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Packers Daily Links: Favre, Packers will Reunite Says Sherman

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Packers Daily Links: Favre, Packers will Reunite Says Sherman

Former Green Bay Packers head coach and current Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was interviewed for a column by Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe, and the topic of Brett Favre came up in conversation, specifically the relationship between Favre and the Packers. “I think time will pass and everything will be made right,” Sherman is quoted as saying. “Green Bay has meant too much to him as a player and as a person and he’s been too much for them." Sherman would elaborate on his feelings also looked at retrospect at his own time in Green Bay saying he regrets he didn't spend more time with his own family during that period in his life.

Reacting to the Mike Sherman, Brett Favre column is JSOnline,, and

In a blog post at JSOnline, columnist Michael Hunt thinks Favre is finally trying to mend fences with the Packers.

The agent of free agent running back Ryan Grant acknowledged that the likelihood of his client signing with the Packers is basically nil. In an interview with Jeff Fedotin of the National Football Post, agent Alan Herman said, “How do I explain the Packers’ situation? I’m dumbfounded by that one. We’re not really thinking about Green Bay at this point.” Despite the lack of interest, Herman also expressed confidence that Grant will play for someone this year. Herman also says two teams have offered Grant a contract, but it's hard to believe Grant is turning down deals no matter how little a team has offered.

Cornerback Tramon Williams was the focus of yet another offseason article published in the Green Bay Press-Gazette over the weekend, but in addition to talking about his injured shoulder, Williams also was positive about improvement he thinks the defense can make in 2012. “I was convinced when we finished the season, the day that we lost I was convinced,” Williams is quoted as saying. “Obviously, we know that the guys upstairs were going to get us some help, and they did that. We’re excited about the guys we brought in. To sit here and watch them practice every day, they open up eyes with something every day.” It's good to the rookies being embraced by the veterans.

Packer Report has a defensive line preview, roster countdown, feature on Jordy Nelson and some comments about former Packers coach Joe Philbin.

Former Packers running back Samkon Gado had an interview with the Packers official website.

An article on the play "Packer Fans from Outer Space" appears in the Press-Gazette.

Pieces on Nick Collins and starters likely to lose spots are published at

Blog posts about Mike Daniels and visiting training camp are at Acme Packing Company.

Thoughts on Dezman Moses are shared at Packerpedia.

Brian Carriveau is a writer for Cheesehead TV. To contact Brian, email [email protected].


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Rocky70's picture

Mend fences ???

All BF did was answer a question that had obvious answers. The media simply can't handle the slow time of the year for the NFL. Another story where there is no story.

Mojo's picture

Just a few reactions to today's topics. First on the Hunt column about Favre trying to mend fences. Favre was reacting to Deions question on which current QB's he likes or gets his attention. Rodgers was among a number of top QB's Favre referred to. If Favre doesn't mention Rodgers, SB MVP two years ago and reigning league MVP, he looks very petty and his omission would be very obvious. For all I know Favre would like to mend fences, but it's quite a stretch to suggest that the interview was a sign some surreptitious undertaking is in the works.

I'm a little surprised there is so little interest in Ryan. Thought they could have him for the vets minimum. GB probably thinks the other 3 are better options. Maybe if we Saine, Green and Starks don't pan out we realize we took him for granted (pun intended). Wonder if he'll be available mid-season if one of the aforementioned RB gets injured (i.e. is it likely anyone else will sign him).

Plus, I know the Pack are the favorite of the football gods, but Tramon confirmed it with his quote about the D: “Obviously, we know that the guys upstairs were going to get us some help, and they did that."

redlights's picture

The problem with Grant is that he is lower than the other three in the passing game. Yes, I know he scored on a screen pass; but he's never been outstanding as a receiver, pass blocker or decoy. Its a passing league.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture
Nerd's Laptop's picture

I lost alot of Respect for Sherman during his coaching tenure.

Evan's picture

I'll always have respect for Sherman, if for nothing else than when he called out Sapp after the Clifton hit.

Bomdad's picture

I'm sick of Michael Hunt telling me to get over it.

toolkien's picture

Why? They do the thinking for us. I mean, these are the guys who made sure when Favre started his campaign to turn the Packers into the Favre Buddy Brigade in 2005, they didn't say a peep. The "whadda they gunna do cut me?" just a few months after declaring if Sherman was let go he probably wouldn't come back because he didn't want to learn a new playbook. The "trade me" in 2007 after the Favre brokered Moss deal wasn't rubber stamped by Thompson. Not a peep out of these guys. So we know it was no big deal. I find it breathtaking that I can do an archive search on jsonline and find no reference to "playbook-gate", "cut me-gate", or "trade me-gate".

So when Favre felt emboldened to play some more games and "retire" to draw out the proper begging, which wasn't forthcoming so that "hand forcing" was in order (which probably was already to the "I want my outright release so I can go to a division rival for revenge") yet even more silence by the boys in the Fourth Estate. In fact, if they said anything it all, it was "what do the Packers have to do to keep Favre happy" and supplied lists of free agents from which a sufficient number were to be signed to help win another for the Ol' Gunslinger. In fact, Cliff Christl wrote an article, which pretty much an open letter to Ted Thompson, that if "wasn't going to do it "right", he might as well trade Favre so he could be on a winner.

So, it makes sense that they all now get to tell us how to think and feel or be dismissed as bitter.

All I would like to have had was some reasonable perspective on Favre from the get go. If he hadn't been hoisted to beyond Montana status beginning in 1997, allowed to say and do whatever he liked without any boundary being put up by anyone, then maybe the whole mess could have been avoided. But instead our local media huddled in a corner and dared not say boo about Favre (perhaps they didn't want to compromise their shot at ghost writing Favre's next auto-biography). But they didn't, they were mostly enablers if anything at all, and they certainly don't get to be the wise sages now.

But at least as far as Mike Hunt, I can at least find an article or two back in our Summer of Discontent putting the blame for the mess on Favre. If he's playing the company line now (after all even the Packers know there's $20's to extract from our wallets if the Favre thing blows over, and the dead tree media won't be too bad off either) it's annoying. But at least he's not Favre Nuthugger #1 in Cliff Christl who waited all of a half hour to write an article after Super Bowl 45 where he jabbed at Thompson, right in the first paragraph. And that numbnut has a Hall of Fame vote.

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