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LaFleur: Rodgers doesn't need fixing

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LaFleur: Rodgers doesn't need fixing

In an interview with WDUZ in Green Bay, new Packers head coach Matt LaFleur was asked about the narrative that has formed early on this offseason regarding his number one job being quarterback needing "fixing."

Predictably, LaFleur had a different view of things and made the point that, more than anything, winning football games would make most of that talk disappear. 

I think "fix" is defenitely an overstatement for sure. Any time you get a guy of his caliber, he is going to be held to the highest of standards. If he is maybe for whatever reason, doesn't have the production, people are going to be overly critical of him. But certainly, it's not a "fix." Ultimately, at the end of the day, this game is about winning. If you win, I don't think you hear anything.

You can listen to the entire interview below:

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

"I think "fix" is defenitely an overstatement for sure."

Of course he's not going to say he needs to fix Rodgers.

Maybe he'll let the OL do that. Just instruct them to block for 2.5 seconds and then let pass rusher free. Problem solved.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

That's awful! Okay, I've stopped laughing. Thanks.

mamasboy's picture

I agree Jeremy. Make Rogers play by their clock. Instead of running around protecting Rogers for 10 seconds every pass play, only to have him throw it out of bounds eventually. He's setting up our linemen for fatigue related injuries every game.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Automatic thumb down for spelling "Rodgers" without the "d" two times.

The TKstinator's picture

Sister Helen lives on!!

(But then, she looks at that “Ivory” and it starts all over again.)

mamasboy's picture

That's the most relevant point you can make, Eddie???

LeotisHarris's picture

For crying out loud, mamasboy! Now I have to come in here and throw a flag for question mark abuse. Just stop it. One is enough. One! Got it?

mamasboy's picture

When it's a relevant question Leo, one needs to use more than one ? mark. As far as your commentary on this site goes, one is enough. ONE! Got it ???

Jonathan Spader's picture

If you get him fixed maybe he won't focus on supermodels and actresses but on football instead?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hawg Hanner's picture

Which supermodel ruined his career?

dobber's picture

If this is true across the board, the fact that I still suck at football means that ARod should still have fun while he can and it won't make any difference.

Johnblood27's picture

2.5 seconds would be a dramatic improvement.

TheVOR's picture

I just have to say, if I had his gig, I'd definitely partake in everything gifted to me that aligned with my life. Remember, God, Family, and the Green Bay Packers. He's entitled to work on the God and Family parts as well. If that comes in the package of a movie actress or a race car driver, have fun, and enjoy life. Just saying..

TheVOR's picture

I just have to say, if I had his gig, I'd definitely partake in everything gifted to me that aligned with my life. Remember, God, Family, and the Green Bay Packers. He's entitled to work on the God and Family parts as well. If that comes in the package of a movie actress or a race car driver, have fun, and enjoy life. Just saying..

Jonathan Spader's picture

Lol I think CHTV readers forgot ~~~ meant sarcasm.

Nick Perry's picture

Supermodels? No...But how about 30 less State Farm Commercials a year and those are just what I see. I'm guessing he has some local endorsements and such I may not see here in Los Angeles.

I GET it... The money he makes from endorsements is HUGE. But at what point if any would you hope your Super-QB who you've paid a HUGE portion of your salary cap over the next few years spending more time working with other NFL players like Adams, MVS, ESB, or anyone else for that matter instead of the two agent commercials which by the way aren't as catchy as the interesting looking guy from the discount double check days?

If I'm being honest it would be pretty damn difficult to not take advantage when I could but damn is there a happy medium?

PatrickGB's picture

Perhaps “Adjustment” is a better word. Bring the teams offense up to date. Rodgers can adjust fine to a new scheme.

Packer Fan's picture

Yes, I like the word adjustment. Better designed plays to fit the talent, more confidence in the coach, better protection. It's the little things that need to be reset or adjusted. MM had just lost it. Complacency, poorly designed plays, plays don't fit the skills of the players all contribute to the lack of interest in AR who demands execution. I just think Rodgers will become the Rodgers of old and perhaps better with better playcalling.

ricky's picture

"Adjust" is good. I was thinking along the lines of "tweaking" his game. Take the short pass, get rid of the ball quicker, be willing to take an occasional risk, go more up-tempo.

ricky's picture

"Adjust" is good. I was thinking along the lines of "tweaking" his game. Take the short pass, get rid of the ball quicker, be willing to take an occasional risk, go more up-tempo.

