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Packers: 55 Titans: 7

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Packers: 55 Titans: 7

Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, Mike Neal

The Bad

The Bad

Mason Crosby's "Doink" & Tim Masthay

The Bad

The Bad

The Titans



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Jack's picture

Still very worried about Crosby. Which does no good other than to raise my blood pressure. Which isn't good at all.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

He "made" a couple, but Christ... They sure as hell did nothing for the confidence. He's either gonna be a hero, or a goat come playoffs... Black and white... A game will be decided by him... I feel it in me bones.

PackersRS's picture

You shut your goddamn mouth.
*Knocks on wood 3 times*

bryce's picture

I agree with Fitz 100%. I'll go one step farther, he will cost them a playoff game, no doubt. Think about how many playoff games are decided by 3 points or less, or by a last second field goal. As long as he's kicking, I have no confidence in a victory in New Orleans.

BrianD's picture

The Moses/Walden nonfactor (again!) make the Bad list.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Bad - The other 31
Ugly - nimrod


Alex's picture

Tim Mastay?

Keep grasping' them straws, bruv.

packeraaron's picture

Just not down with 21 yard punts. That's just me.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

What abought Cobbs smart play on the kickoff.How many people know that rule abought stepping out off bounds and grabbing the ball to make it out of bounds.I've seen it come to play in one game last year so I knew it

PacMan's picture

They are calling it a "statement game". Give me a break!

Giants win against the Pack a few weeks ago - that was a statement game (although they made opposite statements recently).
Seattle beating SF last night - that was a statement game (and one to smile about). A couple others recently.

It was a complete win over a poor team with nothing to play for. Let's see what happens next week against the Vikings. That will be a much better indicator of how playoff ready we are.

Who feels super confident going into playoffs? If you did last year too (I didn't), then it's time to snap out of it. We all know the Packers are looking much better over the last few weeks (rushing, defense - even Finley). But many playoff games are decided by a few points. Management should be held responsible if Crosby misses in the playoffs. Anybody notice the messed up kickoff yesterday? Boggles the mind!

Tundraboy's picture

Nice Cristmas present. Peaking at right time!!??? Please may Cobb be alright though. Only complaint is I still wish they would rush Harris more. My gut tells me that MM will feature him and Cobb , maybe even a reverse in the playoffs. Would love to see that because I think that is what will break the other teams this year and be the difference. Then after they are loosened up lots of deep throws to all the WR's and Finley too. I can dream cant I I ???

California Cheesehead's picture

DuJuan was showing some great burst getting to the line and hitting openings if they were there, I thought. Like what I'm seeing from him in terms of potential. Also nice to see Ryan Grant dragging tacklers, again.

hayward4president's picture

No AJ Hawk love cmon Nagler!?

SoTxPhil's picture

I thought Hawk had his best game of the season, he was showing up everywhere and not just 5-6 yds in our backfield flopping on the pile. He actually had 2 sacks yesterday, I believe.

PackersRS's picture

Question to the people that attended the game: Sarcastic cheer or genuine cheer? For Crosby, that is.

Mojo's picture

I don't know why Crosby's in the bad. To consistently hit the goal post from 40+ yards out is a skill few on the planet can duplicate. Give that man a cigar.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Valid point.

Spiderpack's picture

Everybody has a bad game, Masthay picked the right week.

Bob Tundra's picture

I think our ability to shut down an explosive runner like Chris Johnson bodes well for the Pack when we meet Adrian Peterson next week. Peterson and the vikings have a lot to play for: A win puts them in the play-offs and Peterson could possibly break the rushing record. I think the Packers will be out to show that AP's 200+ yards the last time the vikings played the Packers will not happen again. I also hope the Packers realize they have a lot to play for with the 2nd seed on the line next week. Say what you will about Crosby, but he was 100% in FGs and PATs. Still, I understand the uneasy feeling one gets when he comes onto the field. For the Packers' sake, I hope the coaches and players willingness to stick with him doesn't come back to bite them--and us.

Chris's picture

I was really hoping for a laundry list for the good ie: (grant, harris, matthews, hawk, jones, finley, jennings, entire o-line).

The bad should include Cobb's injury and his future on special teams.

markinmadison's picture

Mike Neal getting some love! That is my Christmas present right there.

Great - Cobb's xray.
Good - Crosby taking baby steps.
Bad - Having to choose between Nimrod and Steak.
Ugly - Titans giving up.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Gotta go with nimrod Mark. I love steak, I would hate to tarnish something I love by relating it to nimrod!

Fish . Crane's picture

A good for a center downfield blocking linebackers...a lot!

Lou's picture

I have never seen all phases of a game that energized from start to finish, talk about being ready for some football. Neal not only played hurt but he hustled and was productive, maybe he is Jenkins replacement after all. Shield besides his feel for the passing game has become a tackling machine on the blitz and Hawk had an out of body experience for 60 minutes. Grant would have been a great Marine, no excuses and take no prisoners on the way to pay dirt. Only problem is Crosby, under pressure he will choke again, no question about that.

marcopo's picture

Anyone get warm and fuzzy over the irony of Bear fans rooting for Green Bay?

retiredgrampa's picture

I uunderstand the wish for more deep balls and TDs, but the reason we're seeing so few is because Rodgers cannot wait for WRs to get deep. He hasn't the time and can't just sacrifice his body to get a long shot. We need him healthy.

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