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Packers: 27 Lions: 20

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Packers: 27 Lions: 20

Mike Daniels, DuJuan Harris, Sam Shields

The Bad

The Bad

B.J. Raji, Evan Dietrich-Smith, Davon House

The Bad

The Bad

Packers' Pass Rush



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steven's picture

Dont wanna say i told ya so but i said harris looked interesting. I love our back rotation. But the pack being able a football!? What? Lol

Nononsense's picture

"One player I want to get a look at in live action against the Lions is this RB DuJuan Harris. I just have a feeling this guy is gonna tear some shit up for us if they just let him play."

"DuJuan Harris opens some eyes. That is my prediction."

I know that's not as powerful of a statement as "hes interesting looking" but what the hell eh?

Mojo's picture

Any kind of a pass rush and this game is a blowout. I'm afraid Walden is not the answer, regardless of what Bob McGinn says. And whoever was on the right side did a terrible job of holding the edge. Think it was mostly Moses. I would have loved to see Perry develop throughout this year, but alas, no such luck.

Jamie's picture

I am so sick of seeing Walden getting stone walled in one-on-one matchups over and over again. I'd really like to see Dezman Moses play opposite of Clay whenever he comes back.

Bill's picture

Completely agree with this. Could you imagine how good our defense would be if we were able to get some push from our DL and our outside linebackers? Really disappointed with J worthy - i thought he would be a difference maker for us.

Derek's picture

Agreed as well. Walden and Zombo are just special teamers. We not only miss CM3, but Perry as well. We won another game with zero pass rush. I wonder if Worthy would be better rushing from outside more?

mark's picture

Give Worthy some time.

RC Packer Fan's picture

completely agree...
Everyone wants rookies to come in and be pro bowl players. It doesn't happen that way. And its especially that way with DT's. Look at Cullen Jenkins. he was an undrafted player and it took him many years to develope.
Just give rookies some time.

Nerd's Laptop's picture

Entirely different defense with Clay on the field.

PackRat's picture

Zombi was the guy getting sucked in. Dez decided he had a better idea than mt,. a snap count

Evan's picture

Getting sucked in, getting blown up by Stafford...horrible game.

Idiot Fan's picture

Good: no injuries against those cheap suckwads.

lebowski's picture

Seriously, looks like Fairley is learning a lot from Suh.

calipackfan's picture

Dujuan seems like Maurice Jones Drew

MarkinMadison's picture

I know Harris broke off the TD run, but Green was the featured back for well over 1/2 of the game and he looked like it. The average was over 5 per carry, something we have not seen in forever from the featured back. The bulk of it came on first downs, where everyone should be looking for the run. And I didn't count but my guess is he put the Packers in 2nd and 2 or less about 5 times last night. The kind of runs that will make play action work for big gains. So to me, Green over Harris for the good.

It's not Barclay v. Lang for the LT spot, it's Barclay at RT v. EDS at LG. EDS had a few nice blocks last night, and gave me some hope for him playing center next year, but I think its Barclay at RT.

Rymetyme's picture

+1, Green looked like a solid #1. Amazing what these guys can do with a little space.

Barclay is the kind of OL we need. We can deal with a few rookie mistakes if he keeps playing nasty and getting a push on run plays.

Evan's picture

He seemed to be falling forward a lot, which is something he hadn't been doing. Nice game from all the backs.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Good, agreed. Although i would add Alex Green and Ryan Grant to the list. I personally feel the whole RB group did good.
I am like Rodgers. I am excited about DuJuan Harris. I was impressed.
I would add Don Barclay to good too.
Also for good, I would add no new injury's thus far.

Bad, I don't think I would add Raji to it. he made some big plays. I didn't think he was that bad.

Ugly, NFL/REF's for these horrible penalty's on defensive players for hitting offensive players. The one On Burnett was absolutely horrible. I saw one yesterday in the Vikings/Bears game where Jared Allen hit Matt Forte on the sideline. Forte wasn't going out of bounds at all and they called late hit hitting a player out of bounds. I am just getting sick of it.
I agree head shots need to be eliminated. But as a defense are you supposed to just allow a player to get a TD because he is next to the sidelines? I am just getting sick of this.

Mike's picture

Adding onto your Ugly Refs comment - how the hell did they miss Fairley's facemask takedown of Rodgers late in the 4th when he missed the throw in the endzone to Jennings? There is no way you can argue that was a result of a bad angle or any crud like that. Collinsworth and Michaels couldn't believe Fairley got away with that, especially with the Ref being assigned to the QB.

Rymetyme's picture

The refs really made my blood boil last night -- more than usual. They killed our first drive (resulting in a FG) on a baffling holding call.

Yes, the personal foul on Suh was ticky-tacky but the difference is that Suh easily could have avoided drawing that flag. He chose to be a little sh1t and try to get in Rodgers head. Kudos to Rodgers, he knew who it was and let himself fall.

