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Jolly Reportedly Arrested

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Jolly Reportedly Arrested

From the CBS affiliate in Houston:

Trouble brews for Houston native Johnny Jolly once again. The defensive end, who was suspended from the Green Bay Packers for felony drug charges in 2008, was arrested in Houston early Friday morning.

Houston police stopped Jolly’s Escalade for a traffic violation at 12:45 a.m. on the 9900 block of Westpark. Jolly presented a state identification card rather than a driver’s license, and police learned that his license is suspended and is not eligible for renewal.

While searching the vehicle, police discovered that Jolly was in possession of 600 grams of Codeine, which is a felony charge. Police also discovered another unidentified substance, which has been sent in for testing.

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TomG's picture

Well that's the end of that.

Ryeguy812's picture

ANd Cullen Jenkins' price tag goes higher if the Packers want to keep him

NoWayJose's picture

WOW. JUST WOW. What a grade-A moron this guy is.

Adios, amigo! There's no more place for you on the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers.

Tommyboy's picture

Dude needs major help.

Oppy's picture

This, with a huge caveat:

If he's addicted.

Two sides to this issue from my perspective:

Jolly needs help and compassion if he's a codeine addict.


Jolly is, as other people have indicated, an IDIOT if he's throwing a multi-million dollar football career down the drain because he's trying to be "the man" or make extra money selling or distributing codeine. This is twice now will what appears to be large amounts.

Either way, Packers lost a good lineman. Sucks.

bigfog's picture

I'd be more inclined to cut him some slack if he's an addict and this was his first brush with the law.

But the dude said out an entire year of his NFL career on charges that are what, 2 years old now?

He's had plenty of time to get help if he's an addict. I think it's more a case of idiot.

Happy trails Johnny. I'll never forget your headbutt of Adrian Peterson during Favre's return to Lambeau.

Mel's picture

It was Chester Tayler

Tony Hartzheim's picture

I think you are confusing addict with drug dealer. He was caught again with 600 grams.

RockinRodgers's picture

If true, just cut him and move on.

Tommy's picture

What an idiot. Cut him!

Andyman's picture

Talk about the fastest way to kill not only your NFL career but your life is one fell swoop. Get some help, kid. Very disappointing.

dgtalmn's picture

Is anyone really surprised that he fell off the wagon? I never really expected him back.

BTW, how stupid can you be...

FITZCORE1252's picture

I'd be surprised if he was ever on the wagon. Piss tests ain't no thing.

MEXPACKFAN's picture

Damn I wanted him back with the PACK guess it aint happening now. Jolly es un pendejo.

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

No es nada mas que un adicto. Una lastima para el y los Packers. A ver si Ted Thompson sera mas motivada a pagar a Cullen Jenkins.

hyperRevue's picture

What a disappointment.

Norman's picture

What a major blow, we need Jolly back to compete for the Super Bowl!

Oh wait, never mind. Thanks for playing, be sure and take your parting gift on the way out.

valpack's picture


revolutionmdk's picture

Great now Jamarcus Russell has to work out by himself. This is the worst ever.

Mark's picture

Russell works out? This is shocking!

Simon's picture

+1, Hilarious.

Norman's picture

I'll bet he was just holding it for his new training partner, JaMarcus Russell. You just knew that combination was going to lead to trouble.

lebowski's picture

I never expected him back anyway. He's shown himself to be a poor decision maker, and with the team not able to have any contact with him for a year, he was bound to just hang with his jerkoff posse down in Houston.

WoodyG's picture

Give him credit for getting caught before the draft ...... The major emphasis may now be on the DL with both Jolly & Jenkins not returning .....

PackersRS's picture

Credit for getting caught?
It's not like he did that on purpose...

It's just "better luck" that this didn't happen weeks before the season starts.

BTW, I fully expect similar news regarding JaMarcus Russell in any moment now.

WoodyG's picture

Give him credit for getting caught before the draft ……

" A form of irony in which apparent praise conceals another, scornful meaning. "

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

I got it Woody and I was laughing audibly (although I'd never use the abreviation for that). Common RS...

PackersRS's picture

Well, excuse me if I don't get your fancy 1st world irony. Unfortunately, google translate doesn't carry sense of humor.

Sparkyo's picture

Dude, Are you really a complete and utter D-Bag or is this all just one big misunderstanding?
I've been on this site for two or so years now and you consistently seem to take the very slightest of opportunities to flame your fellow Packer fans. My first thought regarding the reason for your rude behavior is that maybe your mom is about to evict you from her basement, or perhaps you're going through the DT's because the local grocer cut off your line of credit. Or perhaps you live in Philly or are a native New Yorker? If either of these last two scenarios is, in fact, true then please carry on, I most humbly apologize!

PackersRS's picture

Wow. Just wow. I was just kidding, apparently other people don't get sarcasm like me.

And you've been to this site for 2 years? Lurking, I take, because I've never seen you post here.

I take it speaks more about your condition if you've been here lurking for 2 years than it does about me.

You don't get the 1st world reference, do you? Well, if you had indeed paid attention to what I post, you would've known that I'm from BRAZIL, not from PA or NY.

And so what if I was from those places you biggot? You got a problem with someone from outside your comfort zone?

Or perhaps you have some pre-concept about people from philly or NY.

If so, I recommend you step away from your mom's basement and see the world. It's not as stereotyped by the TV, you know?

WoodyG's picture

Just for your info, RS ..... I took absolutely no offense to your reply ..... My original post was sarcastic followed up by your sarcastic post ..... Seems fair ..... This is always the problem with posting on the web, no facial expressions or body language is seen by anyone so 'post meanings' can become easily misinterpreted .....

