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Packer Fan Replay - The Aunt Gert Interview

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Packer Fan Replay - The Aunt Gert Interview

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Aunt Gert Interview

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KCousineau09's picture


RockinRodgers's picture

That was awesome. I love Packer fans.

bigfog's picture

Your aunt is adorable. I can imagine her home, decked out with Packer stuff, smack dab in the middle of Wisconsin. Great stuff guys.

Becke's picture

That was so great...she could be a repeat guest, good job Aunt Gert!

nick's picture

Awesome. God bless you Aunt Gert.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Totally agree that that was the best 5 minutes in PT history. I love Aunt Gert.

Aaron Biderman's picture

This is a classic. Absolutely great stuff!

thepretzelhead on twitter's picture

I've been saying since October, Aunt Gerde should pass more.

packersplanet's picture

I have season tickets thanks to my grandpa who I never met. My dad and grandpa were at the ice bowl.

Memories, great interview

FITZCORE1252's picture

HOLY [email protected]#$ (cleaned it up in case Gert reads this). G-E-R-T!!!! Dropping the "they need to stop Turner" knowledge! "James Jones needs to hang on to the f*&%'in ball"!!! 86 years young!!! Retire that Womans #, put her name in the ring of honor, she's a BEEEEAUTY. Unreal! Seriously, that's impressive. What's her take on CM3 and his flowing locks? Does he compare to the Golden Boy I wonder? My $$$ says no.


chicago hooligan's picture

Great interview. I hope to one day be watching Packers games at age 86 myself, watching MechaRodgers fire 99-yard bombs (actual fiery bombs) to JenningsBot 9000 in iLambeau.

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

My 86 year old mom still goes to a few Packer games (last one was the Viqueens in October, it's getting too cold for her, even in club seats).

Aunt Gert for Packer Fan Hall of Fame next year?

bleedsgreen's picture

My god, this brings tears to my eyes. Part of the fun of being a Wisconsinite is having an Aunt Gert and Uncle Kenny. Listening to that accent, hearing tales about watching pro football games "at the ol' high school stadium," . . . Can't all of us cheeseheads relate?

(Damn! Obviously some people can! I started typing this midway through the interview and then Aaron says the exact same thing at the end! I'll leave the comment here anyways)

Yes. This. is. who. we. are.
And I couldn't be happier or prouder of it. Wouldn't want to be anyone else, from anywhere else.

To all the Aunt Gerts and Uncle Kennys no longer with us.... We will enjoy the game tonight wishing you were here.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

cindy lanzetta's picture

I so enjoyed this interview and then realized that Aunt Gert is from Brillion. Well, one thing led to another and come to find out Aunt Gert knows quite a number of people from my family. Meanwhile, I'm a cheesehead in New York marveling how small this world has become! Go Pack!

cheese5's picture

Cindy- thats great. Yes Brillion is a very small town- it doesn't surprise me that Aunt Gert knows them. almost everyone of my aunt's and uncles on my mom and dads side were taught by Great Aunt Gert. Thanks for sharing! Hope you come back to the site often. :)

Smitty from Port's picture

Move over Betty White! Aunt Gert is taking over the airwaves! More Aunt Gert, please!!!

Colleen Piggott's picture

We know Aunt Gert (Grandma B) and she is amazing. She's even better in person.

SpiderPack's picture

Thanks Corey! I saw it live, but its even better the 2nd time. I grew up in Two Rivers/Manitowoc during the 70s-80s so whats that 20 miles from Brillion I think? People in that area are so damn funny with the strongest, richest character anywhere. Get Gert to take you to Maribel Caves next time you visit, great little spot. Dad still lives in Manitowoc and I'm meeting him in NYC tomorrow for his first visit to the big city at 72yrs young. Thanks for that cultural exchange and bringing forth a bunch of memories for me. Gert is awesome. BTW, if she ever had surgery in Two Rivers, Dad probably did her anesthesia. Do youguys have any other place you can recommend for watching the game in case Kettle of Fish is sold out when we get there? We aim to get there about 1:30.

Ellen B's picture

My mother and Aunt Gert are sisters...two peas in a pod!! Love you both!!

Newtonite's picture

Best guest ever! She is my grandmas sister and taught me accounting over the phone! What a great interview.

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