Corporate cheesehead's picture

Suh took two full steps, then hit Arod. He could have pulled up but didn't. Automatic penalty everytime. The pack had multiple chances to hit stafford late but didn't because they're a better coached team and more discilined. Detroit always plays a second beyond the whistle against the pack ... Suh's penalty cost the lions a three and out and the pack ended up scoring a td. Bottom line, Schwartz wants the lions to be the raiders of the division. Which is good for the pack because they'll keep giving games away, one penalty at a time. Imagine if coughlin coached the lions ...

Devil Doc's picture

"Bad, I don’t think I would add Raji to it. he made some big plays. I didn’t think he was that bad."

Agreed. I think the lack of pass rush is resulting in maybe some of his "poor" play. But he seemed to make some solid plays when we needed them last night.

woodson4president's picture

I would swap out Harris for green. I'm pretty sure Alex woulda scored on Harris' play and he ran very hard all day. I think a couple better oline in the draft and the two of them could have a solid season next year. And I think we just can't say enough about just amazing.

Derek's picture

One thing that baffles me. ARod has said that EDS would be their center of the future, but he sucks. He gets walked back on nearly every pass play, and that's from a stance. Usually, the centers get walked back because they at least snap the ball. No excuse for EDS to be that bad, he just can't be a starter. Let's draft Barrett Jones from Alabama.

lebowski's picture

Man, I hope we draft Barrett Jones. We need a center on this team, badly.

Brian's picture


Ruppert's picture

Zombo should get Dishonorable Mention for getting compeletely blocked by Stafford (aka Bill Clinton's love child) and then biting SOOOOOO hard on the play fake on Stafford's TD run.

The Packers aren't pretty, but they are really good at keeping their heads about them in close games. They could have folded against MN and in both Detroit games, but they kept their cool, focused down the stretch, and won those games in the 4th. That is HUGE, especially this time of year.

Kevin's picture

Game ball to #38. Great job taking away megaton. Tramon kept Johnson to no catches of any worthwhile note.

mark's picture

Totally agree with this too. Last night was the Tramon Williams from 2010.

mark's picture

Don Barclay has to be in the good. The last two games we've run the ball better than we have all season. And against two skilled front 4s, Rodgers has been pretty well protected.

This team is peaking and getting healthy at the right time, folks. Bring on the Bears...

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Ugly: Daniel's and espcially Rodger's Lambeau Leaps. I guess I can forgive it, but I think we need a little more practice.

Lou's picture

The no sack scenario had to be because they could not afford to loose one more D-Lineman, they had to play it safe. Wilson's value grows each game he doesn't play, holding the point on his end is very valuable. Moses off sides twice was inexcusable, Walden is not a starter, Poppinga was twice the player, As bad as Walden and Moses were I can't believe Sotto did not get a snap, if not now he will never be given an opportunity. Loved how Harris lowered his head and drove the pile, looks strong in the lower body as well as extremely quick. EDS held up overall better than many are giving him credit for, Fairly is what Shu is supposed to be, a dominant D-Lineman. Shield was outstanding, if he stays being physical he can be their corner for 10 years.

Jamie's picture

C'mon man...Poppinga was terrible in the 3-4...TERRRIBULE. Walden's at least had his moments.

Tony's picture

Really, really happy to see Shields back and making an impact. With Matthews back and maybe getting Woodson involved in some blitzes, the defense could peak at just the right time. Really need C.J. Wilson back... Worthy's just not a run-stopper.

Chris's picture

Pass rush was bad but Dezman Moses showed why he was an undrafted free agent pick up.

EDS should be benched for Lang when healthy.

Our future in the secondary looks bright with Williams, Hayward, Shields and House.

Lucky953's picture

Lack of experience with Moses. Kept getting sucked in and the back would slide to the outside. I say if the QB is going to go down and block you Frank, at least knock the snot out of him!

Jack's picture

If EDS was so bad, why did McCarthy award him a game ball?

CSS's picture

From McGinn's weekly, 'Rating the Packers vs. Lions' piece:

"Dietrich-Smith failed to get his hands inside and got walked back by Fairley for a sack and a knockdown. But he didn't allow another pressure and joined Barclay as the only starters without a "bad" run. Dietrich-Smith was decisive to the second level, pulled and hit well on the move and finished blocks. Fairley had to leave late in the fourth quarter with a shoulder injury suffered when Dietrich-Smith worked to the whistle and ended up on top of his talented adversary."

Sounds like a very positive film review to me.

Mike's picture

Just watched The McCarren report video on about EDS. He gave up that sack and was a beast after. Sure he leaves a little to be desired in pass pro but he is good at pulling and opening holes in the run game. With Lang healthy at LG it might be to the Packers advantage to put EDS at starting center to maintain some of their nasty tendencies with EDS and Barclay in there. I mean, seriously, has Saturday done anything positive all year?

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