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, I know, I didn't take any offense either. My sarcastic response was more in regard to my mistake than to any retaliation.

Some people react with humor, some others with aggression...

Though I gotta say, WoodyG, I've mistaken your humor for aggression more than once.

Doug in Sandpoint's picture

Love the "fancy 1st world irony." I for one always enjoy my Brazilian brother's posts. I wish we had knowlegable posters from SA.

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

I have a question for a salary expert....

Would Jolly's 2011 salary = new draft pick 2011 salary + (What packers have to pay Jenkins in 2011 - What packers have to pay Jenkins in 2011 to keep him)

FITZCORE1252's picture

No expert here, but I do know the rookie paysacale is TBD in the CBA negotiations. Kinda up in the air.

Paul DelVechio's picture

Everything is at least a little up in the air right now without a new CBA. In 2010 Jenkins made 4.7m. Jolly is/was due 2.6m in 2011. If the Pack decide to just give Jolly's $ to Jenkins I'd expect them to offer Cullen about an average of 7m/yr. However, I'd expect Jenkins agent to use Darnell Dockett's contract signed 9/2010(6yrs/$56m) as a target. I doubt very highly that the Pack would pay him that much and he probably does too. That's why he's "99 percent sure" he won't be in green and gold next year.

PackersRS's picture
Wiscokid's picture

That was freaking hilarious or would have been if he wouldn't have been elected to the highest office in the land....twice. Instead it was more pathetic. Kind of like Jolly. Tell me, does 600 grams of Codeine equal Jolly good time?

PackersRS's picture

As an outsider, I never understood W.'s consecutive mandates. But then again, we did that ourselves in Brazil with an illiterate drunk missing one finger. He was a surprisingly very good president, if you disconsider all the corruption, though.

And the video is really courtesy of Nagler. Seen it first in this site, posted by him, and thought it was hilarious.

snackpack's picture

I wouldn't really say that Bush ever received "mandates." In fact he didn't even really win the first election, Gore did. He barely one the second one. Still sad.

Anita's picture

Holy. Cow. If watching your teammates fulfill a lifelong dream of winning a Super Bowl, and you not being allowed to join them, doesn't teach you a lesson.....

Brando's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture


Lynn Dickey 12's picture

I'm sad for the guy. Had every incentive to modify behavior but couldn't. That's what addiction does.

Packerbacker's picture

Or ego, or stupidity, or a nasty combination of both.

dane's picture

Good riddance, then. What an idiot.

Nononsense's picture

Well this is a strong draft for defensive lineman. Got that going for us anyway.

norman's picture

Which is nice.

-- Carl Spackler --

BubbaOne's picture

"Police also discovered another unidentified substance, which has been sent in for testing."

...The other substance turned out to be stupid pills.

lebowski's picture


Jersey Al's picture

Wait, April Fools isn't until next week...

foundinidaho's picture

Yeah, this isn't funny. Or a joke, sadly.

You can put me on the list of people who said all along Jolly wouldn't be back. I more expected TT to say "adios" than for JJ to self-destruct, but that doesn't particularly surprise me either.

I wish him luck, I hope he can get his life turned around. But not in Green Bay.

cole's picture

Time for CJ Wilson to step his game up baby!

PackersRS's picture

CJ already did. Take a look of him early in the season and then late. It's great progress.

I expected him to be a regular contributor even with Jolly on the team.

cole's picture

I'm a little worried about banking on Mike Neal, though he looks very promising, and CJ, and a rookie. There's no offseason workout program this year.

FITZCORE1252's picture

On the same line of thinking, you have to wonder what kinda shape JJ would have reported in? 1+ year off clubbin' and smashing the sizzurp... my guess is Neal, C.J. and any rookie in the class are in better shape.


PackersRS's picture

But how much fit a 320+lbs DL have to be? And it wasn't like Jolly was a pass rusher anyway...

As long as he didn't have Andre Smith's manboobs, he would've been ok...

JohnRehor's picture

What a waste. No, check that.

What an idiot.

Brando's picture

One word "Dumbass ain't going to the superbowl"

PackersRS's picture

Those are at least 3 words.

Cole O's picture

Another stupid douche bag with a million dollar salary who thinks hes a ganster. Please Ted Thompson cut him as soon as possible.

MarkinMadison's picture

"Show me the money!" - Cullen Jenkins

FITZCORE1252's picture

More evidence that you just can't fix stupid. At least it happened before the draft, and this appears to be a very solid draft-class for D-lineman.


bill dickson's picture

just another playa,not a player.bling,bling,bling lets show our underwear in jail so he can get something rammed up his a--.just another no-class dum MF WHO THINKS HE A many of them in the league...lets make it rain...another joke and hang around with my posse...another joke and have 7 kids with seven different women...another joke....but dont diss-em they dont like to be dissed...but could care less who they class rich dum mfers in this league and the nba.ill bet u half of the players carry guns...when is enough,enough. weeze b watchin u

Ruppert's picture

Jeez, what a bunch of cynics. It's OBVIOUS he just had a real bad cough..........

Mark's picture

LOL +1

jdondlinger's picture

What a grade A idiot. What a way to end a career.

packsmack25's picture

Addition by subtraction.

Chip Soup's picture

(OR) Subtraction by addiction

Oppy's picture

Definitely the #1 post of the thread right here! LOL.

Point Packer's picture

I guess old Johnny ain't off the Jolly Rancher Purple Drank.

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