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Packers claim kicker Sam Ficken off waivers

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Packers claim kicker Sam Ficken off waivers

Mason Crosby has some competition, for now.

The Packers picked up a kicker off waivers this afternoon. 

Crosby had several notable misses in 2018 and is heading into the last year of his deal.

While it's unlikely the Packers move on from the team's all-time scoring leader, it certainly makes sense to bring in some competition after the inconsistencies he showed last season.

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GBPDAN1's picture

It's always good to have an extra camp leg

Since '61's picture

Agree! Thanks, Since ‘61

Qoojo's picture

Funny. I read just yesterday how Gute was saying he didn't see a reason to bring in competition for Crosby.

Ferrari Driver's picture

It doesn't sound like he did bring in any competition; the guy has only kicked 6 times in the NFL and missed half of them.

dblbogey's picture

We'll see. No harm done.

CheesyTex's picture


stockholder's picture

Cole Tracy PK should be drafted.

Coldworld's picture

Why this guy? Sample size is negligible but negative, yet he is not working out alone. What do teams see in him?

If it was just a leg we could have picked up one of the number of UDFAs that will be around in a week or so.

Lare's picture

Crosby cost them two losses last season. For his salary that's two too many.

Pizzadoc's picture

I love proper English. Strong work.

RickInCali's picture

I fail to understand their faith and love for Crosby. He is mediocre at best. For that money? No. And it isn’t like we didn’t cast off very reliable punters in the past either.

dblbogey's picture

Over his career, I'd consider him above mediocre, just not elite.

Bearmeat's picture

^^^ THIS ^^^

RickInCali's picture

I meant now. He used to kick deeper and was more reliable than he’s been. For the money he gets? At least push the guy....

Since '61's picture

According to Tom Pellisoro @ NFL Network the Packers are bringing in Missouri QB Drew Lock on Tuesday.

Would they draft a QB early? Thanks , Since ‘61

Demon's picture

I dont care if they draft a QB just not with pick #12. If they do they are closing the book on AR, just like they did Favre. That tells AR your time is over, everything we do from here out is for your replacement. I dont think its that time yet. Not after giving him that contract.

Since '61's picture

I wouldn’t think that they would use pick # 12 on Lock but possibly 30 or 44. I was surprised to see they were bringing in one of the top 3-4 QBs from this year’s draft. Thanks, Since ‘61

dblbogey's picture

It could very well be a bluff, to make teams who really want him trade up, possibly even to GB's pick or earlier. The more QB's picked before #12, the better for the Packers.

sonomaca's picture

Perhaps, but I doubt that would work.

The real reasons they want to look at Lock (and wanted to look at Daniel Jones) is to:

A) see how good they are. If Lock is a stud, then that gives the Pack a stronger bargaining position at #12, should he still be there. If he’s there at #12, the Pack essentially own his rights for a short time, but they need to know the VALUE of those rights.

B) It’s possible that, in the future, the Pack might have an opportunity to trade for or sign Lock. Best to do homework on him now.

dblbogey's picture

The Packers just extended his contract with most of it guaranteed. Arod is going nowhere in the near future and they aren't going to spend the 12th pick on a QB.

Coldworld's picture

Sometimes teams just want to get som extra assessment opportunities with future opposing players. As previously stated, sometimes it’s purely for external consumption.

4thand10's picture

I’d never say never. Rodgers sat for 3 years on the bench while Favre was still slinging it.

jannes bjornson's picture

Lock is NO Rodgers, closer to Cutler.

jgando12's picture

I think it’s a smokescreen. It greatly benefits us to have teams drafting ahead of us select a qb. Why not host a top qb pick to get the other teams thinking it could be possible and thereby leave a main target available.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I think we can have our favorite players in draft but should keep an open mind on the GBP draft selections. The draft normally does not fall the way most of us want it to. The Pack will have a plan and I hope they execute it to perfection.

