Packers Blog Roundup: Brett Swain Fights For a Roster Spot

The future of veteran wide receiver Brett Swain is pondered in today's Packers Blog Roundup...

The ascension of Chastin West has sparked discussion on the future of another wide receiver: Brett Swain. If West has, indeed, supplanted Swain in the pecking order, what will become of the veteran who helped the Packers win a Super Bowl last season? "I would imagine that the Packers have seen all they need to from Swain, and although a solid player, perhaps he has already reached his peak in the organization’s mind," writes Alex Tallitsch of the Packers Lounge. "With a receiving corp as deep as the Packers, you have the luxury of gambling on a guy with an obviously higher potential upside, in favor of a guy who has shown you everything he has. That’s the status quo when you have great depth, and I wouldn’t expect it to go any other way." Swain has missed the past couple practices with a hamstring injury, which isn't helping in his bid to win a roster spot this season.

In light of news that Clay Matthews' had a stress fracture last season, Mike Vandermause of makes the argument for full disclosure on the exact nature of injuries in the NFL. "The current set-up, in which teams reveal only the bare minimum injury details, is an invitation for trouble," writes Vandermause. "Team employees, including players, could be tempted by a bribe to give up inside injury information. And once gamblers get their foot in the door, it’s a slippery slope as to what else they would be willing to pay for." Vandermause acknowledges the argument has notes of conspiracy theory, and he's right. This is pretty weak. I've seen much better arguments about disclosure of injuries before, mostly about protecting the player's public image and perception.

The extent of Clay Matthews' injury is described by ceallaigh of Pocket Doppler. "What Matthews had, he summed up quite well," writes ceallaigh. "He had a stress fracture in his shin, something that doesn’t develop from a single injury. In other words, it’s an injury of overuse. These type of injuries are common in athletes. They develop over time from repetitive stress. Sometimes they’re called fatigue fractures most commonly seen in athletes that repetitively run and jump where their own weight is the stressor pounding on the bone. That’s why the most common places for stress fractures are in the shins and feet. And unlike the fracture in the above x-ray, these types of injuries don’t start showing up on a plain x-ray until the bone is in the healing process."

More on the Clay Matthews injury appears at Total Packers.

The Packers are reportedly considering shifting around their defensive line personnel, which has Brandon Benson of Acme Packing Company wondering about its implementation. "My first thought is that they're doing this for the pass rush," writes Benson. "Last season, they switched the side LB Clay Matthews played on to move him away from DE Cullen Jenkins. They wanted their two best pass rushers on opposite sides. Now they're moving B.J. Raji from the left side to the right, again away from Matthews, because Raji has emerged as their second best pass rusher."

Monty McMahon says the defensive line could be scary.

The number of tight ends the Packers keep is up for debate. "The Packers kept four tight ends at times last season, but they'll keep no more than two FBs (unless undrafted rookie Jon Hoese has an amazing camp) after carrying three for most of 2010," writes Brandon Benson. "Since McCarthy said he'll use his TEs in the backfield, he might decide to keep up to five and use that open FB roster spot for another tight end."

Happy birthday wishes to the Packers come from John Rehor of Eat More Cheese.

As noted by Total Packers and Lombardi Ave., Brian Robison of the Vikings said they're going to "kick the crap" out of the Packers this season.

A statue of former Packers coach Dan Devine will be erected at Notre Dame.

A video of Clay Matthews' new Nike commercial appears at

Wayne Larrivee shares some thoughts from training camp.

Tight end Jermichael Finley had some interesting things to say in a local radio interview.

The first place I've seen anyone take a crack at predicting the 53-man roster is at Green Bay Packer Talk.

Preseason football excites Jayme Joers of Eat More Cheese.

An episode of Cheesehead Radio airs this evening.

James Jones and Randy Moss are compared and contrasted at

A picture of Bart Starr appears at Packerville, U.S.A.

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