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The Packers are 9 and 1. I am still in shock. My first Carolina game in Lambeau after 3 in a row being at Charlotte games. This is an amazing team to see live. I didn't expect them to be this good and I know there is luck involved but you don't get to be 9 & 1 in the NFL solely because you are lucky.

I know that some fans have already taken it for granted, and are looking ahead to Dallas but please stop.

We just beat an injury plagued team that has some of the best personnel in football. No they don't have a quarterback- although Vinny looked good and the call on Barnett hitting Vinny out of bounds was the right one. (Dude - he's 44 - come on). But they do have a really good Defensive line, a pretty killer O-line and a strong running game. They also really needed to win. We had them beat from the moment Tramon Williams ran a pooch punt for a TD. (Right in front of me- it was sooo sweet) There was never a question that we were completely in charge of that game.
So what, Vinny Testaverde has a good line and we rushed four in the second half and we let them try to beat Jarret Bush. He won some, they won some. So what Al Harris missed one play where he got beat. He DOMINATED. When you see him live, there is no doubt that when he wants to exert his will he will jam you and you will not get the ball. And on the off chance you have the potential to get the ball thrown to you while he is covering you, you had better throw the ball perfectly and be at the very best in the NFL at your game because you will not catch it otherwise.

Charles Woodson is usually the fastest man on the field. There is a lot of local chatter about Woodson still returning punts, and I agree about the risk reward (ie the punt return data isn't adding up from a statistical point) but he is one of the biggest playmakers on this team. He is the closest thing we have had to a Leroy Butler type playmaker - game changing finisher since the man himself. He really is on the verge of breaking a punt return for a touchdown, I'm just still not convinced that it's worth it. Especially when you see how ridiculously good of a cornerback he is.

You know what's better than big five? Audible from 4 wide 1 RB to Big Five in transition. Carolina had no answer and they looked scared. They were very close to calling a timeout and for good reason. It has the potential to be the most dangerous formation/personnel grouping in the NFL. Show me a team that has the personnel to stop this when it's greased and lubricated and has one of the greatest behind it. You wanna talk weapons..

On a side note..

The area where my Grandpa's seats area, section 122 - has got to have some of the most boring non-packer knowing fans in Lambeau. There has got to be a rule. If you are not helping the team. Do NOT come to the game. Stay at home and watch it on television. So I gotta start this:

Corey Behnke's Rules for being a good Packer fan:

1. Do Not discourage the people in front of you from standing up at any time and especially when the packers make a good play.

2. When the Packers are on Defense

1st & 2nd Down

At the VERY least, yell (or say) "D", "Defense" or shout for 1 second something.

3rd Down

Do whatever you just did multiplied by at least 3.

4th Down

In the event of this potentially historic moment, you should not have vocal chords that operate properly when it's over.

3. When the Packers are on Offense

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Down

Shut the hell up. I don't want to hear your voice. as a matter of fact wouldn't it be sweet if it was so quiet everyone could just hear Brett's cadence?

Feel free to offer your opinion or "encouraging" words to the opposing team or our offensive line - but just do it between plays.

And to the gentleman behind us in Row 17:

Number 25 is Ryan Grant. He is the starting running back for the Green Bay Packers.

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PackerAaron's picture

November 20, 2007 at 02:09 pm

Post Of the Year. Brilliant.

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November 20, 2007 at 06:23 pm

Oh, and just so our readers and listeners know, that's exactly what Corey looks like when we record the Podcast...

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