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Joe Philbin May Not be Just a Temporary Solution in Green Bay

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Joe Philbin May Not be Just a Temporary Solution in Green Bay

Week 17 of the NFL season is comprised of teams gunning for a playoff spot, looking to enhance their current playoff spot, trying to stay healthy for their upcoming postseason dance card, or playing for nothing else if not a bit of self-respect. Unfortunately for us, the Packers fall into the latter category and no amount of wishing on a star or crossing our fingers for a post-Christmas miracle will change the outcome. No, the Packers are relegated to also-ran status and the only silver lining will be higher picks in next April’s NFL draft.

However, there is still one game yet to be played and in Week 17 the Packers will host divisional rival Detroit where they can at least salvage a bit of redemption after falling 31-23 to the Lions earlier this season. Some of the best online sportsbooks over at Sportsbook Review are hanging Green Bay as anywhere between a 7 ½ and 9 point favorite depending on where you shop for lines. However, there is one such online sportsbook that is tagging the Pack as 10-point favorites and you can read the 5Dimes Review, over at the aforementioned Sportsbook Review, to understand that this is one of the most trusted and reliable books in the industry.

One of the most pressing matters at hand for the Packers will be to determine whether or not interim head coach Joe Philbin will be a fixture or a fossil next season. Philbin had this to say about the meaningless contest this week.

"By Monday at 5 o'clock, this is going to be a ghost town ... Let's enjoy the week. This is an opportunity to put together one final game. They will never regret finishing the season strong."

A convincing victory this week could go a long way towards Philbin residing in the big chair next year, thus, this game is far more important to him than just about any other member of the Packers’ squad. Although Rodgers has maintained he wants to give Philbin the best shake at being named the head coach for next season, he hasn’t actually campaigned for him. Rodgers seems to be evaluating his relationship with Philbin on a week-by-week basis and if he deems Philbin a worthy compatriot, there is little doubt he will make his wishes known to the Packers’ front office once the season ends.

There is another reason why Joe Philbin may be viewed in a more favorable light and that is his history with current LA Rams offensive coordinator Zac Taylor. Taylor was a quarterbacks’ coach and then promoted as offensive coordinator in Philbin’s final season in Miami. Taylor is a hot, young, coaching commodity who could take the reins of Green Bay’s offense next season and would be a natural replacement to Philbin if he falters. Naming Philbin as the permanent head coach with Rodgers’ blessing, of course, could have some very positive ancillary effects. And let’s also not forget that since he took over for the ousted Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers has been more relaxed and his offense has averaged nearly 32 points per game which is nine points higher than their season average prior to Philbin taking the helm.

Lastly, Philbin has a direct connection to the Packers’ offense as it is presently constructed. He served as the offensive coordinator before being named interim head coach and the players are accustomed to the schemes and designs currently in place, courtesy of the architect himself, Joe Philbin. Aaron Rodgers is now an aging veteran by NFL standards and it won’t be easy teaching this old dog any new tricks unless he is eager for the challenge. Philbin brings continuity and it will be interesting to see if there will be a coaching purge after the season or if Philbin gets to kiss the ring and stay on for next year.

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J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

That Zac Taylor as our OC under Phibin scenario you proposed seems pretty interesting....

Turophile's picture

When I first thought about this I didn't think Philbin had any chance to be the next Packers HC. However, the more I thought about it, the more i warmed to the idea of Philbin as HC, PROVIDED THAT he got a good modern OC in and allowed him to run his (the OCs), offense.

That allows the Packers to move forward with a coach the players seem to like, and it still makes enough changes with a new offense installed, to freshen up a stale offense.

I'm not that worried about Philbin failing at Miami. Firstly that was not the greatest situation, and secondly, some coaches need to fail once to learn what they did wrong and how to correct that, going forward.

flackcatcher's picture

Miami. So much rot in that organization. More back when Philbin was HC. Front office threw him under the bus for not letting him clean house of their picks. It all blew up in their and their ownership's faces a year later. Got what was coming to all of them, and they deserved every bit of it. As for Philbin becoming HC, it all depends on how close the front office thinks they are to contending for a playoff slot and Superbowl. As we saw this year, the gap between the starter/core players and backups is huge. Will another draft, and a year of experience fill those gaps. I don't know. But I do know that the starter/core players were good enough to contend before injuries blew this team apart again. Maybe all that is needed is a minor change. Maybe.

