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Packers Daily Links: Steven Jackson, Green Bay Discussing Three-Year Deal

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Packers Daily Links: Steven Jackson, Green Bay Discussing Three-Year Deal

Although no deal is imminent, the Packers and free-agent running back Steven Jackson have been in contact about a potential deal, according to Pete Dougherty of the Press-Gazette. "A source told the Press-Gazette that Jackson and the Packers were discussing a three-year contract on Wednesday," writes Dougherty. "If the sides complete the deal, the Packers would be signing one of the league’s best backs since the St. Louis Rams selected him at No. 24 overall in the 2004 draft, though at an age (30 in July) when most players at his position are in significant decline." The Packers and the Falcons are thought to be the two teams most-interested in Jackson. People get fixated upon the dollar amount, but the years included in the deal is an important factor too.

As a report at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel goes into some detail, the name Eugene Parker is of utmost importance to the Packers and their immediate future. "The complicated part is that the fates of receiver Greg Jennings and running back Steven Jackson are woven together because they affect the offense in different ways and have the same representative," writes reporter Tom Silverstein. It's an interesting dynamic. Can the Packers afford to pay only one of these players and not both? Is there actually a conflict of interest? It's a situation that needs to be handled very delicately.

Did you notice that ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted that Steven Jackson had signed with the Packers yesterday and very quickly deleted his missive. JSOnline, Acme Packing Company and Lombardi Ave. did.

More on free agency and the fates of Steven Jackson and Greg Jennings come from Packer Report, the Wisconsin State Journal, and Lombardi Ave.

Further complicating matters in free agency is the status of tight end Jermichael Finley. "The longer the Packers wait out Jennings, the worse Jermichael Finley’s situation becomes," writes Tyler Dunne of JSOnline. "The team has told the tight end that he’s on the roster and general manager Ted Thompson has not asked Finley to take a pay cut. But Finley’s camp is in limbo. If Green Bay is able to land Jennings — whenever that is — there’s a good chance the Packers circle back to Finley and ask him to take less money or release him." Finley's $3 million roster bonus is reportedly due on Mar. 27. The Packers will have to make a decision on Finley by then, and while perhaps not likely, a trade is not out of the question either.

Tackle Marshall Newhouse reportedly led the Packers in a program that pays NFL players who perform beyond their salaries, netting him $214,335 this week, according to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Newhouse, who played all 1,103 regular-season snaps at left tackle, was awarded that team-leading amount as part of the NFL's performance-based pay benefit program." Newhouse received a salary in the neighborhood of $500,000 this past season, a rate out-paced by many full-time starters in the NFL, particularly left tackles.

Former Packer Charles Woodson is visiting the San Francisco 49ers.

Taking a look at some young players vital to the future of the Packers is JSOnline.

The annual checkup series continues at Fox Sports Wisconsin with running back James Starks.

Over at JSOnline, some entertaining thoughts from offensive lineman T.J. Lang are shared. USA Today noticed too.

General manager Ted Thompson gets put under the microscope at

The Packers had a formal interview with Florida tight end Jordan Reed at the NFL Combine, according to Packer Report.

Video: From WBAY, the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest is currently being held at Lambeau Field...


Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Evan's picture

There seems to be an awful lot of Steven Jackson smoke for there not to be any actual fire...this needs to get resolved soon so I can stop refreshing twitter like a crazy person.

What's interesting is that with all the Steven Jackson reports floating around out there, there hasn't been a single one I've seen that talks about the Falcons being active.

whiledayes's picture

I know it isn't much, but with SJAX on the roster they could clear up close to $1 Mil after releasing two of our four currently rostered RBs.

If they can work some magic with Hawk's contract and make Finley's contract more incentive laden (can we deduct pay for every drop?) I think there is ample room for Rodgers, Matthews, Jackson, Jennings and all our new rookies to fit under our cap.

MarkinMadison's picture

"(Jennings) reportedly was looking for a deal that averages about $12 million a year, and whatever numbers his agent was broaching in initial contacts appears to have scared off potential suitors."

This is what I was talking about a week or two ago Mr. Nagler. Go out with $12M or $14M a year and you scare people off. Go out with a more reasonable number and maybe you can create a bidding war. Hell, any decent real estate agent will tell you the same thing.

If they get Jackson or Jenning my bet is they do a sign-and-trade with Finley before March 27th.

Evan's picture

What do you mean a sign and trade?

Point Packer's picture

He's already signed. They could trade him right now, but they'd get nothing in return.

Evan's picture

Yeah, that's my confusion.

And if they were to extend him, why would they turn around and trade him then?

The NFL doesn't do sign and trades, as least not in the NBA vein.

MarkinMadison's picture

They do tag-sign-trade deals in the NFL. Virtually the same thing in this situation, except the Packers have him under an $8M one-year contract instead of a $6M one-year TE tag. I think you need to extend out the contract because no one will give you much of a draft pick to have Finley for one year at $8M.

Evan's picture

Oh, tag and trade isn't really the same thing, but whatever. I don't want to get hung up on that.

I just think if the Packers and Finley can agree on an extension - one that would lower his 2013 cap number - then they'd be better off just keeping him.

Stroh's picture

I don't think the Pack wants Finley to leave. The 2 yr deal was to determine his value for a longer contract. I hope they can extend Finley to lower his cap number but I think they would rather ps Finley than the 30 yr old Jennings. Then sign Jackson to 3M per fior 3 yrs. Use the draft for more defensive playmakers and a SB is a real possibility!

cow42's picture

big fan of jordan reed.
get me a couple of these guys...

datone jones
jordan reed
christine michael

redlights's picture

At least Cow offers solutions to problems instead of 100% pessimism.

cow42's picture

i don't understand the negativity towards jennings.
it's just business.
dude's gotta make his coin when he can.
this'll be his last contract.

it's ALWAYS about the $... as it is for most people (sadly).

