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Memo To Ted Thompson From Dan Rooney

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Memo To Ted Thompson From Dan Rooney

The Steelers owner had this to say last night:

Just have good players. That is the big thing. Players are the ones who do it for you. You can't win without the players. Remember that.

Sounds so simple, doesn't it?

Get to work Ted.

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Ron La Canne's picture

Simple, but true. I'm in the midst of analyzing all TT's personnel decisions over the past four years. Some things come to the surface as important for 2009.

1. Don't need any WR's

2. No RB's unless LT is given to you free of charge.

3. DB's low Draft Choice only

4. Get 2 or 3 O-Line (FA and Draft)

5. Get 4 D-Line (FA and high Draft)

6. Get 2 LB's (1 FA and 1 Draft)

Summary - the Packers need 8 or 9 new players with skill levels appreciably above of that of current players. 3 or 4 of those should be impact (def.- above average compared to other NFL players in their position) players. The remainder should be better than what is there now.

And, of couse, if there's any more cap room a punter would be nice. How is this going to be accomplished? That's what they hired TT to do. Your serve TT.

PackerAaron's picture

I completely disagree re: DBs. If an elite corner is sitting there at #9 you sure as heck take him. Love me some Tramon Williams (as you know) but Harris and Woodson can not play forever...

scrumptrulesent's picture

Aaron, would Jenkins be tops of your wishlist? What if Curry drops? What if Monroe or Smith is there?

Matt McGuire from Walterfootball just posted an updated mock with Curry falling to the Pack. He also has Smith and Jenkins still on the board at that point.

Curry would be tough to let go past.

PackerAaron's picture

I like that his first line is "Cornerback is a need" ;) Seriously though, anything other than a receiver is fine by me. I just took exception at Ron saying DB should only be looked at in the later rounds. Truth be told, I'd be doing somersaults if they got Curry, Jenkins or Smith.

scrumptrulesent's picture

I like this guy's draft. 1st round Curry, then 2nd round Duke Robinson wouldn't be horrible. Of course, according to his list, I'd be very interested in Sean Smith at that point in the 2nd.

Ron La Canne's picture

Aaron, The DB's in an ordinary year would be a higher priority for me also. This isn't an ordinary year for the Packers. The front seven on defense and the front five on offense MUST be improved. This has been an area where TT has failed (Pickett is the only good addition he has made).

Admittedly, I'm hoping that Harris and Woodsen will play well again. That will give Williams and Lee another year to develop into good replacements.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I would take a top DB early (depending on who/what is available). The problem with linemen is there are so few that are slam dunks in the first round (ref Mandarich and Jamal Reynolds). Also look at Goulston with the Jets this year. There are many other examples. I just think its a little easier with LBs and DBs. Big, fast and athletic at LB and DB is kind of hard to screw up

IPBprez's picture

Sorry, guys ... I gotta side with Ron La Canne on this one. He pretty much nails it, no matter how the rest phrase it. NO BIAS. I owuld ask Ron what he thinks of Orakpo? Or, Alex Mack? (just to name two) ---- or, if he has a fav DT or DE, who would that be (please, no injury histories, if you would)...?
Kinda screwball, but Orakpo does rhyme with Go Pack GO. (ya, weird)
My point, thru all of this nonsense, is I look at the Draft with a sense of NOT grabbing the highest listed college player - but, rather, go grab the 2nd or third highest rated player - they usually have a chip on their shoulders (call it EGO, I don't care). WE ALL KNOW that guys drafted in the 4th, 5th and onwards to the 7th rounds (Mark Tauscher?) can and will make you proud.
What about it, Ron? Fess up!

Ron La Canne's picture


The draft is going to be dictated by the success, or lack of, in the FA Market. I'm going to presume that a LB and DE, and Center are added by FA prior to the draft. Or, at least, sure of their chances. So my first pick would be Raji (BC) unless Orokopo (Texas) falls to nine. In round two I'd go for Moala (USC) if GB got Orokopo. If it was Raji, I'd go for Johnson (GTech) he has good speed and some size. The remainder of the draft should be best player in positions that need filling. We have plenty of WR's, QB's, CB's (in number), Safeties (Bigby's return a key) and RB's (late round gamble only). Focus must be on DLine, Oline, LB, and maybe a punter if one is there in late rounds.

As we know well as Packer fans, first round hype doesn't always work out (Manderich - Reynolds). But, if you look at league stats you are more likely to get a return from the first round than the seventh. For every Tauscher there are two Cliftons.

The reason for my approach follows:

1. Cole FA
2. Montgomery FA
3. Harrell (they have to put a Red Cross on his helmet)
4. Pickett Yr 9 (and was slow to recover from hammy in 2008)
5. Kampman Yr 8
6. Thompson ?
7 Hunter Yr 4 (hasn't played much - Why is he still on the team?)
8. Alfred Malone Who?

9. Stabilize Oline - can't improve with different lineup every week
10. Barnett is coming off a serious injury (?)
11. Hawk not playing to expectations - Can Capers fix his problem?
12. Poppinga - (weak link)

The diatribe above reflects my insistence that GB wait a year to spend big potential on CB's. Now, if you say we need to rebuild now it's a different ball game. My belief is GB MUST improve its' record this year.

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