Guy's picture

If he is the Rams OC he will not be able to even interview for anything less than HC so the fantasy of Philbin HC and Taylor OC is silly.

Lare's picture

According to the Rams website, Taylor is the quarterbacks coach, they do not have an offensive coordinator.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

That's interesting to know.

Once LaFleur left they have Aaron Kromer as run game coordinator and Shane Waldron as pass game coordinator.

They could still block him from interviewing for Packers OC. Since teams have to ask permissions to interview any "assistant" for any other "assistant" position. OC and QB coach are technically all the same in that regard.

Rak47's picture

Yeah, Peter Bukowski penned an interesting article the day after Christmas on the subject, makes a lot of sense, Here's a link if interested.

kevgk's picture

Who knows honestly. The packers were close to having a good offense this year and were on the brink of a functional team all year. They are winning the games they should win while under Philbin. Rodgers is playing in a better mindset and the offense is still using the same concepts but to more success. Would anybody be truly surprised if the Packers elected a in house hire? Really?
I'm not saying it would be a good or bad decision, but our opinions really mean squat. Whether we like it or not Philbin is likely the prime candidate before any interviews.

Hematite's picture

Reminds me of when Phil Bengston took over for Vince Lombardi.
That didn't work out so well.
Hopefully hiring in house will work out better this time, if it were to happen.

Since '61's picture

In 1968 Bengston took over an aging roster. Most importantly Bart Starr missed half of the quarters that the Packers played that season. Even with that if then GM Lombardi had been able to acquire a decent FG kicker the Packers could have won 10 games that season which would have won their division and put them in the playoffs.
In 1969 the Packers played better to finish 8-6 but it was not enough to win the division. By 1970, Bengston's final season as HC the remnants of the Lombardi dynasty were either retired, injured, or traded for picks.

The bigger mistake was hiring Dan Devine which took the franchise 2 decades to recover from. That is how important the next coaching hire is. Thanks, Since '61

Bure9620's picture

Yes Dan Devine was awful, a College ONLY coach.

Johnblood27's picture

Please do NOT ever use the two words Devine and Dan in the same sentence ever again.

That man single handedly destroyed my two favorite football teams and left this football junkie strung out for decades.

There is no love for that guy around here.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Agree Since 61'. We can't afford to get Dan Devined with this next choice. It has to be a home run.

I'm Dunn's picture

Very well summarized Since 61.

tincada's picture

At least Phil's daughter was a lot cuter than Vince's.

Nick Perry's picture

I believe I made a comment about a point Ed Wood brought up which was Zac Taylor.

If Philbin was named as HC he could probably get his son in law to leave LA and come to GB. Again I'm not sure of exactly how these rules work but I believe if the Packers were to hire Zac Taylor away from the Rams it would have to be for a promotion. For example Taylor is the QB coach right now so hiring him as OC would be a promotion and he could accept. On the flip if the Rams think he's THAT good or the 2nd coming of Sean McVay then I suppose they could promote Taylor to OC and block it. Right now the Rams don't have a OC, instead they have run and pass game coordinators.

IF Taylor is that good and innovative and could coach and motivate Rodgers this possibly could be a move I could get behind IF McDaniels isn't an option because IMO McDaniels is still the best option. I know that's not popular but Brady's comment keeps ringing in my ears...."Aaron Rodhgers could throw for 7000 yards in the New Engand offense". Obviously that would be something and I think Tommy Boy is heaping it on a little thick BUT I also believe IF Rodgers was to remain coachable and buy into McDaniels system it probably isn't THAT far off...Maybe 6000...

stockholder's picture

Philbin son? Think Shermans.

Nick Perry's picture

Oh crap that's bad....But he did work with Joe in Miami right?

