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Packers Daily Links: Favre Says He Doesn't Need Jersey Retired

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Packers Daily Links: Favre Says He Doesn't Need Jersey Retired

During an interview airing on the NFL Network on Wednesday evening, former Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre discussed the lack of a relationship he has with the Packers organization, including a comment on an potential for an event that's been discussed for some time. "I don’t need to have a day," Favre is quoted as saying in an article by Jason Wilde at "I don’t need to have a retirement [where they] retire your jersey to solidify my career.” Favre's comment on his jersey being retired was part of a larger response, which can be seen by reading the article. The second part of Favre's interview with Deion Sanders can be seen Thursday night at 7 p.m. Central time on the NFL Network.

More on Brett Favre's interview on the NFL Network is at JSOnline and USA Today.

Current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers talked to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network on Wednesday while attending the American Century Championship golf tournament. "We’re going to be focused on one goal," said Rodgers. "Thirty-two teams enter camp with a goal of going to the Super Bowl and winning it. Obviously there’s only two at the end, but that’s going to be the goal every training camp. It’s interesting to see how the team comes together. There’s always a new feel to the team, new guys that step up that you didn’t expect to step up, some guys might not play as well as you expect them to, others might not be with us. So, there’s always going to be changes, going to be some good fights probably during training camp, hopefully fans will enjoy it there in Green Bay.” Nothing too earth-shattering from Rodgers there. Up to this point he's been taking part in practice rounds on the golf course. The tournament begins Friday and lasts through Sunday.

Photos of Aaron Rodgers and A.J. Hawk from the American Century Championship appear at JSOnline and Total Packers.

Former Packers president and current chairman emeritus Bob Harlan talked to Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette about the organization's relationship with Brett Favre. “He was so important to this organization and contributed so much to the resurrection of this franchise, I’ll never forget that,” said Harlan. “In some way it’s got to be healed. I just don’t know when or how it’s going to happen.” Harlan echoed the same sentiments during an interview on the ESPN Radio affiliate in Milwaukee a few weeks ago.

More on Bob Harlan comes from

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Wednesday at the site of a new Cabela's store on Lombardi Ave. in Green Bay on land leased by the Packers. “It is a great jump start for us and really will spur further development,” Mark Murphy, Packers president and CEO is quoted as saying at the ceremony by Richard Ryman of the Press-Gazette. This will likely be one of several projects that will occur in the coming years in the Titletown development district on land owned near Lambeau Field.
More on the new Cabela's store comes from Fox 11 in Green Bay.
Pre-training camp position previews are on the wide receivers at, the defensive line at the Press-Gazette, safeties at Fox Sports Wisconsin, offensive line at and also the offensive line in general and in-depth articles at Packer Report.
The Packers offensive line gets some admiration from Bleacher Report NFC North blogger Andrew Garda and SB Nation.
Tight end Jermichael Finley is listed as the seventh most-important Packer of 2012 in a countdown by Jason Wilde.
A feature on former Packer John Corker and his battle against drugs and homelessness is published at
An interview with Packers fan Glen Christensen appears at
Blog posts on Alex Green and a matchup with Marshall Newhouse come from Acme Packing Company.
Packer Report continues its training camp and roster countdown as has a Packers-Texans preview.
More on ticket sale policies outside Lambeau Field comes from Fox 11.
Video: Fox 11 has more about the impact the new Cabela's store will have on the area and the Green Bay Packers...

Brian Carriveau is the editor at Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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D.D. Driver's picture

Hey: Favre and I see eye-to-eye on something.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

While I was watching that it was blatantly clear, Burt either truly feels he's the victim or he's still playing one. Too bad the black Mike Wallace didn't bring up the FACT that Burt RETIRED, and then had a ridiculous sense of entitlement when months later he decided to UN-RETIRE.

