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Packers: 38 Giants: 13 The Good, Bad and Ugly

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Packers: 38 Giants: 13 The Good, Bad and Ugly

Aaron Rodgers, Randall Cobb, Jake Ryan, Julius Peppers, Red Zone Defense, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Game Balls for the Defense

Very slow start, Montgomery Run on 4th and 1

Jordy Nelson's Rib Injury, Blake Martinez's Knee Injury



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Lphill's picture

I don't know what was worse the 4 th and 1 play call early in the 3 rd Quarter? or the failed execution of the play itself. then give up a quick score. just crazy

marpag1's picture

What, you don't like running behind Richard Rodgers?

Gforcetrivers's picture

Should have been a Facemask penalty on the 4th and short, Interference on Cobbs TD miss ( defender had his arm on one side and his jersey with the other) and Jordy's was an illegal hit with the crown.

How many penalty's were there on each side?

John Galt III's picture

The play that started the Packers scoring was Jeff Janis' kick off return to the 45 yard line - that and his punt coverage - great ST player - glad we found a use for him.

zoellner25's picture

G: a home playoff win
B: our slow start, again
U: COW's predictions

Nick Perry's picture

Don't forget Al Bundys predictions, he's just as negative as Cow. Here's what Mr. Bundy thought about what would happen just 2 days before the game.

al bundy says:
January 06, 2017 at 04:12 pm
If the Pack score 10 points I would be shocked. I got the Giants up by 18 at half time. Eli has never met a more pourous pass defense. I think he wets himself when he see's how un covered his guys are.
Whats the point of Rogers and the Offense when the defense has been a piece of work and hasnt held its end up. This is a one sided team and they will be exposed big time.

Well Al, without the failed execution of a 4th and inches the Giants could only manage 6 points the entire game, that TD was a gift. Hopefully you at least show your face before Thursday or Friday to crap all over the Packers heading to Dallas.

croatpackfan's picture

Nick, Nick. He wasn't wrong! Packers did not score 10 points, but many more (all 38!), so he got it. Well 13 or 18 it is similar, just missed the time - not in half, but in game. We can forgive him that 5 points. It was fear talking from him. All those missthrows from Eli came because Eli was playing with wet underware on that cold. He was weting himself all game...
Give man some credit...

zeke's picture

Cow quoted one of Al Bundy's comments to support one of his mindless proclamations last week. If that doesn't achieve peak moron, nothing does.

zeke's picture

Cow quoted one of Al Bundy's comments to support one of his mindless proclamations last week. If that doesn't achieve peak moron, nothing does.

Wenis's picture

Good - McCarthy's play calling for the 2nd week in a row has been top notch.

Bad - Injuries

ugly - Joe Buck

Idiot Fan's picture

I hear a lot of venom for Buck and Aikman, so a lot of people seem to agree with you. I actually think they're quite good.

Mojo's picture

Never understood the anti-Buck sentiment in Wisconsin. Someone I was watching the game with said that Twitter was blowing-up with how much they couldn't stand him. Personally I don't know why. IMO he calls a good game without obvious bias for either team.

As far as Aikman, I could take or leave his commentary, Not that I think he's bad or even biased, but I feel that their are other color analysts could add more. Still he isn't that bad. Now that I've defended him watch him go off on how great the Boys are next week.

snowdog's picture

Aikman STILL calling Gunter Gunner ! I believe he's bias and a Packer hater
since the early 90's

Oppy's picture

Aikman loves Aaron Rodgers, and espouses plenty of Packers love when he calls games. He's trumpeted the organization many times. He told the nation that Mike McCarthy has more control over and better feel for his locker room than any coach in the league. He's not a homer, though.

Buck actually tends to come off as somewhat seemingly negative on many things Packers, IMO. I honestly think many fans mistake Buck's voice for Aikman's from time to time.

I think Buck-Aikman call a decent game overall. Perhaps a bit on the stale side, but they rarely make glaring errors or say anything so stupid it makes my head hurt... something I can't say about many of their contemporaries today.

