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Packers: 42 Saints: 34

By Category

Packers: 42 Saints: 34

Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, Scott Wells

The Bad

The Bad

Tim Masthay, Charles Woodson, A.J. Hawk

The Bad

The Bad

Sam Shields



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Dayne Shuda's picture

Woodson broke the cardinal rule by hitting the guy in the junk. He's still got a little Raider in him. We all have lapses, though. Hopefully he's still on a mission this year. He needs to cover better than he did especially if Tramon is going to miss extended time.

But hey - how about Jarrett being in the right position and turning for the ball. He didn't catch it, but turned this time :)

lars's picture

Woodson was invisible last night EXCEPT for comitting an incredibly stupid thug penalty that you would expect from a hot-headed rookie. He punched the guy period. It was a Johnny Jolly v. Vikings type idiocy. And, not befitting a "leader."

MarkinMadison's picture

Guys will come after him now. Taunting him, seeing what they can do to get him to draw a flag. He'll have to double-check himself for a while.

andrew harman's picture

charles woodson was locking his receiver down most of the night.. if you dont really see a corner during the game it means he is playing well.. he is only in the bad because of the penalty he played fine

foundinidaho's picture

Masthay was bad? How quickly we forget Jeremy Kapinos.

PackerFan4Life's picture

I strongly agree with this

MarkinMadison's picture

+2. Was the 79-yard TD return somehow his fault? Even his one clunker punt went for 39 yards and bounced out of bounds, preventing a return. Not sure if that was a mistake or not, but it worked out. Can you explain your rationale A.N.?

Asshalo's picture

outkicked his coverage just like chicago last year. got a great punt at the end of the game taken away from him and bush though

PackersRS's picture

Masthay was bad? How quickly we forget how incredibly incompetent and devoided of intelligence Shawn Slocum is.

It's an offense to every Packer fan that that man has a prestigious job as being the ST coordinator of the Green Bay Packers.

In fact, it's an offense to every NFL fan that that man has an NFL job period.

His players don't have a clue. They don't know anything about lane integrity, about body control, about any of the techniques involved in shedding tackles or making them on ST.

MIKE47SMITH's picture


packers0909's picture

Complete overreaction.

BillyTwoHands's picture

It was such an un-woodson like thing to do. Okay so the guy blocks you, that's football. Seems like Wood's getting a little too pumped up about football being back!

BCarver_78's picture

Really think Tom Crabtree had a great might blocking. If he continue to show the ability to catch DJ will not see the 46 all season

mark's picture

AGREE! We hit rewind on the tivo a few times last night to watch crabtree blocks. I had suggested he shouldn't make the roster in favor of gurley. I suggested wrong.

One more point: Morgan Burnett deserves credit for stuffing Ingram on the final play. The interior guys definitely gave the necessary push, but it was 42 who flew in and popped him back short of the goal line. Hell of a play and great game overall from 42.

CDNCheese's picture

Sam Shields was bad, Woodson was ugly. Other than that have to agree with what is posted here....

Wamzlee's picture

If I recall correctly, Woodson's name wasn't mentioned all night up until he threw the punch and perhaps the big 3rd down play he gave up. But atleast he didn't attack the ball and instead went for the tackle. He seemed like only guy willing to tackle last night.

I don't think he looked ugly at all, but fans are going to have short memory and point at the punch.

Jay's picture

Apparently I wasn't watching Shields closely enough. I saw one go route where he didn't turn around to see the ball. What else was there?

ppabich's picture

I agree Shields was bad. Williams wasn't that good either. But i'm willing to give them a bit of a break this week, because Brees is that good of a QB. That Saints offense is every bit as good as ours, and Brees was right on the money with his passes. A good throw beats good coverage almost all the time.

One more good that needs to be mentioned is the Collins fumble. He got so low on that tackle and put his hat right on the ball. That was a really nice play.

packers0909's picture

Woodson had a few bad plays, but then so did Tramon. Shields looks like he's still developing (only his second season remember).

Evan's picture

Two words: Randall Cobb. Two more: Holy shit.

lars's picture


andrewgarda's picture


PackersRS's picture

I've said since the beggining of the year. He's our Percy Harvin, without the migrains.

I didn't necessarily believe 100% in that, but I've said it... If journalists can get the props from guessing, I deserve that as well.

packers0909's picture

The Cobb's an absolute beast!!

Charlie's picture

Well, I got the Packer's score right . . . Saints, not so much.

packsmack25's picture

The Sproles return wasn't Masthay's fault, and his punt at the end SHOULD have been downed at the 1. I'll take that "bad" performance every game.

MCS's picture

I agree that the line drive punt, after the punt TD was bad. I don't agree that it was bad enough to get him a bad rating for the game.

The punt that was returned for the TD went 52 yards and hung for around 5 secondes (based on twitter). It was the fault of the coverage.

