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Packers: 25 Falcons: 14

By Category

Packers: 25 Falcons: 14

Aaron Rodgers, Mason Crosby, Sam Shields

The Bad

The Bad

Jermichael Finley, A.J. Hawk, T.J. Lang

The Bad

The Bad

Jeff Triplette



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Tommyboy's picture

NOOOOO!!!!!!! I was way hoping you'd throw JJ some love with all the hate he's been getting. That first down catch where he shed a tackler then went down in bounds was a great way to cap off his good night.

By the way, I was also desperately hoping that either Collinsworth or Michaels would have said "Jennings put the team on his back" after that sweet catch and run for the td. You'd had to have added a "great" to this list.

SpartaChris's picture

I know the guy who researches and hands Cris all those stats for Sunday Night Football. Next game the Packers are on for NBC, I'll suggest he have one of them say it.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

JJ was Dyn-O-Mite (Good Times)

murphy's picture

thank you for the Ugly, Aaron. I can sleep soundly tonight.

dullgeek's picture

No joke. Can anyone actually explain what the mystery "coming on the field" unsportsmanlike penalty was?

Ceallaigh's picture

Seriously, who was going on to the field? The offense? Since when was that a flagable penalty. Insane Troll Logic SAY WHAT?

Ray's picture

Its reported they were warned to stay off the field. Apparently it had been happening for a duration of the game.

Brent B's picture

hahah, the ugly is spot on.

I honestly thought when we challenged that catch out of bounds that Triplette was going to come back and not only rule it was a completion but that it was also a TD for the Falcons.

How is he still employed by the NFL?

Bearmeat's picture

Man, is it nice to see Sam Shields in the good category. We need him to stay there.

Great win by the Pack!! thought they'd drop this one...

I hope Cliffy's ok..

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

+1 to James Jones shoulda been in the Good.

MarkinMadison's picture

I don't know how I feel about Lang until I re-watch the game. I know there was some bad pass pro. I also believe that there were a couple of critical and successful running plays that I don't think the Packers make with Colledge at LG.

packeraaron's picture

He is in the bad solely for the sack he gave up coming out of halftime. That was beyond terrible.

nunobow aka Benny's picture

That is so true. And plz notice that this was the only way that we felt that we could not afford to start the 2nd half. It was ugly in the true meaning of the word.

MarkinMadison's picture

The camera flashed on him on the sideline. He might have been motioning that his arm had been grabbed and pulled down by the defender as part of the move blowing by him? Probably won't hav ethe right camera angle to see it. Not sure that would or should change your opinion anyway.

Ceallaigh's picture

On that sack, Lang all but gave the defense the key to the front door while he was looking for the spatula to peel Rodgers off the turf.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Huge lang supporter, it's been documented, but that was a spot on matador impression if i ever saw one. Olay.

Sam's picture

Didn't it seem like the Falcons were banging their head on a brick wall trying to beat shields with fly routs? It's pretty hard to get behind him when you run in a straight line.

packsmack25's picture

lol Sam? Sam Shields?

Sam's picture

Yeah, I really feel like I arrived last night so I'm going to start refering to myself in the 3rd person ha! But seriously he looked more like he did late last season against the Falcons last night, hope he keeps it up.

fishandcrane's picture

I like our back-up tackles.

Nerdmann's picture

Never doubted it. They only reason they had us down was two fluke plays: the Grant fumble and the Finley drop.

murphy's picture

What % will Crosby finish with this year?

nunobow aka Benny's picture

Would've loved to see d# in Good.

Down 0-14 we really needed them to step up seriously for the first time this season. Atlanta didn't score the last 3 qtrs. Enough said imo.

mike's picture

Agreed, I just spent a bunch of time reviewing stats and the packers rank in the top 8 for sacks, no. 1 in INTs, and teams have the 2nd most pass attempts against them. Fact is the defense is always on the field because the offense is so damn good. Not to mention they have the 3rd best run defense so I don't care what everyone keeps saying about the pass defense, as soon as Dom dials in his new bodies to the schemes lookout

MIKE47SMITH's picture

I was at the game and I have to say that I'm am very impressed with how well Aaron takes command of the offense in critical times. Some of the 3rd downs were the right up there with noisiest I've

MIKE47SMITH's picture

I was at the game and I have to say that I'm am very impressed with how well Aaron takes command of the offense in critical times. Some of the 3rd downs were the right up there with noisiest I've ever heard and he just kept making plays. When he couldn't make one he made the smart play by throwing it away and even took a sack the right way by recognizing it and covering up the ball before he got hit. he is no doubt the MVP right now and is truly amazing to watch.

Jake-B's picture

Can someone please inform me on who Jeff Triplette is???

Who is he and why is he in the ulgy category.

packeraaron's picture

He was the referee during last nights game - he and his crew were beyond terrible.

calipackfan's picture

Rodgers and Jennings with the beast mode was awesome.

jack in jersey city's picture

i didn't see it. when did they do it?

jack in jersey city's picture

also in the good- jennings and jones. and that tip/interception play that peprah made was effing sweet!