Just my $0.02.

S-Mahn's picture

I'm tired of the Joe Buck haters. Go back and listen to any game where there are game-winning plays or exciting plays for the Pack. He gets appropriately thrilled , and I think is very professional

Idiot Fan's picture

Having to watch the occasional packer game on CBS makes me appreciate Fox much more.

Mojo's picture

At times I avoid CBS games because I can't stand Sims - who for some reason people love. And although Nance is technically proficient, there's a depressing dullness to his broadcast.

Idiot Fan's picture

And God help us if we get one of CBS's lower-tier broadcast teams...

Oppy's picture

Phil Simms is setting a standard in football broadcasting. A very, very low standard.

Makes my head hurt.

Nick Perry's picture

Go back and listen to the call on the final play of the first half, Bucks call was great. I don't care much for Aikman but Buck is pretty damn good.

CJ Bauckham's picture

I'll take Joe Buck a hundred out of a hundred times over Chris Collinsworth

Spud Rapids's picture

Agreed... it's not even with Collinsworth says it's the sound of his voice. His raspiness sounds like he smokes a pack of marbs a day

Nick Perry's picture

^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^

med's picture

Like others here, I have never understood the anti-Joe Buck venom. He's a pro. If he wasn't, he'd be replaced. Actually, it is rare when an announcing crew isn't pretty good. The worst color guys I ever heard were from quite a while ago: Jerry Glanville after he was fired from his head coaching job, and O.J. Simpson before he started killing people.

snowdog's picture

Give me Gruden

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Good: The Packers
Bad: The Giants
Ugly: Ed Hochuli allowing a totally obvious Personal Foul.
Buck and Aikman continuing to say Monty might have fumbled after multiple views showed he didn't.
Fox Sports Camera Men for framing 15 yards into the empty backfield and not showing the safeties over and over.
Fox Sports producers for showing closeups of nothing pre snap and we didn't even get to see the formations.

wimiller's picture

so right about the television angles. just awful, but it is not much better on the other networks either.

Since '61's picture

The Good: Aaron Rodgers, Cobb, Adams, OL, Peppers, CM3, Ryan, Shum and the STs. Schum had some great punts in frigid conditions. Good coverage and returns.
The Bad: 3Q, going on 4th and 1 when it was unnecessary.
The Ugly: Injuries to Jordy and Martinez

Great, dominating win for the Packers. On to Dallas. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Right, Schum picked a great night to boom some punts. He helped with the momentum shift for sure.

Mojo's picture

Right on Schum. Since I skewered him last week I have have to give him his props today, And in tough conditions. Really helped with the field position,

Also Crosby did a good job too, ST's in general had a strong game. Helped a lot with the offense spinning it's wheels in the first half.

4thand1's picture

The 4th and inches play, hmmmmm, at the time of the game no way. But MM put it on his o-line to get some push but didn't. I think he sent a message about his confidence in them. People will bitch about AR holding the ball, he didn't throw any picks AGAIN. 22 td's no picks in the last 8 games, suck it cow. Also with a 11 point lead, they went with an empty backfield and put the ball in AR's hands. He tore it up, no run run run and take time off of the clock.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

There's a reason I said "Montgomery run on 4th and 1," and not just "4th and 1 run." I had no problem with the idea of going for it - I love when McCarthy lives on the gutsier side. My only issue was running that play with Montgomery and not Ripkowski.
McCarthy will always catch hate in these instances. If he goes for it and converts, he's a genius. If he goes for it and doesn't convert, his head needs to be on a stake. It's a tough spot to be in as a head coach.

4thand1's picture

Rip was the lead blocker on the play and that usually works well.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Nobody was gaining a yard with the blocking on that particular play.

cinpackback's picture

Absolutely agree

Patrick Helms's picture

I would have liked to see Rip get the ball too, just like Kuhn used to do, straight down the gut.

caruso81's picture

The decision was fine. The play call was about as bad as it gets. McCarthy sometimes just can't resist going toe to toe just to see who's tougher. Aaron should have just pulled the ball out and gone right himself. Anything but sending Monty over left tackle. Dumb.