I don't care if it ever happens, but it will. Why? Because the GREEN BAY PACKERS will take the high road, extend the olive branch and give the little BITCH what everyone knows he wants, even though he won't admit it. Sometimes I wish our organization wasn't so classy.


tiff.'s picture

Hey, that was a stupid ass reply. When some other qb, possibly Rodgers, has all the records in the books then you have a right to talk shit about favre. Until that day shut
up and respect the man for the feats he's accomplished. Haters not welcome.

Mojo's picture

F-off Tiff.

packsmack25's picture


FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Rodgers will never have all of "The Old Dong Slingers" records... He doesn't throw near enough interceptions.

Thanks for the input Biff.

philip's picture

so, you're saying douchebags have carte blanche? favre should be immune to criticism because he holds records? no mention of his behavior towards the packers since his "retirement" ceremony, of course. and apparently packer fans have no right to be bitter? your boy brett wouldn't even believe that.

Mojo's picture


Exactly! - in your second paragraph Fitz, you hit the nail on the head. And I bet it's Harlan who acts as the go-between. I think the animosity, ego and hatred runs from one direction and it doesn't originate from 1265 towards Brent. It never did (although, I believe MM may have been more than happy to move on).

Ceallaigh's picture

Of course Bert just threw the gauntlet to see if the Packers will just dismiss him as he pretends they will and get to claim butthurt later after there is no retirement ceremony or if they will still invite him and he gets to pull the, "Aw, shucks, I really don't need or deserve this, but of course I'm showing up so I cast as big of a shadow over Lambeau as humanly possible."

Seriously, isn't there some small South Pacific island that is lacking an egocentric, middle-aged guy with a thing for driving a tractor and text messaging parts of his puny anatomy?

Paul's picture

I can agree with that statement. If the Pack retires his number after that comment they are fools and should be replaced.

packsmack25's picture

Please stop giving that man a microphone and the attention he craves. Jesus.

CSS's picture

This statement is applicable for both Brett Favre and Deion Sanders.....

redlights's picture

I've said it before: BF needs to stay out of the media for one year; just shut up, then schedule the ceremony and move on.

That being said, I'm kinda getting tired of Harlan, too. No doubt they both have done alot for the franchise; possibly saved it from oblivion. But there truly was no alternative. BF retired; to scuttle ARodg would have the team left with a) an egocentric leader; b) an old QB with little future; c) a pissed off BU QB that was ready for prime time, so much that ARodg would be the Minny QB now (ouch); and d) a lack of future QB (think Ponder in green and gold).

If you listen to what Harlan doesn't say, I think that's his position. Baffling. Write you're memoirs and quit meddling.

Noshville's picture

I certainly enjoyed Favre's Green Bay Packer Career. Many winning
years & exciting games. I do think when Brett lost his Father-
He also lost a important Coach for his Ego- The last chapters of
his career lacked for class at times! Will always be a Packer Great!

tiff.'s picture


tiff.'s picture

No i never said pack fans have no right to be bitter..they do. But in the same token the man has accomplished a lot. Did ya ever think about what he did for the organization as a whole? Before this whole ordeal? Just retire the jersey, let him have one more moment in the spotlight and then let aaron and the rest of the gang take over and bring us another superbowl. Bringing the trophy back to its rightful place is the one thing we can all agree on..and ps: its tiff...with a t.

CSS's picture

You really need to consider the converse of that argument, Tiff. Look at what a small market organization did for a player stuck on the depth chart in a large market where he was likely destined to party himself to death and be a permanent resident in Atlanta's coaching doghouse because he couldn't show up for practice without a hangover.

You have to discard the myth and look hard at the man. No, I have no desire to take away or belittle his accomplishments. You have to take the good with the bad, and there was a lot of unchecked mediocrity fueled by an undisciplined ego.

Favre needed the Packer organization as much as it needed the Favre I respected during the middle 1/3rd of his career.