Coldworld's picture

I agree that Philbin got the short end of the stick in Miami. That said, nothing he has done here suggests anything radical is in the pipeline if he stays. What I see could be easily explained as belated signs of the rookies beginning to gel, nothing else.

How then would Philbin make us better off than we were under MM? Is it just that MM was stale? Philbin was part of the team before MM left and was supposedly a key component in the offensive design for this season.

I do not understand this mindset. That we won against the Jets is pleasing because of the fight we showed, not because we played a great game. The Lions are, in my view, no better overall than the Jets. We contrived to lose in Detroit via a terrible performance on a par with that against Arizona. We should win against the Lions at home! Even with all the injuries!

If we do beat the Lions, that tells us nothing about Philbin’s merits as a long term option and likewise should tell the FO nothing they should not already know.

Pilprin's picture

Zac Taylor is not coming to GB to be an OC. He is rumored to be a favorite in Cleveland. If he leaves the will be as a HC. The Rams can block him from all other positions if under contract.

I am in favor of Zac Taylor as HC and Philbin as a Assistant HC /OC

stockholder's picture

Me Too.

jeepingmakooi's picture

Idk about him being a favorite for them.. kitchens might be the one who gets the nod in Cleveland. Baker and him seem to work well together when given free reign and the team as s whole is playing good football right now.

Pack Fan Forever's picture

I don’t believe this article is correct in labeling Zac Taylor as the Rams offense of coordinator. It’s my understanding that he is QB coach. So I believe that would open up the possibility of the Packers hiring him away if they gave him a promotion to OC.

Bure9620's picture


tincada's picture

So what?

Packers0808's picture

You might as well as kept McCarthy, either way Philbin is nothing more than an extension of what we had. Clean house and start from scratch and who the hell cares about what Rodgers really wants, what the TEAM needs is what is the most important, simply because Rodgers career is done sooner or later and most likely with his play this season sooner.

HankScorpio's picture

" Although Rodgers has maintained he wants to give Philbin the best shake at being named the head coach for next season, he hasn’t actually campaigned for him"

Good. Rodgers has rightfully taken some heat for some of his public comments in the past, like his comments about the QB coach. I'm glad to see he's learned to zip his mouth. I hope it continues on throughout the rest of the process of hiring the next HC.

I think it is entirely appropriate for Rodgers to make his feelings known to Gute & Murphy. But that's a fine line. The stronger the statement, the less public it should be.

PatrickGB's picture

As others have stated better than it can, Philbin would be ok as HC. Not exciting but ok. My wish is for a change at OC. The HC sets the tone and organizes things. But my wish is for a much better OC. And yes I know that Philbin WAS the OC, yet I blame the game plan on MM and his stubbornness for not firing slokum, Capers and Zook when it was needed. Recent poor draft picks by TT did not help as did Rodgers holding on to the ball for too long. A good OC could fix that. The defense is doing better so keep Pettine.

Bure9620's picture

Yeah, NW Bowl game is Monday, I expect Firzgerald to be at 1265 Lombardi by end of the week.

Old School's picture

Gutekunst became GM. Two weeks later, Philbin returned to Green Bay. When McCarthy stumbled, Gute already had his guy in place. A four week audition to sell himself where he goes 3-1.

It's Philbin. That's been the plan all along.

I'd bet a cold six pack of PBR on this.

albert999's picture

I believe your right old school
makes a lot of sense

Skip greenBayless's picture

I also agree with you Old School. You were like Lt. Columbo on this one. You put all the pieces of the puzzle together. The pieces all fit where they should and everything makes total sense. You convinced me.


Old School's picture

Thanks. Whi!e reading about Philbin, I saw that at Miami, he started with a rookie....Tannehill....who improved every season under Philbin.

He may be playing his last game as a Dolphin. Hmmmmmm......

Skip greenBayless's picture

ok, now you lost me. You are now in Dale Gribble territory. lol

Oppy's picture

Mike McCarthy fired Edgar Bennet, creating an opening at the offensive Coordinator position five days before Gutekunst was promoted. Do you believe that Gutekunst, before being promoted to General Manager, overstepped Mike McCarthy and fired Edgar Bennett to create a spot on the coaching staff, then informed Mike McCarthy he could not hire his own choice for OC, but rather, he (Gutekunst) would hire the OC himself?