Mojo's picture

Running wide on that play was silly. If that was the plan, they should have just punted. I've seen it a hundred times, and not just with GB where a psyched up D just bulldozes its way past the outer line and TE then dropping the RB behind the line. The percent of success on that play doesn't warrant it being called by any team, especially that deep in you own territory in a one score game.

Really the best call is a QB sneak when you're talking a few inches. But the Packers rarely do that because they don't want to expose Arod.

Idiot Fan's picture

Also, the fake with a bootleg was wiiiide open, though it's easy to say that now.

dobber's picture

Just such a slow-developing play for a 4th and inches. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with a QB sneak.

Gman1976's picture

We are now set up for quarterback sneak.

Norm's picture

Where's Jerry Kramer when you need him?

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

I kept saying bootleg did you see how much was available outside for Rodgers.

croatpackfan's picture

Well, can you find something else on Mike McCarthy?
Oh, Packers have one o the greatest HC in football and people wants to fire him! My God!
It going also to Dom Capers. DO any of you, his haters, listened to him when he is explaining some bad plays of his unit? I can assure you that there is no DC who will made so good game plan for Giants with players he has available...

4thand1's picture

The next Aaron Rodgers catch phrase is going to be "can't wait". He was asked in a post game interview about going to Dallas next week, and he said with a big shit eatin grin, can't wait.

Mags's picture

Terrel Suggs with the Ravens said the same phrase years ago and it was played over and over for awhile on ESPN.

Point Packer's picture


Point Packer's picture

OBJ is a nutter

Point Packer's picture

Eli can eat my stinky ass

DrealynWilliams's picture

Dude, we get it. You invite many of NFL player faces to your ass. Can you take your sex talk somewhere else?

Point Packer's picture

Ooh la la

Point Packer's picture

Ugly: Cow. You are one sad bovine.

Point Packer's picture

Ugly: Cow.

Lphill's picture

Also ugly the missed face mask on Ripkowski which would have netted a first down. That was amazing that no ref saw that.

Oppy's picture

it happened less than 12 inches from the ground in a pile of bodies flying around.

There was no chance a ref was going to see that. If there was no broadcast television, it effectively would have never happened.

Mojo's picture

Good - second half Rodgers. Offensive line the whole game, especially Bakh and Bulaga. CM3 sack fumble recovery. You won't see that type of recovery very often. Showed good awareness and hustle. Schums punting, Cobb, Adams and Cook. Michaels juice in the running game. He's the anti-Montgomery who waits for the hole to develop. Sometimes bad sometimes good. Was good today.

Bad - Jordy's injury.

Ugly - Eli's pouty face- actually that looked pretty good. And was he trying to throw a pick at the end of the game just to get off the field? Sure looked like it.

4thand1's picture

Ha Ha did make a good tackle on Randal's int return, lmao.

PF4L's picture

I didn't think he got tripped up, i thought he ran out of gas. idk.

fthisJack's picture

no....haha got blocked into Randall knocking him down.

RCPackerFan's picture

Rodgers, Cobb, Cook, Adams, OL, Michael, Peppers, Daniels, Mathews, Ryan, Clinton-Dix, Janis, Schum, Crosby

First quarter and half of offense. Giants WRs.

Ever mounting injuries. Losing Nelson could have been devastating in this game.

Idiot Fan's picture

I actually thought the turning point of the game was when Michael came in and started running successfully. It seemed like everything opened up after that.

croatpackfan's picture

I think you might be right!

Dzehren's picture

Michael energized the offense

Stormin24's picture

The Good
The Packers got in sync offense and defense.

The Bad
Watching the Giant receivers attempting deep passes against our secondary.

