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Name That Defense!

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Name That Defense!

We’ve seen the Okie, The Big Okie and the Psycho, what would you like to see? This may be your chance.

In collaboration with PackerChatters, Green Bay Packer Nation, PocketDoppler, Railbird Central and The Daily Drink we’re starting a grass roots campaign to get a fan-named defensive scheme.  Will it be an exercise in futility?  Chances are better than not but at the very least it should be fun…and maybe, just maybe we’ll see the Packers Fan named ‘XXXX’ formation come the Seattle game or if we’re really lucky the playoffs.

Click here to leave your suggestion in the comments section.  We’ll take suggestions up until December 22nd.  After we have the suggestions we’ll tabulate that data and put the most popular ones in a poll which Packers Nation can then vote on.  After that, we’ll reach out to the powers that be with our name for a defensive scheme and see what happens.  Looking forward to seeing your suggestions!

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Mr_Fastbucks's picture

In honor of that annual WI confab in Oshkosh, the "barnstormer".

Glorious80s's picture


AdamInEngland's picture


Cheddarhead's picture

The way they swarm and sting you from all directions you could call it the (Green Hornet)

PACKERS.'s picture

Great idea. I posted a link to the site on my blog so maybe the one person who reads regularly will think of an idea. (hint, hint ;) )

I still have to take some time to think of a good idea though.

DaveK's picture

"The Fritz" in honor of Fritz Shurmur. Fritz used a bunch of formations also during the Superbowl years. Maybe when they go into 2-5-4. Call that one "the Fritz".

''Defense always is reaction. We react to what the offense does. But I have found if we come up with something different, something a little more creative, something they have not had a chance to look at, then we get them responding to us.''

PackersThad's picture

I wrote a bunch on that site...but when I was typing in my tag name, I forgot to add "Thad" to "PackersThad" so now it just says "Packers"

bogmon's picture

How about "Shit Weasel"...ha ha

Jason Albert's picture

“Cape Fear” — Play off Capers, the cape Woodson wears, and whatever hell they unleash together.

PACKERS.'s picture

PackersThad: I might have to copyright my name then...... ;)

alfredomartinez's picture

GOLDIE OLB blizts using the blonde twins, hawk and cm3...

Jim in DC's picture

Taking Alfredo's suggestion a bit further, perhaps the Dred-knot (dreadnaught) next season when Al Harris returns.

cow42's picture

“Sphincter – Shrinker”
Describes what happens to the opposition when they look across the line of scrimmage.

cow42's picture


foundinidaho's picture

The Nitschke? Maybe it would be too hard to pronounce.

Oppy's picture

I'm sticking with the name I suggested for an all TE/FB/RB offensive set during the preseason:
The Swollen Package
Since we're talking Defense, it'll have to be a 5-2 set to be used in obvious run or short yardage situation. Jenkins and Jolly set the edges, Pickett and Raji hold the interior, and Jarius Wynn is the extra body on the inside, just for a little more wiggle between the big boys. LBs are Matthews and Barnett, for their versatility and balance in run/pass, With Woodson/Williams on the corners (Harris if he was available), both CB's playing decent on the run as well.. Safeties? I'm thinking you can go any which way there. Collins/Bigby, Collins/Chillar, or Chillar/Bigby for ultimate run support.
Okay, so it's really just an excuse to call it something the "Swollen Package", but that's my prerogative, isn't it?
It'd be a very rigid defense. ugh.

Victrix's picture

The endgame. Basically telling the other team it's over, you have no chance.

NickGBP's picture

I vote for the Swollen Package.

Jim in DC's picture

Later this season...

"And this afternoon we have quite a match up. Brent Favre facing Green Bay's vaunted Swollen Package."

alfredomartinez's picture

THE MISSISIPI CHEESE SQUEEZE-an all out blitz from the blind side...first play of the game packers vs viqueens, postseason, game 3 of the series..."and favre doesnt seem to be getting up from this one...who would have thought ladies and gentleman, jarret bush coming off strong the blind side and hiting favre and forcing the fumble...and now to a commercial break!"

Dilligaff's picture

the Long Hair Monsters

Jim in DC's picture

Alfredo, you're funny in a slightly evil way. :D

PackOne's picture

"The Claymaker"

PACKERS.'s picture

Purple People Eater

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Brat. It has lots of possibilities...naked brat, loaded brat, etc.

alfredomartinez's picture

Thank you jim in DC...

PackersTaylor's picture

My vote is in for the swollen package. Another idea is the Wood[son]shed.

bomdad's picture

Keeping with the psychosomatic theme, I came up with "turrets" but found that was copyrighted by one Bob Sanders.

Iced Borscht's picture

Jim in DC beat me to it: "The Claymakers."

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