Old School's picture

Normally, when you have a 35 year old QB who finished 20th in QBrating and 26th in completion %, the assumption would be that he's in decline.

Then you'd look at his record as a starter over the last two seasons and see a guy who is 10-12.

From 2010 through 2016, Rodgers was outstanding. But as Kansas told us "nothing lasts forever but the Earth and sky.". It 2019. He has an injury history that shouldn't be ignored.

We're all hoping/thinking/believing that he'll be better next year. Some of us still believe he's a top QB in the league. But that hasn't been true since the first couple of games in 2017.

I think there are a lot of things that the team could do to help Rodgers, and a lot of things that Rodgers could do to help Rodgers. But I also think that under pressure, everything enters its most stable state.

IMO, if Rodgers is going to enjoy any more success in the league, he's going to need to stay in the pocket and throw darts instead of extending plays and trying to hit big plays downfield.

I kind of think he won't make a successful transistion to that guy because he's just hard-wired to go for the deep strike. We can put better blocking around him, but I don't think we'll change who he is.

madtowndan's picture

Towards the end of the season it looked to me like his fundamentals needed a little "fixing", particularly his footwork. We all know you can throw off your back foot when you have to Aaron, but please don't do that when there's time and room to step into the throw!

Too many short passes thrown too low or behind the receiver, and deep passes a little too deep.

I dunno, maybe his knee was more of an issue than he was letting on, but he seemed to be pretty well healed by the last few games.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

So very true on every example.

Qoojo's picture

The problem as I see it is akin to a gambling addiction. Wanting to hit the long shot instead of taking the sure thing to move the chains. He does this because of previous payouts. Thus on 3rd and short, there goes the bomb up in the air, when the dump off to back or something shorter was open.

Now sometimes that bomb pays off, and it looks sexier and feels better than simply picking up the first down. So he's always pulling that slot machine arm trying to hit the jackpot.

Granted this is an oversimplification. But I think this might be the root of the issue.

BradHTX's picture

This is the most insightful analysis of the issues with Rodgers that I’ve read in a long time. Well done, couldn’t agree more.

This issue isn’t whether Rodgers CAN adjust. It’s whether he WILL.

Tundraboy's picture

There's a lot of truth to what you're saying. Made me think that as well as with other situations such as, if you live in a dysfunctional house long enough you end up with some dysfunctional traits at some point or are influenced by them. And as Knock points out below, with the improvements he listed, Rodgers will be a playing much better. Least of my worries.

porupack's picture

Well maybe....but as I recall, there was wide criticism 3 years ago b/c packers didn't go deep when Jordy was injured for the season, only short passes, and then opposing defenses played Green bay tight and WRs couldn't separate.

So, going deep has lower completion rates, especially with young receivers...but just have to do it to keep defenses fearing the deep ball even on 3rd and 2.

The mechanics are probably a result of weak Oline, and getting sacked too much. Yes, and holding the ball too long gets sacks too.

Offense, and Rodgers should improve under;
1) better scheme and timed routes with HC Lafluer
2) rookies MVS, ESB, JmM (hopefully) and Kumerow making year 2 leap
3) Get a decent TE
4) invest two picks in Oline and bring in FA
5) More commitment to run game and use AJones like he proved he is capable.

Then...deh is all fix'd.

jannes bjornson's picture

That was Mccarthy's scheme since 1998. The check down issue on third and short Has to be Corrected. That is just Football. Keep the chains moving if you want to succeed.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

With a better OL in front of him, a better running game with more rushes per game, a better offensive scheme, a better TE, a passing game to backs out of the backfield, more screens, etc. I dont think any of you are going to think Rodgers mechanics need fixing.

