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Packers: 38 Giants: 35

By Category

Packers: 38 Giants: 35

Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Donald Driver

The Bad

The Bad

Marshall Newhouse, Morgan Burnett, Charlie Peprah

The Bad

The Bad

6 Dropped Passes



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Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Rodgers was awesome as usual, and everyone has mentioned how great the last two drives were, but what really impesses is his decisions and abilities in his running. I believe he ran for at least 3 key first downs always knowing exactly where the markers are. I just keep feeling blessed to be watching and cheering for a great guy at the top of his game!

Brooklyn81's picture

Where was the safety help over the top on those deep passes Eli connected on? That was a huge headache to watch but IM glad we won. Aaron Rodgers is relentless. Hell of a QB. MVP!

Evan's picture

Looks like more miscommunication.

HuskerPacker's picture

Have to add the Andrew Quarless injury to the "UGLY" column (unfortunately)...

Nerdmann's picture

MM used the word "significant." So I'm upgrading to VERY ugly.

packsmack25's picture

The Giants played as well as they possibly can and still had no real chance. I love this team.

Norman's picture

No real chance? I must have been watching a different game than you. The one I watched they were one extremely close Jennings touchdown bobble away from a win, or one Driver foot on the endline before illegally touching the ball on a touchdown catch away from possibly losing the game. Maybe they only come away with field goals on either/both of those drives (I think both were third downs).

I love this team too, but I disagree the Giants had no real chance. They had a very real chance.

packsmack25's picture

They had no real chance. I watched the game. They just weren't as good. Good teams get the breaks. There's no "almost" in football.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

If this game went to overtime and they lost the coin flip they would have been 11 and 1.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

You could'nt tell on the replay if Driver stopped out on the back end.As far as the Jennings touchdown notice the left hand on the ball when he makes the catch it is steady on the ball with no movement so he has control the right hand moves to get a better grip when he is moving.The ball never bounces in his hand so he has control, it was the correct call

Bob's picture

Driver's foot was inbounds, but if we want to be picky wasn't that shove the defensive back gave him 18 yards beyond the line of scrimmage on that play a penalty. I think it's called illeagal contact, one of many the officials overlooked throught the game.

Jer's picture

Only 6? It felt like more.

Chicago Hooligan's picture

I feel bad saying this because he got injured flying in to make a play, but that was an UGLY game from Woodson. Constantly grabbing and holding (more than usual) to make up for getting beaten in coverage, missing tackles...

I never figured out what GB's plan for covering Nicks was. I actually thought they had a better chance against him once Woodson went out - I think that's when Shields moved over to cover Nicks.

Anyway, glad to have this victory. NYG is a tough team despite their losing streak.

Bob's picture

Woodson's time at the corner is coming to an end. The only reason he is still there is the Pack doesn,t have better corner to replace him. I wouldn,t be surprised to see him at safety next year. He would probably be there now, if not for the lack of a game ready corner. It's to bad House missed the offseason program. I have to agree with the comments that Woodson was terrible yesterday, definately an off game.

Bearmeat's picture


IF Collins comes Back, Wood stays at Nickel.

If not, then Wood becomes SS. Burnett FS.

Bob's picture

I can't argue with that, but I think Collins should retire. It just isn't worth the risk. There is more to life than playing football.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

He looked good before the game,no neck brace.Looked like he could suit up.They miss him alot

MarkinMadison's picture

Unless the doctors can honestly tell him he is at no more risk now than he was before, I have to agree. We're finding out right now just how much that guy was worth to the team.

Bomdad's picture

Woodson will be the nickel or slot back until he retires. If he's lost speed he will not have enough range for safety. He's much better at the slot with help over the top or at OLB. He doesn't fit into predefined positions. Moving him to safety is really starting to sound dumb.

Steve's picture

Jordy was better than good. All of his catches were critical and spectacular. Woodson is constantly cheating and made more negative than positive plays. Finley's value drops every game. His route running is lazy and his post-game comments are ridiculous.

Mr. Bacon's picture

Good: Jordy's foot control on the sidelines after coming down with the pass.

