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Packers Agree To Five Year Deal With Crosby

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Packers Agree To Five Year Deal With Crosby

From Adam Schefter early this morning:

K Mason Crosby has agreed to terms with the Packers on a 5-year deal.

Tom Silverstien has the contract numbers:

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, the deal is worth $14.75 million and includes $3 million of guaranteed money.

With the new kickoff rules, Crosby could become a legitimate weapon for the defense. Mike McCarthy:

I expect a lot of series starting from the 20. I think it’s going to be great for Mason. He'll be able to show off that powerful leg. When you kick from the 30, sometimes it's hard at Lambeau to just kick it out. You'll see a lot more touchbacks. It’s hard to kick in that place. But he’s thrilled. He's back with the Super Bowl champs.

With kickoffs being moved up to the 35, you can expect to see the opposing team taking a knee quite a bit more - provided of course Shaun Slocumn allows Crosby to swing away.

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MarkinMadison's picture

I've always given Crosby the benefit of the doubt. Lambeau is tough for kickers, etc. But this deal seems a bit out of whack. I can see how the rule change might benefit him, but I did not see a coaching staff that trusted their kicker to score points during the play-offs. If/when other players depart (like JJ) people are going to look at the size of this contract and question it. Crosby needs to step it up this year, big time.

frosty's picture

It's only 3m guaranteed though. There's no telling how much of that was padding with incentives he's not going to reach. My understanding is agents love to do this because they can tout the big number that isn't actually reality.

gratif's picture

Mason is big. If a guy takes a lot of half court shots his make percentage isn't going to lead the league.

David Akers and Suisham may have cost their teams the superbowl. Why risk not being able to find a replacement level kicker?

bomdad's picture

Somewhat related I heard Bidwell was cut. Then remembered how great Masthay was last year. He is a badass.

D B H's picture

We know what we have in Crosby. He's not always great, but he's WAY better than an in-season kicking "battle."

packsmack25's picture


Tarynfor 12's picture

More faith in Crosbys leg than Jones hands?

packsmack25's picture

More faith in Finley's knee, apparently.

aussiepacker's picture

It was always pretty much a given that they would resign Crosby, But i am surprised at the length of the contract. But contract length doesn’t really mean much these day’s just ask Nick barnett.

Mr. Red's picture

If we can't afford a serious bid on James Jones because we overpaid a 78% kicker, I'm going to be forced to write a strongly worded letter to the Packers front office.

packsmack25's picture

They probably couldn't afford a serious bid with or without this contract. Also, when is the last time James Jones did something that 99% of other NFL receivers can't do?

fishandcrane's picture


DaveK's picture

Fans throw out that 78% statistic like that tells the entire story. He only attempted 23 kicks in the regular season last year. A few misses throws the % of by 10%. SO, you need to look at the misses and not just the over-all %. Peppers walked into the backfield and blocked a short kick. One miss was from a different zip code. Three kicks hit the upright last season. I'm not saying he is a hall of fame kicker but let's dig a little deeper then that 78% statistic.

Let's also look at Crosby's performance over his last 12 games. In the 2nd half of the season and the playoffs he went 12/14 or 86%. His two misses both hit the uprights. One of those misses was from 50 yards at Atlanta. The other was from 29 at home against San Fran. He is a few inches from being perfect in the last 12 games of the past season.

Also, this team hasn't exactly been stellar on KR coverage the last couple years. (Remember the Atlanta playoff game?)
Factor in the rule change and his strong leg on kick-offs and it makes sense to re-sign him even if they had to over-pay a bit to get the deal done. Is $500k a year really such an issue that they should go into camp this year without a kicker?

Chad Toporski's picture

I'll give you the stat about the second half of the season, but hitting the upright is still a miss.

"Almost" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Michael's picture

I like the deal, lock the guy up w limited guaranteed money, McCarthy is right, he is a weapon from the 30 and only attempts a limited # of FGs anyway, one less headache we have to deal w for a while. Get rid of JJ and pay Cobb, he will be a great addition for us.