Can't wait!

porupack's picture

Posted before reading yours, or I would have just read your prescription and just given thumbs up .

holmesmd's picture

It’s readily apparent that Rodger’s accuracy and velocity suffered quite a bit the last 2 seasons. His mechanics are not up to standard, same is true for decision making and holding the ball ridiculously long.... only to sail it into the sidelines more than any QB in the league. Win-loss record & personal statistics have nothing to do with mechanics. Watch iso tape on #12...he does many things that are not up to standard. He used to be able to do that and still throw a “hot & accurate” ball. I did not see much of that this season and it needs to be fixed. Some athletes transcend mechanics but they are very rare and usually can’t do it forever. Steph Curry has terrible mechanics shooting the long ball yet he’s incredible at it! MJ’s mechanics had to get better later in his career because he had to adapt his game. We all know how Favre rarely if ever had perfect mechanics but how many players are like him? Brady has very good mechanics because he must. I think his results speak for themselves. Nothing in life is static. Everything must ebb & flow. If you’re not getting’re getting worse.

jannes bjornson's picture

It always comes down to basics, regardless of what sport you're trying to master. Footwork, trust your release point, and time the release @ 3.5 seconds Maximum. Oh, I guess that would be the WCO with a FullBack and Power running back and a TE who can move. Back to Basics the theme for 2019.

stockholder's picture

Right cheek kissed.

Bearmeat's picture

This is all about MLF knowing that ARod religiously reads every scrap written about him and him wanting to manage the ego of QB1. He needs ARod to buy in, or his job is toast and he knows it.

If you want to know how he's really going to coach ARod in private, read his own quotes about how he handled Matt Ryan in 2016 (during his lone MVP year).

He knows ARod needs to be rebuilt a bit. He'll coach him hard.

Moving along.

BradHTX's picture

This is also insightful. “Fixing” has negative connotations. “Coaching” is positive. All about the optics.

Coach JV's picture

Yup... Matt Ryan got all "diva - I'm the smartest guy " attitude when LaF corrected him. LaF got in his face and said "I'm gonna piss you off every day, but you're gonna do what I say"... or words to that effect.

I bet real money that LaF has the balls to bench AR if forced into it.

Houndog's picture

"Fixing" Rodgers?
If any of the rumors of any riff between him and McPuffy are true Rodgers is probably excited as hell about a new coach and a new system that will hopefully give him more of an opportunity to win another SB. He'll probably show up in great shape and anxious to get on with it after all the talk about how he's losing 'it'.
I'd like to see some action on "Fixing" what seems to be the ongoing special teams fiasco. I'd rather they hire a college guy (or Assistant ST coach from a good system) over some retread that's almost guaranteed to improve the ST's from 32nd to 29th.

KeepErMovin's picture

2019 Rodgers will have a huge chip on his shoulder. Combine that with an offense from this decade and watch out!

The TKstinator's picture

PS: take the wide open checkdown on 3rd and 2.

Old School's picture

Take the wide open checkdown on first and 10 so that you end up with 2nd and 4 instead of 2nd and 10.

sam1's picture

Does name calling of a coach who did a rather great job over 13 years make you feel really strong and grown up? 3rd grade has you still trapped in it, huh?

Houndog's picture

Yeah Dawg, third grade is tough!
You'll see when you get there.

Coach JV's picture

What if we haven't heard a lot on the ST coaching front, and seen these shitty interviews, because he plans on going after John Fassel from the Rams... or maybe his assistant Matt Daniels?

That's my guess...

Houndog's picture

I'm hoping you're right Coach JV.
I'd take either of the two you mention over some of what so far (other than Rizzi) seems to be leftovers.

Coach JV's picture

Yeah... lots of leftovers. Unfortunately there just isn't many good ST coaches available right now who aren't currently under contract.

I heard somewhere that Rizzi wanted HC type money. He'll never get a job with any team if he's asking that much. So I understand why the Packers passed.

I don't like Russ Ball... but I don't blame him on that one.

I like the idea of Matt Daniels. I'm not sure why.

PatrickGB's picture

I agree hound dog. Special teams have been historically bad

Rossonero's picture

Fixing is probably a little extreme, but I sure hope Rodgers is receptive to coaching. I remember Mike Holmgren saying that Joe Montana told him, "coach me hard."

I'm sure most remember Brett Favre struggling through some rough patches. However, he played some of the best ball of his career in his late 30s....McCarthy was able to get through to Favre, so I'd hope that MLF can do the same with Rodgers.

Old School's picture

Kind of a myth, actually.

