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Packers: 21 Bears: 14

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Packers: 21 Bears: 14

Tim Masthay, Sam Shields, Greg Jennings, B.J. Raji

The Bad

The Bad

Aaron Rodgers & Nick Collins

The Bad

The Bad

Da Bears



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razzicc's picture

That angle Nick Collins took on the Bennett TD was something else. Otherwise good game by him and the rest of the D.

Either way, just unbelievable. Super Bowl! Dallas!

hyperRevue's picture

Both he and Woodson seemed to totally give up on that play. Maybe each expected the other to make the play. Ugly, ugly play.

bogmon's picture

Wood looked back at Collins after like WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?

Bearmeat's picture

Wood and Collins looked like confused outfielders fielding a routing pop up. "I thought you had it?" '" No, I thought YOU had it?" DOH!

But other than than about 3 plays we manhandled their inept O all game!

redlights's picture

Woodson more than made up for it with his locker room speech. Absolutely astounding!! I thought it was going political at first; like Rooney two years ago w/Pittsburgh. I don't care where your politics are, leave 'em away from the gridiron. Woodson, if you listen, does just that; with a totally motivational objective.

Absolutely. Astounding!!

AJKUHN's picture

Can anyone explain the emergency QB rule?

hyperRevue's picture

If you play your 3rd QB before the 4th quarter, neither the #1 nor #2 QB are allowed to return to the game.

CounterPoint's picture

And that is only if your 3rd QB is designated as your inactive "3rd QB" and isn't on your 45 man active roster.

jeremy's picture

So then do the Packers actually have Harrell available as the emergency qb?

hyperRevue's picture

As counterpoint said, the emergency qb rule only counts if the 3rd QB isn't on your 45 man roster.

I might be wrong, but that means if the 3rd QB is actually on the 45, you can rotate him in and out as you like.

hyperRevue's picture

They have had him as the emergency 3rd QB ever since Week 16, I believe.

He was activated for the Pats game (when Rodgers was out) and when Rodgers returned, they kept him on the 53-man roster.

CounterPoint's picture

You are correct on all points here, hyper.

zub's picture

I understand why rodgers is in the bad, yet IMO he redeemed himself on that Urlacher INT by his athletic play running him down to make a diving hand tackle to save the pick 6.

We talk about Clay Mathews motor, Rodgers has one as well, thats the heart of a champion.

Bob - Omaha's picture

I told my son that on that play QB1 showed that he was a real Football Player, not just a QB. QB1 demonstrated that each thing you do on a football play is important - NEVER GIVE UP!

JimR_inDC's picture

Yeah. You need a new category...the Mediocre. Rodgers and Collins were, overall, mediocre. The Offense's 2nd half performance was Bad. Bush on ST was also Good.

Not only are duhBears Ugly, but they STILL SUCK.

Go Pack Go!

Chad Toporski's picture

You can only redeem yourself so much after an interception like that. When all was said and done, the Packers still had no points to show for the drive and the Bears had the ball. Sure, the outcome could have been worse, but it was still a negative play.

Besides, Rodgers was throwing low virtually the entire second half. He didn't get any help from Quarless, but his performance did not meet his potential overall.

hyperRevue's picture

Yeah, that INT was simply inexcusable - Favre-esque.

Rodgers was off the whole 2nd half, but especially so after the Peppers hit.

jeremy's picture

The NFL needs to start ejecting players for hits like that. What's to stop Harrison from hitting Rodgers when he's defenseless in the Super Bowl? Harrison gets to keep playing, Rodgers is out. Harrison obviously would trade some stupid fine (suspension wouldn't come until next season) to gain an upper hand like that. Everyone knows the Steelers are a dirty team.

zub's picture

I agree, the 15 yard penality is wrong, replay the down and that player sits out the remaining part of that offensive drive.

The second infraction the player is ejected from game, wether or not he committed the first. So you don't have teams putting in head hunters.

Then after the game the NFL can review the play, if teams appear to be head hunting with lesser players futher fines and suspensions can follow.

Mike's picture

Completely agree and that's my main concern going into Dallas. All postseason guys like Harrison kimeoatu or however it's spelled and many others have demonstrated they are out to injure and provoke guys and fines do not matter to them. With Rodgers concussion history this year have to believe those guys in Pit are gonna put a big hit on him any chance they get.

Laura's picture

I totally agree Jeremy. I said right after Peppers made that hit that he should be ejected from the game. I have no doubt he was trying to knock Rodgers out of the game. The NFL needs to start ejecting players who are intentionally trying knock other players out of the game.

Bob Hagen's picture

I thought Peppers should have been ejected from the game after the helmet to face hit on Rodgers. Aren't the refs supposed to protect players with these rules? Another helmet to helmet hit occurred in the AFC Championship game when Pittsburgh's Farrior led with his helmet into the helmet of Jet's RB Shonn Green. No penalty, no flag.

fettpett's picture

yeah, he's had a couple of big wiffs against the Bears this year, he had that bad one in the first game too...think against Hester on his offensive TD

zub's picture

I disagree with the Bears in the ugly, they fought till the end, Smith has coached that team with lots of heart, they played all out when many teams would have folded under the pressure.

