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Packers: 27 Lions: 15

By Category

Packers: 27 Lions: 15

Aaron Rodgers, Tramon Williams, D.J. Smith

The Bad

The Bad

Bryan Bulaga, Jermichael Finley, Randall Cobb

The Bad

The Bad

Ndamukong Suh



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bomdad's picture

No James Jones? He followed the Fox formula: highlighted for his life and charity outside football, then follow through with a big game and a nice chat at the table afterwards. He has a future in public speaking.

nunobow aka Benny's picture

James Jones also dropped balls he should've caught. And I don't think the good-guy-off-the-field thing is a qualifying parameter for God Bad Ugly.

bomdad's picture

Its easier to root for good guys. Suh made the ugly for non-football behavior.

nunobow aka Benny's picture

True. But at least Suh's act (the violent part of his stupidity - the other part was the post game interview) was actually on the field.

Tommyboy's picture

What Jones did wasn't on the field? If he turned a game in like that every week, he'd ride into the pro bowl. I think it's a fair argument to include him in the "Good." Although, I'm not sure who you take off that list right now.

PackersRS's picture

Which ball did he drop? The one where the CB grabbed his shirt and then perfectly played the ball, putting his arm in between Jones' hands?

nunobow aka Benny's picture

Ah cr*p... my bad.

I was so sure it was Jones, but just checked it again and it was Finley. And even that was maybe a bit of a stretch. (9:16 left in the 1st qtr)

My apologies to you all... and to Jones especially :)

packeraaron's picture

Thought about Jones - but Tramon's contribution can't be overstated, And I was just shocked how well Smith played.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

Agreed on Tramon. I didnt get to watch the game (working day up here in Canada), but heard it on Westwood One. Limiting Calvin Johnsons to under 50 yards and a garbage-time TD. That is superior work by Tramon. I think someone called Tramon, Optimus Prime on an earlier article. It was well said, and came to life yesterday. 11-0 is unreal.

foundinidaho's picture

Another Smith (Dietrich-Smith) played pretty well too. Surprised at both of those guys totally stepping up to the plate.

bogmon's picture

Yesterday was James Jones' Day Out. GOOD all around in my book. That 65 yd TD broke the game open and the Pack never looked back...and the Lions began the meltdown shortly thereafter.

As for Tramon...he had amazing blanket coverage on Megatron, but also dropped two surefire picks in this game. Very uncharacteristic mistakes for the man.

Overall, Pack elevates play right on schedule. The Giants are gonna get an ass whooping in a few days.

Wagszilla's picture

Sha'mon Nagler... James Jones needs some love.

Really irks me the crap that guy gets.
He came up HUGE in the Pack's playoff run last year and he played a great game yesterday. But fair enough... your website =P

Any chance we see Smith/Bishop at ILB in the future?

Hawk has played stale all year...wouldn't mind seeing a change. Don't know how that'd work as Hawk is the signal caller and all that.

bomdad's picture

Unfortunately it looks like its gonna be Hawk/Smith for a while.

I wonder if the injuries were related to the play of Raiola. He's dirtier than Suh.

andrew harman's picture

hawk makes everyone around him play better.. there is a reason why he has been a starter all these years despite everyone hating him for some odd reason

aussiepacker's picture

agree on being a little shocked on Dj Smith. He might be a starter in two years if he keeps that play up?Good on him. James jones had a good game but it could have been better. i am interested on your opinion on Walden? Sainne? and EDS and why Bulaga is in the bad? not that i'm dissagreeing but just curious.

bomdad's picture

One more honorable mention, the OL kept the Lions front 4 in check pretty well. The refs allowed a lot of hands up in the face early, probably led to things getting out of control.

And if you wear red contact lenses, don't be surprised to get a roughing flag.

fish/crane's picture

DJ Smith? Not that surprised- he looked great in the pre-season. He seems like he knows he's going to make the tackle pre-snap.

packeraaron's picture

<em>DJ Smith? Not that surprised- he looked great in the pre-season</em>

He did. Against 3rd and 4th stringers in games that didn't matter. ;)

fish/crane's picture

I'll grant you that for other positions...but an inside linebacker making bee lines, taking great angles, and delivering solid tackles is what looking good in the preseason would mean for anyone.

Bugeater's picture

One other thing for the Good: it seems like we have a really smart, savvy offensive line. They seem to be able to get into the other team's heads and make them lose their cool. Then they're smart enough not to retaliate. It's nice to see such a cool, professional approach - Then they even handle it well after the game.

jack in jersey city's picture

they used the lions D-line's agressiveness against them. well played, well played

Majik Man's picture

Seems to me another very distinguishable difference in coaching. Schwartz is a hot head and it seems his players toe the same line, whereas McCarthy keeps his cool and seems he coaches his guys to do the same, while of course there are a couple incidents (Woodson, Lee). Lang even said after the game that they talked all week about how Suh was going to do somthing stupid, and how someone on their team did something dumb almost every game this year.