McCarthy coached Favre for two seasons. The first, Favre had a passer rating in the 70s. The second ended with Favre throwing yet another season away with an ill-fated interception. It was reported that at halftime McCarthy was so unhappy with Favre's play that he said out loud that he should bench him. When Favre tried to force his way back on the team after his fake retirement, it was McCarthy who said he wasn't wanted.

McCarthy didn't fix Favre, and Favre didn't see a need to be fixed.

edp1959's picture

Smart coach, he is going to do good things for Packer land.

Rak47's picture

On a side note speaking of coaches, why have none of the Packer sites reported on the official hiring of Mike Smith as OLB coach? Smith comes over from the Chiefs where he was OLB coach last year and coached Dee Ford to his first pro bowl season.

Coach JV's picture

Really? Where did you hear that? That would be awesome!

EDIT: I just saw it on Packerswire... That is a home run hire, and should put to rest any questions about FO or LaF allowing Pettine to hire his own coaches.

Rak47's picture

I saw it on Packers website, Packer wire, APC, and the Press gazette hadn't even reported on it which is weird because the Packer site doesn't report anything until it's official.

Coach JV's picture

True... but it's kinda like we heard about the OL, ILB, and TE coaches before the official site reported it too.

Hmmm... maybe Murph needs to go on the search for a new Social Media Assistant... Hehehe

Rak47's picture

That's my point JV. The rumors almost always get out before the official hire, but not in this case. I think that him coming available unexpectedly with Bob Sutton being fired in K.C. after losing in the AFC championship game and replaced with Steve Spagnuola, had a lot to do with it. LaFluer and Pettine probably inquired and moved before word could get out.

Coach JV's picture

I think you're right... That was one of the best moves the team has made in building this new staff. I hope the next hires are just as good!

Rak47's picture

I love that he played LB for Pettine and got his coaching start under Pettine. As you said this has put to bed any questions I had about Pettine's role in choosing his staff. I'm very happy with this hire.

Coach JV's picture

Me too... Very happy!

Now it's on Gute to get us some OLB's either through draft or FA (preferably both)

Coach JV's picture

Crap... double post

Coach JV's picture

Shit... triple post... does the madness never end???

Rak47's picture

I think people think I'm anti LaFluer after voicing my concerns over hiring Stenavich and Outten. I actually like the LaFluer hire and I like all the other hires he's made. I'm just not sold on those two. Stenavich more so because I understand the in game adjustments and readjustments an offensive line coach has to make on the fly in games. It's like having a young QB that defensive coordinators are going to try to confuse with motion and schematic pressure. Just like a QB the O-line coach has to recognize it all and adjust his protection fits. My question with Stenavich is does two years as an assistant give him enough experience to recognize all the different adjustments needed in protecting Rodgers. If it doesn't Rodgers could end up like Alex Smith and Joe Theismann. Let us all pray that doesn't happen and Stenavich is capable.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If he's in over his head, Stenavich can ask Outten.

Rak47's picture

Lol, good one!

Coach JV's picture

I agree with you Rak47 about the experience level of Stenavich. I really wish he had about 2 more years of experience as an Assistant OL coach. It's certainly risky. I think all the guys LaF wanted to hire for OL were blocked by their teams, so he had to go widen his pool and this guy was the only one available who understands the zone-blocking scheme that LaF wants to run.

I'm kinda baffled on the Outten hire... but I'm sure there's a method to LaF's madness.

Rak47's picture

I see you get it JV. It's not that I think he sucks I'm just asking legitimate questions. The exact things that make Mike Smith a slam dunk hire can be said in the opposite for Stenavich. It's about hands on experience.

Coach JV's picture


I was talking with a friend who's a hardcore 49er fan and getting his thoughts on Stenavich... He reminded me that the 49ers OL road graded our front 7 this year.

He also said that Stenavich is seen as a prodigy with the type of zone blocking scheme, I guess we'll see.

I'm still leery though.

Rak47's picture

That's good to hear JV and a bit encouraging actually. At least he's not labeled some average Joe that LaFluer had to settle for. Thanks for that info.

