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Packers: 17 Cowboys: 7

By Category

Packers: 17 Cowboys: 7

Charles Woodson, Aaron Rodgers, Nick Barnett

The Bad

The Bad

Mason Crosby, Tramon Williams, James Jones

The Bad

The Bad

Tony Romo



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erfine's picture

Good: CM3, Brad Jones
Bad: O-line
Ugly: McCarthy throwing a challenge flag before even seeing a replay!

However, very happy about the win! Honorary mention: Cullen Jenkins, Big Sexy ran down a few plays from behind. Love to see that from a d-lineman. He never quits on a play!

Ruppert's picture

I really do enjoy beating Dallas. McCarthy's inability to count to 2 was a little ugly, too. Offensive penalties weren't really pretty, either. But like I said....I really do enjoy beating Dallas!

RockinRodgers's picture

Clay Matthews had a nice game. Nick Barnett is so back from his knee.

Dilligaff's picture

Before the game I said the key to this game is field position and time of possession. I was pleased to see MM call an offense that protected both. A few times we were in 2nd and 20 and 3rd and 20, instead of going for that long big pass play (which he never went to) he went conservative, avoided the sack ran the ball for a few yards and kicked it backing Dallas up, keeping our defense in good position. One of the things Barnett said after the game that you can really open up this defense when you have good Field position. Second our rookie Brad Jones was third on the team with tackles, replacing the injured Kampman. IMO opinion Kampman's days of starting are over, clearly Capers was able to do more things with Jones in, Kampman just can't play in space, open field pass defense. There really is no room on the defensive line, Jenkins and Jolly are playing great and Raji is coming along. On a number of plays Capers was able to drop both Jones and Mathews in coverage and blitz Hawk and Barnett up the middle, Jones was able to cover long enough so Romo couldn't dump the pass off.

scrumptrulesent's picture

I love me some Woodson! (U of M fan) I know he can look bad gambling sometimes but when it works, he looks good. Playmaker!

PackersRS's picture

Clay Matthews deserves to be in the good. I mean, what was the last fumble in which CM3 was not around, or recovering it by himself? He's just a ball player. He was clearly born to do this.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Cullen Jenkins played very well. Overshadowed by the play of LBs, the fate of 3-4 D-linemen.

Holly's picture

I'll agree with the calls for Cullen Jenkins to get some love in the "Good." There were several plays with only 2 down linemen, and Jenkins more than held his own.

Dilligaff's picture

Ya Cullen Jenkins is playing like a probowler, he needs to be in the good and you can make argument for the whole defensive line.

bleedsgreen's picture

Just curious, not criticizing... What's up with James Jones? Why'd he grade out as "Bad"?

NickGBP's picture

bleedsgreen...Jones had multiple drops if I remember correctly.

I think Kapinos deserves a spot in the bad, although he did adjust after McCarthy gave him a verbal spanking.

packeraaron's picture

bleedsgreen - just for the huge third down drop. Nothing else really...

Jim in DC's picture

<b>Ugly</b> - McCheeseburger calling for Crosby to miss a long FG, when a punt would've backed up Dallas. And the 2nd and (LOL!) 3rd coach's challenges. WTF was he thinking? Some of the play calling too. In the first half, when Rodgers was in the shotgun, I feared for his life. What's wrong with 3-step drops? They were working.

Jim in DC's picture

Even when Jenkins whiffed on a tackle, he'd turn back and make the tackle from behind. Dayummm! It ain't easy pulling a u-turn with a D-lineman body!

bucky's picture

I still think we need to run the ball more. Yesterday McCarthy called nearly 2x as many dropbacks as runs, although in the second half it was nearly even (according to memory, 17 runs, including the final knee and Rodgers' sneak; 18 dropbacks, including sacks and scrambles for positive yards). I think I'd generally be happy with the second half numbers, except that for the better part of the fourth quarter we were protecting a lead, which suggests that maybe we ought to have run it even more.

Hard to complain with the end result, although I strongly believe that a commitment to the running game will help the sack problem in many different ways.

Dilligaff's picture

Ya, I motion for Cullen Jenkins for the GOOD, do I hear a second.

foundinidaho's picture

Haha, Corey got on us for hating on Tramon, and then you called him in the Bad. I love it. Seriously.

Oh, and I agree CM3 needs to be in the "good" category. Sometimes TT can pick 'em. Sometimes.

You know it's a good game when there are no Packers in the Ugly, just Cowboys!

PackersRS's picture

"Ugly – McCheeseburger calling for Crosby to miss a long FG, when a punt would’ve backed up Dallas. And the 2nd and (LOL!) 3rd coach’s challenges. WTF was he thinking? Some of the play calling too. In the first half, when Rodgers was in the shotgun, I feared for his life. What’s wrong with 3-step drops? They were working."
FG call: BAD.
2nd challenge: he was going to call a timeout anyway. By challenging, he had a shot of getting the FG.
3nd challenge: GENIUS! Dallas is getting momentum? Our D need some rest? FAKE CHALLENGE!!!! Brilliant.

Finally, we outcoached someone. (Okay, we outcoached the Browns, but the Browns don't count. They shouldn't even count as a win.)

My verecict on MM is still fire his ass at season's end. One good game won't save him. But it's a start.

Shootz's picture

All these people calling for other players to be in different categories, the most important move to make is that you should move Woodson out of the 'Good' and into the 'Spectacular'.

joelkleinium's picture

How did T.J. Lang and the offensive line look? I know they gave up a couple of sacks, but I think they played slightly better.

Ron La Canne's picture

You don't have a category high enough for Woodson.
Mathews is a non-stop motor. He is everywhere on the field. A natural football player is a rare commodity and I want to personaly commend TT on his move up to get this guy. He definetely goes in your plus column.
Capers and his defense won this game. A group award should be in order.
I won't criticize the offense today. However, there is still a whole lot of improvement required before I'll feel comfortable.

packeraaron's picture

joel - Par for the course, which basically means "wildly inconsistent".
Lang really didn't look comfortable at first, but once he settled down (I read that the coaches made him make a small adjustment to his stance) that really helped solidify things. I thought they did a good overall job in the second half, esp in the run game.

PACKERS's picture

This was a great win, but we're not out of the woods yet. The offensive line is playing as poorly as ever, and the penalties are KILLING us. The Packers are the most penalized team in the league, and we've given up so many opportunities with penalties.

joelkleinium's picture

I first wanna say that this is obviously an awesome win for the Pack. Last week, Packer fans wanted to fire people left and right and now we love them. Packer fans should calm down because, just because we made a lousy performance one week doesn't mean that we can't play really well. Of course being that a team has a reputation of being a good team. A prime example of inconsistency would be the Cardinals in the first half of the season.

bomdad's picture

I was at the game in Tampa. Josh Freeman looked really sharp. Prior to that we saw Favre-on-fire. What a relief to see Romo and Roy. Or maybe they should be Sigfrey and Roy because its not even the playoffs and they are disappearing.

Phillip's picture

You can add Jarret Bush to the ugly.....Romo had nothing on Bush disasteris coverage, missed tackles, and terrible special teams play.

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