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Packers: 48 Falcons: 21

By Category

Packers: 48 Falcons: 21

Aaron Rodgers, Tramon Williams, Jordy Nelson

The Bad

The Bad

Greg Jennings, Shawn Slocum, Mason Crosby

The Bad

The Bad

Matt Ryan



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nerdmann's picture

I'm feeling confident in the offense, despite the continuing weird snafus. But damn, special teams! LOL.
Offensive line didn't exactly play lights out either. Arodge was running for his life at times, which fortunately is something he does very well, and Starks couldn't get a hole to save his life.
Still, great dominating performance in the end. We could go all the way. (38 special)'s picture

Proposed Question? Even though we gave up that record kick-off return, did it help that the Falcon's defense had to stay on the field? for another A-Rodg onslaught.

Nerd's laptop's picture

Sure, but it wasn't worth giving up 7 points.

dullgeek's picture

The love for Aaron Rodgers is entirely appropriate. He played spectacularly. But lost in all the love is the other half of the story of this game: the Defense that forced 4 turnovers, 5 sacks and limited the Falcons to 194 total yards... in their house.

Hyperrevue's picture

I don't want to read anyone nit-picking this victory. Was Jennings fumble a miscue. Sure. But get a grip. It was an all-time great win.

dullgeek's picture

I think Nagler had to pick something for "The Bad". Because essentially all they had were 3 mistakes in the whole game.

packeraaron's picture

Get a grip? He fumbled. That is the very definition of "bad". More like 'get a clue'

Hyperrevue's picture

Wasnt talking about the "bad" category or Nagler at all. Just a more general comment about us fans seeming inability to revel in a great win.

nerdmann's picture

The Jennings fumble was bad imo, because it was one of those weird "ugly" events that seem to continuously plague this team. Imagine how they could be dominating every week if they stop doing that stuff.
Hell, even with that they dominated today.

snackpack's picture

Personally, I can't really put that fumble squarely on Jennings, it looked like he was holding the ball securely and the guy just snuck up behind him and smashed it out.
Could he have been holding the ball even more securely? Sure, but it looked more like just a good play by the defender.

pab's picture

this was the exact same thing that CMIII did a couple weeks ago, Jennings did not expect to be caught from behind

davyjones's picture

Completely disagree...that was simply a stellar defensive play. Yes he fumbled, but I find it hard to fault Jennings on that play. For God's sake, he had 8 catches for 101 yds.

JoePackersNYC's picture

I love the sassiness Aaron. LOVE IT.

mike's picture

you don't take criticism too well there do ya?

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

no love for James Jones What?

@packerdrunk's picture

he had a grip. the ball was forced out. is he supposed to run down the field fullback style with the ball in both arms. shit happens. not like a drop because of poor focus. when woodson causes fumbles is it because the other dude is bad?

Nerd's laptop's picture

This keeps happening to our WRs. Just happened to DD a week or two ago. I think defensive teams see something, not sure.
Point is, that MM's teams always have these weird self destructive moments. They don't only involve fumbles. They self destruct in many odd ways. For instance, special teams.

dullgeek's picture

A bit surprised that James Jones didn't get some love in "The Good".

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, I figure if he's a constant in the bad category, he ought to get some credit.

But then again, if you had to pick 3 guys for this game, it would be Rodgers, Rodgers, Rodgers. It would be Rodgers, Williams, and Nelson.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Glad to see JJ play well.

WoodyG's picture

You have to be one of "Nagler's boys" to end up in the good ......

Actually, this 'feature' probably should be trashed after the 2010 season ..... Try something a little more innovative that allows for more objectivity ..... Just an opinion.

WoodyG's picture

Maybe a 24-hour period where readers vote for the 'players of the game' based on a list created by CHTV ..... After the 24 hour period is over, you guys list the final results.....

The results would represent the fans instead of just 'a fan' .......

Oppy's picture

I'm not saying you have to agree with or even like Aaron, but why do you have such a hard-on for going after the guy, continuously?

If you find he runs such a horribly biased and unfair forum, simply don't show up.