Or do you believe that Mike McCarthy somehow was helping Gutenkunst plot to plant his (MM's) own usurper?

I think it far more likely that MM fired Edgar Bennet because the pressure was on and believed that bringing back thefamiliar and trusted OC that helped him craft and run one of the NFL's most prolific offenses of the last decade might just make sense.

Old School's picture

I believe that different people could have different reasons for wanting Philbin there.

CDC Dave Retired's picture

There's a zero per cent chance that Philbin is with the Pack in 2019
HC will be Eric Bieniemy!
Read It
Learn It
Know It

Bure9620's picture

Oddly enough I am becoming more open to the Idea of Philbin as well, the players seem to really respect him and he can be that vocal leader. Would be nice to see him get a dynamic young playcaller too.

egbertsouse's picture

Philbin? Just keep McCarthy for cripes sake!

Cheeseball81's picture

My original reaction to the headline of this post was a big Nagler “Good Lord!”. But I have to say this is an interesting perspective. I was definitely one on the “clean house” bus, but now I am reconsidering. This years offense was well designed, but horribly executed. Throw in so many key injuries (including QB1s knee) and horrid special teams, and you begin to see how close we really were to a great year. That is what has been most frustrating. Philbin as HC, new young OC to bring some fresh ideas and spark without a complete retool (Zac Taylor seems preferable) and a new Special Teams coach (possibly the more important decision after HC)...there might be something there. Excited to see how it plays out.

Since '61's picture

If Philbin can in fact bring Zac Taylor over to GB and he works out well with Rodgers that could be a good longer term move for the Packers.

Have Taylor come over and see how it works with Rodgers. If it does the Packers have their next HC after Philbin. Philbin retires or moves on and Taylor gets promoted to HC. Another scenario is that if Taylor is ready now bring him in as the HC.

As for Josh McDaniels, he did not do well in Denver, like the rest of the BB coaching tree and then he bolted on the Colts. I think that he is tied to NE either for personal reasons or he knows that he will take over for BB whenever BB steps away. Thanks, Since '61

Bure9620's picture

Agree with you since '61, McDaniels knows he pissed off half the owners last year with his Colts stunt (Not that far off from what Belichick did to the Jets) He is staying with Brady as long as possible and will then try to take over after BB.

Bert's picture

I think Philbin would be a "ok" HC but not a real long-term answer. I guess if there is nobody better on the market then Philbin may be the best of a mediocre lot. Kinda like trading McCarthy for McCarthy except you keep AR happy for a year or so.

Ferrari Driver's picture

"...since he took over for the ousted Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers has been more relaxed and his offense has averaged nearly 32 points per game..."

Except for the Chicago Bears, we haven't exactly been playing teams with winning records.

Spock's picture

The saying is that "If you think you ARE crazy, you probably aren't".
:) :)

JohnnyLogan's picture

Not impressed by the fact the players "like" Philbin. Players hated Lombardi initially, feared him. Their fear of his wrath combined with his brilliance in utilizing players was what made him the standard for coaches. Don't feel like those are qualities that Philbin possesses. McCarthy let Jones languish on the bench, why didn't Philbin force his hand? Why was Philbin, the OC, not able to get in Rodgers ear and force to him to get rid of the ball instead of setting all time records -- for being sacked on third down, and throwing the ball into the fifth row of the stands. McCarthy can't be entirely blamed for the horrid offense this year, Rodgers had much to do with it. But so did Philbin, who was paid to be in charge of the offense. Pass.

Bure9620's picture

Good question Johnny Logan, if anything many thought the hiring of Philbin this year would give McCarthy someone that can tell him no. But that did not seem to be the case, almost as though McCarthy tuned him out.

Jordan's picture

Both the Chiefs and Rams run a lot of well choreographed misdirection on nearly every offensive play. This takes a lot of extra practice. I bet they do like Philbin. Philbin is probably soft on them. Short easy practices.

I really doubt that the Packers players want anybody from the Patriots, Chiefs, or Rams organizations. They want short easy practices.

