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Mike Daniels Reportedly Signs Four Year Extension

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Mike Daniels Reportedly Signs Four Year Extension

Ian Rapoport has got the goods.

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cuervo's picture

Clearly he's our best d lineman, and clearly...we've way way way overpaid for a slightly better than average d lineman.

Bearmeat's picture


This is exactly what GB needed to do. I was hoping to stay right at 10m a year. Mike probably wanted Watt money. This is a nice go-between for one of the best DLmen in the league.

Excellent deal here!

PackerAaron's picture

You won't be saying they overpaid when the salary cap jumps again and the silly money starts flowing in free agency.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yeah, need to keep that in mind.

Spud Rapids's picture

Pro football focus rates him as the #2 d end behind Jj watt so it seems Thompson paid him market value and didn't overpay

zoellner25's picture

Cuervo must be drinking waaaaay too much Cuervo

LeagueObsrvr's picture

OMG, yes!!!! Was hoping they wouldn't drag this on til free agency. This news is icing on the cake after yesterdays win!

ray nichkee's picture

Glad to hear we won't be sweating this one out to the end.

RCPackerFan's picture

Great, Great Move.

This will likely seem like a steal when Free Agency starts.

Idiot Fan's picture

I agree. It reminds of when we re-signed Shields. It seemed like a chunk of money, but now when you see what average corners are getting in FA (see: Maxwell and House), it was a great deal. (Side note: he's totally earning that contract right now)

RCPackerFan's picture

I think Shields deal was a really good deal at the time.

croatpackfan's picture

As he wrote by himself, he need to play better, especially now...

DrealynWilliams's picture

Awesome. I don't think management, coaches or teammates will ever have to worry about this guy slacking after his pay day.

He gives off that same attitude of JJ Watt.

All work. No play.

Has anyone ever seen him smile? Like, a genuine smile. Lol

zoellner25's picture


Ima fubar's picture

Ouch. Another budget busting contract by Ted. Oh, well Ted can always trade his first and second picks for more 6, 7th picks to make up the difference.
I don't think he is worth being paid the third highest defensive end in football Ted. Not by a long shot.

chugwater's picture

'Another' budget busting contract? What was his first one? We are well under our cap. Datone is coming along in his third year. Keeping Raji and Guion is feasible too. Plus there's the 2016 draft.

This is classic draft and develop behavior executed by the master himself.

Mags's picture

It's about time Jones started to show a little something for a first round pick. Need a lot more consistentsy from him though. As far as master Ted he has had his share of misses in the draft

chugwater's picture

Don't disagree. Every GM has hits and misses. And Jones has been pretty consistent this year. Not unusual for a player to come into his own in the 2nd or 3rd year.

Allan Murphy's picture

Oakland better watch out because Big Mike will have a little more juice this week watch and see .

jh9's picture

Mike Daniels has worked his ass off. All the other D-linemen have been up and down while Daniels has been consistently good. No one on the team deserves a contract extension more. I'm happy for him and the Packers.

Tim Bruce's picture

Mike D is a solid 3-4 DE. Glad this didn't go to free-agency.. Feels high but there is no going back on salaries. We are entering fantasy island type contracts now.. Just win baby!

mrtundra's picture

GB needed to get this deal done! Mike makes the entire D Line better.

Razer's picture

Where does that leave Raji and Guion?

mnklitzke's picture

I think Raji gets a nice little contract this time around... He has been playing good football!

Oppy's picture

I fear little in life as much as I fear paying out a big contract to Busari
Alamu Raji.

He's really played great ball this year, with more heart and fire than he has for the last 3 years combined.

But that's what I fear.. the complacency.

One thing I'd never fear about giving a collegiate wrestler like Mike Daniels a payday.. You know he's always going to work hard, grind it out, and compete.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Periodic rant: Never, ever, give Raji big guaranteed $. Ever. That is all.

Dan Stodola's picture

Sign Raji to a 4 yr 20-24M deal. Guion they can probably let go in FA. Datone Jones and Pennel can play his positon by splitting reps between them. Raji has been too good and a True Packer, as he showed last year, staying in GB while injured, to let go just yet.

