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Packers: 30 Panthers: 23

By Category

Packers: 30 Panthers: 23

Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Charles Woodson

The Bad

The Bad

Erik Walden, Sam Shields, Chad Clifton

The Bad

The Bad

The Defense



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Bearmeat's picture

If they don't play better than this against the Bears, they are going down hard.

Nick and Tramon have to get healthy. Sam needs to cover better. Walden needs to pressure more, as does the entire DL. Hawk and Biship need to not be stuck trying to cover faster running backs in pass patterns.

And the offense needs to hand the ball to Starks.

gbslapshot's picture

How many teams go 16-0? Don't worry about the Pack, they had a plan last year(although I agree they got lucky also), and they will have a plan this year to win another SB. Don't fret yourself just yet, it is too early.

Ryan's picture

I am surprised you list Jennings under The Good. I have never seen him and Rodgers more out of sync. There may have been stretch of five consecutive passes thrown his way,...only one of which was caught.

dullgeek's picture

This was a little confusing to me, too. Only 2 catches out of the 8 targets (according to ESPN box score). Of course, one of those was a long TD pass where the corner seemed to be expecting inside help from the safety that was not there.

Watching it from the nose bleeds, I yelled out "Holy crap! Jennings is open!" I'm pretty sure #12 heard me. :)

D.D. Driver's picture

How often do you see a wideout deliver a punishing block like Jennings did on Nelson's TD. That was beautiful.

PackersRS's picture

I agree. I noticed that also, the drops and the poorly thrown balls.

I think, in this case, there simply weren't enough good performances to put in the good, though I'd argue Matthews had a better game than both Rodgers and Jennings.

aussiepacker's picture

my runners up for the good, bad and ugly
the good
morgan burnett, james starks,tj lang
the bad
randall cobb,the shitty refs calls
the ugly
the sight of nick collins on a stretcher

Mark's picture

Aussie: might want to add Jim Mora in the ugly

Idiot Fan's picture

Exactly what I was thinking

bogmon's picture

Mora was just aweful. He had zero knowldedge of the Packers and was heaping ridiculous praise on Newton.

I hope I never have to listen to his voice ever again.

Chris's picture

Those commentators were doing a full blown "Panthers Today" show. Holy maccaroni, no objectivity anywhere during the telecast.
I like Greg Jennings in "The good". He delivered a TD when most needed and secured the TD by Jordy Nelson.

MarkinMadison's picture

I forget the exact numbers, but Jennings and Rodgers were something like 2 for 8 in the first half. If they're all you've got for the good category, then I guess that says alot about the performances overall.

packsmack25's picture

James Starks and Jermichael Finley over Rodgers and Jennings. Those two kept the offense from being buried. It felt a lot like the Skins game last year until those two guys stepped up with some clutch plays.

packeraaron's picture

I can see an argument for putting either over Jennings but not over Rodgers.

packsmack25's picture

Rodgers is a candidate pretty much always though. And he was uncharacteristically inaccurate for a lot of the game. An incredibly athletic attempt at a one-handed catch on a ball 5 feet over Greg's head saved him from an ugly pick that Gamble was just waiting for.

Majik Man's picture

As well as Starks did, I really am quite confused as to how Jennings is there over Finley. Finley was clutch all game long, kept us in drives, made the catches, and even had a touchdown taken away by idiocracy. I was excited to see your score up, to see who made your list, but Jennings over Finley is disappointing. 2 catches and a block, Aaron. It's your site, we're all just here to enjoy. Just don't get that one.

PackersRS's picture

If you consider the kind of performances Rodgers usually put, he doesn't deserve to be in the good, not with so many badly thrown passes. Yes, we're spoiled, no doubt, but I do believe Rodgers holds himself to even higher standards.

