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Packers' Biegel Likely to Begin 2017 on PUP List

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Packers' Biegel Likely to Begin 2017 on PUP List

It's becoming more and more of a possibility that outside linebacker Vince Biegel will begin his rookie season on the Packers' physically unable to perform list.

The Packers' fourth-round (108th overall) pick from April's draft has been nursing a foot injury he aggravated in May. It was a fracture in the fifth metatarsal in his foot, just two weeks before he inked his rookie deal. It's the same injury that plagued him during his senior year at Wisconsin.

There was widespread hope across the organization that Biegel would be ready for the season opener against the visiting Seahawks, however, all the hope that was once there has seemingly evaporated.

Head coach Mike McCarthy said during his Tuesday morning presser prior to the Packers' final practice of training camp that Biegel would be working with the rehab group rather than practicing with the on-field personnel. A sign that Biegel is more than likely going to begin the season on the PUP list.

The rules for the PUP list are simple. If a player enters the regular season on the list, he can't participate in games for the first six weeks of the season and, once activated, teams will have a five-week window that gives the player freedom to practice. 

There's a three-week window after that which will give teams the option of deciding whether or not they want to elevate that player to the active 53-man roster.

Not having Biegel for the first rather large portion of the regular season could give the Packers a little more leeway in deciphering roster spots.

For those first six weeks, they may very well give a job to a roster bubble player who can contribute, whether it be offensively or defensively. It's likely one of those players that will fill in where Biegel would, and by the time Biegel is ready to practice, a swap can be made.

It's already a longshot for Biegel, who hasn't officially been placed on PUP despite it being a likely destination, but after missing a whole offseason of work, the odds aren't favoring him by any means.

According to linebackers coach Winston Moss, having Biegel ready for week one would be a "major challenge."

"If [Vince] Biegel was to be placed on the 53 and we were in a position to get him ready to play, he would only be placed in situations where he could at-best put himself in position to help the team," Moss said Tuesday. "We wouldn't call upon him to do something out of his range, out of his comfort zone, something he's not ready for. We're not going to ask him to do anything he can not do before he's ready to. 

"We would all love for him to be in game-ready, in season-ready condition, but that's not the case. So we'll take it a day at a time, we'll take it a week at a time, whatever it takes."

This comes after Biegel said just last week that the healing process of the bone in his foot was fully healed in terms of its structure. However, he was still aiming to get the 'pop' back in his foot. 

As he told Jason Wilde and Mark Tauscher of ESPN's "Wilde and Tausch," he was waiting for his foot being able to "take not just my body weight, but the weight of an NFL offensive lineman." 

There's no rush in having Biegel back on the field sooner than he's ready, but it wouldn't be ludicrous to share some anxious feelings due to the seemingly paper-thin depth in the Packers' outside linebacker group at the moment.

Matthews (52) and Kyler Fackrell (51) on the sideline during the Packers' preseason loss to the Broncos. (Isaiah J. Downing/USA TODAY Sports)

With Nick Perry dealing with an ankle injury, Clay Matthews' "mystery" groin tightness and Jayrone Elliott's back spasms, McCarthy still said he has no long-term concerns with the health of the three and expects them all to be on the field come week one.

Biegel, on the other hand, may very well not be in the mix.

"If he's on the 53, we'll work with whatever process and however measures it's going to take to get him evolved into condition, into shape, getting his techniques down," Moss said. "Or, if he's put on the PUP, we'll deal with that as it comes.

"We're going to coach the guys that we have right now, and Vince, even though he wants to get out there, we'll take it as it comes."

The Packers went into camp with two players on the PUP list, Biegel and cornerback Demetri Goodson. A much better situation than where they were a year ago, as they had six players enter camp physically incapable of performing, all of which were key contributors. 


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV and a contributor/analyst for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Duke Divine's picture

If they liked Brooks at the meeting today and end up signing him no need to rush Biegel back. PUP him and let the foot get fully healthy cause they'll certainly need him in 8-9 weeks. Hoping he's a quick study!