WKUPackFan's picture

Raji will be 30 next season. Normally one would say there is no way he gets a four year contract. However, the length is irrelevant since all that matters is the guaranteed money. $10 million guaranteed over two years sounds reasonable, but that's just a guess.

Dan Stodola's picture

I could see a shorter contract. Forgot bis age. 2-3 yrs are good too. Hope he gets signed tho, don't think Pennel is quiet ready to be the full time NT.

Oppy's picture

DTs and especially NTs can frequently play into their mid 30's, so Raji has that going for him.

That said, Pennel is probably the NT of the future for this team. Just don't know how long the Pack will want to stick with Raji if at all after this season. Maybe another 2-3 years if the money is right?

I definitely could see the Packers allowing Raji to test FA if he doesn't agree to a very team-friendly cursory offer extended to him before the end of the season, and then deciding if they want to match what the market bears for his services.

Oppy's picture

That said, I could also see TT giving Raji "thank you" contract money. I hope not, and Im guessing Daniels' decent paycheck indicates he's the lineman they are building around.

Dan Stodola's picture

No doubt they are building around Daniels. His 10M per contract says that much. But I don't think Pennel is really ready for the full time NT job. I do think they see Pennel as the NT of the future like you mentioned. But I have doubts if Pennel is ready for that job. Like to see at least a couple yrs of Raji and transition to Pennel gradually. Pennel can still get DE reps in the meantime.

If they don't bring Raji or Guion back, they are going to be really thin on the DL. I just don't think that's a recipe for success. Give Datone and Pennel a PT role each, would be my preference.

mnklitzke's picture

Bout time.. I think they got a deal. Just wait to see what free agent D-linemen get this year.

Since '61's picture

I'm glad the Packers have locked him in for the next 4 years. This is as good as any free agent signing that TT could make for a DL. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Bohj's picture

Signing our own. Love it. Everyone wanted a replacement for Cullen Jenkins. Well....his name is Mike Daniels. And he will be creating havoc for running backs and QBs for years to come.

Mojo's picture

Cost of doing business in today's NFL. Sign your difference makers to huge contracts and try to fill in with young cheap labor around them.

Every team has to do it, unless in rebuilding mode.

Daniels gambled on himself and won.

Looks like signing bonus is $12 mil. and the Pack are accelerating the majority of the contract to the front-end. Good for the L-term, but what about any FA's next year if this season goes south. (don't laugh)

jmac34's picture

GB had quite a bit of cap space heading into this year. Combine that with a rising cap and multiple contracts for the packers ending. GB will be in fine position should they want to make a move (trying really hard not to laugh at that notion)

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree that Daniels gambled and won. Moreover, it appears that GB capitulated on AAV. Never understood GB's hang-up on that. When Casey Jurrell got $9 million AAV, it was clear that Daniels would exceed that significantly. The structure is always the most important thing, tho.

It is too early to say whether the contract is front loaded. Large signing bonuses by definition are not good for the long term and cannot be front loaded from the team's perspective (though it is a front load from the player's perspective). The 15 month time frame means almost certainly that a big roster bonus is due in March of 2017, probably 3rd or 5th day of the league year. The $12 million SB means at least 28.5% is guaranteed, and the $22 million in 15 months means that 52% is effectively guaranteed. Surely TT did not guarantee more $ than that.

My guess is that Daniels' cap # for 2016 will be $5.5-$7 million, leaving plenty of cap space for our own players and for FA (laugh, but not a giant laugh - if Peppers retires and the cap goes up $10 to $15 million, TT is going to have to spend some dough to spend).

jmac34's picture

This is the one guy GB needed to keep out of this FA class. Everyone else is sort of meh and they should be able to pick and choose what kind of contract they want to offer these players.

Tundraboy's picture

Well deserved. Plays hard and owns up when he has an off game. Need more with his fire, and ability of course.

alaskan tundra's picture

Awsome. No waiting until too late and then overpaying. I like the deal and hope Raji is signed as well.

4thand1's picture

I thought TT was cheap? The way most people post, you'd think he was the star in Scrooge. WTG Ted.