Chuck's picture

Nothing wrong with Crosby. Should get even better over time. Didn't Cundiff or one of those other castoff kickers make the pro bowl last year. Sometimes takes the kickers a while to be really good.

Give me a break with James Jones though. Isn't he the #4 receiver that only runs that right sideline go route that he only catches half the time? When's the last time you saw Jones catch a pass across the middle for a key third down? He used to, but I can't say he has improved a lot since his rookie year. Take away Driver, Jennings, Nelson and I think Jones will look pretty average.

PkrNboro's picture

Hey, I'm a fan -- so I may not know as much as the pros, or other guys/gals on this site... but there have been a few things about our kicking game that have frustrated me during the Crosby era.

1) while his accuracy as a percentage (ie: FGM/FGA) has been impacted by long-range attempts, I tend to look at the ball's position relative to the uprights. IMO, there have been too many kicks that come too close to an upright -- even on shorter attempts.

2) another concern has been the flight of the ball. There have been many times that the ball seems to have a slight wobble, or sidewinder behavior, that takes many revolutions before it trues and becomes a tight, end-over-end kick.

3) for a much-touted strong leg, I've not seen that many touch-backs. And if touch-backs aren't the objective, I've not seen that many fair-catches -- as you'd expect with a hang time that would allow special teams players to surround the returner.

While wind, cold weather, field condition, holder, other special team players, and directional kicking factor into the situation -- I wonder if coaching may not be the most important. If he could work with a kicking specialist to work on how he strikes the ball, then accuracy would improve. And as his "strike" improves that distance-robbing wobble would be eliminated.

CSS's picture

Doesn't feel right to equivocate the retention of an NFL kicker with today's NFL receiver.

You can count, on one hand, the number of guys available in the market that can come into Green Bay and kick field goals with any level of consistency. They're rare and Crosby's retention was a prerequisite to another playoff and potential SB run.

I fully agree that Jones is a physical speciman you can't easily replace, but you can replace his future production that's about to be split among 4 wideouts, 2 TE's with the athletic ability to split out, an H-back (Williams) and young running backs capable of catching the ball.

Again, can you physically replicate Jones, no. Can you replace his production among that many options in an offensive philosophy that spreads the field with an ever growing number of weapons, yes.

WR is the most disposable position in football, especially #2 and #3 options that may not see more than 60 targets this year. Don't overpay for Jones, don't contrast Crosby money with what Jones 'should' get.

DaveK's picture

CSS - completely agree. I would love to have Jones back but you have to look at the opportunity cost. It won't be this year but you will be giving up another player if you give Jones a BIG contract. Sitton, Finley, Jordy, etc... are all in the last year of their deal not to mention Jennings in two years. Probably not a opportunity cost TT wants to make for a guy whose production can be replaced with guys currently on the roster. Jones might be back but it will be a price that allows TT to also retain more important and less replaceable cogs.

CSS's picture

It's a matter of how interested parties bid for his services as well. It's reasonable to believe other teams will bid for his services as a clear #2, if not a #1b option. Packers can bid as a discounted #2, at best.

Just don't see how they place the same internal value on Jones considering his role, compared to how other teams view his likely value and an increase role.

MarkinMadison's picture

There's one cap number, and kickers count towards it too. I get that Crosby's contract may be incentive laden, but then again, it may not. At the end of the day the Packers may well have the second highest-paid kickers in the game. I'm not sure anyone else would have given Crosby that kind of money. Do I think that the Crosby signing directly impacts the JJ decision? Probably not. But money is money, and the Packers only get $120M and change to play with.

CSS's picture

I'm not disputing the impact of the contract, actually don't care about the numbers at all. My only point, you can easily manufacture a replacement for at least some portion of James Jones (and most receivers) productivity.

Where do you find another place kicker? Seattle just lost theirs after this signing and have nothing. They would have easily matched if not exceeded this deal with a former Packer executive in office. Why? No kickers out there.

