hes not on an NFL roster is because of character not talent. Not everyone comes into this league NFL ready.

Evan's picture

"Im sorry Pete but there are a lot of guys in this league that have been cut more than once in their first or second year but go on to have good careers."

Add in the limited college production, undrafted free agent status, out of football for a year, long rap sheet and that list is much, much shorter.

Not saying he can't be the first, but I wouldn't bet on it.

And I was one of his biggest supporters/defenders last off-season. Cow wanted him banished to some remote island for some idiotic comments he had made about Sandy Hook.

Packer_Pete's picture

thank you Evan. I think what is really most telling that Chip doesn't want him either. He of all people in the NFL should know the talent and how to treat him to maximize it. But even he doesn't want him. Tells me all I need to know...

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