Spud Rapids's picture

and you called it... Brooks to GB for 1 year at $5 million.... what I love about his deal is that it only hits the cap for one year and if he produces they can sign him to a 2 year deal. Ted is getting good at finding vets

pooch's picture

Beigel will constantly reinjur his foot,much like Abby he is a China doll,3rd time for the foot.Were in hell is the guy from San Fran,Moss loves him,WTF is Tightwad Ted doing

croatpackfan's picture

This type of injury is very tricky. Because it heals normaly, but stregnht of the healed place on the bone has to be improve for addtional pressure or the injury may repeat. That is why happened what happened with Vince Biegel.
And, btw Abby is playing well for Lions. I'm expecting him on Lions 53...

flackcatcher's picture

May not have a choice either way. At least they have the cap space.

pooch's picture

I suppose Brpoks signing will end up like Barwins.Ted fucked up last year and mismanaged the running back situation.This year it will olbers.You can add mismanaged db's too last year

Spock's picture

pooch, I can disagree or agree with your comments, but there is no need to add profanity to this site (and I'm no prude). Please, clean it up. Others have been banned for similar language. Just a friendly reminder.

rdent's picture

Spock, you don t run this site and you or anyone of us posting here should be telling others what to do, ignore it if you don't like it.

Spock's picture

rdent, I respectfully gave my OPINION about his post. If you have a problem with that you can IGNORE my comment.

Robert William's picture

Why not trade overpaid and underproducing reciever Cobb for an outside linebacker? Both the Patrots and the steelers made moves to add depth.

PackfanNY's picture

I don't think anyone would take Cobb given his salary as you mention "overpaid". To expect a good linebacker in return doesn't seem likely. I am not as down on Cobb as you. I think he still has value to us in our system.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

Because Randall Cobb isn't trade bait and seeing fans constantly wanting to dangle him on a line as if he is, is pretty disheartening.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Zach, I know we couldn't get anything for Cobb due to his contract, but he's barely a red-chip talent when healthy, making blue-chip money at our deepest position on the roster.

You're a fine writer, but honestly, l think you're putting loyalty ahead of all salary cap considerations.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

I'm pretty sure a handful of teams wouldn't mind having Cobb, regardless of his contract.
Aaron Rodgers likes him and has pointed out how significantly better the offense is with him on the field. He can play out of the backfield, he can return kicks, he's reliable in third-down situations and he's dependable. Just because he's not blowing up the stat sheet with 1,300-yard seasons every year doesn't mean he isn't worth his contract.
Their salary cap is just fine. They're not bankrupt. They have more than enough money for future contracts.

Spud Rapids's picture

Everyone who is thinking Cobb is overpaid should pay attention to his catch percentage. 70%.... only one better in NFL history is Wes Welker

Siwi87's picture

Gentleman you do not let playmakers go! Especially offensive playmakers in a league set up for offensive success.
Cobb is exactly that. When it is third down and you need 8 yards to kick a playoff game winning fg you want Cobb on the field!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Right. Like we don't have a half-dozen guys now who can make plays.

Cap is King. Do not ignore the King.

OrganLeroy's picture

After many many years of being a fan I've come to realize that there's no shortage of STUPIDTY amongst football fans who post comments about their favorite team!

rdent's picture

Leroy, funny you talk of stupidity when you can't even spell stupidity.