The Packers need a HC to come in and change the culture. Aaron Rodgers won't like it but so what. Instead of trying to improve his checkdown throws, Rodgers will probably be heading to see the Dalai Lama again in offseason.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Just read up on Pat Fitzgerald. He was a great college player, won Nagurski and Bednarik award twice as best linebacker in the country. Anyone know why he didn't play pro ball?

albert999's picture

Not sure
great question....injury?

Bure9620's picture

Not quite the athletic measurables for the Pros but a great college player. Overachiever as a player AND a coach, his energy is infectious.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

We played the awful JETS (35 pts scored on our defense with no thanks to our lousy special team play) and then we play the terrible LIONS

Candy cane wishes
and Marshmallow Dreams.

Philbin GOES!!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

People are do GULLIBLE.

Samson's picture

Why fire MM if all you're going to do is hire Philbin in his place?
Philbin --- the next HC in GB ---- won't happen.

Old School's picture

Samson. This is the right question. Ask it again after Philbin get a hired.

It was never bad players, bad scheme, bad play calling or bad coaching. It was the relationship between McCarthy and Rodgers that has gone bad, just like Martin and Lewis and Lennon/McCartney. Thompson, McCarthy, and Rodgers has a lot of success together. It's over now.

As Murphy said "we needed a new voice".

TheBigCheeze's picture

the status quo is NOT what we need.....they need to shake things up....offense is too mundane and short slot plays....not enough roll outs and screens.....I could go on and on....

Lare's picture

Not sure about the Zac Taylor as OC possibility, but if Philbin is hired and stays with the status quo (same position coaches, same offensive scheme, same training staff, same ST coordinator) he, Gutekunst & Murphy will all be fired within three years.

You don't fix stale by staying stale.

Johnblood27's picture

Retain Philbin as HC.

He can hire McCarthy as OC and playcaller.

They can then bring in Sherman as Special Teams coach.

Ray Rhodes comes to fill Winnie Moss's shoes as LB coach.

Moss can get hired in to take over Rob Davis's position as head pom-pom waver and player security blanket.

Philben can then instruct Gutey to start bringing in "His" players starting with signing Richie Incognito to shore up the guard position.

There, everything is better.

Samson's picture

What about bringing back Dom Capers as a consultant on the "D"? --- Also, I believe Gute should stay at home for the draft in 2019. -- Bring back TT to conduct the entire draft, one final time.

Skip greenBayless's picture

lol.. I enjoyed that JohnBlood.

albert999's picture


Packer Fan's picture

This article is basically the same as the ACME Packers one from a few days ago. But interesting thoughts anyway. I am looking for how the Packers play on Sunday to make the final assessment with Philbin. If Rodgers plays well again and with the spirit he did against the Jets, then maybe Philbin has a chance. The whole point here and the ACME article is to keep continuity in Philbin and Pettine. And then bring in a good offensive mind as Taylor to reset Rodgers. Again, intriguing.

By the way. Last week no Cobb and Jones, and Rodgers lit up the passing game. To EQB, Valdez Scatling and Williams along with Adams. So did these players finally grow up and become better or was there a renewed attitude, confidence and play calling. I believe the latter and not the former. McCarthy's time was over and he lost control of the players. The Lion game will be a good judge with this idea.

Samson's picture

The Jets are 4-11. -- The Lions are 5-10. -- Are you saying that these two teams are a good gauge of where the Pack are headed?

Don't put meaning into meaningless games. --- These last two games are no different than preseason games.

Packer Fan's picture

So why did the Pack lose to the Cardinals who are 3-12. That was a meaningless game for the Cardinals. There is something else there. McCarthy had lost it. Yes the Pack came back against the Jets in part because of help from the refs. And even though special teams messed up. Zook should be the first one fired. It will be interesting to see how the Pack play. I would have fired McCarthy for sure after the Viking game. Maybe even the Seattle game. Attitude and confidence is so important and that is what I want to see.

Old School's picture

I'd say that I'll take any win over anybody anytime.

