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Packers: 45 Lions: 41

By Category

Packers: 45 Lions: 41

Matt Flynn, Jordy Nelson, Ryan Grant

The Bad

The Bad

Desmond Bishop, Erik Walden, Pat Lee

The Bad

The Bad

Jim Schwartz



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dullgeek's picture

IMHO Pat Lee is the Ugly.

Brando's picture


packeraaron's picture

Had him there - until I remembered Schwartz throwing a tantrum like a toddler and specifically calling a time out to yell at the officials. I mean, its like he's a petulant Madden player rather than the head coach of an NFL franchise.

murphy's picture

Having seen some petulant Madden players in my day, I have to agree with this. I actually pictured him slamming his controller on the floor and going into full "qq" mode.

SpiderPack's picture

Agreed Aaron. I cannot say I have ever seen any person look or act like that in front of the camera, much less a leader or coach. How can u coach a team & expect to win while garnering that kind of attitude. He looks like an Angry Bird you would want to squish.

Chip Soup's picture

Bob Knight. I laughed when Schwartz threw the headset but it didn't go very far because the guy behind him was holding the wire.

murphy's picture

Speaking of officials, I wasn't sure if I would see them in the Bad/Ugly or not. Brian Billick said "we have the technology" more times than a The 6 Million Dollar Man marathon, but I'm not sure that he's wrong (on that topic only; let's not talk about playoff seeding).

Mike Pereira wrote this about the calls yesterday and probably in response to Billick:

"Replay should not be used as a crutch when it comes to officiating. The emphasis needs to remain on the officials making the right call initially."

I agree with him that on-field calls should be as accurate as possible, but too often they simply aren't. I'm tired of hearing replay described as "a crutch" that will slow the game down. It's a tool that can help improve the process if implemented intelligently. I can't believe that increasing booth reviews would damage the on-field refing or the game so badly as the current patchwork of "can review this, can't review that, sorry we messed up but you're out of challenges" mess that we have now.

The non-TD very probably would have been a TD if reviewed; the on-field ruling was very probably wrong.

The review of the Lions fumble recovered by Crosby was a good "call stands" call; the on-field call was probably wrong.

The Nelson fair-catch muff that wasn't: I don't understand the fair catch rules enough, but it certainly looked like a muff recovered by the Lions. On-field call was probably wrong, but the play was not eligible for review per rule.

Foul against Bishop - Rigth call, but Stafford should give acting lessons to the Giants defense in the off season. I give his dive a 9.5.

*4th quarter 2 minute warning*
Ref: "That is the end of the 3rd quarter"

Josh's picture

Can we add Skip Bayless to the ugly?

How hard can it be for Aaron Rodgers if his backup throws for 480 and SIX TOUCHDOWNS vs. Detroit trying hard to win?! MVP? Really? System?"

eqfan592's picture

Skip Bayless is a hack who gets his kicks (and website hits) in saying moronic things. How people like him have jobs amazes the hell out of me.

Packers Fan in Atlanta's picture

This is the same douchebag who can't get off Brady's jock. Can he not remember Cassel did something similar a couple of years ago. SYSTEM MY ASS.

Bob's picture

With the rules in the game today. The real measure of a quarterbacks performance is team record and TD to INT. Rodgers 7.5/1, Brees 3.3/1, Brady 3.25/1.

cow42's picture

go ahead and give the mvp to brees.
don't care.
if every gm in the nfl was given a choice between brees or rodgers, i'm betting a high majority would pick rodgers.

brees is great but that team just loves to pad stats... just ask the colts... or the falcons. rodgers and mccarthy would have never done that... too much class.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

You put this offense in a dome ala the saints... Rodgers throws for 75 tds and 8000 yards... Minimum. That's all i gotsta be sayin.


murphy's picture

We'll never know, but I'd love to alternate-history this game and see what #12 put up for stats if he got the start...All fluff, but still - would he have captured the TD record against a team that Flynn could score 6 TDs on, or would he have orchestrated some long clock-eating scoring drives to give the D nice long rests?

MarkinMadison's picture

"That's a bingo."

Bob's picture

A little late for this comment, but I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. You can spin anything, anyway, how about this one. How good can Brees be, a backup outperformed him this week.