Handsback's picture

I'm not sure Biegel will play a game until the playoffs if then. He not only has to get healthy, but he also needs to learn the defense. His contributions this year won't be a lot.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

That's where the five-week stage after the initial PUP list absence comes in. He has to practice within those five weeks, and whenever he does, that'll commence the 21-day window in which the Packers have to decide whether or not to elevate him to the active roster. He'll have time to learn, just a matter of if he can or not.

rdent's picture

Scrap his rookie season,start over next year

Mojo's picture

A Biegel on the PUP list. Makes sense to me.

porupack's picture

clever, mojo :) I can't do a better one.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I've never heard of the 5 week stage of which you write. If Biegel is placed on the reserve/PUP list, GB retains his rights but he does not count against the 53. He cannot play or practice with the team for 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks Biegel can do conditioning work with trainers, but but he cannot practice with the team. After those 6 weeks are up, the team has up to 6 weeks to decide to "activate" Biegel: that is, have the player start practicing. The player still doesn't count against the 53. Once the player starts practicing, the team has 21 days to decide to: a) promote him to the 53; b) release/waive the player; c) leave the player on the PUP for the entire season - essentially putting him on IR.

Biegel will not get 5 weeks to practice with the team without having to be on the 53, IIRC. My impression is that practice during the season isn't that conducive to teaching rookies what they need to know, but it is better than nothing.

So, if placed on PUP, Biegel could be placed on the 53 in 6 weeks plus a day, or he could stay on PUP until the monday after week 11. Biegel could play week 7 (not game 7) or could play his first game as late as week 15.

croatpackfan's picture

I bow to your knowledge... It is always interesting to read your posts...

Of course I do not have to agree with your conclusions, but when you are talking about facts, than we can only read!

rdent's picture

Stash him on IR

Bure9620's picture

Little worried here, he has been and will be missing valuable reps for a rookie. Particularly the coverage aspects of the position.

Lphill's picture

Have to sign Brooks , if he passes his physical just sign him 1 year with an option , I'm sure he can smell a ring so salary shouldn't be an issue.

Finwiz's picture

If Biegel ends up on the PUP list to start the season due to this significant foot injury, with the Packers KNOWING he had this problem in college, I will place blame on TT for drafting him in the 1st place. If this is the case, they clearly should have just drafted JJ Watt or another defense player in the 1st round, because the edge rusher is clearly a position of major need, particularly when you have those two starters that are so injury prone. Why they take these chances with injured players just for the potential hasn't worked in the past, so I don't know why he doesn't learn. I place a major amount of blame on TT for this one, and then I also have to start questioning his judgement on other things, even though I have largely supported him in the past, and put most of the blame for defensive failure on the coaching. Now I'm starting to wonder.

rdent's picture

It seems that in the last 5 yrs TT has done more bad than good.

JDK52's picture

Ooooo, smoking hot take there.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

PUP is perfect here, and I still consider Biegel a good investment.

Don't rush a good talent like him.

Finwiz's picture

I thought about your comment for 10-15 minutes, and I had to say I completely disagree. This team needed play makers, impact players who could make a difference right away on this defense. Did you see the defensive stats from last year or the year before? They couldn't get off the field. TT had a chance to get a player like that in the 1st round. Instead he waited until round 4 to pick an edge rusher with a broken foot. You can say don't rush him, but Aaron isn't getting any younger, and we need a good defense - like, yesterday already!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I don't disagree with that, Fin, but we could have chosen a passrusher in Round 1 and still manuevered to invest in Biegel for Round 4. He fell that far due to injury concerns, and we took advantage. It's a good investment on a potentially explosive player.

The question is, will King be more worthwhile than Watt? Early on, of course not, but King is a freak needing coaching--again, investment.

And of course, as Ted played it, we got both King and Biegel for Watt. Early on that will look bad, but it could turn out great.

We'll see.

rdent's picture

Like the saying goes, wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up fastest

JDK52's picture

Agree. He's got a full arsenal of pass rushing moves, and more experience than Watt doing what we need; getting after the QB. I have high hopes he will do just that when he's back on the field!

JDK52's picture

It's entertaining watching all the closet fans come out of the woodwork to proclaim their disdain for the way the Packers are run/coached before the season even starts.

Stick around and we'll see who's got the best crystal ball in a few months. Until then, we'll enjoy lots of great football.

Man, I am so excited for this season.

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