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Kiper's Mock 4.0 Gives Packers Perry, Crick

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Kiper's Mock 4.0 Gives Packers Perry, Crick

In his fourth mock draft of the 2012 NFL draft season, ESPN analyst Mel Kiper Jr. gave the Green Bay Packers a pair of defensive prospects to help makeover a unit that gave up more pass yards than any defense in NFL history last season.

He started by upgrading the pass rush at outside linebacker before moving to the defensive line in the second round.

Kiper mocked USC defensive end/outside linebacker Nick Perry to the Packers at No. 28 overall, a connection you've seen more and more analysts making as the draft draws near.

"They simply have to find players who can create matchup problems for offenses often trying to play catch-up via the pass," Kiper said. "Perry is another convert option, but the Packers can do a lot with their looks and find a place for a pass-rusher with his upside."

31 picks later, Kiper gave Green Bay Nebraska defensive end Jared Crick in the second round.

"A poor man's J.J. Watt, Crick is a penetrator with enough size to play defensive end in a 3-4," Kiper said. "[He] will help the pass rush."

Perry (6-3, 271 lbs.) finished his career with 13.5 sacks, including a Pac-12 leading 9.5 in 2011. Crick (6-4, 279) totaled 20, with 9.5 in both 2009 and '10 before missing most of '11 with a torn pectoral.

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MarkinMadison's picture

I don't like Jared Crick as a 3-4 DE at all. Generally reported in at 275-285 lbs., so well under 300 lbs. Torn pec last year. Strength is still recovering, but you can't count on a guy at weight, with that injury history and that strength level a block-eater in a 3-4 scheme. Some pass rush. More of a sitautional player for the Packers than a player with full-time potential, IMHO.

Bearmeat's picture

I'd be happy with Perry in the 1st. Not Crick in the 2nd... maybe 3rd.. maybe

Mojo's picture

Agree with Bear here. Although, I would prefer Mercilus or Cox over Perry (doubt if either of those two will be around at 28). Also. I don't want TT taking Crick in the 2nd. They should package some picks and move up in the second to take what should be a number of promising prospects at either OLB or DL.

mark's picture

I'd be a-ok with Perry.

pkrNboro's picture

I thought Perry was the guy that didn't want to play OLB/standing-up?

Geez, it just seems impossible to get some damn "3-4" OLBs!

CSS's picture

I think Perry said he, 'was more comfortable playing with his hand on the ground'. I don't believe he's ever said he doesn't want to play standing up.

He would get more comfortable in training camp, nice asset to have in a guy if you ever want to play him down on a 4-man look.

packsmack25's picture

So basically neither will be Packers. He's never accurate.

jeremy's picture

That's what I thought.

dat der Packer-backer's picture

That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the headline, as well. Funny. I do enjoy the "Kiper-face" when he continues to get pick after pick wrong. The increasing frown and frustrated look, and more aggressive in how he says "that pick just doesn't make any sense to me, I don't know what they're thinking, here".
Him and Skip and Rome must be great friends.

Beep's picture

Kiper has a better job than a weather man...he's wrong just as much but all access to everything NFL.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

At least he doesn't have us taking a RB like some tools.


Chris's picture

No kidding!

PackersRS's picture

No, he has us taking whoever is available as a pass rusher, regardless of fit, then whoever is available at DL, regardless of fit. Guess the logic is less flawed... The hair is perfect, though.

BubbaOne's picture

Perry's short shuttle time was a tad more than his 40 time suggesting he has the lateral movement of a fire hydrant. Capers likes complete OLB's so don't think the Packers would want him. He would be more suited to the 3-4/4-3 hybrid that N.E. plays and who pick just ahead of us at 27.

I wasn't high on Crick and still not convinced but am warming up to the idea of TT taking him at 59.

PackersRS's picture

His 7.25 cone drill (270 pounds) was also pretty slow. For comparison, Fletcher Cox (298) had a 7.07.

Tamba Hali with a similar weight did 7.28, so it doesn't mean necessarily that he can't play OLB.

I don't think he can, though, not in the Packers' system.

Lou's picture

A defensive lineman with an injury history (Harrell - Neal), we can't afford to take that chance again plain and simple. No one to date has indicated why the Packer's medical staff was not held accountable for Harrell and Neal being cleared to be picked that high in the draft. At #7, you may take a risk, not at #1 and #2.

pkrNboro's picture

Harrell had a biceps injury his last year in college, which healed fine. The Packers limited his activity in his first training camp -- to be cautious and let him heal completely -- and he fell behind in learning the defense. By the time he was healthy as well as competent, he was relegated to a situation pass rusher late in the season.

IIRC, he was chided for his off-season conditioning before his 2nd training camp, and he injured his back while weight-lifting (something akin to So'oto??) while trying to makeup for his inactivity. I think the Packers tried to do everything short of surgery, but then had to do something to a disc (cleanup/partial removal). When the problem/discomfort persisted, I believe they had to fuse vertebrae.

I don't think the deal with Harrell is "on" the medical staff. If I was going to point a finger, it'd have to go to the strength/conditioning staff. Especially, since something similar happened to So'oto (trying to be "Superman").

