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Packers Daily Links: Joe Whitt Defends Tramon Williams

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Packers Daily Links: Joe Whitt Defends Tramon Williams

In an interview published at, Green Bay Packers position coach Joe Whitt defended cornerback Tramon Williams on Wednesday. “I hear people saying, ‘Tramon can’t play,'" Whitt is quoted as saying by reporter Jason Wilde. "They’re wrong. They’re wrong. They’re taking a few glaringly bad plays and saying a man can’t play. Where, I’m going to tell you this: There’s few guys that I would take over him (in the NFL). I don’t know if there’s any that I would take over him because when he’s allowed to do what he does best, he’s pretty good, and that’s just what it is." Whitt is absolutely right. I see too many fans disparage the play of Williams on social media channels, fans who have unfairly or unrealistically judged the play of Williams. Williams may not have been a Pro Bowler and he's obviously made some poor plays, but he's far from the liability a few fans make him out to be.

The agent of running back DuJuan Harris had a few comments made to various media outlets on Wednesday after it was learned his client recently had a cyst surgically removed from his right lung. “He’s very thankful for regular checkups,” agent Dave Lee is quoted as saying by Green Bay Press-Gazette reporter Rob Demovsky. “Thankfully, the cyst wasn’t cancerous. The interesting thing was he played with last season, but they didn’t find it until now.” Lee also talked about Harris potentially being able to have more endurance and speed thanks to a greater lung capacity. I'm not sure I'd expect miracles from Harris now, but it can only be a good thing that he had this procedure and can now put it behind him.

More on DuJuan Harris comes from the Journal Sentinel, Fox Sports Wisconsin,, Associated Press and JSOnline.

The whole Aaron Rodgers/Greg Jennings flak has gotten out of hand. In response to a recent interview which Jennings refused to call Rodgers by name, some fans are either a little too sensitive, or they aren't familiar that Rodgers threw a similar barb at Jennings just weeks ago. As Chris Wesseling of reminds, "Quarterback Aaron Rodgers entertained the crowd at the Wisconsin Sports Awards in April when he answered a question about Jennings with, 'Who?'" Rodgers and Jennings are just joking around. Don't read into it any further.

More on Greg Jennings comes from Lombardi Ave.

Wide receiver James Jones commented on the recent Aaron Rodgers interview in which he said that Randall Cobb could potentially catch 100 passes. “I said it first,” Jones is quoted as saying by the team's official website. “He stole it a little bit, but you know, his name is bigger than mine, so it gets blown up.” Jones apparently said the same thing in a recent interview on the NFL Network. The point isn't really who said it first, but it's interesting to see so many teammates have such a high opinion of Cobb.

More on Randall Cobb comes from

Tight end Jermichael Finley has put on some weight this offseason, as noted by the Press-Gazette and

A look at the many shapes and sizes of the Packers running backs come from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Head coach Mike McCarthy made a notable comment about his offense likes to throw "punches" and not "play keep-away" yesterday. More from, team's official website and WBAY.

Donald Driver will attend a June 15 ceremony in Green Bay for a street named after him and a statue unveiled, reports JSOnline, Fox 11 and Fox Sports Wisconsin.

Aaron Rodgers says he's been in contact with Brett Favre, as noted at

Mike McCarthy talks about Mason Crosby competing for the kicking position over at

The inside linebacker position gets some attention at Acme Packing Company. asks what is Mike Neal doing at outside linebacker?

A feature on defensive lineman Johnny Jolly appears at Packer Report.

Video: The Packers are helping to unveil a new youth football field in Milwaukee...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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PackerPete's picture

"The point isn’t really who said it first, but it’s interesting to see so many teammates have such a high opinion of Cobb." That's why it's so baffling that McLardy hardly played Cobb during the 1st half of the 49ers game. Instead, Ross lined up where Cobb would play... Cobb is the best all around offensive player the Packers have, as he can do it all.

Regarding Tramon: This is a very strange statement: "I don’t know if there’s any that I would take over him because when he’s allowed to do what he does best, he’s pretty good, and that’s just what it is." Is this is criticism of Capers? when he's allowed to do what he does best, does that mean at the moment he is not allowed to do what he does best?? Isn't that also the job of a coach to make sure he puts his players in the best position??? If Capers doesn't use Tramon well enough, then maybe Whitt should speak up a little. I never really cared for Whitt. It always seemed to me from comments the DBs made that they really learned the most from Woodson. Maybe it's time to get a new DB coach. Just saying...

Jamie's picture

I believe Whitt is referring to the nerve damage in Tramon's shoulder, which prevents him from jamming and generally being more physical with WRs.

And comments regarding Woodson helping the younger DBs have no correlation to Whitt's ability as a coach. You're acting as if it has to be one or the other...when the reality is they got coached by Whitt and Woodson was there as well. Whitt has gotten a lot of praise as a fine coach, expects a lot from his players, no BS type of guy.