Of course, if you consider QB play in general, he deserves.

mark's picture

morgan burnett definitely belongs in the good. today was his coming out party as far as i'm concerned. though don't forget last week when he stoned ingram at the goal line to seal the game. 42 is quickly becoming a difference maker for this defense

starks also belongs in the good. 85 yards on 9 carries.

i know it hasn't been smooth, but i'm feeling very good about 2-0. the defense needs to get better. i have faith that they will.

cow42's picture

2-0 is masking a lot.

Clay is getting blocked by rookie free agents and tight ends.
If you still don't think missing Neal and Jenkins is HUGE, you're not paying attention. Woodson has lost a step (or three). He's still an above average corner, but it's not because of his physical skills.

This defense is bad.
Slice it any way you want - over 800 passing yards against in 2 games is sickening.

Against the Saints the excuse was "Dude, it's Brees - he's gonna do that to a lot of teams".

Against Carolina it's "hey - against any other QB (other than Vick) they would have had 8 or 9 sacks".

If they don't get consistent pressure against Cutler with THAT oline they are in BIG trouble.

P.S. I'm SO sick of watching TE's and RB's running around wide open. Good thing the bears never throw to forte... oh wait...

packeraaron's picture

"If they don’t get consistent pressure against Cutler with THAT oline they are in BIG trouble."

Even if they win?

cow42's picture

If they don't - they won't win.

I'm going to concede that you know a lot more football than I do. I guess I'm surprised that you don't see any issues with this defense.

packeraaron's picture

Oh I totally see issues - but who doesn't have issues in the NFL? The best teams manage them better than others.

AJKUHN's picture

Watch some of the other games from the last two weeks and you will see a lot of defenses getting sliced by the dump off receiver. I think it is a product of this off season.

CSS's picture

Serious question: Let's say the give it up in the air throughout the season on a long field and the total yardage allowed ranks among the middle of the league. BUT, they continue to be stout on a short field in the red-zone and win the turnover margin and the games; is that a bad defense?

PackersRS's picture

Of course not.

In fact, I can make a serious case that this defense has actually WON us both games, despite all the insignificant yardage they gave.

Wins who scores more points, not more yardage.

CSS's picture

Well, that's basically my answer too. Turnover margin, scoring/red-zone defense and time of possession.

Outside of that, it feels like teams in the NFL in general are starting to spread the field and, because of limited QB play, TE's and RB's are going to get a ton of looks underneath.

The only possible trend (and 2 games doesn't make a trend) that will bother me in general: Using TE's and RB's on so many under routes means less max pass pro. I would like to see the Packers get to the QB more (hits, pressures as much as sacks) considering the opportunities they're likely to see.

Bears will be no different.

Glorious80s's picture

Can't keep that up all 16 games, especially as everyone bringing their best against the SB champs. Going to get burned. Hope as the season progresses D will improve.
O may have to carry things in the meantime.

CSS's picture

Saints did two years ago when they won the Super Bowl with the 26th ranked passing defense, good red-zone defense and an opportunistic group that took the ball away. And the Packers roster on that side of the ball is more talented.

So yes, it can happen.

Glorious80s's picture

That was in a year leading to a SB. The Packers are a known quantity and target.

CSS's picture

New Orleans was a Super Bowl favorite that entire year, they hardly caught anybody by surprise. New Orleans was as known and targeted as anybody.

Tarynfor 12's picture

Any QB throwing the ball 49 times will have high yardage,most meaningless but yardage.
I'm not happy about it but we survived it and until we get in sync...A W is a W

Idiot Fan's picture

Obviously, we would all like them to play great all the time, but the fact is, it's a long season, and you don't really want to be playing your best ball in September. You hope to play well enough to come out of September and October with a decent record, and in November and December (and beyond!) you want to be hitting your stride. Here's to hoping...

Ruppert's picture

This is a game that the Packers probably would have lost last year, in the couple years before. So it's good that they won it.

I still have a belief that, once healthy, the defense will play much better. But it's obvious that we do need everybody to be healthy. And even then we will need to get some pass rush from somebody not named Clay.