And if you insist on showing up, you can do what the rest of the civil posters here do- respectfully disagree? Post your thoughts and reasoning and move on... But don't just take personal pot-shots at the man every time you post.

WoodyG's picture

I posted a valid suggestion ....

I don't post to please you or anyone else ...... I've supported AN as many times as I haven't ..... You are having an issue with what's called a 'selective memory' ...... Besides, not everyone has to be a 'site lackey' ..

snackpack's picture

Do you know what a blog is WoodyG? It IS a forum for one guy's (or a few in this case) opinion and analysis. People come here because they find those opinions interesting and insightful.
It's fine to disagree with those opinions (I do sometimes), but to bash the site for being just "one fan's" opinions seems a little silly.

WoodyG's picture

Regardless, this feature is still 1 fan's opinion ...... It could be better & more effective at representing the 'fanbase' with a few innovative changes ......

You're mistaken if you think CHTV is a finished product ..... Good websites are always evolving ....

I did no bashing .... Only offered a suggestion.

Rich Beckman's picture

McCarthy should be fired!

jack in jersey city's picture

get rid of ted too!!!!!!!! burn them!!!!

foundinidaho's picture

Disagree with Crosby. That is all.

hoogus's picture

The 50 yarder was a tough kick even indoors, but he's proving that he isn't the big leg kicker he was advertised to be. He also blocked his own guy on Weem's TD return. Not a good night for him.

foundinidaho's picture

The ball should never, EVER get to where Crosby has to make the tackle. That said, the kid's usually good about making the tackle. He didn't devastate the team with mistakes like he did last year.

Jay's picture

It's not his leg, it's his accuracy. He hit the upright fairly high on a 50 yard kick, he's got a big leg, it's just he's lost the aim he had early on. That said, he's better this year than he was in '09.

Wiscokid's picture

Heres a link to the video where Crosby is hitting the bell with 3 consecutive kicks. Maybe we should hang a bell overt the goal post to improve his accuracy.

Just a thought...

MarkinMadison's picture

The net result of Jennings' fumble was about the same as if he had not made the catch and the Packers had punted. He was 8/10 on catches/targeted. Not bad, IMHO. I like the Nelson pick for "good." 8/8, nothing as spectacular as JJ's two big catches, but he consistently helped move the sticks. The awesome "block" Crosby made on the KR for a TD was truly bad.

NoWayJoae's picture

Crosby completely botched the kick coverage on the Weems TD. Ran in our guy. I assume that's why he's in there.

misterj's picture

Actually, the Packers didn't even want to score anymore points. They wanted Crosby to make a really cool noise. He should be in the good.

Edit: Welllll, he did have a great block for the Falcons. He obviously redeemed himself!

CDNCheese's picture

When Jennings is listed as bad with 8 catches and 101 yards you know the Packers were on fire.

cole's picture

I think the fact that this was one of the all-time great packer performances should not overshadow the fact that Slocum just can't get it done.

I think everyone of us were freaking out after that kickoff return.

If the offense wasn't playing at such an outstanding level that could have been the difference in a closer game.

As awesome as Matthews has been this year, Tramon is the true defensive MVP in my opinion.

We actually have three MVP's, one at each level of the D: Tramon, Clay, and BJ.

cheese5's picture

I agree Cole

Norman's picture

Agree on all counts Aaron, especially with the Good. Ditka just said that in his 50 years of football, Rodger's performance was the best he's ever seen as far as individual performance he's ever seen in the playoffs. While I would argue that Warner's performance against the Packers last year was even better (more TD's than incompletions!), let's not quibble. Packer fans should thank the Lord every single day that he plays for our team, that was a masterful performance: the throws, the runs, avoiding sacks, what more could you want from your QB? it just didn't seem fair.

Regarding Crosby, I thought on the kick return TD that he shouldn't have even been up that far during the runback, usually the kicker is the safety valve and he was up at the 35 yard line and basically kept two teammates (Francois and Collins) from being able to make the tackle. That's either on him, or Slocum. Plus the kick itself, while two yards deep, was straight down the middle, which can't be how it was drawn up, so Crosby failed to place it well in addition to ruining the kick coverage. If that was how Slocum called for it, then he should be fired today.

dane's picture

I don't think it is possible to pick one truly best performance, given so many variables in every game it just doesn't seem right. But Aaron Rodgers played as well as I have ever seen a QB play.

