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Packer Fans: The New Crazy

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Packer Fans: The New Crazy

I just can not get over this:

11,810 responded to poll: Who should be starting halfback? Starks 44%; Jackson 40%; Kuhn 10%; Someone else 6%.

According to the readership of the Green Bay Press Gazette, James Starks, he of the not-having-played-football-for-two-years-just-started-padded-practice-last-week fame, is preferred over current starter Brandon Jackson.

I went off on these people during last nights show, so I won't belabour the point. I'll just leave them with the following message:


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Abe's picture

I'm curious how many votes Ahman Green would have garnered if they included him.

DirectingTitan's picture

I'm all for giving Starks a shot once he's ready, but how can anyone call for him to be starting at this point??

lebowski's picture

Wow, that is just ridiculous. And no Nance in the poll? The order should be Jackson, Nance, Starks, Kuhn. At least right now.

RickyBobby's picture

I don't think the people who voted for starks were really voting for starks. I think they were actually voting for ANYBODY OTHER THAN WHAT THE PACKERS ARE CURRENTLY THROWING OUT ON THE FIELD.

packeraaron's picture

Which is asinine. Unless they don't like winning. Then by all means...

RickyBobby's picture

yes - it's asinine.

Wiscokid's picture

Definitely scores nine asses on a ten ass scale.

PackersRS's picture

There was a someone else option.

RickyBobby's picture

yeah - guess you're right.

SpartaChris's picture

I've come to the conclusion most fans are idiots.

Nerdmann's picture

I'd love for Starks to get a shot. I like Jackson, and Nance hits the hole decently. But Starks has got mad skills. Can he return punts? LOL.

DaveK's picture

Jackson lacks vision running out of the backfield and will never by a truly special back that leaves the opposing team scheming and holding their breath every time he touches the ball. That makes Packer fans pine for someone else. But, he is a solid RB that fits well in the offense. I like how Jackson works the check down. In that MN game, watch the play before Jones scores the TD before half. It's like he is an afterthought for the LB's yet has the speed and hands to get some real yardage. Best part of his game in my opinion and a real weapon for Rodgers.

Jersey Al's picture

Yes. Yes. Yes. I've been moaning about not throwing to the RBs forever. Keeps the LBs from blitzing as much and/or getting deep in the passing lanes.

packeraaron's picture

Totally agree Dave. He actually had two plays like that on that drive, the first of which he would have had an even bigger gain if Rodgers hadn't hesitated as he rolled out.

mark's picture

To suggest Starks should BE the starter (this week) is crazy. But to suggest Starks should get a chance to BECOME the starter (in the weeks ahead) isn't crazy at all.

I think some of those 44%ers are suggesting that, so far, Brandon Jackson hasn't done enough to lock down the starter position. I would agree. He has been good, not great. And right now, in our pass-heavy offense we can succeed with a good-not-great RB who happens to be a solid blocker and an effective pass-catcher. But when we get that 2-3 TD lead, it would be nice to have a RB who can move the chains with a bit more consistency, eat up clock and wear down defenses. Ryan Grant was great at that. So far, I don't think Brandon Jackson has proven himself to be that kind of runner.

MarkinMadison's picture

I'm sorry. What did I miss? How does anyone have the first clue what Starks will look like against NFL competition?

Nerdmann's picture

Bet you a dollar he lights it up.

Tarynfor 12's picture

44% seem to feel more confident in someone who hasn't played over one who has,Nance and 4% over the starter being used and yet they're being told to shut up and stop being ridiculous.

What is really ridiculous is the fact that those who are opposed to Starks make their case based solely(?) on the time he hasn't played.Players miss time all the time.

Making a judgement or decision on someone that you have not seen in action is as stupid as telling someone how bad something tastes that you haven't tried yourself.

Personally,I think playing Nance against Atl is a huge mistake for two reasons.1)He hasn't shown a great enough adaptability into our offense.2)He has not been so long removed from their(ATL) PS for them to worry about different traits or skills he may possess.

This,I think would be a perfect time to activate Starks and put a new unseen wrinkle in the mix.Let's try it before some eagerly dismiss it.

Nerdmann's picture

Secret weapon!

Fan's picture

James Starks would clearly be an improvement over what they're putting on the field right now. I don't know why TT and MM are waiting. It's ridiculous. James Starks is basically an Adrian Peterson clone...think Grant with a little more weight, a whole lot more speed, and the kind of decisiveness and vision that will get a team through the tough, cold games in December and January.