Lars's picture

No negativity. Just tired of Jennings year-long FA circus show and his pretense that "God" is leading him. He obviously misjudged the market and won't get near his sister's desired payday or location (South Beach).

Evan's picture

Jackson to the Falcons...goddammit.

Lars's picture


Evan's picture

Adam Schefter.

It hasn't been deleted yet, so it looks legit.

pooch's picture


MarkinMadison's picture

ESPN is reporting Jackson to Atlanta. No Jackson. No Canty. Jennings will probably go to Minnesota. On to the draft!

Evan's picture

This one really stings.

Serves me right for getting my hopes up.

Drealyn Williams's picture

I can't front - I was looking forward to the Jackson/Harris punch. I hope we don't draft a RB day 1 of the draft.

Denver's picture

The TT Way. It really does get frustrating at times. Though if not signing Jackson turns out as well as not trading for Lynch in '10 did (SB win) I'll get over it.

Drealyn Williams's picture

That always helps me out when I'm frustrated with TT. I mean -- we did win a SB with James Starks as our primary back. I say focus on the O-Line and D-Line. There's a ton of talent in this year's draft on the D-Line.

pooch's picture

Wow tight teddy strikes again,everyone getting better but GB,what a waste of offensive talent rodgers,cobb,nelson...ect,think the dumbshit will get left tackle from miami?

Derek in CO's picture

Well, at least one thing is for sure, TT won't overpay to sign anyone, or nobody at all.

Evan's picture

That's been a sure thing for nearly a decade.

imfubared's picture

Unfortunately the Lions, Vikes and the Bears all signed top quality players. How many SB teams are loaded with 6 and 7 rounders.
This team needed a ton of help via the draft and free agency and now the FA part is gone. We have a whopping 7 picks, all late rounders.
WHat I don't get is the Lions have 6 early first round picks on the team so where are they getting all this free agent money and why don't the packers ever have any money?

Stroh's picture

Lions, vikes and bears always win the offseason. Funny thing is we always win the regular season! How haven't you figured that out yet?

imfubared's picture

Ya where's our money considering all the late round bums we have and paying them nothing. Just where is all the money going? Rogers and Mathews aren't getting it yet?

Drealyn Williams's picture

After not getting Jackson I'm convinced TT has a trick up his sleeve.

Derek in CO's picture

have you guys seen this ESPN free agent ranking/tracker?

They have Walden above Brad Jones and Charles Woodson above Sam Shields. That is about the most worthless thing I have ever seen.

MarkinMadison's picture

I saw one at Bleacher Report today that had Chad Clifton as being with the Packers in 2012, and had him rated as the 5th best available tackle in Free Agency. Last I checked he was on nobody's roster last August. If he is the #5 tackle available, that is a sad comment on the league.

KurtMc's picture

Not getting Steven does not disappoint. ATL will be sorry if they plan on him as the primary back. Jackson doesn't hold up well on the turf.

I think most agree on the D lineman need, but nothing from TT. The present offense can still score, but if your D is letting you down... 35 points a game might not be enough or if your offense has an off day (2011 playoff).

TT, my opinion, is wasting this teams offensive talent. For two years, the pass rush has been dismal. in the lower 1/3 of the NFL. it just sickens me.

MarkinMadison's picture

"doesn't hold up well on turf"

OK, last time I checked, St. Louis was on turf, and Jackson held up very well there for nearly a decade.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree that he has held up well for the last decade. But when does he fall flat on his face? AKA Michael Turner...

I have been on and off of the Steven Jackson boat. At first I didn't want him, then warmed up to the idea. I think he would have really helped this year. But definitely not the answer for more then 1-2 years...
I want to remind people of how good Cedric Benson looked before he got hurt. I believe Benson can be a cheaper and just as effective alternative then Jackson. The game he got injured in he was running really well. Plus since then DuJuan Harris exploded onto the scene.
I think they can be a good 1-2 punch, and i see TT drafting a RB within the first 3 rounds. You can have a RB come in and be as productive if not more productive then Steven Jackson.

KurtMc's picture

nearly all blogs mention this FA too expensive for TT, or out of TT price range..

At the end, were going to have exactly want TT wants a cheap D that performs like a cheap D.

For Pete's sake, I'm not asking for a guy 4 years, 55 mil, but [email protected]@dang it, something....

imfubared's picture

I knew and said Jackson wasn't coming. Neither was Canty. Jackson, Canty just used GB knowing they had no real money to offer. Ted us just playing the fans by making it look like he is interested by making low ball offers

packsmack25's picture

So I guess that deal they were talking about was the deal he was about to sign with Atlanta.

dawg's picture

TT better pull rabbits out of his hat come draft day!

dawg's picture

Until we see what the Atl. Jackson deal is, no comment.
But I really like what Jackson had to offer, more so for Arod.
TT, unimpressive in 2012 draft, Arod needs help at OL or RB, not WR.
Can't see how 51 sacks sits well w/ TT, or Arod for that matter.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Guys,tell me if I'm crazy or not. How about the Pack drafting Le'Veon Bell from Mich. State? Not sure which round,but check this out -- @ 3:17 just imagine the Pack in that exact formation against Dime or even Nickel! Dangerous!

al's picture

say its not so sitton and tj too dallas for a 7 round pic no way maybe 1&2 round pics comon-man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan's picture

April Fool's Day is the worst.

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