With regard to Neal, I know he was into weight-lifting. His labrum problem resulted in not exercising certain muscles around his shoulder. I don't know if excess weight-lifting could cause problems with knee cartilage, but I guess it's not out of the realm of possibility. But I'm not sure that's "on" the medical staff either.

CSS's picture

On Neal's meniscus/knee: usually, the more muscle mass you have surrounding the knee (quadriceps/hamstring) the more protected the cartilage is. Especially on a non-contact injury. That one was truly an oddity you could blame on nothing but bad, bad luck.

Mojo's picture

pkrNboro, you hint a couple times about the severity of So'oto's injury. I too, have wondered the same. I get the feeling So'oto's damaged disk problem, unless surgically repaired, will cause nothing but problems (similar to what happened with Harrell) and derail his career. What once looked promising will end up being another, "what if".

pkrNboro's picture

I was encouraged that So'oto made it on the field late in the season. Don't know if he did much stat-wise; hope it wasn't health-related. I don't think I heard of any problems with the back after that.

But I gotta wonder: what the hell is going on in the weight-room?

I'll be paying close attention to any of the following McCarthyisms:
"Well, we're gonna be smart with him"
"Well, we're gonna talk to the medical staff"
"Well, we're gonna keep an eye on him"
"Well, we're gonna limit his play in the beginning"

Pretty much if I hear the word "well...", I know there's some shit coming...

Captain Lou's picture

I'm not concerned that Perry is more comfortable in a 4-3, I'm concerned about the reports that he's not a gym rat and doesn't love the game. That's typically a big thing for TT.

CSS's picture


That's a surprising statement considering he's packed 270+ lbs. on a 6'3" frame and did 35 reps on the bench. Not to mention the explosion he showed in the long-jump and vertical.

Looks like the opposite, actually. His on-field play doesn't meet his testing.

Anthony's picture

I think some of the things said here indicate what Lou is trying to say. He takes plays off often, apparently:

Captain Lou's picture

How about Konz in the 1st, and use some of those extra picks to trade up for McClellin in the mid-2nd?

Justin's picture

I love that idea!

Jamie's picture

I know I'm in the minority, but I am not very high on Nick Perry. First, I just think he's too big and will likely put on a few lbs as he matures. I don't see how he maintains his speed and fluidity with his frame. Even more worrisome for me is that he seems to play hard for about 3 secs per play. I see little to no hustle beyond his first 'move', as he seems to stand around while others are finishing the play. Big (maybe too big for OLB), strong, fairly fast, fairly fluid, but do not see him maintaining, and not a 'to the whistle' kind of guy in my view. Don't see a fit at OLB and/or with the Packers.

pkrNboro's picture

I'm with ya, Jamie.

Whether he doesn't want to play standing up, or prefers a hand on the ground, he seems like an incomplete player for a Packer first round selection.

In a 3-4, he seems small for a DE.
In a 3-4, he seems deficient in coverage knowledge/experience as he'd need at OLB.

IMO, the Packers don't need a project/developmental-prospect in their first pick.

Cole's picture

Would rather get Curry and Wolfe/Wynn

cow42's picture

shea mcclellin.

pkrNboro's picture

and ?


who else ??

pkrNboro's picture

Jonathan _________

pkrNboro's picture

Jonathan M________

pkrNboro's picture

Jonathan Massa____

c'mon, say it !

ted, of bill and ted's picture

don'ta hightower, brandon thompson

MikeM's picture

Bruce Irvin

MartinV's picture

I can't understand for the life of me, why people are so high on Crick , I don't think he will ever make an NFL roster , he got man handled all yr long in college! Even when healthy he disappeared! I don't think anyone has a clue what GB is going to do in the Draft thanks to the NFL channel never talking about the Packers or ESPN for never covering them at all.. I am so sick of seeing all about LUCK OR RG3 crap I could puke!

pkrNboro's picture

A few weeks ago, Mike Florio had a little video blurb about the Packer's draft needs. His belief of the number 1 priority for the Packers was a backup QB!


Talk about totally uninformed!

RayRhodes88's picture

Baby Reggie White Jr.

PackersRS's picture

Jeremy Thompson

Oppy's picture

Adrian Hamilton, Prairie View A&M.

mid-to-Late round selection by the Packers, will be TT's yearly "WHO THE HELL IS THAT" pick of 2012.

Cast in the mold of Nick Collins and Greg Jennings- very talented player who played in a small program at a minor school, who will be overlooked by most because he didn't play vs. "top notch" talent.

Thanks to "Sean" at ALLGBP for opening my eyes to this kid- he's totally a Packers-type pick.

Michael's picture

What is he? You mentioned a defensive and offensive player as comparisons so what positions does he play?

Oppy's picture

OLB prospect. Look him up. And, my comparisons were simply that he's a small school player who had big production but will likely be overlooked because he didn't play against big, DIV I talent- much like Jennings and Collins.

This kid had 20+ sacks, 20+ TFL, 5+ FF and around 80 Tackles last season..

chase's picture

we need shea mcclellin. He is a good overall player, and a blue collar worker.

redlights's picture

I'm into Still, even if we need to trade up a little to get him.

I'm less informed on the rest of the draft, but a Safety would be good; a big one to cover TE's.

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