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Packers: 28 Saints: 27

By Category

Packers: 28 Saints: 27

James Jones, Aaron Rodgers, Tramon Williams

The Bad

The Bad

Sam Shields, B.J. Raji, Graham Harrell

The Bad

The Bad

Jeff Triplette



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Pbacker's picture

Think you need to put DJ Smith on the good list. Only bad I saw from him today was the TD coverage on Sproles. Otherwise, his name was all-over the good plays.

packeraaron's picture

He was indeed good later on in the game, esp in the 4th quarter. That screen play he sniffed out was a hell of a play.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Yes it was. He also blew somebody the F up on another play.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I've been hard on JJ in the past, but the man has been our best receiver of late. This is a welcome sight, as that groin on Jennings could linger for some time.

Graham Harrell on the field ever = hideous

Jeff and his crew of flunkies definitely tried to yank another one from us. Thankfully, we didn't allow that to happen.

Indy. Winning record.


montanapackerfan's picture

harrell comes in for 1 play and fks it up.. i knew he was gonna fumble.. i knew it!

MarkinMadison's picture

I'm with you on JJ. I think Nagler put it best yesterday - he has now put two good games together, which he has not done in a really long time. And Finley looked o.k. yesterday too. Pray that it holds. Finally, someone commented yesterday that Nelson is no Greg Jennings. Maybe not, but unless GJ can stay healthy then he is no Greg Jennings either.

Nerd's Laptop's picture

Overall Shields has looked much better. I like our young DBs. McMillian, Hayward and House.

mark's picture

Jerron McMillian has been outstanding.

dawg's picture

Did House play? I missed that.
I thought defense as a whole played like shit, but as the game went on they picked it up! Intensidy!
OL-- pretty much the same, better run blocking but A-Rod had to scramble way to much--again!
All in all, we needed this game and got it, but there is a'lot of work to do, we don't need to peek just yet! McCarthy looked spent at the end!
Benson--really like this kid!
Why was CM3, Hawk etc. screaming towards sidelines during first QT'r of the game?

Nerdmann's picture

House was inactive, I just think he's got SKILLS.

Edward's picture

Early in the 1st quarter (maybe after 2nd play?) Hawk yelled up to at the booth and pointed to his helmet as if to say, "give me the play calls in my helmet."

Before the kickoff, I thought the officials said Morgan Burnett was going to be making the D calls for this game. I wonder if the yelling at the sideline was frustration with Hawk not making the calls/adjustments.

Evan's picture

I saw Hawk scream at the sideline early on and then later in the 1st half Matthews did it too. I wonder what was going on.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Allow me to go all Seinfeld for a sec:

What's the deal with Jimmy Graham? Is he an albino black dude with red hair and freckles? WTF? Dude creeps me out.

That's it.


Lynn Dickey 12's picture


Mr. Graham's appearance has no bearing on his performance.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Who said it did?

He's the weirdest looking dude in the NFL. I think it should get more pub.

Ruppert's picture

I thought he dyed his hair to be that goofy color. I could be wrong, though.

He's a weird looking dude. I wish WE had a guy who looked that weird and played that good at TE.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Oh yeah, I'd take his goofy looking ass all day.

jack in jersey city's picture

that catch that jones made was UNBELIEVEABLE! cobb had a great game too so he's in my good category. let me add, the fake punt was super ballsy! i loved that call. AND the icing on the cake is that the SEAHAWKS LOST! haha

redlights's picture

It was a win, so I'm happy. Bulaga looked much better; JJones is earning his paycheck; Finley was humble; running game will be invaluable in Dec; Def secondary making plays; SpTeams solid.

I'm up for Indy. Good job Pack!

Cuphound's picture

This whole "running game" thing. I could get used to this.

packsmack25's picture

Shields was often caught in zone and was passing guys off to an empty middle. I don't think that's all on him.

redcheesehead's picture

agree completely. shields is a much better man coverage corner than he is at zone coverage anyway.. i think the defense as a whole is better when its playing cover 2/cover 1 man coverage. hawk has looked better in coverage as of late

montanapackerfan's picture

GB gets fucked on calls all the time! this is crazy! gotta keep cobb active in the game at all times! hes a playmaker!

Bob Tundra's picture

I felt the Pack secondary was burned on the deeper routes way too often. It seems NO could get 17 yards when they needed 10. The Jones catch was unbelievable! He couldn't have seen the ball at all. Rodgers really threaded the needle on that one.

MarkinMadison's picture

I disagree. That catch was all Jones. The ball hit the defender in the a$$. That one should go right up there with the Antonio Freeman shoe-bounce catch.

Evan's picture

I don't know who that catch was on. Rodgers threw it basically nothing and it somehow stuck to Jones. It looked like the ball caught him.

Someone needs to make a gif of that asap.

Also, gotta love Jones rocking the short-sleeve turtle neck, no matter the weather. That's a bold fashion choice.

Tony's picture

No love for Ced Benson??

packeraaron's picture

Mad love for Ced Benson. Just more for the three above.

davyjones's picture

Yes, D has work to do, but a desperate NO team should scare anyone offensively. What I like about GB D that I have not seen for a while is better tackling, swarming to ball and gang tackling and an overall aggressiveness (sans zone bs)that has been missing for a couple years.

MarkinMadison's picture

Totally agree. Thought the same thing during the Seahawkds game. It's like they came out of the San Fran game and said, "o.k., enough, we are not going to be called whimps anymore."

dilligaff's picture

If Packers continue to give up 1st downs on 3rd down and 10, 14, & 17 (off the top of my head) this team will do no better in the playoffs than last year.

Packers have to collapse the pocket on a more consistently forcing the opposing QB to throw the pass before he is ready. I don't care about getting the sack as much as I would like to see that pocket collapse forcing the QB to throw the ball before he is ready.

If this continues, watch Christian Ponder light up the Packers.

PackersRS's picture

Why Shields?

Fish's picture

Drew Breese a great.

Edward's picture

If the Packers can squeak out a win despite a -2 turnover ratio, I'll take it.

This is one of those games where the final score belies the Packers dominance. Could just as easily been a 2-3 TD margin of victory by the Packers.

Evan's picture

Here is a pretty good pic of that Jones catch -- WTF was Rodgers throwing this to? Did he see the PI and just throw it to draw the flag?

joym13's picture

I think you are right about seeing the PI and wanting to draw the flag.

Lou's picture

The Special Teams were again Special. Moses looks like a football player, not only put his hat on the ball but recovered it as well. Jones finally is playing as physical as he is built, based on the bump and run a new Sterling Sharpe is needed in the next draft, Jennings if in Packer green and gold will be as a franchise tagged player, he was outstanding but a business decision is coming soon. No one opposite Clay again, there is a reason Walden was cut 3-4 times, hopefully Zombo comes back healthy soon and Perry grows into the LB position. Harrell, is it just me or does he always look like a deer in headlights ? There are so many young talented and reasonably priced QB's available to put through McCarthy's QB School, lets go and get one.

woodson4president's picture

Saw finley catch a first down n not bust out the shark fin! Thought to myself ..."where am this the matrix"?

PadLevel's picture

DJ Smith's height is a huge issue when it comes to preventing those 3rd and 17 conversions Saints had all day. Watching Bears game last night, Urlacher's height/reach and his ability to play the Mike backer is one big reason Rodgers can not use the same play against the Bears. Hope Teddy T recognizes this huge limitation and addresses this in the next draft

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