Kparis99's picture

Giving the MVP to Brees will motivate Rodgers like no other slight, that has slighted him before. For a guy that uses this kind of thing for motivation... Watch out world... Go ahead give the MVP to Brees ... I dare you.

PackersRS's picture

It doesn't take that much. You can bet that all this talk about the "system" is gonna motivate him to have a great postseason.

Sam's picture

Hell if Rodgers wins it but isn't the unanimous vote getter he'll use that as motivation. Got to love his drive, it's second to no one.

SpiderPack's picture

I thought cow was going to go away forever.

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

I remember that as well. Hmmm.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

IC'mon guys, we're all family here... Even if one of our siblings tends to scream downer shit that nobody agrees with... Constantly. His heart is in the right place or he wouldn't keep coming back. No? He doesn't strike me as a Pack66, my resolution is to calm the Cow down and help him appreciate this time in Packer history instead of letting it pass him by cuz he was too busy pulling his hair out.

PackersRS's picture

Like Fitz said, in the end we're all Packers fans, cheering for the same team, wanting the same thing.

Oppy's picture

You guys all want a fresh bag of "Funyuns" too?

Bob's picture

I'll pass on the funyuns, but I will take some of that koolaid. I' m watching my weight.

Kparis99's picture

He has got to be just baiting packers fans at this point. No one is this stupid. Not even bayless.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

I don't watch first take, but I'm told baseless is still speaking on there, which is amazing considering Brady and Tebow's junk are buried halfway down his throat... Simultaneously. To CHTV, I apologize and will try to do better... But come the F on, that dude's such a wangsucker... 8-) not that there's anything wrong with that.

chris's picture

Im not going to lie, I want Drew Brees to win the MVP, not because he was the better player and the most valuable to his team but because if he does win it and Rodgers gets snubbed, Rodgers will be perfect in the postseason. By Rodgers getting snubbed, he would have all of the motivation he will ever need for the next few years and will play even better than he did this season. So I say go ahead at give it to him, so when the Saints roll in here for the NFC championship beware that Rodgers is dissect that suspect Saints defense in the elements of late January. Drew Brews 2011 NFL MVP bring it on.

Cole's picture

Except it's not announced until super bowl week correct? And wasn't MVP voting done last week?

Khawaja's picture

Flynn played amazing but you would be a fool to think Rodgers isn't good because Flynn put up mind boggling numbers as a backup. Packers play amazing at home. This is only one game. Even Kolb or Cutler have MVP type games but Rodgers has done it consistently for years. And lions D is flat out terrible. Same can be said for Packers as well. Let's not a book by its cover. Rodgers has put up huge numbers while the o-line has been inconsistent.

asshalo's picture

Haha, so funny when Schwartz took a time-out just to scream at the officials.

Jim Hurly's picture

I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.

Bearmeat's picture


Even Better: "I hate it when my Schwartz gets twisted!"

Wagszilla's picture

Why Bishop?

I saw a couple of bad plays by him but I also saw him pretty tight on coverage which was counteracted by great throws/catches.

I dunno.

Jake's picture

Probably for the roughing the passer penalty.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Yep, he's gotta be better than that, smarter than that. Just has to.

MarkinMadison's picture

I get it, but man Stafford should get an Oscar for that one.

PackerBacker's picture


Quick question. Before the game yesterday, most everyone was in agreement that the Packers could sustain an injury to almost any player on the squad and still compete for the Superbowl. All except Rodgers. If we lost him, we were SOL.
After watching Flynn yesterday, do you still feel this is true? Or are we still in a lot of trouble if he goes down. Obviously, it was just one game, but 480 yds and 6 td's are really impressive.

What do you think?

packeraaron's picture

I think they could at least compete. It wouldn't be the unmitigated disaster it would have been two years ago. But I think in the end they would fall short of the Super Bowl if Flynn was at the helm.

PackerBacker's picture

Fair enough, thanks.

gbfninminnolnd's picture

Matt flynn WOW... that's all I can say. Hope he goes AFC next year. Altthough Flynn Rogers... that would be a show!

davyjones's picture

Did anyone else wonder what the hell AJ Hawk was doing on the end line of the end zone on Johnson's 2nd TD catch. I am not the most astute football observer, but playing prevent defense in the end zone seems stupid. Was he supposed to be guarding the end line or was he just playing way too deep in the end zone? Can someone enlighten me as to whether this was by design or just plain dumb?

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