There Is no such thing as an ugly baby or a bad win.

jlc1's picture

I still don't see how what Philbin has done this year merits a promotion in this organization. There is broad consensus that the offense was ill conceived. As the OC he has to own that at least as much as McCarthy. If that is what he thinks is an offense as OC I don't think that he would change his mind enough as HC, even with a creative OC. I just don't see him as HC based on the performance of his offense this year.

Samson's picture

The Pack will lose two more years of AR's career if Philbin is retained as HC. --- I'm trusting Gute to be bold & choose a better direction when choosing the next HC.

The Pack needs new blood, not a recycled OC/HC.

4zone's picture

Like who?

Old School's picture

So .....We need to hire a coach who can win a SuperBowl with Rodgers in the next two years? Would that involve Rodgers learning and mastering anew system? Would It be a guy with no prior association with Rodgers, and no HC experience?

Old School's picture

So .....We need to hire a coach who can win a SuperBowl with Rodgers in the next two years? Would that involve Rodgers learning and mastering anew system? Would It be a guy with no prior association with Rodgers, and no HC experience?

Old School's picture

Is there broad consensus among the Board and Front Office, or just internet websites and talking heads.?

He was hired two weeks after Gutekunst got the job. Doesn't that day anything to you?

Oppy's picture

Mike McCarthy fired Edgar Bennet and hired Joe Philbin to replace him as OC, not Gutekunst. I must be missing what it is you are trying to get at.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"with Rodgers’ blessing,"

You lost me there.

I have had enough of Rodgers advocating publicly for coaching and roster positions. That puts the folks responsible and accountable for those decisions in a bad position. His continuing to do so is eroding my respect for all of Rodgers, Philbin, Gutekunst and Murphy. If Rodgers wants to go to those folks privately without undermining them in the media them great. But, I honestly can't believe Philbin hasn't told him to Shut the F*** Up. He's not helping.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

We should draft a QB to put a fire under Rodgers butt!!

Maybe he will be more focused accuracy wise on his throws instead of his girlfriend

albert999's picture

Agree 100%

Old School's picture

All of our eggs are in the Rodgers basket. I think this is unwise. We need a guy that we could win with if Rodgers can't play.

I wanted Lamar Jackson last year. If we can get a guy with our first pick who could be The Successor.......I'd go for that.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Agree Old School. I said for a while now we need to focus on building a dominating defense and win that way first. Forget about building around a guy who might not even have two years left of elite play. The Bears have that recipe already which is why I think the most important decision might not be picking the perfect head coach but retaining defensive coordinator Mike Pettine at all costs. We have more than half the solution solved with Pettine staying here. If we lose Pettine the entire dam breaks and no, Aaron Rodgers will not be able to save us no matter how great he plays in the next two years. Our defense will be back to square one learning a new system and our offense and special teams will be back to square one learning a new system. Actually the more I discuss this the less confident I become because frankly I don't trust Aaron Rodgers anymore. Hes not the same qb anymore. I saw the same bad traits in the Jets game despite the better numbers.

albert999's picture

u are correct sir
and keep drinking the pabst

nostradanus's picture

I would be in favor, the head coach needs to hire the right coordinator’s and coaches.
They could keep guys like Campen, Pettine, Simmons, Whitt.
This makes a lot of sense for Aaron Rodgers on the back 9.
This is an interesting and crucial time indeed.

4zone's picture

What make you think the Rams are gonna give up their OC so he can become ours?

4zone's picture

Lot of sarcasm here today.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Who knows how things will play out but what about this scenario?

Personally, I am very intrigued by the 44-year old Pat Fitzgerald as HC from everything I read. Further intriguing are the statements Pat would not have the NFL assistant coach connections, but when you consider previous statements Pettine nor Philbin want to be a HC we might have a perfect situation brewing. Fitz is hired as HC and the Pack keep Philbin as OC and Pettine as DC. Meaning most of the existing assistant coaches remain in place.


I would be up for it!

Bure9620's picture

He's a leader and has made Margaritas with lemons at NW.

Rossonero's picture

If Philbin is named HC, his first order of business is to fire Ron Zook.