PackerPete's picture

Ok, I would agree that this explanation would make sense, but don't you think that the phrasing is a little odd? One would say "being able to" or "he couldn't physically do everything he wanted to" or something like that. But "allowed to" to me implies that someone else is forcing him to not play as he wants. Just my opinion, and maybe it is splitting hairs, but I just found the phrase odd.
As for Whitt / Woodson, I just have to say that it is a little odd how often I heard in Packers player interviews how they learn a lot from Woodson, and that he "will make a great coahc someday". That may certainly be the case, yet I've never really heard Whitt by players being praised as other position groups praise their coaches (e.g. OLB praising KG or WRs were praising Robinson). This may just be my perception.

DraftHobbyist's picture

It doesn't make much sense IMO to take a few soundbites and the assume Whitt is a bad coach. Sure, players might have talked more about a player that has been one of the best FA pickups in the history of the game that is nearing the end of his career, but I don't see how that means Whitt is bad at his job. Attribute it to what you want to, but the Packers have not drafted a lot of talent at the CB position and yet it's one of the strongest positions on the team. Whitt seems to deserve credit for that, and there has been talk about him potentially becoming a DC or even HC some day.

EDIT: Oh, and does it really matter if the players like him or not? If he gets the job done I don't think it matters. Some coaches try to be friendly with the players and some coaches try to be no-nonsense. I don't know what strategy Whitt uses, but I don't think it matters. He's getting the job done plain and simple.

MarkinMadison's picture

The whole Wilde article is good. Whitt talks about the fact that he has discussed with Capers playing press v. playing off. It's a very interesting article.

"Now, did he play as good as he did in 2010? No. I’m going to take some of that for the fact that we asked those guys this year for as much as possible to get up and press, which he can press. (But) he gets the ball better when he’s off. He makes more impactful plays from playing off. Sam (Shields) makes more impactful plays being pressed. So (Williams) plays better (when he’s not pressing) because he can see the ball and go get (it)."

“If you go back to 2010, most of his impact plays came from being off. This year, my whole mantra, and I told (defensive coordinator) Dom (Capers), I know we want to press because if you look at our completion percentage, they don’t complete a lot of balls on us."

Chad Toporski's picture

Ahh, "McLardy"... Definitely have to respect the opinions of someone who resorts to unwarranted name calling.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Brian, I will overreact about Craig Fleming's comments all I want, thank you very much... 'MERICA :-)

Al Dante's picture

My issue with Williams is his playing stlye not ability. I remember in the 9ers game, he was always looking at the receiver and not back at the ball. Had he been doing that I think he had the chanced to have several interceptions on low balls that almost hit him at the back of the waist. Turn around and you got the ball in your hands.
He just kind of assumes its going to be over his head all the time. Just sayin...........

PackersRS's picture

If he had done that playing man he would've blown many, many coverages. It's his job to look at the receiver.

Franklin Hillside's picture


DraftHobbyist's picture


Turophile's picture

With Tramon Williams, it is not that he cannot play.

It is much more about him being 30, earning almost 10x what guys like Shields and House were earning and 5x what Hayward earns.

He isn't giving the kind of "bang for your buck" that others at his position group are, which is why he gets some negative press.

I know part of his problems have been down to nerve damage in his shoulder, but in the tough business that is the NFL, you look and see three other guys on the team who have the talent to fill the two main starters and nickle back positions.

As money gets tighter, hard, unsympathetic eyes will judge Tramon's production (in the last two years), compared to his salary. This could be his last years as a Packer. It is also possible that he is far enough removed from his shoulder woes, that he lights it up in 2013.

MarkinMadison's picture

"This could be his last years as a Packer. It is also possible that he is far enough removed from his shoulder woes, that he lights it up in 2013."

Or both. If Shields has a solid year he will want to get paid, and choices will have to be made. I think it will not be "sign Shields or sign Raji." I think it will be "sign them both and let Tramon go."

Bearmeat's picture

It'd be interesting to see how much GB would save next offseason by cutting Tramon, Bishop and Hawk.

Of course that's waaay to far out to predict. But it's possible that a number of the young guys really steps up this year to star level - at which point resigning them becomes a must.

Thinking of names like Shields, Burnett, B Jones, Manning, McMillan, Raji, Perry, D Jones, Sherrod/Barclay.

hayward4president's picture

So now Jermike is sucky aaaaand chubby haha

Oppy's picture

As I listened to the actual audio of Rodgers talking about Favre, I'm 99.9% certain that Rodgers used the word "HAVEN'T" not "HAVE BEEN" in contact with Favre since the ESPY's. I believe the ESPN story that has been linked to is incorrect.

Beyond my ears, take a look at the CONTEXT, and ask yourself, which makes more sense:

“We had some fun with that. We *HAVE BEEN*/*HAVEN'T BEEN* in touch since, so I’m not sure what is going on with the timetable (for retiring his number) if there is one."

If they "HAVE BEEN in touch" as written in the article, would you go on to say "so i'm not sure what is going on"?.. HAVEN'T BEEN contextually makes sense.

Beyond contextual logic, there was a tone used that seemed familiar- similar to when Rodgers, in the past, talked about Favre not returning his phone calls. His statement about it being "good to keep in touch" came off as flat and slightly sarcastic.

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