Also, check out the one James Starks highlight on youtube.

packeraaron's picture


Tarynfor 12's picture

You must have some really deep inside info on Starks that even MM,TT and EB don't know,that they have him on the 53 and yet you ROFL at the mention of Starks.Please tell me.I want to ROFL also.

mark's picture

I think the ROFL is because Fan is so convinced, saying "clearly..." and calling Starks "Adrian Peterson clone" based on YouTube highlights from the University of Buffalo....How can anything be "clear" about a guy who hasn't played football for nearly two years?

And why are TT and MM "waiting"? SERIOUSLY? Maybe because the guy just started practicing!

A lot of this is semantics--and as is often the case on the internets, the truth is somewhere in th middle. I don't think 44% necessarily want Starks to start vs. Atlanta (some do, they are idiots)...but the TRUTH is here: many of those 44% are merely ready to give him a look.

That's where I'm at anyway. And as big a defender of BJax as Nagler has been, I'm sure (though I don't want to speak for Mr. Nagler) that he's as curious as the rest of us.

He's just being realistic.

packeraaron's picture

Taryn - I didn't laugh at the mention of Starks. I laughed at someone posing as an idiot fan making wild jumps in logic such as Starks *obviously* being an Adrian Peterson clone. The commenter is making fun of people who think like that and I thought it was funny. Try to keep up.

PackersRS's picture

All of this, based on a highlight of BUFFALO?????

CSS's picture

If I were a betting man I would say 'Fan' is being very tongue-n'-cheek with his comments. A bit of mockery to those praising an unknown commodity, me thinks.

packeraaron's picture

Pretty sure Fan is joking PackersRS...

Franklin Hillside's picture

Fan, please, for God's sake, use the sarcasm font next time.

bill from jersey`'s picture


RickyBobby's picture

Jackson is the best rb on the Packers.
He is the tallest midget.

You don't need a premier rb to be successful (see patriots) but in my opinion there are only 4 other teams in the NFL where jackson would be the starter...

Denver (maybe)

The more I think about it... the more I realize how much the Packers are starting to look like the Pats...

-get rid of vets before it's too late (a little early even)
-3/4 def.
-solid/smart qb (no i'm not putting AR on Brady's level yet, but he's got a similar style - cool)
-value draft picks
-develop your own
-throw first / run to annoy your opponent
-multiple formations
-controlled passing game with occasional deep shots

There are definitely worse teams to emulate.

PackersRS's picture

Very good comparison.

Right now, I'd say that Rodgers is a more mobile, less experienced Tom Brady. I think Brady/Rodgers is the best comparison to the style of QB that Rodgers is.

I do think that Rodgers is a style of his own, though. The young guy that I see more similar to Tom Brady actually is Matt Ryan...

CSS's picture

Rodgers arm strength is superior to both. Rodgers throws a 'live' ball compared to the two, just not quite as (surprisingly) accurate with short/quick reads. Rodgers throws an awesome intermediate/deep ball.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Rodgers can throw off his back foot too(like somone I don't care to mention).I have ssen Brady try to do it but he has nothing on it.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Brady has to set up to be accurate.Rodgers throws on the run,opposite direction etc.

Michael's picture

haha yeah he is an AdrianP clone yet, no draft expert saw it, or did any of the of teams passing on him in the 5 previous rounds and hundreds of picks, not to forget MM and TT don't think so either, yet random FAN is all of a sudden is a Mel Kiper, Todd McShay clone baahha get over the love of Starks already

keeley2's picture

The logic just might go something like this: So they released Al Harris and activated James Starks - he must be really, really good. Just keep hitting me with the stupid stick til I stop.

Tarynfor 12's picture

Every year a player is drafted or is a walk-on and defies the odds and becomes what everyone wishes they had or had taken.Shields is a walk-on and has alot of know-alls scratching their heads and now boasting for him.

Comparing Starks to AP maybe laughable at this time,but how does anybody know he won't be equal or better.The entire football world knew Brady would be what he is now.What of Rice,Montana,Young,Favre,S Sharpe,Bettis etc,after they got to play we got to see how great they were to become.

So Aaron,as far as me keeping up,I rather wait to see what someone doesn't have before I "ROFL" as I do every single time that the know-alls say BJ is the man and he is able to carry the Pack.