The punt to the goal line was outstanding.

Masthay did not have a bad game. He had a bad kick.

Do you call out the coaches? Slocum.

Good: If only three, gotta be Wells, Raji, Cobb. Rodgers can't win every week.

Bad: Shields, Lang (2 False starts), Jones (where was he all night?)

Ugly: Woodson. Cannot lose your temper. Period. Imagine if they had ejected him.

Wamzlee's picture

Yeah, don't understand the shit being poured onto Tim Masthay. That ball at the end of the game should have been downed at the 5 had Jarret Bush not slipped.

Chris's picture

Totally agree on your Good-Bad-Ugly

NoWayJose's picture

Re: Woodson -- I am not as upset as others about the punch. Wasn't egregious and that's the fire he plays with. I AM upset that he looked a step a slow tonight in coverage tonight. I am officially worried that his ability to play man to man is slipping.

Re: Hawk -- Yikes. But he wasnt the only one with some atrocious tackling (Bishop on Thomas comes to mind). Going to chalk this up to the first game of the year after a historically short and un-physical camp. Needs to improve.

No need to be overly negative though -- great win over a team lead by a QB playing out his mind. What a game by Brees!

MarkinMadison's picture

Blocking and tackling will be the biggest casualties of the new practice rules and the lock-out shortened off-season.

PistolPete's picture

The Charles Woodson I saw was in his receiver's hip pocket on man coverage the majority of the game. Lost a step? No way, not yet.

PackersRS's picture


He gave up one play, that was incredibly well thrown.

Most of the time it was Hawk missing the tackle or being late. Or Bishop.

The D simply did not come out strong. If they play with that tempo all year long, we don't make the SB.

It's still early though.

andrew harman's picture

the defense looked that way cause they havent been hitting as much its normal for tackling to be rough the defense looked good overall the missed tackles werent everywhere.. it happened but was not a constant.. and the defense was flying around its okay to miss a tackle if your flying around everywhere like hawk was the whole game

packers0909's picture

Brees was playing the best I've seen him play. Some of the dummy work and the pin-point passes were extremely good... still, he's no Aaron Rodgers!

lars's picture

Another "Good" is the entire defensive line. Pickett, Raji and Wynn (who is becoming a pretty good football player) came up big time and again.

The tackling was awful. ILB's need to get back to basics, though I don't think Hawk can be expected to keep up w/guys like Sproles. That will always be a mis-match.

CSS's picture

I don't think there's a linebacker in the league that can deal with Sproles in open space. Payton and Brees were wise to exploit that, shocked they didn't do so more often.

Graham can be covered by some OLB's, safeties and DB's; Sproles in space against a linebacker is criminal.

james's picture

I thought Walden had a good game. Sack and some nice coverage.

packeraaron's picture

Totally agree - wanted to squeeze him and Jarius Wynn in the Good.

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

That Walden play where he was in coverage and dove to break up the pass was crazy good

fishandcrane's picture

If we are worried about Masthay, Woodson, Shields and Hawk I'd say that qualifies as a "GOOD" for the entire team.

andrew harman's picture

honestly.. hawk looked good.. he was flying around all over the field.. he missed some tackles but whatever no one is perfect.. he was playing intense got a terrible PI call.. had a few pressures on the qb and you could see his energy on the field.
woodson u didnt hear his name all night until the end.. he made a mistake nd got a penalty.. but whenever i watched him he had a lock on his man in coverage.. shields didnt look terrible either. not amazing.. but it wasnt ugly.
i dont blame mastay for the punt return either its the punt coverage teams job to get there nd they failed..

my bad ugly would be
bad james jones (didnt hear his name all night) shields (bad but not ugly) nd lang who had mental mistakes early in the game
ugly the punt team. not just mastay

ShawnO's picture

Bad: I give McCarthy a bad for not continuing to let our offence play the way it is set up to play. I understand wanting to take time off the clock but calling nothing but running plays is not going to work. We are not a smash nose run game team. His attempt to run time off the clock almost cost us the game.

PackersRS's picture

Now, I've bashed MM plenty in the past, not exactly a MM supporter. But that's unfair.

First of all, it was the right way to go. This isn't theory, they were up 14 with less than 7 minutes to go. And the running game was working well, the OL was dominating.

And moreso, A LOT of the playcalling has to do with Rodgers. He can shift to a passing play any time he wants if he so chooses to do. And he can shift to a running play as well.

It's great, the best way an offense can perform is if the call is made in the LOS, after the defense has settled. But that's a lot of responsability to the QB, and he will have more impact in the playcalling and ratio than the coach.

MIKE47SMITH's picture

I love McCarthy for his ability as a leader to manage the team and direct them to be so succesful. He has a great personality to be a HC and is very disciplined and organized.

