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Packer Transplants Live 153

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Packer Transplants Live 153

Episode 153


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Oppy's picture

Sam Shields?

PackerAaron's picture


Oppy's picture


Oppy's picture

For the record, I have no idea what any of this meant. :)

John Czech's picture

Great show tonight, boys.

coreyb's picture

Thanks John

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Great show guys. If/when the Pack makes it to the NFC Championship game, I will be out east that week. Do you need some studio help the following Wednesday? I could bring you Wisco Discos, mop brows, etc. It would be a huge if you ever allowed an audience (witnesses?).

brewers_rule's picture

Sorry Corey, you're not going to win on the Lacy front. Demovsky said on a fantasy podcast I listened to yesterday that this wasn't just some snap judgment to punish Lacy, it was a culmination of things leading up to this from his weight to possibly the video game stuff to preparation otherwise. It's a the James Harrison/Suh rule of the NFL: if you have a history of this stuff, you get punished harder. If a Super Bowl winning QB did this once, it would be overlooked, but the fact is that most Super Bowl winning QB's, and leaders in general, don't do these things BECAUSE they're leaders. Further, MM did it because until now no one in that locker room is raising the performance & attention to details in their peers apparently which is another massive problem with this team. This would NOT happen if Driver or C-Wood were here.

ray nichkee's picture

Demovsky lost a bunch of credit with his olivia munn story. Did you miss that? Now he is suddenly credible and not just more click bait? The fantasy element gives you all the credentials you need.

brewers_rule's picture

No, I didn't miss that but we know how long it takes MM to react to ANYTHING much less actually discipline someone so the idea he just flew off the handle on Lacy here when coupled with all the alluding comments he's made over the weeks in regards to this team's struggles tells me what Demovsky said makes most sense. So, you're saying one errant story now discredits all Rob's reported before that has jived with the team? The guy's been a great beat reporter for years now.

And as far as the fantasy angle goes, a fantasy podcast host from ESPN was the first to tweet the Packers had Montee Ball in for a workout, not any of the other reporters following the team so that doesn't hold any water to discredit the source either.

PackerAaron's picture

That is beyond absurd Ray. Rob is one of the best guys on the beat. The Munn post was unfortunate, but it didn't change the fact that Rob owns this beat.

ray nichkee's picture

I did like him until that article. I've read his stuff for years. One bad article won't change my mind but I need some time and some more good stuff from him. I'm just not a fan of writing about speculations and if he actually knew something there he should keep his mouth shut. As a fan we need to trust the writers and the writers need the trust of the team. Please tell me that isn't beyond absurd.

Theresa Schultz's picture

Great show again and I love that I can watch it on the Android app! Prior to the app I could only download the audio on my mobile. While I'm cool with the no guests I'd love to hear from Aunt Gert again she's a trip. And finally loved Corey's rant about Eddie but I don't think it was just 1 thing that got him benched. I think it was a culmination of things and that was the last straw.

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