MarkinMadison's picture

You could very well be right. What grabbed my attention was the size of his contract relative to others at the position. That does not mean that someone else might not have paid that, but it makes me wonder.

PackersRS's picture

In more important news:

What can I say more than Skol Vikings!

CSS's picture

'If' he re-structures his contract. I wonder if McNabb will have 2nd thoughts once Rice moves on, they don't have a healthy TE and he sees tape on that offensive line in pass pro?

I think the guy can still win in the league and a championship is his one deficiency on his resume. Why go to Minnesota? Would be fun for the division, bad for his health/career.

Tarynfor 12's picture

He may be waiting for the Rice deal before okaying his own re-structuring.I would if they promised he'd be there.

CSS's picture

Doesn't sound like Rice wants to return based on what I'm hearing in Minnesota. I hope they overpay for Rice while their already against a tight cap and probably the least talented, top to bottom, roster in the NFC North.

Hear what you're saying. Vikings really don't appear to have a long-term plan, or at least a road map to sustained success.

fishandcrane's picture

A. Stay out of our kicker's head.

B. Are the Packer practice goalposts ultra narrow- no reason not to be? R. Gould uses them and he is deadly accurate.

Mr. Red's picture

The Pack's offense runs because they have more gamechanging studs than any defense can cover.

James Jones is a big part of that. Some posters have mentioned that JJ is merely a benificiary of the talent around him. OF COURSE HE IS! As the others benefit from his. That's why it's called a UNIT!

You know why JJ's drops were so frustrating (I fully admit he had one of the worst stretches of the dropsies I've ever seen)?? They were so galling Because of how OPEN he was. Yes, the hands need to improve. But you cannot gloss over the fact that much more often than not, he made the catch and came up big. And depsite what some claim, finding receivers with his size and speed to get separation like that cannot be found on the scrap heap. Just ask the Bears.

Maintaining utter mismatch against opposing secondaries should be priority one. We won the SB largely on that pricipal alone.

We shouldn't take that advantage for granted, dismiss it, nor should we overpay an average kicker at the expense of signing JJ to a lucrative one-year deal.

It appears Aaron Rodgers agrees.

DaveK's picture

Mr. Red, I think you over-value JJ. He had every opportunity this last year to become to #2 WR for the Packers and he stayed firmly as the #4 option at WR. I don't think he is a great route runner and it seems the only time Rodgers looks at him is on a go route against single coverage.

Mr. Red's picture


I respect your opinion but I believe you put too much emphasis on who is #1-2-3-4 receiver on the depth chart.

It really doesn't matter so long as there are enough weapons to get open.

Maybe he is our #4 receiver, but if he is he's a damn good one, one that added 700 yards and 5 TDs to our arsenal last year. And I doubt there's and a dimeback in the league that can cover him mano-mano. Let alone what J. Finley will reintroduce to such a potent fold.

Why is everyone so against keeping our dominant receiving corps intact?

He is NOT too expensive, as there aren't going to be many teams lining up to pay Andre Johnson-money for a guy that most remember for dropping sure TDs in the playoffs.

If we can pay Mason 3 mil in guaranteed money, we can fork over (or should have!) forked over a 3-4 million dollar one year contract for JJ.

He can snag another ring, and if he outperforms himself, exorcises his dropsie demons, we can either extend him or look to promising Cobb after he has a year to learn the ropes.

I know SB winning teams should not stand pat out of sentimentality. But THEY SHOULD NOT SPOIL THE BUTTER THE BREAD WAS BUTTERED WITH!

Ours is wideout talent. JJ is a talented wideout. KEEP HIM.

CSS's picture

What makes you think Jones would take a discounted, 1 year contract? He's in his prime, this could be the biggest contract of his career.

Oppy's picture

Clearly the Packers needed to retain Crosby this season....

But to pay him as a top 3 kicker in the NFL? That's... Well, that's freakin' crazy.