In any case, it belongs in the list of greatest playoff QB performances I've seen with Warner '09, Brady '07 (divisional), and Manning (all of '06). I am not quite old enough to remember Phil Simms in SBXXI or Montana in '86, but I understand those were quite impressive performances too.

cole's picture

Didn't Steve Young throw 6 TD's in the superbowl against the chargers? I think that is pretty tough to beat.

Cuphound's picture

I had two really good friends in town who are also cheeseheads (they were forced to live in Chicago and Milwaukee became their refuge) so my partner and I took them down to our local Packers bar. Half the bar is decorated properly, half has Seahawks and Mariners stuff. Despite this half-and-half arrangement, the bar was ALL Packers fans.

Just before halftime, my partner leans over to me and says, "We've just arrived in the alternate universe where Mike McCarthy's offense doesn't commit penalties and is utterly HEGEMONIC."

He was right.

I just stared at the screen, utterly dumbfounded. "It's like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one," I said.

"No," said my friend Simon, "It's like all our Christmases and all our birthdays rolled into one!"

He was right.

I like the alternate universe. No Mr. Spock with an agonizer here! NO SIR! Just my beloved Green Bay Packers <I>kicking ass!</I> [Sorry, Corey, had a Philly moment. Won't happen again].

Yeah, Slocum sucks, <I>but who cares?!?!</I> The offense just comes on the field and after a short initial warm-up [see, it's still McCarthy's team] and KABOOM, it becomes the <I>wave-motion gun</I> from <i>Star Blazers</I>, just shredding Falcons as it goes along. And the defense does it, too! I mean, we can start canning shredded falcon the way they do tuna and turkey. Falcon salad sandwiches for lunch, baby!

The Bears need to win today because (1) Craig and I have no money at all and can't afford to buy a ticket if the Pack winds up at Qwest Field and it will KILL ME if the Pack were here and we couldn't go and (2) I want to <I>watch</I> the Bears wither under the mighty "alternate-universe-wave-motion-gun" force that is our offense.

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!

foundinidaho's picture

You got your wish...but damn I would have loved to go to that game.

Cuphound's picture

I'm sorry, Colleen!

jeremy's picture

I think it's high time we give some credit to Packers DB coach Joe Whitt.

He coached Charles Woodson to a DPOY award. He coached Tramon Williams from a waiver wire pickup to the defensive MVP of the playoffs at this point. And, has helped Sam Shields become a CB that any team would love to have (Sat at the Falcons was his first Pass Interference penalty of the season).

Norman's picture

Shield's first PI (or penalty of any type I believe) of the year was B.S., by the way. He did partially turn his head around, and knocked the ball away from the receiver. Aikman was claiming it was a good call, but I strongly disagree.

That is an amazing stat, when you realize he just started playing the position last year in college, and when you look at all the supposedly great CB's that we've drafted over the years (I'm talking about you Amhad Carroll!) who get toasted and commit PI penalties right and left.

BigbyATTACK's picture

Completely agree that the penalty was garbage. GREAT defending on the play, and I hope he does it that way again. Aikman...sigh. What can I say that I haven't already. He HATES the Packers, and he can't hide his anti-Packer sentiment when he calls what seems like EVERY SINGLE PACKER GAME. I wish the T.V. matched up with the radio better so we can mute the tube, and turn on the radio!

Oppy's picture

I think a lot of fans mistake Joe Buck's voice for Troy Aikman.

From what I've heard, Troy Aikman hasn't been anything but objective while covering the PAckers. In fact, you could argue that he's been on the pro-Packers side of things this season.

Joe Buck, on the other hand... Let's just say it seems like he goes out of his way to not complement the Packers, he'd rather point out the bad of the opponent than say the positive of the PAckers, and vice versa. It's like it's almost painful for him to say anything good about the PAckers.

Aikman has been riding on the "Rodgers is awesome, this defense is really good, and TT and MM are doing a great job" train all season long. Yet there's a ton of fans who seem to think he's utterly biased against the Pack.