MarkinMadison's picture

When it comes to other teams' FA, he is cheap. When it comes to older players, he is cheap. He definitely is cheap. But he's also paid guys who are his own, who are younger, and who he thinks are better, and he's paid market rates: e.g. Cobb, AR, CM3, and AJ Hawk. So if you want to call him "selective" instead of cheap, go ahead.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

All the details are still not known, but Daniels' cap number for this year increased from $1.617 to $4.017 million, meaning that $2.4 million in cap was pushed into this year by the signing bonus. That is, the signing bonus is prorated over 5 years, not 4 years, since he got the bonus this season.

Point is that Daniels' cap number for 2016 could easily be rather low, $5 million or so. Plenty of room for TT if he wants to use it in FA and re-signing our own.

GB FAs Offense: Starks, Q, Tolzien, Barclay and Lane Taylor (RFA). No reason to think Starks will get much more than his current salary. Same with Q, who probably faces a suspension as well. Barclay should be cheap, if wanted. Tender Taylor with low tender at most since he was a UDFA. Tolzien is an issue - happy to have him back with a modest increase. Not sure what he will command - not much more unless he gets on the field, maybe plays against MN if that game is meaningless.

STs: Crosby and Goode. Re-sign both - no reason to think raises are in order other than cap inflation.

Defense: Hayward, Richardson, Neal, Perry, Mulumba (RFA). Overthecap projects Hayward as being able to command 4 yrs, $27-$31 million. Too steep for me. I'd offer 4 yrs (reluctantly given his injuries) for $20 mill with $6 million guaranteed as a good slot CB. Walks probably and we get a 4th/5th rd comp pick in 2017.

Neal: Neal will command an increase, more than his current $4.25 million (and a lot of that old salary came in the form of roster bonuses, not signing bonus). Elliott unfortunately can't handle the run still, and is situational only. Therefore, consider signing Neal at a modest raise (there is a reason Neal has played 575 snaps this yr and Perry has only 265, and it's not all injury related). Figure $5.5 million per year.

Perry: He'll probably command 4 yrs, $24 million (no source for that - just my opinion). Too steep for me. Still, I think GB needs either Perry or Neal. Maybe both as I am disappointed in Elliott's development. TT will know what Peppers intends to do. If he retires, GB needs both Neal and Perry back. I think CM3 should stay at ILB - he's better there than OLB (blasphemy!).

Richardson: whatever. I was never a fan. Cheap is ok due to STs but I don't even like using a roster spot on him. Always hurt. Walking X-ray. Hope he retires for his own sake.

Mulumba: Always thought he would amount to something, as I thought he was fairly complete - okay against the run and pass, but either gets hurt or beat out by Elliott. RFA. Cheap is fine.

D Ernesto's picture

Perry? really. I'll bet if he goes free agency no one, zip will take him. he has done nothing for this team. To me he is a bust. At a one pick, pretty disappointing.
Amazing how pack fans expect super bowls and are happy with mediocrity. Perry and Datone are still the bust brothers.
Note, teams run right at Perry. he is too slow to react and a poor tackler.

sonomaca's picture

Nice summary.

Disagree on Elliot. Don't care if he's situational. Need to apply pressure on passing downs. Otherwise, 3rd on 7 turns into 1st and 10. Also, D-linemen take time to develop, probably four years.

I'd resign Perry, as he'll likely be better on the second contract than the first. Ditto for Jones, who I think is going to be a semi-star, eventually.

Hayward is a tough call. You need to defend a good slot receiver on occasion. If that occasion is a playoff game, Hayward could prove extremely valuable. Overpay, I say.

Neal is valuable, but if they run out of cap space, he's probably the one to go.

Agnostic on Mulumba.

Let's face it, without the defense, this team would be 6-7. There's something to be said for keeping a good group together.

As to the offense: I think Hundley will surpass Tolzien in 2016, so can save some cap space there. I say let Taylor and Barclay go. The Packers have some decent talent on the PS, and can draft a couple of projects, as well. Everyone dismisses Starks, but he usually comes through when Lacy is injured or uninterested. Forget Q. Maybe sign a more reliable FA TE.

D Ernesto's picture

As long as the game plan is to dump Datone Jones into free agency fine. I hope they don't giove the farm to him to or this team is financailly crippled.

sonomaca's picture

As I said, I think he's starting to develop. Wouldn't want to see him go to another team and become a star.

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