I'd also want Philbin to NOT call plays, but rather, have his OC do it.

Why? Because we already saw how McCarthy got too absorbed into the offensive game planning and neglected other aspects of the team-- especially special teams.

Our special teams have SUCKED ASS for the last decade or so. Maybe not since we won the super bowl have they been so erratic and filled with undrafted no names and rookies.

Sure, Philbin is the "devil we know," and he might be better than some guy we know very little about, but should we settle for less, merely because we like familiarity?

My personal favorite for HC is none other than Dave Toub, Kansas City's special teams coach. Let's have a coach who oversees the WHOLE team and delegates to his coordinators.

Bure9620's picture

Rappaport is reporting there is little chance they hire Philbin and Pat Fitzgerald and McDaniels are the primary targets.

Skip greenBayless's picture

That's not what Old School is reporting. In fact it's the direct opposite. Old School has been pretty reliable so far. I'm sticking with Old School over this Rappaport guy.

Bure9620's picture

There is a possibility the agents are trying to blow up interest for their clients, as it is their fiduciary obligation, however Ian Rappaport has proven to be quite reliable with solid sources.

flackcatcher's picture

That IS Rappaport passing on 'talk' from their agents. To be honest, national guys main access is either other front office guys, or agents. Packers front office under Wolf-Thompson was locked down solid. Only the local reporters got their stories based on their years of personal contact. Gute follows the Wolf-Thompson model, so there is an good chance that it's the agents pushing that line to boost their clients asking price. Besides getting either pass the executive committee might be a wee difficult at the moment.

albert999's picture

we’ve never had a special team except to keep TT OFF THE SAUCE

12guage's picture

I am intrigued with Fitzgerald as a possible hire. ..but it also wouldn't bother me if they gave the job to Philbin.
I watched the post game speech that he gave to the players after the jets game and I have to be almost brought me to tears. You could tell he loved his players and could see and feel the emotion in his delivery. I've never seen or experienced that from an Mccarthy post game speech.
Either hire would make me happy

John Kirk's picture

"A convincing victory this week could go a long way towards Philbin residing in the big chair next year, thus, this game is far more important to him than just about any other member of the Packers’ squad."

---That's the wildest speculation I've ever read. The score could be 50-0 and it wouldn't matter one iota to Philbin's future here.

Why would anyone judge Philbin's ability to be a HC off these final meaningless games? He was the OC who put together this offense in consort with MM. It's remarkable he was given the interim job. I was shocked by it.

That's like firing Zook after the season and anointing his right hand man the new ST coordinator.

The only reason this is even being wildly speculated upon is the detestable Mark Murphy lying to the media and fans by saying he had a legit chance at the job and guys like Rodgers and Adams stumping for him which Rodgers never actually did. Magic Mark is a piece of work. I can't believe anyone would believe a word this empty suit says.

To sum this up, just so I have this right... A meaningless game with Detroit today might determine Philbin being permanent HC? His losing record in Miami not a factor? His hand in the offense this season not a factor? His ties to the image of an old stale coach that would bring nothing new not a factor?

Winning a game that couldn't be more meaningless, convincingly, outweighs the factors noted above?

I'll cash in my 40 years of following this team should they do this.

Bure9620's picture

I agree the players and organization will do anything they can to portray this as Philbin being the guy and auditioning for the job moving forward. I will be really surprised if Murphy removes the interim tag, even if we blow the Lions out. They likely give Philbin an interiew tomorrow and will be let go in January. This was never an audition. Gute has more pull that we think and Murphy will listen to him. Gute does not want Philbin. They want a new direction, Philbin is not a new direction. Lets not forget Philbin IS part of the failures of this season if he was listened to or not by McCarthy.

John Kirk's picture

Rodgers doesn't want Philbin. Brian has a relationship with Josh McDaniels and don't think Murphy and his Patriots-envy hasn't been incited.

What would be better than giving Aaron Rodgers the same guy who has been magic with Brady, who Rodgers idolizes? I'm sure Aaron has only dreamed of what it must be like to be part of the Pats org where they win Super Bowls.

