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Packers: 24 Jaguars: 15

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Packers: 24 Jaguars: 15

Randall Cobb, Brad Jones, Morgan Burnett

The Bad

The Bad

Jeff Saturday, Alex Green, A.J. Hawk

The Bad

The Bad

Mason Crosby



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FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I've said it for years, if a game is on the line, I don't trust Crosby. He's an average to slightly above average kicker. The one player I wish we had from duh bares is Gould. I know he missed a rare one today, but he also nailed the one he had to... As he usually does.


Jake's picture

I completely agree. I knew the second we had to kick a field goal at the end of the Colts game that we were going to lose.

Bob Tundra's picture

I also wonder what's up with Crosby this year. He has been shanking field goal attempts all season long. Does it have something to do with the way Masthay sets the ball down for him? Does Crosby miss the sweet spot and kick too high up on the ball? Does Crosby get psyched out just before he kicks the ball? Is he injured? Whatever is happening with him has to be fixed very soon. I used to be able to count on him nailing a must have field goal. Now I hold my breath and pray when I see him go onto the field. Our coaching staff had better take a long hard look at Crosby and get him back on track, for Crosby's sake, as well as ours.

Idiot Fan's picture

The funny thing is, Gould couldn't hit the broad side of a barn in college. I wonder how much of it is talent, and how much of it is good coaching?

Nerdmann's picture

Davon House and Dez Moses didn't look to shabby on that blocked punt. That was great!

jmac3444's picture

by far hawks worst game of the year. I also feel that Green needs to give up some time to starks

JarheadCheesehead's picture

Good: Donald Driver, Bad: Rodgers' fumbles, Ugly: Fake FG...

djbonney138's picture

Lots of bad today I'm afraid.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Calm down man. We're injured. We need to get through Zona, make it to the bye, get healthy... We'll be fine.

Bearmeat's picture

making it through Zona being the key point.

I still think we win the NFCN. But we need to come out of our bye no more than 2 games down on duh bares.

The whole team was flat today. The running game is concerning though...

Nerdmann's picture


We need to start showing up for 60 on a regular basis.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Yes we do Nerd. But to think that the absence of Nelson, Jennings, Kuhn and Wood would not show up on Sunday is absurd. We're a deep team, but those are some ballers... I'm not reading too much into today. How quickly we forget the previous two weeks.

We get past zona, hit the bye, get Jordy, Shields, Perry, Kuhn back... We. Will. Be. Fine. Trust me.

Nerdmann's picture

How quickly we forget the Colts game. Or the Giants.

I'll always celebrate a victory.

But someone once said, winning is something you do ALL the time. Not for 3 quarters on Sunday.

Bob Tundra's picture

I think our injuries are the big reason for the lackluster play of late. Get back Jordy and/or Jennings and I think things change dramatically for our offense. We need Charles back running the defense, as well. Kuhn was missed yesterday, too. We must also stop playing down to the level of our opponents. The Packers are clearly a better team than the Jaguars. We have to be fired up to play and win every week. GO PACK, GO!!!

BrianD's picture

That blocked punt was a thing of beauty. I spotted House shifting away from the gunner (leaving the gunner free!) and lining up at the edge of the line.

It may have even been on the second punt of the game which further reinforces the idea that Slocum/McCarthy look at the other teams' formations and try to exploit obvious weaknesses if what they saw in scouting sessions is present in the game.

Ugly = I'm starting to believe the Bears may be a better team than the Packers this year. I know we can beat their team, yet the quality of Bears wins over their opponents signifies that they're a better team than I've believed. That said, the Bears still suck. Put Rodgers on any team in the NFL and that team would be my pick for the week.

Jay's picture

I think I'd pick almost any team that Arodg was on...maybe not the Browns...
Bears' O is getting bailed out by INT TD's from their defense at an unsustainable rate and by the defense generally. When they start facing some stiffer competition (they're currently the 3rd easiest strength of schedule in the NFC) expect them to do a little worse.

Nerdmann's picture

Lovey has them mentally/emotionally prepared to show up on Sunday.

Even though they have inferior players.

Idiot Fan's picture

They needed late defensive heroics to defeat another 1-5 team yesterday. The grass is always greener...

Jamie's picture

The Bears were getting thumped by the 1-5 Panthers for approx 55 min on Sunday. Thus...your comment is invalid.

