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Packers Daily Links: Hayward Says "I Want to Start"

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Packers Daily Links: Hayward Says "I Want to Start"

Packers cornerback Casey Hayward, who finished third in the NFL's Defensive Rookie of the Year voting in 2012, was interviewed by Paul Imig of Fox Sports Wisconsin who quoted him as saying, "I want to start outside. I feel like I can be an outside guy now full-time." Of course, Hayward's bread and butter last season was guarding slot cornerbacks in the nickel and dime packages where he did a more than adequate job replacing Charles Woodson. But Hayward obviously wants to be a three-down player, and he'll have plenty of competition from Tramon Williams, Sam Shields and Davon House. May the best man win.

An NFL personnel executive was interviewed by Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about newly signed Packers tight end Matthew Mulligan. "He will add physical presence to the running game," said the executive. "This guy is a bigger, sturdier, thicker-bodied type than (Tom) Crabtree. Big, strong, physical, tough, in-line, point-of-attack, strong-side blocker." By no means will Mulligan be guaranteed a roster spot in Green Bay, but at this time of year, when rosters can include up to 90 players, there's no hurt in bringing in a guy that can help the Packers in their running game. They could use a boost in that regard.

More on Matthew Mulligan comes from the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Packer Report and

Over the weekend, NFL Draft prospect David Quesenberry was interviewed by Rob Demovsky of the Press-Gazette. Quessenberry generally confirmed the Packers interest in the San Jose State offensive lineman. “I’ve been getting a lot of different feedback from a lot of different teams,” Quessenberry said. “A lot of people see me as a tackle, and others see me as a guard or center. A team like Green Bay, they see me at all five, and that’s where my value is, being able to play all those positions and handle all that. I’ve gotten real positive feedback from them.” For a team like Green Bay that seems to put a lot of stock into college left tackles, Quessenberry makes a lot of sense.

Packers president Mark Murphy was interviewed by the Racine Journal Times over the weekend and addressed the Packers' perceived lack of interest in free agency. “Look at the teams who have done that," Murphy is quoted as saying. "Two years ago, the Philadelphia Eagles were anointed the Dream Team and NFL champions. It’s not that we can’t afford it. It’s really just that we think the best way to spend money is to identify your core players and reach long-term extensions with them rather than taking other people’s players.” The pot shot Murphy took at the Eagles is good for a chuckle, but he's right. Going after big-name free agents is rarely in the best interests of the organization.

Newly signed cornerback Loyce Means was interviewed by Packer Report for a feature article in which he shared his story of meeting a Packers scout in a airport.

Several Packers players made an appearance at the 25th Annual Big Event for Little Kids at Shopko Hall in Green Bay that raises educational funds for children under 10 by Bellin Health.

A couple more items at Packer Report include a piece on San Diego State tight end Gavin Escobar and two defensive backs that visited the Packers.

The "Final Four" Packers players in the poll at are unveiled.

A column mourning the loss of "Fan Fest" appears at

Lombardi Ave. names Michael Clay of Oregon as a prospect to watch.

Video: Lambeau Field is the site of a state budget hearing in Green Bay on Monday. More from WBAY-TV...

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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redlights's picture

Brian, any idea what the roster count is at, currently?

Anyone care to comment on the possibility of Shields' signing his tender a week before the draft; then a trade to a team that has an extension worked out?

Stroh's picture

You can never have to many CB's in the NFL. Shields will sign his tender when the time is right for him. Probably close to the deadline, it relieves him from participating in offseason workouts in GB and allows him to train in Miami, w/o it costing him anything in fines. But those Miami guys work hard together. He'll probably be the starting CB opposite Tramon.

Hayward can talk all he wants about starting at CB, but he'll have to win the job at outside CB. WHile he's an excellent nickel CB, his skills aren't as well suited outside as Shields, Tramon or House. Every NFL player wants to start, but Hayward might have to come to grips w/ being a nickel CB for awile.

ZroTolerance's picture

Right now, including TE Mulligan, and also Grant and Benson (and Dietrich-Smith and Shields) the number is 68.

packsmack25's picture

Grant and Benson probably won't be on this team. It's 66.

Evan's picture

I could see Benson coming back depending on how the draft falls. But neither he nor Grant are currently on the roster. No reason to count them.

packsmack25's picture

Benson likely won't come back until after camp starts, but only if MM REALLY doesn't like what he has, just like last season. No one else is going to sniff him because he's awful. They could sign him in week 10 if they really felt they needed to do so. I just think they'll probably realize they can throw anyone out there to get 3.5 yards a pop, and most of them are under 30 and not coming off a season-ending injury.

ZeroTolerance's picture

But they are on the roster - check out the Packers website. I agree, however, that they probably won't be for long.

ZeroTolerance's picture

68 including Mulligan, Benson, Grant, Shields, and Dietrich-Smith.

Evan's picture

69 including Brett Favre and 70 including Charles Woodson.

Why are you insisting on including players not on the roster?

ZeroTolerance's picture

They are listed on the roster (check out They may be, however, only for show (don't want to hurt feelings). And 66 should be the actual number, considering they won't stick.

Stroh's picture

You sure its not still the'12 roster and it hasnt been updated?

ZeroTolerance's picture

It's been updated - all postseason moves (except Mulligan) are reflected (Means, Tavecchio).

California Cheesehead's picture

:D That got a nice laugh out of me, @ Evan.

