Nagler's Never Right: NFL 2014 Season Week Eight Picks

Aaron's picks for Week 8 of the regular season. 

Last week: 11-4

Season: 63-42-1

San Diego vs Denver

Last season, the Chargers went into Denver, played keep away from Peyton Manning by holding the ball forever, and came out with a win. You have to think that will be the game plan once again - but this time the Broncos defense will get the ball back to their superstar QB. Broncos win.

Detroit vs Atlanta

This game will have the feel of watching a Premier League matchup here in the States, with its early morning kickoff. Coffee, eggs & bacon - and a heap of Lions’ defenders in Matt Ryan’s grill. This will get ugly for the Falcons’ offense and their defense won’t be much better off. Lions win.

Baltimore vs Cincinnati

Andy Dalton takes a lot of grief, but the Bengals putting up a donut hole on offense last week was not his fault. His offensive line and receivers let him down all afternoon. With AJ Green’s availability still up in the air and with the Ravens playing well on both sides of the ball, it’s hard to see a better outcome for the Bengals this week. Ravens get a big road win.

Chicago vs New England

The Bears have all the pieces they need on offense. The Patriots have lost their best (and only) pass rusher, Chandler Jones. Chicago could put up 35+ against this defense. The problem, of course, is that the Bears defense is just as capable of giving up a ton of points as well. It’s hard to take a Cutler team over a Brady team - but that’s exactly what I’m doing. Look for the Bears to get back on track.

Miami vs Jacksonville

This has the makings of a let-down game for the Dolphins, coming off of a big time win in Chicago, against a team they should beat. But I don’t think even Joe Philbin can screw this one up. The Dolphins are more talented across the board. While that doesn’t always translate into wins in the NFL, it does in this instance. Miami gets their second in a row.

Minnesota vs Tampa Bay

This could be one ugly football game. The Buccaneers defense has been tough to watch, but so has the Vikings offense since Teddy Bridgewater’s first start (which seems like a year ago rather than a month) Mike Glennon gets his team a win at home.

Buffalo vs New York Jets

The Bills pulled one out against the Vikings. They won’t against the Jets. No one is talking about it because of the Harvin trade, but Geno Smith played a very good game against New England. Harvin will open up things enough on offense for the Jets to get their first win since Week 1.

Seattle vs Carolina

Last year, this was a heavyweight fight. This year, it’s a mismatch. Yes, the Seahawks have looked disjointed the last two weeks. Yes, the Max Unger and Bobby Wagner injuries have been problematic. None of that will matter Sunday as Seattle’s offense gets back on track.

Houston vs Tennessee

This is how the Jake Locker Era comes to an end, not with a bang. Zach Mettenberger will be the Titans’ third starting quarterback in what is shaping up to be a lost season. (Has there been any other kind recently for the Titans?) The Texans are flirting with their own lost campaign, but JJ Watt and the Texans get a much needed win on Sunday.

St. Louis vs Kansas City

Both teams pulled off upsets of divisional opponents last week. Austin Davis has been good enough while Alex Smith is playing quite well. The Chiefs pass rush will be the difference here as Kansas City makes it two in a row.

Oakland vs Cleveland

Derek Carr is playing well. James Jones is making noise. The offense is starting to click. Cleveland is coming off, by far, its worst performance of the year. Being back in the Dawg Pound should help, but the loss of center Alex Mack will echo all season in Cleveland. But the Browns survive it this Sunday.

Philadelphia vs Arizona

The Eagles’ offensive line looks reborn now that it’s getting healthy. That’s a good thing as they head into Arizona as Todd Bowles (a former Eagles defensive coordinator) has been bringing heat on quarterbacks all season. It doesn’t get much better than Bruce Arians and Chip Kelly. One of them has to win. Give me Arians.

Indianapolis vs Pittsburgh

I hope Steelers fans enjoyed that win over the Texans on Monday night, because things are about to come crashing back to reality in Pittsburgh. Andrew Luck and company roll.

Green Bay vs New Orleans

As I said on Transplants earlier this week, this game is a perfect example of why ticking off wins and losses when the schedule comes out in April is a pointless exercise. The Saints are not even close to the team we thought they were this offseason (hell, I picked them to go to the Super Bowl.) The Packers are playing well on both sides of the ball. The Saints looked to be for most of the game last week until it all fell apart at the end in Detroit. Look for lots of points and a Packers victory. 31-24 Green Bay.

Washington vs Dallas

There’s a very good chance Colt McCoy will start for Washington in this game. That is just incredible. Dallas will do what they’ve done all year, control the clock by running the ball which will in turn keep their defense fresh. The Cowboys continue to roll.

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Lphill's picture

October 23, 2014 at 02:22 pm

the Saints will wish the Packers never came marching in.

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Chad Lundberg's picture

October 23, 2014 at 05:56 pm

Could the Packers roll over the Saints 45-10? With the way they played against Carolina, I wouldn't rule it out.

But a team that's 2-4, and has Drew Brees throwing 50 times a game, in a division where they're still only two games behind the lead, this has desperation written all over it.

I hope the Packers can handle them, and I especially hope that new NASCAR look can get to Brees early and often, If not, this may be the toughest game the Packers play all year.

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FITZCORE1252's picture

October 23, 2014 at 07:30 pm

For some reason I am far less concerned about the saints than I was the Panthers... probably Cam.

I just don't see them slowing us down, they will get theirs, but won't be able to keep pace.

I don't see a nail-biter.

41-30 Pack

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