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Mike McCarthy Gives Dom Capers Tacit Approval

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Mike McCarthy Gives Dom Capers Tacit Approval

On Wednesday morning, Mike McCarthy met with the media for his season ending press conference.

When asked about Dom Capers, McCarthy said:

McCarthy made no clear indications of any coaching staff decisions, stating that the evaluations were on going with no major changes planned.


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Evan's picture

I don't think there is anyway MM fires Dom...but maybe Dom retires...?

Jayme Snowden's picture

Per Ty Dunne's twitter:
Dom Capers today: "I have no plans of not coaching, I’ll say that." #packers

Evan's picture

Well, crap...

WKUPackFan's picture

I had also guessed that he would retire. Tacit certainly is a good way to describe both MM's and DC's statements, "no plans of not coaching" could mean a lot of things.

jeremy's picture

Dom Capers isn't responsible, that's fine.

Then Ted Thompson, get him some safeties who can play football.

4thand1's picture

If the Packers are relatively injury free next year, and players don't develop, more than Capers will be on the hot seat. The Defense has to be top 10 to 15. The offense will shred teams next year.

jeremy's picture

Didn't we think that last year, and the year before.

Remember the Packers are all about "Availability and Accountability"!

Err, wait maybe not Availability...

Ah, Oh and I guess not Accountability either....

Well, anyways they are about something. MM will let you know when he figures that part out again.

4thand1's picture

At one point of the season , Tampa was actually the most injured team and GB was a close 2nd. I don't know who was at the end I'm assuming GB led the way. I've seen injuries but this year was fargin ridiculous.

Uncle Louie's picture

Agree. Gotta wonder how our Pres. Mr. Murphy feels when he watches the Defensive Backfield leave receivers wide open; all game ,every game the past few years. He should pull off his tie and grab some shorts and a whistle and show these coaches how it's done. Better yet suit up on game day.

Al Fresco's picture

Its not a problem we have Rogers.
No run game, have Rogers.
No pass rush to speak of, we have Rogers.

Stroh's picture

What the hell is wrong w/ the run game? It was excellent this year! Lacy ROTY almost 1200 yds as a rookie, and if Rodgers hadn't been hurt I think he runs for closer to 1400 and a few more TD's.

Ron from ct's picture

The Packers need a big time safety and to be heathy next year to get to the Super Bowl , Dom Capers is not the problem

Jameson's picture

I'm fine with Capers staying.

I didn't think he was the biggest reason our defense had so many failures.

TT needs to give his coach some players who can play NFL football. Capers can only try and hide so many weak links in this scheme and in this pass happy league. He needs some players who know what is going on, can learn quick, and can tackle!

4thand1's picture

All the coaches are in on the draft process. They look at need and all of them evaluate talent on their board. TT doesn't make the decisions all by himself. Every team has a lot of scouts also that travel every where.

Uncle Louie's picture

The final decision rests on his shoulders , he's accountable for the draft.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Darren Perry allegedly coaches the safeties. Either TT drafted safeties who can't be coached, or Darren Perry can't coach, or the players are miscast in this scheme.

PacMan's picture

What changed from the beginning of the season when Packers were great on run defense to the end of the season? Some injuries but except for Matthews - no critical ones. Isn't that a coaching issue.

Evan's picture


Uncle Louie's picture

Tell me their not keeping Slocum.

zeke's picture

Curious as to the biggest issue you see with Slocum. Is it the scheme he runs? Poor technique being taught?

Nononsense's picture

I think any chance we had for major changes on this team went up in smoke with the Chicago win and the competitive playoff game. Somehow I doubt that MM will even consider firing the training and conditioning staff who have some responsibility for all the injuries this team has suffered in the last few years.

Its funny though that MM always talks about accountability and his mantra for his coordinators is more creativity less volume. I see none of that on this team really.

I know injuries played the biggest part in this lost season but when you have that many injuries you have to have coordinators that can be flexible within their scheme to adapt to the thinning of certain positions and Capers just isn't.

RC Packer Fan's picture

That is my biggest complaint with Capers. He didn't do enough schematically to help the defense.

I keep going to this, but the defense was getting gashed by the run game, and when they were getting gashed the most was when they were in the Nickel package.
Well if all of us fans can see what is happening, why couldn't he see what was happening. He needed to come up with something different. Remove a safety to put an extra Corner in so they could stay in the 3-4 front. or remove an ILB and have a 3-3 front.
Change it up so the offense doesn't know before they see it how to attack it.

I didn't see enough of this. My other complaint is that when, Capers first became the D coordinator he would use various packages to create confusion. He came out in the 'Psycho'. Why couldn't they have done that again? They could have done it at any point using their Nickel. With Daniels, Jones, Mathews, Perry, Hawk, and Jones. It would have at least made the offense have to think about protection, when the whole front 7 is moving around and not in a normal stance.

Those are my biggest gripes with Capers. Hopefully this offseason he will find his book of formations and plays that probably has cobwebs and a layer of dust on them.

Phatgzus's picture

It's pretty difficult to get creative up front when half of your secondary couldn't cover a bald spot with a 10-gallon hat.

It's also literally impossible to run the Psycho when you have all of 4 LBs.

Al Fresco's picture

Could not agree more. I was hoping for a pasting by niners, win by at least 21 and total embarrassment to show MM, this team ain't what you think, time for a change.
This close but no cigar damaged the team from improving because MM and Ted think they are right on target.

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