PackersRS's picture

No coincidence the last 2 players ejected and suspended for such cheapshot moves played in a team coached by Schwartz, and that since he joined the Lions they lead the league in personal fouls.

packsmack25's picture

I'm gonna pat myself on the back here, because I told a guy back in the Carolina game that if Smith got a shot, he was going to turn into a star. If he keeps it up, I might be right.

Also, Cow42 should be in the ugly. That egg on his face ain't pretty.

PackersRS's picture

But then again I remember a certain poster claiming that if this D faced Brees or Romo we would certainly lose... ;)

packsmack25's picture

I said IF they played like they did in the Tampa game. Also, Brees and Romo are MILES ahead of Stafford. This defense tends to batten down the hatches when it knows it has to though.

PackersRS's picture

"This defense tends to batten down the hatches when it knows it has to though."

And that's my point all along. All of their errors have been mental, and they're a smart bunch, that's correctable.

The most important thing is that this defense has an amazing coaching staff and playmakers in the most vital positions, pass rusher, nose tackle and cornerback. There's no offense that is a mismatch for this defense, and they have players and a scheme that simply creates turnovers every single game.

If you look atthe last game only 1 of the ints Stafford threw was a non-forced mistake, and even in that play François had to make a very athletic leapgrab. The first one was a batted pass that Matthews made a ridiculous stunt to come out with the ball, and the other one Charles Woodson recognized the play and also made a huge athletic ability. How many players can do those things in the entire league? And we have so many that they can make at least 1 of those happen almost every game!

There's no way the opposing offense can play a clean game, not when the coaching staff calls trap plays consistantly, when we have so many playmakers, and when they have to play catchup and throw all game long because our offense forces them to...

The 3 key stats to this defense are 1) point given up when the opposing offense can either tie, take a lead or expand a lead, 2) opposing QB rating and 3) number of rushing attempts against.

Right now they're 8th in opposing QB rating, we're 6th in number of rushing attempts against, and I honestly can't remember a point in a game where we trailed, outside of starting the game trailing, and even then I can't remember a game where we've trailed by more than 7. I'm certainly sure that we've never trailed in the 4th quarter this season.

So, in conclusion, yards are for losers. Yards were relevant in a time when field position was relevant. Nowadays it's not, outside of some game exceptions. Compared to other stats like QB rating and points given, it's not.

Paul DelVechio's picture

They were down 13-0 to Carolina and 14-0 to Atlanta.

MarkinMadison's picture

Amen. They have been guarding a lead all year by half time. When you're up, the ball is going to be in the air.

Idiot Fan's picture

This game showed why, even if we're sitting at 15-0, I would be up for sitting some of our stars for most of the game in our last week against Detroit. They just play dirty, and I don't want a Suh tantrum to knock #12 out of the playoffs.

overkill's picture

"This game showed why, even if we’re sitting at 15-0, I would be up for sitting some of our stars for most of the game in our last week against Detroit."

Hear ya, but would rather humiliate them again fairly.

Wagszilla's picture

I don't think that game will be competitive.

Lions won't be in playoff contention and roll over for us.

No doubt about it.

overkill's picture

With our starters.

bomdad's picture

Interesting stat: Lions had no red zone possessions until they were down 24-0.

Chris's picture

Would put the referees in "The Bad" section. Numerous bad calls on both teams.

AJKUHN's picture

I wouldn't be surprised if they called it the way they did to try and cut down on retaliation. The last Bears and Lions game got pretty ugly as the Bears starting doing some cheap stuff in return. I think they wanted to set a no BS position early on.

KurtMc's picture

If the "Commish" doesn't suspend SUH for 1 or 2 games + a nice $50K fine, I vote that Roger be on the Bad list for the season.

Nice observation about the savvy offensive line.

KurtMc's picture

Also, "Good" to Woodson on giving a fan the INT ball.

My two cents, he might be the best, or 2nd best free agent signings. A true class act.

Majik Man's picture

Noticed that and commented on it to friends during the game. We figured her Lions boyfriend wouldn't hear the end of that game for some time. :D

keeley2's picture

I realize this won't happen but wouldn't it be fitting to suspend Suh for the season finale at Lambeau?

Bearmeat's picture

Hawk and Bishop might play next week. Sitton prob not. Cliffy not.

And Eric Walden got arrested for battery. SMH!

MM: "We'll be pretty healthy for NYG"

Steve in Mpls's picture

What a crazy ride this season has been. You
see our guys get a tad lazy (San Diego) and
think "hey, wait a minute here!" Next comes
Tampa, and those weasels come storming out of
the box.. of course the Lions think they can
play with us, little did they know that even
when we play ugly, we're still so good, turn
out the lights...but when the Green &amp; Gold
are firing on all cylinders, it's jaw-dropping amazing how devastatingly good
they are. It's almost scary, and I'm just a
fan, not an opposing player.... Steve

buckslayernyc's picture

I think the Packers have collected enough tough wins to qualify as Cool Calm and Collected.

There is a big transition from hoping to win, to trying like hell to win, to expecting to win.

The Packers expect to win, they expect to absorb each team's best shot, and then to come out on top.

The effect of that confidence on such a young team that will be together for years to come is incalculable. Its HUGE.

Bring on the 49ers...but until then bring on the Giants.

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