I can't believe so many fans are so alright with this contract. Resign Crosby? Sure. Pay him top dollar? I don't think so.

I have a feeling if Daryn Colledge (by all rights, an 'average' LG) gets a 5 year contract that puts him in the top 3 highest paid LG's in the league, PAckers fans would be blowing gaskets left and right.

CSS's picture

Depends on how much of the contract is real money (actually to be paid or actual value) vs. the sum total of what the package 'could' be worth. Once the details come out the conversation will have merit.

Mr. Red's picture


Because I don't think it's a buyer's market on James Jones right now, not one where the Pack is likely to be priced out.

We hold a lot of cards. Another year on a top offensive team. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, sacrifice a virgin, perhaps another SB ring.

The Pack, at least, can offer Jones a nice paycheck for one more year, and perhaps he'll have more leverage on the open market then.

It's not farfetched to think that Jones and the Packers both benefit from, at least, another year from one another.

CSS's picture

Sorry, but
can't think of a single young skill player, in his prime, taking a 1 year deal in a sport where careers end instantly and your leverage is gone.

CSS's picture

Ha ha, looks like crosby is the cheapest kicker signing of the day, with both Olindo Mare and Ryan Longwell getting bigger deals. How 'appropriate' will this contract feel after the next year....

Mr. Red's picture


As Pack fans know, you find success in the league by being smarter than everyone else, not by looking around and taking comfort with all the other teams making mistakes as well.

James Jones wants a big payday. No argument there. But in this short offseason, it's not a stretch to think that if he doesn't get the offer he wants, or thinks he's worth, that he takes a chunk of money from the Pack and stays put for another run.

And spending 3 mil guaranteed paying Mason Crosby like he's Adam Vinateiri in his prime when he likely would have resigned for much less (seriously, who was going to swoop in and steal him?!?!?) is silly.

It's another mil we could have put towards James Jones next year.

CSS's picture

"As Pack fans know, you find success in the league by being smarter than everyone else, not by looking around and taking comfort with all the other teams making mistakes as well."

What makes you think the Packers aren't doing that right now by signing Crosby and playing the market with Jones?

"And spending 3 mil guaranteed paying Mason Crosby like he’s Adam Vinateiri in his prime when he likely would have resigned for much less (seriously, who was going to swoop in and steal him?!?!?) is silly."

Apparently, he's the cheapest signing of the day. Supply and demand. There are few good, available kickers in the league and many receivers.

CSS's picture

Steve Breaston just got $9 million, guaranteed. The market for Jones will get more expensive as the days move on. Somebody will overpay.

CSS's picture

Sidney Rice just received $18.5 million guaranteed. Another one of the market, Jones value goes higher.

Mr. Red's picture


I never said that the Pack should break the bank to mortgage our future on James Jones. If a team gives him an offer he can't refuse, more power to him.

Thus far, in the albeit limited whirlwind of the post-lockout NFL, James Jones phone isn't blowing up with suitors. And players are looking to know what their destinations are for a season fast approaching.

What I AM saying is that Green Bay should be able to offer JJ a nice hefty chunk to come back and perhaps match the purty ring on his finger.

That's enticing to players, maybe not longterm extension enticing, but enticing nonetheless.

OVERPAYING CROSBY, yes, I realize the Mare signing and all, but still, that takes away from the "petty cash" on hand so to speak that could spell the difference between a repeat and not.


So easy Ayn Rand, it's more likely franchises that don't know what they're doing are just doing what they do best...namely, effing up the salary cap.

The Pack is good at what it does. They drafted a good receiver in James Jones who was part of a unit that won us a Super Bowl.

We shouldn't be so keen to watch a key piece walk away. Unless another team steps in with a monster offer, I think the Pack can keep him. SO KEEP HIM.

A-Rodg knows what he's doing.

Mr. Red's picture

I understand reasonable minds can disagree on this subject.

And no matter what, I love loving a team that can get so many comments on what was originally a kicker thread.

Go Pack Go.

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