44% of fans are idiots by your summation as opposed to 44% of fans think your support of BJ is idiotic.How dare they doubt you and the obvious great play of BJ and...NANCE.

packeraaron's picture

"Comparing Starks to AP maybe laughable at this time" - full stop. Yes, it is. He may turn into a great player - but anyone saying he should be the starter RIGHT NOW - is an idiot.

Tarynfor 12's picture

Just don't see how you can be so sure that he doesn't get a few carries and screens early and just runs away with the job.Brady stepped in(6th rd)? and never looked back.

I hope you have to regret crowning people IDIOTS so quickly without any seeing is believing facts.

packeraaron's picture

Brady was practicing all year! He didn't miss all of the offseason, all of camp, and the entire first half of the season!

Tarynfor 12's picture

I'm not calling for Starks to start,but get him in and we may find that he is the starter.The get ready for play is different for a QB and a RB.

packeraaron's picture

"I’m not calling for Starks to start" - right, but 44 percent of the people who voted in that poll are.

MLecl0001's picture

Aaron isnt saying that Starks cant or wont win the starting job in the future. He is saying right now as of this moment, going into the Atlanta game Starks is not the best option for starting RB. Why would he need to eat crow? Any one with half a brain would agree. Hell even the coaches agree which is why, baring injuries (knock on wood), he is not starting this Sunday.

MLecl0001's picture

I agree with this. I think people are having comprehension problems. Aaron isnt saying Starks will never amount to anything or shouldnt be given a shot. He is stating right now this very second it is ludicrous to give the STARTING RB job to Starks, which it is.

Saying he isnt starting rb material doesnt mean he cant get carries, doesnt mean he cant get opportunities, and doesnt mean he cant be good or even great in the future. It just means right now, this very second, this week, he is not the best OPTION to START at RB.

This topic alone is why I am so glad fans are not in charge of teams and why for the most part they are ignored by the personnel people in the teams. Fans are too involved, too emotional, and think they know more than they do. While people think TT is cold, calculating, and maybe inhuman that is exactly who you want making rational personnel choices. God knows what teams would look like if you let fans ran them, probably something like the Vikings.

jeremy's picture

Probably something worse than the Vikings...

jeremy's picture

Remember what happened when a Pundit and NFL Insider took over the Lions?

Ruppert's picture

11,800 people actually read the Green Bay Press Gazette? Yeah, right...

andrew's picture

i would like to know how much bigger starks has gotten from being in the nfl lifting program... or has he not been lifting along with not practicing.. i do not know i dont think starks is as good as people say.. buffalo isnt exactlly an awesome team so him doing great things there doesnt mean THAT much yes its nice but the nfl is completly different.. i have no idea if starks will be any good and id place money on him getting hurt right when he comes back

WoodyG's picture

In GB's 4 game winning streak, BJ has 55 carries for 183 yards for a 3.3 YPC ..... Really not all that great ...... Few teams are happy with their starting RB at 3.3 & are usually looking to upgrade with another RB ......

However, BJ is good with the dump-off passes in open space, doesn't put the ball on the ground & most importantly is great at picking up the blitz & giving AR that split second he may need to find GJ ......

By week 17, the RB trio may very well be BJ, Nance & Starks with Kuhn back to full-time FB ...... I think both Nance & Starks will be given some opportunities the rest of the way, but very selectively ..... This isn't the preseason.

PackersRS's picture

Have you ever seen the Packers utilize 3 Rbs in a game? I can't remember. Maybe Grant, Ahmad and Bjax all had runs in a game, but I don't remember...

thepretzelhead's picture

Packers may get a first rounder for Flynn- so then a top tier RB can be picked along with our madatory first round lineman.

jeremy's picture

The Pats only got a 3rd for Cassell, so probably not.

piet's picture

I'd thought the Pats got a high second for Cassell.

DAWG's picture

My choice at starting RB is Howard the Green freezer. 365#'s of something big, with great pad level and know his way around a buffet table.

FITZCORE1252's picture

The grass is always greener I guess.


John's picture

I think it may be possible that MM, the coach that has done a great job with all the injuries thus far MAY know about who should start and who should not. Not a MM lover sometimes but he does see the running backs in practice everyday. Is it POSSIBLE that he knows more than some of the fans? (smirck)

TPacker's picture


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