Tiff.'s picture

ill agree with you on that. but seriously, look at most any athlete nowadays. there have been a lot in the news for doing stupid things and making bad choices. and those fans, for the most part, forgave and forget. I just dont understand why everyone still feels the need to bash Favre about every little thing that he does. every time he shows up in the media people bash him. why cant let just let the man have his moment of jersey retirement, or not have it if he so chooses, without a bunch of negative words being swirled around. why cant they just be happy with what he did accomplish while in green bay and not dwell on everything that happened afterwards, when technically he wasn't even part of the organization.

CSS's picture

Most people are fatigued by it and indifferent, Tiff. I'm one of them. Most importantly, it's affirmed (for me, at least) that no single player is bigger than the organization I follow. I appreciate his place in NFL history, his longevity and what he accomplished. I have zero respect for the person.

Problem is, he's not the dumb hick some believe him to be. It's the annoying 'aw shucks' routine he's learned works so well with the media and how he continues to offer back-handed, passive aggressive insults towards the organization, fans and some players.

As long as he plays the victimized, passive-aggressive martyr routine through interviews he's going to be viewed as an antagonist. I don't believe there's always an intended insult there, but more often than not there is. He's been dealing with the local and national media for two decades, he knows what he's saying and how to deliver jabs.

Tiff.'s picture

i understand that everyone gets tired of the constant rigmarole of brett, but is that really a reason to bash him. maybe if we didn't give him attention at all times and bash and whatever else when something does happen he'll realize that fans have moved on and he should too. The thing that keeps drawing him back is the love for the game, which anyone can see. It comes to a point though, when everyone needs to move on, myself included. all i was trying to say was that i do not believe that the man deserves to be bashed and made fun of and to have people not want his jersey retired. I know he acts like a 12 year old but thats also how he played, and how he was so successful when playing. everyone is entitiled to their own opinions but I also think it's funny how some people (no fingers pointed, just in general) loved him so much while with GB and then the second he leaves it's all name calling and how Brett can do nothing right. Anyway, CSS, thank you for admitting that you do not respect Brett, but you do respect the things he's done. For that, you now have my respect.

Tarynfor12's picture

The invitation to Holmgrens induction was an olive branch to begin what Harlan is hoping,a quick healing of a time/event which was/is as ugly as the head of Medusa.

This snubbing by Favre for whatever reason he feels is justified,coupled with the self flattering that he is above the retiring of his #4 has IMO states that Favre WILL NOT accept any kind of attempt at healing short of a total opology from the ORG which begins with the words...'We Were Wrong'.

The problem is the ORG wasn't and the proof is in the #12 as he continues to show how easy some math equations takes three 4's to equal this #12.

Does Favre deserve to has his number retired...of coarse,but if wishes to make the lifetime mistake that makes it be it.

PackersRS's picture

Favre Favre Favre Favre Favre Favre Favre Favre

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture


Tiff.'s picture

is the greatest...

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Now ^THAT^ was - as you so eloquently put it - "a stupid ass reply".

Go make out with your Burt poster and quit trolling, K BIFF.

Tiff.'s picture

please stop calling me biff. thank you. and also, everyone is entitled to their opinions. clearly u and i are completely opposite. good for u

Glorious80s's picture

Kind of agree with BF. His records and play will stand in the history of the team. As well, the team should not retire any numbers to honor players. That's what the Hall of Fame and ring of honor is for.
One of the young players, such as BJC, who worked off season with BF, might enjoy wearing #4. Let the numbers develope a chain of history of the teams of those eras. The younger players can emulate.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

I'm not against that train of thought on retiring numbers (or not), but, that's just not the way it is.

I'd love to see the #4 permanently assigned to punters in GB.

Glorious80s's picture

True, once started, it's hard to change policy. Just seems kind of redundant when the team has its own hall of fame.

marcopo's picture

I hope no Packer ever emulates his behavior.

marcopo's picture

Favre, during one of his many post-retirement interviews, once said that it has his "legacy" and he could do what he wanted with it. The disingenuous quarterback got that one right. A special relationship normally exists between a superstar and his fans. Favre has turned his back on the Packer organization and fans which gave him every bit as much as what he gave back. It's time for Packer fans to ignore his "legacy".

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