They made a game of it with a 3rd string QB, Urlacher and that defense never let up.

I was impressed by the Bears, hard fought game.

Don't see were the ugly is, someone has to lose.

Only ugly in that game is the fact Cutler went out, due to showing no emotions, many high profile players in the league are questioning his toughness, that story line will grow bigger throughout the off season and get real ugly.

Timbo's picture

Well said. Lovie and his squad have always had the Pack's number, and they nearly pulled it out.

The Packers offense looked terrible after those two opening drives, but I credit that to a tough Bears D that knows the Pack really well.

On the fast surface in Dallas, the Pack will light it up.

They nearly gave me a heart attack, but our beloved Pack held on. The entire team gets a "good" for hanging on to win.

"Ugly" would be Mike Martz's decision to run an end-around on 3rd and 3.

zub's picture

I forgot about that, Martz deserves a big thank you card from Packer's Nation

al's picture

I diagree the bears were definately ugly, the only reason they didnt look as bad was because of how bad the packers played in the second half offensively. When your two top receivers have only 2 catches along with your tight end that you probably planned on using a great deal only had 3 catches, then on top of that their special teams was held meaningless, and their defense got burned on that first drive, they were ugly. Also it didn't even really look like Rodgers tackled or tripped Urlacker enough that he should have fell over, he certainly didnt get ahold of him. I was very surprised Urlacker fell over and that play with the play where Jackson easy cut him and ran right around him it just showed that Urlacker is getting old and maybe didnt have much left.

JimR_inDC's picture

You guys disagreeing with duh Bears in the Ugly category are completely missing the point. Duh Bears being Ugly is equal to the Sun rising in the East every morning. That's just the way it is and there's nothing that can change that.

Go Pack Go!

zub's picture

Rodgers made that tackle, had he not given the effort, Urlacher runs into the endzone.

tyler21's picture

My friend Cody said " what do you want a bj raji td"? Right before it happened it was amazing.

hyperRevue's picture

Before the game I said I wanted Raji to get a TD. I was thinking more of a goal-line hand-off, but a pick-6 works just as well.

Norman's picture

Overlooked on the Raji TD is the fact that Shields was coming on a blitz and forced Hanie to get the ball out a split second quicker than he otherwise would have. Without Shields, maybe he sees Raji and throws somewhere else. Hard to believe the season this guy has had, particularly this game when everything was on the line. A guy who only started playing corner last year.

For as long as I can remember, I've always cringed when opposing QB's throw a deep ball against the Packers, figuring the odds were in favor of a PI penalty or long completion. I now literally react differently when I see a long pass (before the camera shows the receiver and defenders positions downfield), figuring the odds are in our favor. Too many times over the years we've had piss poor DB play and would get burned on these long passes, but now, with Shields, Williams, Woodson, Collins (although not yesterday), even Peprah and Burnett before he went out, I actually welcome the deep pass from the opposition. Air in out Big Ben, we'll be ready for you!

MGM's picture

It's no longer "pick 6." That's lame. It's "TAINT." (Touchdown After INTerception)

andrew's picture

actually taint sounds pretty lame..

JerseyPackFan's picture

I am adding the tight ends to that list. Neither TE caught a pass in that game. Come on guys we are going to need you in 2 weeks!

Totally agree with you on Nick Collins. He played like garbage.

JoePackersNYC's picture

Agreed, Jersey. Quarless missed two balls he should have caught.

hyperRevue's picture

I'd say the 2nd throw was pretty low. But he has no excuse on that 3rd down slant that went right through his hands.

jeremy's picture

Not only did they not catch a pass Quarless droped a few. All he does it take opportunities away from others. He should be on the practice squad, not the field.

mark's picture

I think that Peppers blast to Rodgers' head was worse than Rodgers let on. His accuracy seemed to nosedive a bit after that hit.

What can you say about Ted Thompson? Raji, Matthews, Shields, Tramon, Starks...early picks, late picks, undrafted guys...Ted Thompson has this team positioned as a potential dynasty. Also, in Terry Bradshaw's interview, how funny was it watching TB interview everyone EXCEPT TT, and watching the reclusive Ted stand there, wide-eyed, nevously awaiting his moment on camera (that I'm not sure ever came)...

I can't imagine how awful Bears fans must be feeling today.

D.D. Driver's picture

Bradshaw is a doofus. He spent 50% of his time in the Packers locker room asking questions about what the Packer players thought about Jay Cutler.

AJKUHN's picture

I live in Chicago. Their mood is pretty ugly, which is hilarious. They already hate their own team again.

Brooklyn81's picture

That was kind of funny. He wanted to talk so bad.

IdiotFan's picture

From BLF returning for one more year only to get destroyed by the Pack and implode the rest of the way, to beating the Bears in the Championship game, if we can win one more game this would be pretty much the perfect season. This would easily surpass 1996 for me, and, well, I wasn't alive for the other ones.