Darrin's picture

And the Bears have zero injuries - of any significance. If the Packers were that healthy we wouldn't be in such a funk.

D B H's picture

Beating a bad team by a lot of points does not count for a win any more than a win on a last second field goal. Period.

This is a lesson I wish the 2011 Packers had learned before the playoffs...

Charlie B's picture

Didn't they learn that in the KC game?

dullgeek's picture

4 words: The Bears Still Suck

Devil Doc's picture

The Bears barely got by the Panthers, and only scored 13 against the Lions. The Bears opponents combined record is something like 18-38. They've played some very below average teams, and have been able to capitalize on them. But I don't think the Bears are as good as their records shows.

I hope that the win on Sunday was a slap in the face to the team, a wake up call so to speak. They looked slow, out of sync, almost underestimating the Jaguars. A win is a win, but there was a lot of ugly about it, just hope the rest of the team realizes it, and takes a much stronger approach against the Cards and the rest of the season, regardless of who they are playing.

GBPDan's picture

The good..a win, The bad...pass rush, The ugly.....The running game, the lack of emotion and effort by the whole packers squad, Capers soft zone coverage for the whole game, Crosby

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Did we lose today? It wasn't all lollipops and unicorns, but geeze! I chalk the lackluster WIN up to injuries. We will need to play better to beat Zona, they have a respectable D, and a legit offensive weapon. We will though.

murphy's picture

Man, that was one ugly win, but I will take an ugly win over a moral victory every week.

The Jaguars came to play, and they gave it their best. Upsets happen, and one was avoided today.

At least Arizona will be coming off of a short week after playing a tough division rival.

Mike's picture

Definitely agree. Only thing that matters is that game goes under the win column instead of the loss. Everybody just wants to find things to worry/complain about.

Nobody is giving credit to the defense - or Capers for that matter - for keeping the team ahead despite the offense doing nothing for basically two quarters worth of game time. Barely anybody mentions how Rodgers did put together a game clinching touchdown when the offense resembled a collection of scout team players for the majority of the afternoon. Those are winning attitudes. Who cares if you blow out teams. Wins that come when some guys - or most guys in this case - don't bring their A, B or even C game are most impressive. I don't care who we play, because those other guys have pride and hate losing too! These are the wins that can make the difference later in the season when the team isn't playing well either.

It's encouraging to see the team struggle but then find an alternate way to win than what's expected. Green Bay fans, don't lose your underwear. We're 5-3, and still in control of the majority of our postseason chances. Just keep winning, don't matter how it's done!

dat der Packer-backer's picture

Lots of injuries, lots of flatness, but through that the boys still got the job done. Like McCarthy said, you don't want to rely on a rollercoaster season, but I think that we've been getting into stride before this week, and even though we didn't play our best, with the injuries we had, we also had enough young bucks and backups step up and make sure we keep pace.

Praise to our depth, and bring on 'zona!

cheesy4's picture

The Ugly = JerkMicheal Finley
What was with that over the top celebration
on a routine first down catch? Come on Man.
Thats what you get paid to do man catch the ball.
I guess it is probably exciting for him to actually catch one.He is a POS

Jamie's picture

why no mention of DJ Williams being a POS? He dropped a completely wide open pass today. Youre complaining about someone for not dropping a ball now? How pathetic.

murphy's picture

Did he leave burning dog poop on your front step again? Jeez.

Bob Tundra's picture

Finley recently shooting his mouth off about Rodgers didn't endear him to any Packer fans. He has to CATCH THE BALL when it's thrown his way. That is job one. Face it, the guy is a talented receiver and a prima donna, to boot. He needs an attitude adjustment from his coaches. Can you imagine what the Packers would have been like if they had signed Terrell Owens and/or Randy Moss like Favre wanted them to? What we see in Finley is a small slice of that pie.

cheesy4's picture

If he really is a talented receiver shouldn't he catch most of the passes thrown his way? So he is tall and fast,but he cant block,has a big mouth and cant catch the dam ball.....That makes him talented?

murphy's picture

That makes him a POS as a human being?


woodson4president's picture

I hope we at least have jordy by next week. If hes not there...then ill worry.

RC Packer Fan's picture

The Good - a win, and a win without 4 starters on offense and 3 on defense.