Bearmeat's picture

Good problem to have. Now about those DL, S and RB positions..

Brooklyn81's picture

Why would we be talking about trading shields and grant and Benson are free agents

redlights's picture

If, IF, Tramon can regain form; you still have Hayward and House as VERY capable CB's. I understand the concept of not having too many CB's. Equally, with his cap number, Tramon may be the one under the gun; but I can't see Shiel!ds extending for less than $4M per year and a draft choice might be more enticing for TT than more squeezing with the cap.

If we call the roster at 67 :); add eight draft choices leaves room for ALOT (15) of UDFA, wow

Evan's picture

That's about right - they had 14 UDFA last year, I believe.

And shipping off young, talented players is exactly the opposite of Ted's MO.

Rocky70's picture

"And shipping off young, talented players is exactly the opposite of Ted’s MO."

Can't imagine in the last few seasons what players TT had to let go that mattered to any great degree. ---- Zombo ?? Walden ?? Gurley?? etc.

It's a myth that TT has the UDFA market all to himself. He is no better at it than most GMs.

Stroh's picture

Your NUTS! Name me another team w starters at both CB not too mention nearly as good. Your making a fool of yourself. Thompson finds far more talent in udfa than any GM except maybe Wolf!

Rocky70's picture

Like I said --- A few names would help (besides Williams & Shields). --- Anyone else ?

Interesting that you (Stroh) would respond to a post directed at "Evan". ---- Why is that??

Here's a "Stroh Quote" from another blog.

"I think I know as much or more as anyone and as a former strength and conditioning coach, w/ a background in sports performance I think I have pretty strong basis for having my opinions."

Who am I to argue with Stroh ???

packeraaron's picture

<em>Name me another team w starters at both CB not too mention nearly as good.</em>

The Seahawks. What do I win?

Evan's picture

Because Stroh is my Tyler Durden.

Evan's picture

Aaron - I think the point was two starting CBs that were both UDFAs. But I could be wrong.

packeraaron's picture

Got it.

Rocky70's picture

@ Evan

So why pull a Tyler Durden ??

(The moment of a story when it is revealed that a main character is imagined (or is the same person) as another main character.)

It's unethical &amp; unhealthy &amp; adds nothing to any football discussion. This is just a blog. How can it really matter ?? (except in your head)

Evan's picture

Ugh. I was kidding, rocky. You obsession with Stroh is seriously getting creepy. Again, either provide some proof (hell, I'll take a single piece of evidence) that I post under multiple names or give it a rest. I hate to break it to you, but more than one person thinks you're a douchebag.

Stroh's picture

Rocky is beyond creepy. Can I file a restraining order on here?

And Aaron yes I did mean udfa starters at CB. Sorry wasn't clear about that.

Evan's picture

When you are proven wrong, I hope you'll be man enough to apologize. But I think we all know the answer to that question.

Ma Linger's picture

Your probably right on. A lot of teams use free agents and draft picks to fill needs not un drafted's.

Rocky70's picture

Evan --- of course you were kidding.

Followed up by yet another "Stroh" post.--- You do realize, (hopefully), that your days (as is) are numbered.

Stroh's picture

Followed up by another cowpie post?!

Far more likely cowpie and Rocky are same as it is evan and I.

mudduckcheesehead's picture


hayward4president's picture

If it ain't broke ...don't fix it. Stay in the slot Casey!

hayward4president's picture

But Seahawks cbs don't count....their juiced haha

Mike's picture

Why don't you losers stop crying over how many people are on the roster. Pussies. It all comes down to one when it matters......Rodgers.

hump's picture

who cares what the roster is at, we are still missing 1 nfl caliber starting safety,one nfl caliber starting left tackle,1 nfl caliber starting rb {harris ? maybe} not to mention injury questions at olb. not bein gloom and doom here,but were tring to win friggn world championships here! ted says draft best player available, so that excludes drafting a starter at any position of need,and even if your position of need is the best player available its highly unlikely a rookie is gonna be a solid starter,so..... given the fact that we are probably the best team in the nfl,{minus three solid starters} why the {expletive}will ted not spend 2mil a year on a SAFETY[MIKE HUFF,or KENNY PHILLIPS] or a D-END[CULLEN JENKINS or MARCUS SPEARS or RICHARD SEYMOUR] it is NOT because of 12 or 52,its much smoke has been blown up teds ass about his ability to spot talent that he refuses to use free agency as a tool ANYMORE!! and with the best qb in the nfl,we are watching the chances for more championships dwindle away! so ted... pick best player available{tyler eifert} and again next year we will watch m.d.jennings chasing caperdink from 10 yards behind in the playoffs and crush yet another shot at winning our 5th superbowl! LOVE the PACK but man... its frustrating to have nearly 20 years of the best qb play in the nfl and only have 2 superbowls to show!! p.s. love ted too but the pats on his back has gotten him soft

Imran's picture

I can't believe our defense collapsed so badly after that amazing 2010 season. Did nick Collins and Cullen Jenkins really make that huge of a difference? Our corners haven't been able to play the same aggressive press in your face bump coverage since nick left. We have no faith in our safeties.

Stroh's picture

Safety play was a small part if it. Had a lot more to do w lack of pass rush and Tramons shoulder injury. Can't play press when your CB1 has a bad shoulder and can't take the pounding. Also have to have a good pass rush so the CB are left one on one for too long. Pass rush and press coverage go hand in hand. If one is missing the Defense is screwed.

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