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NFL Draft Scouting Report: Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA

Former UCLA Defensive Tackle Kenny Clark is profiled and evaluated for the 2016 NFL Draft. 

Kenneth Clark – UCLA Bruins
Position: Defensive Line
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 310
Year: Junior
Hometown: San Bernadino, CA

Experience: 2 year starter, started 4 games freshman year

Born 1995


40yd dash: 5.06
Broad jump: 102
Vertical: 28.5
20yd. Shuttle: 4.62
Bench Press: 29


Career Notes:

Clark was a 4 star recruit out of Wilmer Amina Carter High School in Rialto, CA. After a freshman year in which he played in every game and was credited with 31 tackles, Clark was named second team All-Pac-12 as a sophomore.
Also won UCLA football’s Ed Kezirian "Coach K" Award for Academic and Athletic Balance as a freshman.

As a junior, Clark earned first team all-conference honors and was named a third team all-American after amassing 75 tackles and 6 sacks. He also caught a 3-yard touchdown pass in the first game of 2015.


Career Stats:



1.      Getoff – 3.5/ 5.0

  • Displays very good quickness off snap. Good head direction, fooled by fakes / misdirection sometimes.
  • Consistently establishes point at line of scrimmage.
  • Exceptional balance.
  • Arm usage/ punch acceptable for most part, would like to see better / more consistent punch placement.
  • Would like to see more swipe success at next level. Uses length well at times.
  • Laterally slow.

2.      Pass Rush Arsenal – 2.0/5.0

  • Bull: Would like to see hands more consistently inside, bad hand placement makes Clark’s power suffer at times. When he does get hands inside and weight behind him, penetrates easily through blockers and can make plays.
  • Arm-over: uses arm over at LOS. Does not employ often.
  • Swim: does not use often.
  • Rip: rarely employed.
  • Shooting Gap: Clark occasionally will shoot a gap when single blocked or even off the snap, but his lack of lateral quickness can sometimes allow the play to continue.

3.      Anchor – 4.0/5.0

  • Anchor against run is very strong. Rarely moved off line by single blocker. Shows good balance and strength against double teams, for the most part.
  • Knee bend consistent, keeps shoulders square and does not lose balance or give ground.
  • Hips: stiffness evident on occasion.
  • Lack of speed and lateral burst can affect finishing. Good tackler for the most part
  • Good, low pad level


4.      Hands & Feet – 3.0 /5.0

  • Hand placement not consistently inside. Also does not always use length of arms / get arms extended because of bad leverage as a result of bad hand placement.
  • This results in Clark having difficulty shedding blocks.
  • I would like to see his hands developed much more.
  • Feet: consistently keeps steps short and choppy early in play.
  • Very good initial burst and power.
  • Maintains good, steady balance and has nimble feet for a man of his size.

5.      Closing, Finishing, & Effort – 3.5 / 5.

  • Tackles well, though occasionally lateral range is lacking. Good, willing solo tackler.
  • Sometimes struggles to finish in space.
  • Initial burst is very good
  • High motor player. Keeps looking and moving.
  • May be limited to making plays in the box, doesn’t possess too much secondary explosion.

        6.    Vision, Awareness, Football IQ – 3.5/5.0

  • Head direction is consistent and proper.
  • Does not always identify fakes immediately
  • Executes Stunts, takes on double teams well
  • Lateral movement slow
  • Pass rush developing as he gains experience
  • Didn’t see opponents try to cut him much
  • Had minimal penalties in games charted (1 missed facemask by refs)

The Verdict:

Clark is a big, long, strong guy who you can imagine anchoring a defense at the next level with a little work. His bull rush, getoff, and explosion are all very impressive for a man his size, and his pad level is generally very good. Clark can get leveraged out of plays by offensive lineman when hand placement strays outside: needs to work on consistent hand placement and better punch. Seems to have stiff hips. Can get lost in space, especially against quick players. Clark’s play in the trenches against the run is a big strength, as he can take on blockers and muscle his way to the ball while maintaining his balance very well. Not much of a pass rusher.


Overall Grade: 3.25/5.0  
estimated: 2nd  to 3rd round


If drafted by the Packers:

If Clark is drafted by the Packers, he would project as a future nose tackle who could eventually anchor the defense agains the run and occasionally generate pressure up the middle.





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