That said, I have been very critical of some of his on the field decisions and play calls. I actually feel that he has directly cost us games in the past, including last yr.

Last night McCarthy called everything exactly how it should have been called in my opinion. When we started running the ball to run down the clock the Saints only had 1 time out. With like 10 minutes left! They picked up a few first downs and gave the ball back with 5 some odd minutes left up 42-27!

That sounds like a recipe for a W to me!

Then we got the ball from the onside kick and literaly only had to get 2 first downs and take a knee to win the game! Only a moron would continue to throw the ball all day.

Adam Czech's picture

Woodson needs to watch some footage of Ric Flair so he knows how to be more sneaky with his punches, and to wait for when the ref isn't looking. You cant just wind up and uppercut a guy during a scrum while surrounded by the refs.

dawn's picture

Disappointed with Woodson thought he would have a BIG game last night as he usually plays the slower receivers well, BUT that upper cut should have gotten him ejected.He knows better, expect a letter & fine from the Commish.

Bob's picture

How about Slocum for a ugly. The special teams are a great way for opponets to improve their stats. He has a talent like Cobb, who he tells not to return kicks 8 yards deep in the endzone. Whats the worst that can happen. The offense starts at the 15 yard line. This guy has the potential to break out on every return.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Tramon's gonna be OK, shoulder bruise... whew.


Cletus's picture
MIKE47SMITH's picture

I dont agree with Shields being Ugly. He was thrown at ALL night and I think he did a relatively good job. He started off really good stopping the run a few times and defending the ball. Then there was a stretch from the start of the 3rd to the 4th that the defense was on the field literaly non stop. They were designing plays to go AT him and he rarely had help over the top....

I'd also add Starks and Burnett to the GOOD, Bishop's pass coverage and Ryan Grants Vision to the BAD/UGLY

The ugly is more like Hawk and Bishop in coverage! WOW that was bad!

andrew harman's picture

they were trying to cover sproles.. be reasonable here

Cletus's picture

I thought Hawk had a good night, other than a couple obvious bad plays. I'm not sure how many middle LB's in the NFL would stay with Sproles on that inside route, although AJ did look very bad on that play. But he generated more pressure on Brees than Mathews or Walden. By the second half, I was wondering if Dom blitzes Hawk so often just to keep him from having coverage duty.

andrew harman's picture

hawk actually is a pretty good blitzer.. and hawk CAN COVER i swear i dunno why everyone thinks its so bad.. he is good in zone and decent in man coverage.. he cant cover elite TE and RB but most lbs cant.. as far as an inside lb goes he is a decent coverage guy

CaLIPACKfAN's picture

Woodson vs Paquiao would be a great fight

The Dong Slinger's picture

Randall Cobb deserved to be in his own category of "awesome". Wow. Nice pick TT.

alasconsin's picture

I don't know what is reviewable, but does anyone think the downing of the punt or the hawk pi call wouldn't have been reviewed had it been anywhere beyond the season opener where the league had obvious motives for a close game?

MarkinMadison's picture

No. Pass interference is not a reviewable call. I hate conspiracy theories. There are some "9/11 truthers" out there who believe that the World Trade Center was hollow. All of those years that you were walking by the building it was just silloettes (sp.?) sitting the window. It's very obvious if you listen to the flight recordings that those folks who "went down" in PA were just actors. Blah, blah, blah. COULD the NFL be fixing things? Yes, they are! They do it through a secreative group called the "rules committee."

fishandcrane's picture

NFL Entertainment. It's on the tickets, folks. It's entertainment.

retiredgrampa's picture

IMHO, not enough credit was given to Ryan Pickett, who is a real fighter who never quits. Also IMO, if Slocum has a job next year it'll be a crime punishable by losses.

Jordan's picture

The Good: Wynn, Cobb, Wells

The Bad: Punt Coverage, Kickoff Coverage

The Ugly: AJ Hawk, Inability to run out clock and give ball to opposing QB who has more career passing yards than Tom Brady and will surpass Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas this year.

Hawk's play in the end zone was a great play. But not sure if the Packers got what they expected from Hawk after just forking over 11 million. Time will tell.

packeraaron's picture

They absolutely did. They didn't pay him to be Ray Lewis in his prime. They paid him because he is assignment sure, knows the defense like the back of his hand and does a great job leading the defense, making the calls in the huddle and the adjustments prior to the snap. His limitations are what they are - but his positives, for the Packers, far outweigh the negatives.

Wagszilla's picture

You guys need to stop dipping into Mason Crosby's pot stash...

Charles Woodson played great on opening night.
Best performances of any of the DBs except maybe Tramon. Coverage was much improved over last year. Was all over his assignments all game.

Penalty was Raiders-esque and I wish he didn't do it and no excuses but those Saints were being pretty dirty themselves. Way too much pushing after the whistle. Like coach like team I suppose.

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