Let's just hope we don't make Jake Utler look like a real QB next week.

fishandcrane's picture

J.Bush played the whole game- without any comments here. That's a plus for him.

And Crabtree is one tough s.o.b.

bogmon's picture

Donald Driver in the record books.

I feel we can't celebrate this enough. Nice to know he will be immortalized in print once again.

Mel's picture

Cam Newton chewing gum in the game should go now under ugly!! That cocky that he chews gum and plays football??

bomdad's picture

It looked like Cam threw up in the second half. I think the guy hit the rookie wall on the first drive after half time. Otherwise, I'd say he was great to watch. Reminds me of a young BF, a guy who is hard to sack, believes in his arm and throws into coverage downfield. So I'd say Cam did play Iconicly.

Majik Man's picture

Is that you, Jim Mora? No, I agree, you could tell when he was getting frustrated and forcing the ball more often. And we were getting better pressure against him after the first few series. Where people say we had no rush I don't see. We struggled, but flushed him, as well. However, I think he reminds me more of Josh Freeman than a young Favre. Let's not let him have THAT big an ego.

AJKUHN's picture

The defense will improve. A lot of the success of our secondary comes from their film study work. With a familiar opponent, (Bears) and more game film each week they will improve. If you watch the pass rush for a lot of the game they are holding back to contain Newton, I don't expect to see that against Cutler. Do not panic.

CSS's picture

Just a quick note: I couldn't be happier thus far with the level of play coming from Jarius Wynn. Solid in both phases, getting 'skinny' in the passing game from time-to-time and stout against the run.

When Neal comes back they have two guys that can get up field. He's been my most pleasant surprise, and a necessity to boot.

Nerdmann's picture

Keep in mind, we're playing without Neal and without Tramon Williams. In fact, we played quite a bit without Collins there at the end. We'll be fine.
This defense is a "bend but don't break" defense. If teams can move the chains all the way down the field without a turnover, they can score. But that ain't easy against this D. FOUR turnovers!
And BTW, the Bears Oline is awful, PLUS they just lost Carimi for a month.

CSS's picture

Well, Collins is out for the year now. That limits the back 7. Appreciate Peprah, but he isn't the same athlete as Collins. Depth after Peprah is dangerous.

Spiderpack's picture

I was at the game and there was an ENORMOUS Packer fan presence. I mean like almost half the people there were wearing Packer jerseys. One time when I had ran to the bathroom I heard a tidal wave of a crowd roar and I immediately said to myself "Aw Shit, they screwed up again." When I walked out the ramp 30sec later I found out Wood had just made his second pick. Indescribable, and just plain awesome to be in the presence of that many cheering Packer fans at an away game. There's just nothing like that raw energy and excitement when that many people are cheering. Powerful, almost frightening, but in a good way. God was that fun. I'm making plans for my 2nd trip to Lambeau, probably for the throwback game.

Seeing the game it really looked like the pass defense was completely confused in the 1st quarter. At the snap of every successful pass play, you just knew right where Cam was going with it because there was always one receiver either completely uncovered at the start of the play, or the defender was playing off or was peeking in the backfield. I guess that initial Panther drive or 2 was chalk full of unscouted offensive looks. Packer D looked paralyzed, or at best nonchalant and 2 steps slow.

Jordan's picture

My sister was at the game also and described the Packer fan presence as you did.

The first quarter stuff was, in my opinion, about Capers trying to keep Hawk out of coverage. And obviously the other 10 Packer defensive players didn't handle it well. Teams are game planning to exploit Hawk in coverage. And Capers knows it. And with a shaky Bears offensive line, I'd expect more attempted Hawk exploitation this week also (and pretty much the rest of the season). The OLB's and safeties are being forced to continually cover for Hawk's deficiencies.

donc's picture

a win is a win is a win. no team will be at the top of it's game every week. take the win and move on amd don't pamic

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