Chris's picture

Good: Traveling Packers fans! Damn I had to smile when I heard the first "Kuuuuuuuhn" during the first half, when the Falcons still had the lead and the dome was loud. Those guys really rock any house! Go Pack Go!
Bad: The way Finley handles himself on the field (and probably off too, but I don't know the guy). If you drop 2 balls which are put right into your chest, just go back to the huddle after you actually make a catch. Be humble. Look at your fellow teammates (*points at Jennings, Driver, Nelson, etc*)
Ugly: Flopping to the ground 350 pound guys when they get a small shove by a 250 pounder

cow42's picture

driver dances after first downs more than anyone else on the team - - i mean when he actually used to catch first down passes.

i like that finley is a cocky prick. as long as his attitude doesn't become detrimental to the team - go for it.

rodgers is a bit of a showboat too - which i love. belt. mario jump. yeah-yeah, rodgers backs it up more, but the attitude's the same - both players think/know they're really good - and aren't afraid to let you know about it.

Chris's picture

Rodgers does "the belt" only when he rushes for a TD. I have no issue with TD celebrations. And Driver many way s to shred your argument .. so I leave it for now. :-)
Once again: When Finley is hot like against the Bears I am all for him to be cocky and show his attitude. But when he drops a sure TD and another easy catch (for his standards) he should be quiet.

cow42's picture

driver shimmies.

Rich Beckman's picture

Yeah, that “Kuuuuuuuhn” sure put a smile on my face!

I noticed that the crowd thinned out quite a bit while the outcome of the game was still in (ok, slight) doubt.

dgtalmn's picture

Great game to watch, especially when we fronted them 14 points. Good effort by everyone. Just not ready for the 16-0 hype, but here it comes.

Evan's picture

Ugly - The Falcons.

What a bunch of gutless punks. Everything that Raji said last week about the cheap shots was on full display last night.

CSS's picture

Lot of observations, but one is becoming a trend involving James Starks.

Kid is clearly the superior physical specimen over Grant in every regard and looks like he can be an impact player. The difference right now: Grant has the maturity in his game to quickly look for seam and move to daylight.

Starks is pre-determining where he's going. Not all the time, but it seems like that's the only hump the kid needs to get over to be 'special'.

Mojo's picture

Glad you put Shields on the good list. It was his best game this year. Nice tight coverage. And has anyone figured out what the weird penalty on the Pack was for? Didn't get a good explanation.

Among other good plays, Jones should be put on the good list for the first down catch and then getting down to run the clock.

Unsung hero could go to Cobbs for taking a beating yet still holding onto the ball.

Evan's picture

It's only a matter of time before Cobb coughs up some of those late catches. He needs to learn the value of a fair catch.

Chris's picture

Exactly my thought on those punts where he gets smashed right after the catch. But I think he learned his lesson (last catch was fair caught). Let's hope it sticks.

NJ's picture

While Tripplette and Co. were pathetic and certainly deserving of the "Ugly" tag, I have to give the "Ugly" to the head-shots and late hits the Falcons seemed to engage in all night long. Total bush league BS for a team like the Falcons who I always thought were a well disciplined group under Mike Smith.

IowaPackFan's picture

You realize Dunta Robinson plays for the Falcons, right? Just search for "Dunta Robinson" on Youtube and you'll see his dirty hits.

Mark's picture

See the hit on DeSean Jackson by Robinson last year one of the dirtiest hits I have seen

Spiderpack's picture

And he did it again against the Eagles to Maclin a week or two ago. I can't believe they didn't suspend Dunta for that hit on Maclin this year, it was the spitting image of last years hit that took DeSean out. The Falcons truly are dirty birds.

Mel's picture

Were is the Love for newhouse and sherrod?? Newhouse switching sides in a game and not missing a beat and sherrod didn't block pretty but he gut it out and got the job done!! I don't know how many times they got beat but they sure threw the book at them after sherrod came in.

Mel's picture

Aaron what's happing with the Chips blogs... Haven't seen the last few.

packeraaron's picture

Brian does them and wasn't able to get them up this week due to the late night game and his needing to get the Packers Minute done for radio. They'll be back next week I'm sure...

Point Packer's picture


Chris Colinsworth

I can only stand listening to that tool more than Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. And that ain't saying a lot.

Sam's picture

I don't mind Buck but Aikman just oozes hatred for green bay its annoying

Point Packer's picture

They both do. I could barely listen to the Bear's game this year.

mark's picture

Raji should get GOOD consideration for his post-game interview. Talk about pwn3d...

Hofschneider's picture

In addition: MM belongs in the good-categorie. I think he (and Capers) called an amazing game. It's so significant, how the Pack makes corrections in a course of a game, others teams and coaches don't.

RayRhodes's picture

Why is Hawk on the bad list? He played a solid game as always, the guy he pushed after the play ended clearly flopped! He said it himself, "I wish I was that stong."

NoWayJose's picture

Agree here. I actually thought Hawk played ok after the first two drives when everyone looked bad. He closed on a few plays nicely in the flat and had one solid pressure on a blitz. Looked faster than he usually does (my biggest problem with him).

Plus, I LOVED watching him shove that fat-ass Clabo to the ground, flop and all. The punk deserved it and Triplette should have let it fly. Sometimes its worth the 15 to send a message.

Jacob's picture

This comment made my day. Hawk Being one favorite players along with Clay. But seeing that last night was amazing with the flop

Bohj's picture

The good: Special Teams. Way to contain Weems. Also, the coaching staff. The in game adjustments were money. Way to stay aggressive McCarthy. And Capers had me nervous with the first two drives there, but I think it tells a big tale when you can react to what the other team is showing you. 42 minutes of shutout. Hell yes. And hearing "Go Pack Go" in someone else's house....... love our fans.

PackRat's picture

I'd offer that Tramon and Finley, two of our absolute best, were saved by one play each from a cow chip. Amazing to me no one is picking on Sitton's performance in the first half....

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