Jim's picture

Don't forget getting Wade Phillips fired

John's picture

I would add Bear fans to the "Ugly". I was at the game yesterday and I was shocked on how bear fans acted. I think the only word most of them know how to say is F***K You. I have been to Lambeau many times, and have never seen anything like that there. Packer fans give ribbing, but usually invite oposing team fans over for a beer at their tailgating tent. As a former Illinois resident, I was embarrased.

JerseyCheese's picture

Anyone know what happened to Erik Walden? Was he benched or injured towards the end of the game?

packeraaron's picture

He injured his ankle.

JerseyCheese's picture

Thanks Nagler. He was jumping up and down after the game so he should be ready for the Steelers!

Cuphound's picture

The B.J. Raji touchdown was priceless.

BigbyATTACK's picture

Yeah, we were sitting there watching the George Halas trophy get handed to the GREEN BAY PACKERS, and I couldn't help but feel bad for TT. Especially when he was next in line to speak and they had, who was it, McCarthy brush past him. Typical media. And the Cutler thing, I mean, they just look for sound bites they can use later because they already know they're gonna make it a huge talking point. Whatev. Our golden boys are gonna go on to Dallas and play on a surface that can really utilize their speed, and it should be a great game. SO proud of our Packers right now.

BigbyATTACK's picture

Very frustrating that while most of Starks' yards came up the middle or close off the edge, they continued to run wide runs to the outside that obviously weren't working. Go with what works, Mike. I don't mean to criticize, but I have to explain some of these gray hairs.

hyperRevue's picture

Neither here nor there, but the Halas Trophy re-design is ugly as hell.

jeremy's picture

Yes it is. The old one wasn't that great either.

hyperRevue's picture

I liked it. Sort of understated and classy - I liked the wood base especially. The new thing looks like some college football monstrosity.

D.D. Driver's picture

I'm going to say something nice about the Bears: that was a hell of a performance of the National Anthem. (Too bad it sounded like the crowd was yelling through the whole performance.) The R&B/Country-pop arrangements of the National Anthem are so ridiculously played out. Happy to see a return to tradition.

Well done, Chicago.

JimR_inDC's picture

Yep. That was nicely done.

BigbyATTACK's picture

Completely agree. I thought he did one helluva job, but also commented to others in the room about the crowd. Not only was it noisy throughout the whole anthem, but there was no difference from that buzz to the one at the end. He did so well, a shame there was no roaring applause at the end. Way to be classy, Chicago.

BubbaOne's picture

Aaron et al,
I believe this is a more fitting name: DUD BEARS!!!

packerwest's picture

The Bears fans were cheering all through the National Anthem because that is a Chicago tradition at all of the Blackhawks home hockey games with that singer.Was at a Blackhawks game a few years ago and was amazed that they do that.As far as the game I would give a bad to the 3 man rush calls over and over on the Bears second 81 second TD drive. You could put in your punter to play qb and he could hit an open reciever with ten seconds of time. And if you are going to rush 3 could not at least one guy spy the running back out of the backfield? That play almost killed us in the last Bear game if Lovie had not called a timeout before the play got off!

LACheez's picture

They blitzed Shields 3 times I believe during the game. After the first one, when he was way too late, I said "i hate it when they send Shields, because he never gets there on time." I don't know if the other 2 times were better, or if the QB held on to the ball way too long. Anyone remember? I know that the 2nd and 3rd times had great results - 2nd (sack), 3rd (Raji INT), but in the SuperBowl, he has to get there earlier! Especially with his speed...other than that, boy had a stellar game! Packers were due for some sort of "off" game, so let's hope this was it and in 2 weeks we are back to utter and complete DOMINATION! See you guys in Dallas!

Mr. D Harv's picture

Why do you fucks always have to say something negative before you compliment someone? That is so fucking stupid! Just be a fan and appreciate the fact that The Pack is back! Sam Shields is the son of one of my best friends in the whole world, and you fucks should just appreciate him being a Packer!

packeraaron's picture

Appreciate the passion - but let's take it easy on the language next time, shall we?

Mr. D Harv's picture

You should remember my passion from September 1st when I replied to your comments. Go back and refresh your memory of your opinion on Sam Shields back then!I'm sure you love him to death now!

packeraaron's picture

I'm confused - I praised his ability from scrimmage all through camp. I did write that I didn't want him anywhere near any kind of kick-return. And I still don't. The kid is a talent, that doesnt make him Dieon in his prime. And yes, I'm very happy he's a Packer - but I was never unhappy he was.

jbovegas73's picture

Raji's Pick-6 was good ... His ball-handling was bad, if not ugly. Don't do that crap vs. Pittsburgh.

And to whoever said that 'Rodgers was making that hit from Peppers look worse than it was' ... I'd like to see how good you would do/feel after getting railed in the chin by a 6'7" 280# DB.

With that being said ... GO PACK GO!

travishall04's picture

90% of the world is covered by water, Charles Woodson covers the other 10%.

Superbowl XLV MVP...just watch

packfan4u2c's picture

lombardi would be proud

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