Hiring McDaniels shines the bright spotlight just that much brighter on the remainder of Rodgers career. He's always wanted to know how the other half lived? Let all of us see what Rodgers does in a Brady system.

As much as I think McDaniels is a flake and not respectable, I'd be lying if I didn't want to watch that theater play out over the next few seasons.

Bure9620's picture

I just worry McDaniels leaves us at the alter like the Colts. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on 1265 Lombardi.

Part of me just feels like McDaniels rides out Brady to the end and tries to take over after Belichick.

John Kirk's picture

Yeah, that's why I don't respect McDaniels, but if he has a relationship with Brian he's far less likely to play runaway bride again.

I'd love to see McDaniels get the Pats job now and we'll take Belichick. :)

HankScorpio's picture

"Part of me just feels like McDaniels rides out Brady to the end and tries to take over after Belichick."

There is not much I can imagine that shows less sound strategic thinking than angling to be the Pats HC once Belichick and Brady leave. The person that ends up in that seat when the music stops will be the loser in that game of musical chairs.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Good comments but how do you know if Gute has a relationship with McDaniels?

Separately, I do not know why everyone seems to think you absolutely have to bring over an assistant coach from a specific offensive system to implement that offense. There are no surprises with everything on film anymore. DC's have been creating defensive looks for years to defend the Patriots offense. There are companies out there that sell offensive plays on DVD for purchase. There are consultants.

If you are an NFL coach or a major college coach you should be able to add any offense system or insert a few plays here and there into your offensive system. Plus, there are consultants available. I simply want the best leadership, motivator, talent evaluator, and organizer as possible for a head coach. I would prefer the same qualities for an OC. The offensive system I am not overly concerned about. Remember old Vic at constantly saying it is players not the system? There isn't this magical offensive system out there that is going to make the Packers any better. I want a coach who can identify talent and the strength of their offense (like Pettine has done on defense) from year to year to figure out creative ways to best exploit that talent. That is the sign of a great coach.

John Kirk's picture

Ian Rapoport's article from which I'll excerpt below...

Here's the pertinent line: Josh McDaniels, who has already built a relationship with GM Brian Gutekunst and is open to the right job, would be another possible candidate here.

Here's the blurb on the Packers in its entirety:

Packers: Interim coach Joe Philbin will receive a head-coach interview, but it would be a surprise if he received the full-time job. Instead, expect the Packers to conduct a wide-ranging search with perhaps 10-12 candidates, then bring in three or so for final interviews. One coach they are expected to target is Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald, sources say. Packers CEO Mark Murphy actually hired Fitzgerald when Murphy was AD at Northwestern. While Fitzgerald has shut down countless interview requests from the NFL in the past, with a good sales pitch, this one may work. Josh McDaniels, who has already built a relationship with GM Brian Gutekunst and is open to the right job, would be another possible candidate here. They've already interviewed Jim Caldwell and Chuck Pagano.

marpag1's picture

The title implies that Philbin has been a temporary solution. Temporary solution to what? The Packers needed someone to hold the play card during the last few meaningless weeks of a lost season. A monkey could do that.

Philbin isn't a solution to anything.

tincada's picture

This is one of the stupidest comments I've seen. BTW, the QB room is set. This team is is a complete disaster.

tincada's picture

This team is a joke I'm not laughing at. WTFO playing AR until he get's injured in a nothing game and then finding once again the QB room is not set. I was raised in GB but I'm moving on from these idiots. Go Bears.

John Kirk's picture

It really is and is going to be challenging to be a Packers fan going forward. It looks very dark on the horizon.

Mark Murphy's hand prints and involvement are going to completely sink this holey ship.

Our CEO went from absentee landlord to micro manager. BOTH are the wrong approaches but he's trying to save himself and when you make it about you, everyone else suffers.

This is going to be hard watching the Packers return to 70's football but it's already here. Back to back losing seasons and you just spent a significant portion of your cap on one player who has been injured in back to back seasons and a couple of seasons before that was hobbling on an injured calf. 3 out of 4 years either not playing or at less than full capacity doesn't engender confidence he's going to be healthy for any of his remaining seasons.

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