Ugly: Coughlin's challenge on the sideline catch

O'Neill's picture

There's no way Jordy shouldn't be on the The Good list.

packeraaron's picture

Who do you take out?

SPOILER ALERT: Any one you say, I'll respond with "You are mad."

Steve's picture

Special Category this week: Super Good

Packers Fan in Atlanta's picture

Niiiice... lol

MarkinMadison's picture

Rodgers stunk. He only completed 60%. Jeez. He should have thrown to Jennings less, and Nelson more. His worst outing of the year by far.

OK, AR, if you want to go with the idea that you are getting tired of typing his name in the good column every week.

gratif's picture

We pick 3 top packer performers in my fantasy forum every week and a few weeks into the season we just switched the criteria for the three to include "non-Aaron Rodgers Players who stepped up their game."

We also created a separate award, "the Aaron Rodgers award," which he wins weekly.

Feel free to borrow this idea.

Peter's picture

Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think Shields had a pretty good day. Manning hardly ever threw his way, also he prevented that long pass to Nicks.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

your wrong

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

The way the team looked early after coming off of extended time off is another reason we should play our starters all the way... The first round bye is plenty of time off, hopefully not too much.


MarkinMadison's picture


SeeKeR's picture

Woodson, WOULD NOT, be a good safety. Too much of a gambler and a poor tackler.

Majik Man's picture

I have to agree with that. I remember him being pretty poor at it a couple years ago. If anything, with our uncertain ROLB situation why not play C-Wood at that spot? A hybrid LB/nickle/S position. Close to the line, short coverage with less chance of getting burned, more blitz packages which he's good at. Makes sense to me, so I'd love to hear why not so I can become wiser in this situation.

Packers Fan in Atlanta's picture

I've thought that for a while. Only problem is his being "small" for the position. He is normally stout in the run game and tackles well, though that is up for debate here recently. Probably more of a pride issue than anything, making him acknowledge that he can't cover WRs anymore.

mike's picture

He already does play a hybrid LB/nickle/ safety!!! If people can't see that I dont know what they are watching when the Def lines up and plays! HE ALREADY DOES

PackersRS's picture

He's also incredibly smart. He'd know that playing safety he can't go for the strip and for the pick every time, depending on the coverage.

Wagszilla's picture

Woodson? A poor tackler?

On what planet?

PackersRS's picture

Ugly: Eli Manning's enunciation.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Someone tell me why Randall Cobb fair catched a punt on the 6 yardline before the interception?

Chris's picture

Depending on the angle of the ball (if the nose was pointing straight downwards) it's probably better to catch it at the 6 yard line than letting it bounce. For reference see the Packers punt which landed at the 1 yard line.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

They teach them never to fair catch the ball inside the 10

Chris's picture

Which was a good rule a few years back, but believe it or not, the punting changed (same as field goal kicking).

mike's picture

Woodsons only play on the outside covering one on one ended in a touchdown to Nicks. Why do you people keep saying he should be moved to safety?? What games are you watching?? He is already essentially a safety and rarely if ever (unless injury or unique play call) covers a number 1 or 2 receiver. He hasnt for a while. He plays more safety than corner now in his assignments, hell, he plays more linebacker and is in run support and TE coverage more than pure corner!! What games are all you "move to safety" people watching?? He is essentially a safety already in Dom's game, but I guess if its not listed as that on the depth chart you all cant see it : /

Bob's picture

My reasoning for moving Woodson to safety, which would you rather have Woodson at safety if they had another corner(which they don't at this time) or Peprah with Woodson at slot/corner. Safety play this year doesn't seem to be getting it done. I think Woodson playing FS or SS will give quarterbacks something to look for before throwing after he has some time to get used to the position.

overkill's picture

"Finley’s value drops every game. His route running is lazy and his post-game comments are ridiculous."

Giants were all over him, entire game.
Then again we've always got Crabtree.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Taking the Metronorth home to Connecticut after the game I thought I was in Wisconsin with all the Packet fans getting on the train.Please send tons of kleenex to the NY area for all the crying Giant fans I have to listen to on the Fan radio in NY.

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