The Ugly
The injuries

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The Good: AR, WRs, Michael, Cook, Ryan, Peppers, Daniels, Janis, Schum, Burnett, OL pass blocking;

The Bad: Linsley and OL run blocking,; 1st quarter AR (receivers were open, failed to drive the ball, 2 sacks on AR that pushed us out of possible FG range);

The Ugly: Jordy's injury, taking a TO with 2:04 in the half.

croatpackfan's picture

Actually, that move was brilliant. It kept enough clock to score last second TD. That pushed Giants tom play one more play before 2 minute warning!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't have a problem with taking a timeout in general; my issue is taking it with 2:04 on the clock since that saved only 4 seconds. MM could have taken it after the 2 minute warning and saved more time, and have benefited from seeing the result of the Eagles' play.

PF4L's picture


Aaron Rodgers is a BAAAD MAN!!

Dzehren's picture

Good: Selfies in Miami
Bad: OBR
Ugly: McAdoo's stache

Handsback's picture

I don't like that Green Bay has again lost a few players in a game. Was very happy to see Monty up at the end running plays again. Injuries will kill the little depth that's left. That's the ugly truth.
Rodgers seems to have an on/off switch that happens during a game. 25% of the game he was in the off switch. Found the on switch and went from ugly to good. The Oline was ugly and good at various times during the game. Would be very curious to see how the score out in Pro Football Focus.
The defense gets a good. All game long they took their battered defense and held the Giants to 13 points. Along with the punt and KO returns, STs deserves a good.

Gman1976's picture

The good: Our young players getting more experience and getting better and better; the Giant WRs dropping passes in the extreme cold; ditto of what has already been written.
The great: a dominating win after a rough 1st Quarter.
The greatest: Aaron Rodgers (Wow....has he had an incredible 8 games)

mrtundra's picture

Gunter and Schumm should be added to the good, Gunter covered OBjr all game. Did OBJr even get 50 receiving yards? Schumm kept them honest, again, as well.

porupack's picture

Watch that strip-sack clip of Clay again, that has to be a classic! The best part was him running into the picture and bowling ball the Giant receiver just as the receiver was casually reaching down for the ball. Then Clay still manages to recover it. Woooah, that was priceless the highlight of the game. Yeah, he da "clay-maker".
A little shade on Peppers who made a half gesture to get the ball. Peppers the vet should have known better to give up on a loose ball.

Oppy's picture

A little shade on Matthews that a near 37 year old man playing OLB made him look like an ineffective bench warmer most of the game.

Peppers brought it on sunday all night, while Clay made one play after the game was well in hand.

Dzehren's picture

The game is "never in hand" In the playoffs. WE NEED THESE PLAYS like Matthews strip sack and Randall's in't in the 4th quarter to get the DEFENSE OFF THE Field- Did u not watch the seatttle game in 2014 playoffs? Our D has limitations in the secondary and turnovers like these get AROD back on the field to close the game.

CM3 is a team player making plays that don't always make stats while playing hurt. BTW- this is the playoffs- the game is not in hand until it's over bro- see Seatttle 2014.

Peppers looked like he was 10 years younger yesterday. Peppers turns it up a notch during the playoffs as we know like # 92 of PITT Harrison

Dzehren's picture

Sorry Oppy- a little overreaction on my part seeing the post above this now about the peppers shade- But we need 4th quarter turnovers no matter what the score to close the game. There are a lot of playmakers in the playoffs-
Sorry oppy- go Pack go

Oppy's picture

lol no worries.

Just one thing..

Please don't call me bro. :)

Point Packer's picture

K, bro

Dzehren's picture


Dzehren's picture


JacFrost's picture

Good: Way too much good to list but maybe the best good for me, when they as I was hoping, went to shorter routes to deter the pass rush. Decision changed the entire game.

Bad: Injuries to poor Jordy, hope he is ok and others. Best Wishes

Ugly: Giants passing attack. Could not wish it to happen to another team. GB showed em what its like to play in packerdom. Losers.

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