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McCarthy Slips

I've been pretty vocal about my admiration of McCarthy throughout the entire Favre saga. I think he's been the only honest, straightforward adult throughout the whole thing.

Which makes this back and forth from today's press conference all the more depressing:

why isn't he back?
McCarthy: That's a question that keeps being asked, just like Pete's question earlier. It never got to that point, and that needs to be clarified here. It was never a matter of if Brett Favre can play. He finished No. 2 in the league in MVP voting I think someone said. He's still in all of our cut-ups. I'm very in tune with what his level of play is. That was never the factor. In my opinion, and based on our communication, and all the communication throughout all this process, I was never truly convinced that he was going to play. Now, he wants to play. He should play. We got to a tough spot, and this is why it ended up why we're here today. But it was never about he's one of your 53 why isn't he playing. We never got to that point, and that's something that needs to be clarified here.

(If you were more open to him playing, would he be here?)
McCarthy: See, you didn't listen to what I just said. You keep asking the same question over and over. We never got to that point.

(But why?)
McCarthy: The commitment to play this year.

(If you had told him he would be the starter, he would have been here, right?)
McCarthy: Totally disagree with you Bob. I hear your opinion, it's not accurate. It's not accurate to the facts that I've presented to you. I need to protect the football team. It is about the football team. I understand how large Brett is. And he totally agrees with my focus. We talked about it openly, we talked about moving forward to try to get to that spot, but we did not get there. That's the truth. You can keep asking me the same question. My answer is not going to change.

Of course, McGinn is trying to get McCarthy to admit what he already knows: That the Packers football people made the decision that Favre was never going to win another championship and that they needed to find out what they had in Aaron Rodgers. It's just unfortunate that McCarthy has to toe the company line here. I mean:

We never got to that point, and that's something that needs to be clarified here.

Yes, Mike, yes it is.

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Kramer64's picture

Ah, no. It doesn't have to be clarified. There are rules in any business, and one of them is not to make any more waves than you have too.

Yes, the media will ask the same fricken question 22 times to see if they can hammer out the answer they already know.

I admire MM for not giving into more BS that will only serve to divide the team. That's more than I can say about Bus Cook.

packeraaron's picture

I see your point, but you kill it with that last sentence. You say you admire MCCarthy for "not giving into more BS that will only serve to divide the team" then disparage Bus Cook for not doing the same. Well, Cooks job is not the team - it's Favre.

Mr.Man's picture

Now that he's gone they don't want to bad mouth him. Not that they ever tell guys to their faces what their ultimate assessments of them are. I think that's it. The blunt assessments that are made during personnel meetings are kept confidential.

lostinutah's picture

I didn't realize that McCarthy was on the coaching staff the year Rhodes got fired (I knew he'd coached but not when). It does give some odd perspective to his supposed objectivity here, given that Brett, among others, asked for Rhodes to be fired from what I understand.

Andrew's picture

Here's the thing folks - McCarthy IS protecting the team, especially A-Rod. I'm very impressed by MM. Brett's been called a diva by many in the media this week and McCarthy is trying to protect him too. I have not changed my position - if Brett said "Mike, you guys hurt my feelings and I didn't feel wanted, but I'm here and I'll compete and win my job as a consequence of my retirement decision. Let's put this behind us because I want to play and I want to play only here" - then we would not be in this position. I mean, c'mon, Brett said it himself in his Jets PC when he said he wanted to go to the Vikings so he could play us twice and that probably wasn't the best way to look at it. McCarthy knows Brett is an emotional cripple right now and chose not to answer that question the way I'm sure he wanted to. I will watch Jets games and root for Brett but I continue to maintain, like Aaron, that McCarthy is the one I trust and admire

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