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Ominous News on the Injury Front From McCarthy

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Ominous News on the Injury Front From McCarthy

Despite a healthy four-game winning streak to enter the bye, the Green Bay Packers still have a laundry list of injuries to worry themselves with as the much-needed week off arrives.

Head coach Mike McCarthy certainly didn't offer any reprieve during his Monday press conference.

According to McCarthy, linebacker Clay Matthews may need "a couple of weeks" with a hamstring injury, right tackle Bryan Bulaga will likely see a hip specialist and linebacker Nick Perry is getting a second opinion on his recovering knee.

The only positive injury news came on receiver Jordy Nelson, who McCarthy said sprained his ankle Sunday but should be "OK."

Matthews has struggled with hamstring injuries in the past, most notably during his rookie season in 2009 and for a stint during the middle of the 2010 season.

McCarthy was clear that the injury was more about an awkward positioning of Matthews during an attempted sack in the second half than another flare up of a previous injury. He also said that Matthews doesn't feel this specific injury is as bad as those in the past.

However, the timeline of a few weeks may put Matthews in danger of missing a game or two coming out of the bye week. The Packers play at Detroit on Nov. 18.

The news was even more ominous regarding Bulaga, who left during the first half Sunday with a hip injury. While McCarthy never specifically said his starting right tackle would visit a specialist, one could assume that's what he meant when he discussed the Packers' interest in gathering more information and opinions on the injury. There's certainly concern about the injury moving forward.

The hits kept coming.

For Perry, who hasn't played since a win over the Houston Texans in Week 6, seeking a second opinion can only mean a set back in his recovery. The Packers have been very quiet about Perry's knee injury throughout the process, but this is the clearest sign yet that his recovery is swaying from their original timeline.

No updates on timelines were given on Charles Woodson (clavicle), Greg Jennings (groin) or Sam Shields (shin). McCarthy does expect fullback John Kuhn back for Week 10.

McCarthy gave a simple truth about the injury status of his football team, even after the week off.

"We won't be totally healthy in two weeks," McCarthy said. "That's the reality of it."

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Chris Davis's picture

None of this is good~How is Andrew Quarlees Doing?

IowaPackFan's picture

According to GB Press Gazzette:

"Options on Andrew Quarless. Came from meeting with Ted Thompson. Quarless won't leave town for another day. Looking at IR option on Sherrod."

Don't really know what that means, but it sounds like they want to save a roster spot for him. Sherrod's all but on IR at this point.

denniseckersley's picture

f this bs

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture



FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Maybe we need to "reevaluate" Dr. Pat McKenzie (pretty sure that's our team Dr.), as his initial evaluations appear to SUCK DONKEY SACK!

NoWayJose's picture

Don't shoot the messenger.

McKenzie can't be a specialist in all things. There's a reason guys fly around the country for this stuff.

The situation, however, does suck.

IowaPackFan's picture


FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

That's fine if he doesn't know everything, BUT, If he's unsure about an injury, why the hell wait so long to send them to a specialist ala Greg and Nick?

I swear to god, as I typed this the CM3 Fathead commercial came on... I cried a little.

ohenry78's picture

I've thought this for a while too. They always list a player as "questionable" when they're injured even if their arm just fell off or something. And I don't recall a single time where a player was projected to be out a long time and came back sooner than expected; it seems like they always give a comparatively short timeframe and let the injury sit, and then end up evaluating it further later.

I know there are things like finances, player's wishes, and other such considerations, but it really seems like there are a lot of adjustments to the injury report week to week.

IowaPackFan's picture

That and it's part strategy. They don't want to give up too much information too quickly and allow opposint DCs to start game planning early in the week. Keep them guessing.

Derek in CO's picture

agreed. as much as the fans want to know exactly what is going on, the reality is there are mind games with the injury reporting that must be played

Mike's picture

Also, they don't want to rush guys back sooner than they should (see Jennings injury).

IowaPackFan's picture

What we know and what the coaches and players know are probably two separate things. I am sure the players and coaches are being adequately informed so they can plan to make roster changes. We, on the other hand, are left to wonder if questionable means sit out practice during the week, or miss 3 weeks.

derty ernie's picture

What I don't get is, the injury messages coming out of the Pack seem confusing. You got a guy with a hernia that sits several weeks then says, ok time for second opinion time for surgery. All those week s were waisted by waiting for something to heal that won't on its own.
Now were hearing (and they kept his injury very quiet) that Perry is getting another opinion, what after 4 games lost. Why the wait?
Are these players able to over rule the team doctors and refuse second opinions until they are ready for one???? .
I mean I'm well aware the last option for doctors is always surgery. Whenever possible they hope for natural healing. But I'm still confused as to is it the doctor calling the shots or the players???

NoWayJose's picture

On the bright side, the Packers are pretty deep at tackle. Oh shit, wait. We have a UDFA and our starting left guard as back-ups?

Good god, I hope that's not Andrew Datko's music I hear!

Jamie's picture

I think the reality of that scenario even crazier than that. McCarthy commented in his presser that they were fortunate to have two guards that could play tackle....yeah. So if Newhouse went down we could see our all-pro calibre right guard move to tackle and Don Barclay in at guard.

GBPDan's picture

This sucks, I'm so sick of frickin injuries! With CM3 out, I was hoping Perry would be available. Now it sounds like possible surgery. Lang and EDS filled in good for Bulaga, but now depth is dangerously thin on the O-line. Im guessing worthy will be back for Det. At least, nelson didn't get a high ankle sprain.

Packers 38, lions 35 ( with no CM)

derty ernie's picture

Not to mention the team didn't draft any o linemen thinking wrongly that Sherrod would be back. How could they have missed him not coming back. Serous injury yes but was his healing or lack of kept secret. They must have known something was going on.
Heck this guy may never come back who knows. By the end of this season he will have missed a lot of time. Time to gain massive weight and get seriously out of football shape.
Maybe he did and thats the problem?

Tommyboy's picture

Anyone notice how Jarrett Bush is ALWAYS healthy?

Norman's picture

Don't be dissin' JBush! The man had an INT in the Super Bowl, that covers up a lot in my book.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Ain't that something. Smh

woodson4president's picture

Hahaha @ Fitz fathead joke. And jesusssss @ all the fn injuries. We are fd without clay n we all know it. He is our pass rush.He either gets there or frees somebody else up to get there. Hope Perry is ok, but he moses n waldo combined cant do what clay does. Drink ur milk gbp.....whole not 2%.

Jamie's picture

Moses is a legitimate backup to Matthews. Not the same, but we'll survive in the short term.

NoWayJose's picture

It's not 2011. The other guys are getting some pressure. CM3 is still the dominant force, but we're getting something from the D-Line.

Bearmeat's picture

GB has been the capitol of the walking wounded nation 3 out of the last 6 years. I'm no medical expert, nor am I a statistician, but something's not lining up here...

derty ernie's picture

I too have questioned this since there are a few injuries that happen in practice lately and not in the games that concerns me.
The defense spends a lot o time on the field. Not a lot of three and outs here. Way more chance for injuries.
The Offensive line has to pass block more since the run game has just now come into existance. Blame the coaches on that one. The O line gets beat up pretty good pass blocking versus taking it to the defense run blocking.
The bulk of injuries lie in the linebackers and O line.

Mojo's picture

The way things have been going I'm not sure we won't get new injuries during the bye. Randall Cobb - stay away from the can-opener.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


dawg's picture

BREAKING NEWS: Coach Campen out for season, maybe longer, with hang nail, seeking specialist in Taiwan.

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