Just hope there are several true BPA selections particularly high.

Separately, I hope they have the injured Ohio State 4.31 CB (Kendall Sheffield) on their radar around 4th or 5th round and can snag him for next year or maybe later this year.

mamasboy's picture

I'm sure Crosby will be losing sleep over this signing. 3 out of 6. He's a threat!

Coldworld's picture

Kickers often mature. Tavecchio being an example. Six is not sufficient sample size to make any assessment, especially without knowing the circumstances. Not enough info to write off, or in for that matter.

jannes bjornson's picture

Where is Tavecchio?

LeotisHarris's picture

A Ficken kicker?

Mojo's picture

You Ficken better believe it.

Jersey Al's picture

The Packers would never bring in competition for Crosby that would actually have a chance to unseat him. It's always just a meaningless token move to say they did something.

albert999's picture

They should bring in serious competition I think

Coldworld's picture

Al, your comment is probably spot on if the TT paradigm still applied, particularly if you add MM to the mix. Now you have a new GM, HC, and also a new experienced STC. Perhaps there might be a new approach too?

That said, I don’t know and have seen no insight as to why this guy.

SpurgeonsCigar's picture

Too much tread on the tire to give up on Mason Crosby. I would never give up on ficken Crosby.

12guage's picture

"Playing Poker" with most of the players they are bringing in right thinks. Draft can't come soon enough.

Lphill's picture

So they brought in a guy who made 50 % of his kicks?

Archie's picture

Time to move on from Bing Crosby's kid ......if they can find a top prospect. He's getting less effective as he gets older and he could fall off the cliff at any moment. He will not be around for next Packer's Super Bowl unless they surprise in 2019 or 2020. Last year we went young at P and DS. May as well make it a clean sweep and put money to work elsewhere. We have overpaid him for years. Thanks Russ Ball.

Nick Perry's picture

Hmmm... I don't think 2020 would be a surprise at all Archie... I'm starting to think 2019 MIGHT not be a total pipedream.

First the draft, then the SB!!!

sam1's picture

It really does make sense to bring in a QB at his time, to groom and replace Rodgers some where down the line just like they did withRodgers to ready for the future. The guys behind Rodgers don't seem at this point be the answer unless Boyle has a lot of promise we haven't seen yet! Sure doesn't appear Kizer will be around this year!

Coldworld's picture

Any QB brought in now would be leaving by the end of Rodgers’ career. If Rodgers gets injured now, that guy is unlikely to be ready to play. So I think now would not be a good time to bring in a high pick QB unless we end up in the scenario that brought Rodgers here in the first place.

dobber's picture

College profile on Ficken here:

Not a strong leg, but an accurate and clutch college kicker who needs to get the ball up better (correctable). They have Scott who can handle kickoffs.

blondy45's picture

Ficken was good at Penn State. Worth a look in my book.

Coldworld's picture

Improved a lot in his time there looking at his stats. Went from bad to very good completion percentage over the years. Did well in preseason nfl play but longest of 34 yards in the nfl. Did well from 40 to 50 in college though. Best out 11 others to get McVay’s Rams opportunity when Zuerlein was injured.

I can only presume Packers know something given that they clearly have links to his previous coach.

4thand1's picture

The Kicken Ficken.

Johnblood27's picture

Im already sicken of kickin fickin, lets get to pickin and not be chicken. or we'll take a lickin but keep on ticken.

sam1's picture

Ah quit your bickerin'!

dobber's picture

You can tell it's early April when bringing in a camp kicker garners almost 50 comments.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If Ficken makes the team, I see potential for a lot of alliteration in the comments.

dobber's picture

Certainly at least a little alliteration...

Packercruising's picture

Ryan Longwell was a camp leg.

IceBowl's picture

To me this is Gute's sign to the team that there is competition for every job, every level. Even a leading scorer.

If Cosby has to compete, so will all. And good for the Pack, every level.

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