The Bad - Although it was an ugly win, it was a win. But one thing that bothered me a bit was the play calling. I hated the fake field goal. If your going to spread a team out put Rodgers in there. Also I like the commitment to the run, but at the same time, don't forget that Rodgers is the QB. I think we need a 60/40 split on pass to run. I don't know what the game ended up being but that should be the ratio to use.

How about Ugly - the REF's... How many games do the Packers have to get victimized for horrible penalty's?
That penalty against House for hitting a defensless receiver what absolutely horrible.
Also McCarthy shouldn't have to waste his challenge flags on plays that should have been called right in the first place. His first challenge to me should have been clear, the 2nd one would have been tougher to see. But still, the refs find ways to play a part in each game and is getting old.

Sizzle's picture

I would have never known Hawk played yesterday if it wasnt for him getting run over trying to make a tackle. He cant cover and is very weak at the point of attack. Since the staff was tired of him continually being a liability in coverage he is now relagated to the bench on all obvious passing situations and has become more of a two down player. In Jones's two starts at ILB he has already shown to have more big play ability than Hawk.

I do not disagree with putting Green in the bad category but the blame has to lie with the o-line as well. They have been atrocious this year. You would think that a team that does its best to be balanced in their play calling would be better at run blocking. On the flip side if they are only thinking about their responsibilities in pass pro then they are failing at that as well. Some of the sacks given up are from Rodgers holding the ball to long, but to many times he is barely getting his feet set and has a defender bearing down on him. Despite the o-lines struggles I think it is time to expand Starks role in the run game. Starks has been very productive when healthy, and showed a good burst in limited time yesterday.

3rdigraphix's picture

You should include in "the ugly" that this post-game feature never shows up cleanly on iPhone--it always gets cut off :(

Jamie's picture

Step 1) Tilt iPhone to the left or right until iPhone is parallel with ground. Step 2) Enjoy.

MarkinMadison's picture

Why Cobb in the good instead of James Jones? Almost double the yards per catch. Key catch down the middle. Man, I can't believe I wrote this.

Lou's picture

Lets be serious, Payton, Csonka, and Earl Campbell would ask to be traded if they had to run behind the Packers O-Line. It reminds me of the first couple practices of high school football where no one is on the same page. It appears that Green has no instincts but we can not be sure because the line has no push what so ever. As I have said in many posts, Crosby is a choker, that is his history. On the bright side, Burnett who I have been critical about had an outstanding game, House looked like Herb Adderly with the punt block, Jones was solid the entire game, and Boykin caught his first pass.

3rdigraphix's picture

I don't have the "all 22" film yet, but even Abraham Zapruder would agree that Jeff Saturday is mediocre at best.

Pack Fan in ATL's picture


I hate it, but I have to agree. I love that TT went and got some quality depth on Defense in the draft, but I still can't fathom why he didn't go out and draft a center in the middle rounds knowing full well that even if Saturday played out his contract completely healthy, we would still need a center in the near future.

Jamie's picture

Do you know he wasn't targeting one or two or three, at specific draft values, and they just weren't there when we picked? Or did you just expect him to reach?

Rodgerdat's picture

Under the McCarthy era Pack have a poor to mediocre win Loss record against the AFC. And we seem to play bad against rookie QBs or Qbs we don't know very well. I don't know if its bad studying habits but coaching has something to do with it. I am glad we came out with the W. McCarthy usually doesn't know how to gameplan for teams he Hasn't faced in years unless they are very good and a legit threat.

Jamie's picture

The rookie QB part is not accurate. We have a pretty go

Charlie B's picture

A win may be a win, but not "period". I'd prefer one that gives me some confidence in the future instead of just keeping the Pack 2 games behind Chicago.

3rdigraphix's picture

I was staring into the abyss just now and this popped into my head: how many teams in the NFL have a good QB, good OLine, good RB, receivers, ST, defense, etc etc. the answer is none---the elite teams in the NFL all seem to have one common thread--a great QB, a decent defense and at least competent ST. It is impossible to have all-pro players at every position. TT has drafted good defensive depth and Cobb was a steal when we drafted him so our offense, when healthy, got even better. Long story short, we may be nitpicking with regards to the running game. It would be nice to have, but our defense had to be addressed the way it was this past draft.

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"The Bears still suck!"
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