Rak47's picture

The dreaded double post! deleted.

jannes bjornson's picture

That was the same crew that did get him maimed in 2017 and the Bear game. It was just luck he was not lost for the entire season in 2018. That's your McCarthy/Campen duo. Stenovich played in the trenches and like a good coach-to-be sat the bench and absorbed Knowledge about the game in the Big Leagues. I'm not worried about him. The fear is trusting Gutedkunst to secure an OT and Two new Guards in the draft and free agency. Now we have to wait. Remember, the Clown show on Lombardi Avenue has been historically negligent when it comes to protecting their HOF QBs.

4thand1's picture

The fix is HC. I don't give in to conspiricy theories, but AR knew if he plays lights out and they make the playoffs, it's one more year of the same. He knew MM depended on him and also knew he held MM's future in his hands. The throws he missed didn't look like an accident.

Handsback's picture

Ohhhhhhhh 4thand1 that is so bad and so enticing at the same time. Fix is inaccurate, Rodgers isn't broken, just out of alignment. Lets see what ML can do.

Tarynfor12's picture

Rodgers needs an adjustment...and it comes in the form of knowing and accepting the limitations of hos offensive unit as a whole and individually and take what he knows they can give him. Expecting each WR to be a Moss/Brown etc will not make them so.
Design plays for each players ability and adjust Rodgers to use that to his and the teams benefit....Brady,Belichick,NE.

The TKstinator's picture


Coach JV's picture

Thumbs up on your comment about expecting each receiver to be Moss or Brown.

For years we heard fans go on about AR making receivers great. But now we can see that Rodgers has had the benefit of talented receivers all along. If the coaches can draw up good route trees, I think he will trust MVS and ESB more.

J'mon Moore can't run a route... I wonder if he can field a punt?

jannes bjornson's picture

Wasted pick. He couldn't even return a kickoff w/out screwing it up. Should have been a guard or safety there, Ted Junior. Epic fail.

Coach JV's picture

Definitely a wasted pick... but I wouldn't condemn Gute to being a Ted Jr. just yet. He hit 3 good picks in his first draft with Alexander, MVS, and ESB... with Alexander having the potential to be a top 3 CB in the next year or two. He also built draft capital for this year in the process.

He brought in Breeland which was a home run... or will be if we keep him. I'd hit him with the Transition tag or maybe even the franchise tag just to make sure we do.

I bet we get a couple of good FA's this year that LaF will want and another decent draft.

dobber's picture

I'm not sold on any of the three WR, yet, but for picks taken in the middle rounds, if only one of them turns out to be a quality NFL starter, BG has done OK. If one becomes a quality starter and another a solid role player? That's pretty good.

Lare's picture

Rodgers needed a new offensive scheme and new coaching. I'll believe he needs fixing when I see one current player or coach say that he does, and I don't mean ex-players or coaches with an axe to grind.

AgrippaLII's picture

To all you of little faith...The only "fix" AR needs is his OL !

Oppy's picture

You can call me "ye of little faith", but I prefer to call us, "Ye of film study and logic"

Oppy's picture

For what it's worth, what needs the absolute most fixing is attitude and accepting that there is a chain of command (Players execute the offense and plays as dictated by the coach). Even so.. lots of uncharacteristically poor or missed decisions and low-accuracy throws out of #12 in 2018. Needs to right the ship.

Rash Diprock's picture

I agree for the most part. But Arod still makes some meathead decisions.

Gort's picture

Did any of you really expect MLF to publicly throw AR under the bus at this time?

Rebecca's picture


PAPackerbacker's picture

AR doesn't need fixing but he definitely needs coaching, AR even said he wants to be coached. AR needs to be held accountable for his performance, just like any other player. He is not above the team, he is a part of the team. Hopefully the new coaches can get the players they are responsible for into playing as a team and bring out the best in each player to achieve that goal. And AR is a part of the team.

Rebecca's picture

Asking again: How do you hold AR12 accountable?
1. Time out corner.
2. No outside recess
3. Bench him.
4. Holler at him
5. Make him practice 3sec drop 50 x every day

Gort's picture

Bart Simpson and his chalkboard comes to mind.....
I will not hold the ball more than 5 seconds.
I will not hold the ball more than 5 seconds.
I will not hold the ball more than 5 seconds.
I will not hold the ball more than 5 seconds.
I will not hold the ball more than 5 seconds.

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