Listen closely. You've got to be mistaking Buck and Aikman's voices.

Josh's picture

Joe Buck is terrible at his job. He shows no emotion unless it gives him a chance to kiss up to Tom Brady. He called him "dreamy" during one game. "Dreamy" jeez. How about the Tyree SB catch? Check utube. There's no excitement and if you're listening on a radio you have no idea what's going on.

Jay's picture

Buck and Aikman are both horrible, horrible announcers and it just blows my mind that they continue to be employed despite the fact that I've not heard one positive thing about their body of work from anyone anywhere ever. Lifeless voices (you can hear more emotion on the damn golf channel) nonsense commentary... it really doesn't get any worse than these two morons. Add Buck's obvious bias (and it is Buck, not Aikman) against the Packers and hearing these two on our games is like pulling teeth.

Why aren't there any good sportscasters anymore?

Also, why can't they admit that the gimmick of hiring former players has, for the most part, failed? (Seriously, how many are actually worth listening to? Then again, the guys who never played a down aren't much better in a lot of cases.)

andrew's picture

aikman was definitely talking about how great rodgers was today.. and how McCarthy has to be coach of the year... and how capers deserves a lot of credit..
joe buck does talk a lot of bad.. but he talks good about clay... outside of that he usually is a pretty negative person.. but being a fan of football in general most teams he is negative like that for.. he is just a negative personality.. he only talks good about the teams he really likes.. one of them bein the pats.. im not a fan of joe buck.. but aikman talks good about both teams and is usually able to come up with some genuinely decent comments about both teams

bill from jersey`'s picture

everything that was going wrong for the 1st 15 weeks of the season has completely turned around to everything going in our favor.i find it unbelievable how that usually happens in life.we are a deserving team capable of being super bowl worthy for years to come.......ty TT and MM may u get what u deserve

Nononsense's picture

With the exception of 2 coaches GBs entire staff has done a great job if you ask me.

James Campen I really have zero belief in but I do beleive Shawn Slocum at least has the potential to be a good STs coach.

Adding any new offensive lineman to this team without hiring a new OL coach will be counter productive. Not many coaches get fired after a good playoff run but he should be

thepretzelhead on twitter's picture

Agree on Slocum he's doing some creative things and punt coverage has been solid...Crosby's line drive 2 second hang time kicks need to be re-evaluated. Slocum will be just fine.

hoogus's picture

It's hard to pick between them, but i'd put Jones' performance over Nelson's. Great night for Jones.

bucky's picture

Aaron Rodgers' first postseason pass attempt was intercepted, last season against the Cards. Since that ill-advised throw, he is 77-104 for 969 yards, with 10 TDs and no picks.

I think he's pretty good.

Briandevil78's picture
Greg's picture

What's with the ultra critical crap on the Packers? They dominated. Do you expect a flawless game? Ain't ever gonna happen to any team. Go play your video games and stop watching reality, dudes.

Josh's picture

The 50-yrd FG attempt was a bad call. 4th and 2, the team is rolling over the Falcons. GO FOR IT!

jdondlinger's picture

For me James Jones joins Jordy Nelson in the "Good" portion. Outstanding game.

KurtMc's picture

Capers for Coach of the year!! Please TT, give the Dom a big pile of $ &amp; keep him in Green Bay.

MM had the BEST overall game call of his professional life. I've been dogging MM, but this game he nailed it. Hopefully, the Bears game plan is even better!!

Slocum should be let go after this season. Too many ST issues.

Bears - Packers, Game of the Year. This can be bigger than the Superbowl. Prepare for an all out NFL hype machine for this one.


andrew's picture

yeah i gotta agree.. MM really did a great job with the game calling he didnt concave to the run game until the game was secure.. called a real good game now that MM has a run game he can actuallly use his offense looks a lot better.. he needs to have a run game present so he can develop big plays downfield the starks effect has really shown how much this offense was missing ryan grant.. i think the bears better watch out if starks is able to give us any ground game at all the bears wont be able to just focus on the pass the whole game.. it will be a huge difference.. starks saved this offense

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