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Packers: 28 Cardinals: 20

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Packers: 28 Cardinals: 20

Matt Flynn, Chastin West, Graham Harrell

The Bad

The Bad

Derek Sherrod, T.J. Lang, Brandian Ross

The Bad

The Bad

Diondre Borel



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Bearmeat's picture

How about adding the whole OL (Starters through 3rd string) to the ugly. Because it was.

If they suck this year, it's time for Campen to go Campin' somewhere else.

packsmack25's picture

Beat me to it. Yeah, unfortunately, the only downside of winning the Super Bowl is that Campen and Slocumb get to stick around. Oh well, things could certainly be worse.

packsmack25's picture

Whole OLine should be in the ugly. QBs getting hit in the preseason is the worst.

lars's picture

Or, maybe we should give rookies like Sherrod (who didn't have the luxury of mini's and OTA's) a little time before hitting the panic button. As for TJ Lang, time to step excuses this year TJ.

Edward's picture

I like TJ to step up this year. A little run-pass balance will help keep pass rushers on their heels a bit, and Lang strikes me as a guy who should help balance the line so every successful run doesn't have to go behind Sitton.

Oppy's picture

Hi, I'm Oppy, and I endorse this message.

CSS's picture

Aaron, just a request/suggestion during pre-season only: most folks that frequent this site are the die-hards that get the game and really view pre-season differently. They don't look at in terms of wins and losses, even tend to look beyond the starting players (other than their relative health) to how the roster may be rounded out. As a die-hard, I would love a weekly article titled, 'The bottom-third', or something of that nature where yourself, Brian, or any of the contributors really break down the bottom portion of the roster and their relative performance/growth within the philosophical framework of the offense/defense.

Not even so much their stats. How crisp are the routes for WR; what fringe lineman have the technique to stick; DB's showing a good back-peddle, flip the hips and run with great route recognition, etc.

Everything's great as usual, would just love more material post-game that coincides with the real purpose of pre-season: put it on film, see who can grow and who must go.


PackersThad's picture

An emphatic +1 for this!

andrew's picture

i think this would be pretty cool always like reading opinions about the bottom tier players during the preseason trying to figure out who can become a starter or whatever the case

Oppy's picture

This is exactly why I try to go to training camp every year, and why I spend hours daily combing the internets for Packers tidbits.

BrianD's picture

Brian includes training camp reports in his daily links from other media sources. I do agree that a more in-depth analysis would be a great addition to the site.

CSS's picture

Practice and game speed is completely different. How do guys process and play when it matters.

Nerdmann's picture

Lang is gonna be fine. So will Sherrod, as soon as they stop wasting his time at G, which just messes up his technique at T. They tried to force Newhouse into G last year, and it was a waste of time.

brian's picture

I tend to agree that Lang will be fine. He didn't play poorly at G vs ARI.

With the lack of OTA's, any expectations that Sherrod would excel in pre-season were never realistic. It would have been a great bonus, but should not have been the expectation. This time next year he'll look like a different player.

andrew's picture

i dont think lang and sherrod can get into a rhythm cause playing guard is a lot different than playing tackle when you keep getting moved around its very hard to adjust over and over. the same can be said for flipping a tackle from left to right or right to left its like going from safety to linebacker or corner to safety its not something you want your players doing on a regular basis

redlights's picture

Bulaga said switching helped him last year.

I don't get it, either. But I'll pass on this one.

cole's picture

I thought DJ Smith and Francois looked very good.

PkrNboro's picture

the stream I was watching was ~550x400, and had no sound.

I saw the Sherrod snafu at guard, and then another a LT -- but could not see much detail on anything.

What did Lang do (to get mentioned in the "bad" category) ?

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

Boy, the QBs did look good. I hope we at least extend Matty Flynn soon. I think we'll lose him to a trade at season end but I'll be happy for him if that happens. I just want it to be next year and I want to get something out of it. Extend him now so he'll sign to have extra cash this year. Can we extend him for only a year?
I really like the suggestion from CSS about the bottom third

JohnRehor's picture

Sherrod needs his own category: F-ugly

retiredgrampa's picture

I'm worried about thw whole OL.(except Josh).

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