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James Jones' Time To Shine?

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James Jones' Time To Shine?

It will be interesting to see, in light of the news about Driver's knees being scoped, if McCarthy and the offensive staff for the Packers take it upon themselves to begin transitioning James Jones into the starting lineup. They already feature Jones a bit on certain plays. And Driver is coming off an end to a 2009 season that saw just the slightest slip in his game for the first time really in his career.

Now, I don't advocate a hard and fast switch. And the Packers run so many different personnel groups and formations that it makes the term 'starter' almost obsolete.

But the fact of the matter is that Jones is entering his fourth year with the Packers - if he is going to be the future starter alongside Greg Jennings the Packers have to start working him into the gameplan more. It doesn't help his cause that Jordy Nelson sits behind him breathing down his neck, not quite the talent but twice as good a blocker and, seemingly, a bit of a harder worker as well. Jones improved his blocking last year but he needs to be much more consistent in that area to get on the field as the lone wide receiver in the Heavy formations (3 TE or 2FB) where Rodgers occasionaly checks out of runs to backside slants and Go patterns. Right now, those snaps are mostly going to Jennings and Nelson with some Driver thrown in occasionally.

Jones needs to make the case for his inclusion.

We've talked about a 'Season of No Excuses' - James Jones has no excuse not to make it impossible for the Packers to keep him off the field.

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nerdmann's picture

I like JJ. Had a few drops, but they all did. That fumble against the Bears that time got into his head. Think he's over that by now tho. Dude can get it done.

packeraaron's picture

Two fumbles! I'll never forget that game. They had it won if he just hangs onto that first one in the red zone.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah, that game should have been over by halftime. Unreal.

alex's picture

say D.D gets hurt (hope he dosent love the guy) that would mean the following Jennings jones nelson swain and a wildcard Chastin West to make the roster...... With Finley having the ability to play the slot x and y slot im not worried

PackersRS's picture

Like you said, there's no point in putting him at starter if he doesn't step up. He needs to run better routes, beat his man more consistantly, he needs to make more plays.

That goes to Jordy also. I think Jordy was more active than Jones last year, but he had too many drops...

Jordy seems more physical than Jones...

maxginsberg's picture

Aaron Rodgers makes his receivers better. Period. As long as Rodgers is healthy, you can insert Driver, Jones, or Nelson and they're going to be put into positions to make big plays.

FITZCORE1252's picture

This a contract year for JJ?


FITZCORE1252's picture

I meant - Is this a contract year

Chicago Hooligan's picture

Yeah, his rookie deal ends. Driver's contract is also up after this season.

J.R. Augustine's picture

John Rehor wrote about Jones in his latest post at GPN ( I think he'll play a bigger role this season. However, I whole-heartedly agree with Aaron that any reference to "starters" is a misnomer.

TheMills's picture

I think it will be hard for JJ to shine. With Jennings, Driver, Finley, just how many balls can JJ get? Especially when you figure those remaining throws will probably be split with Jordy.

nerdmann's picture

To say nothing of the additions of Starks and Quarless.

PackerBacker's picture

He might not get 80 catches this year. But the key is that he catches every ball that comes his way. Even if he gets only 2 catches per game, it's still a huge help to the offense.
What an awful problem to have. We have a B who can make any throw he wants and our main issue is that we have too many talented receivers to get the ball to in large quantities.

PackerBacker's picture

I meant QB, not B.

nerdmann's picture

Thank you, Ted Thompson.

PackersRS's picture

While Arod tends to exploit the pre-snap mismatch, he's not one to have a go-to-receiver. He throws to the open receiver. If JJ is open faster than the other guys, he'll get the ball.

Jersey Al's picture

On the contrary, this will be Jordy Nelson's Breakout year...

nerdmann's picture

Wouldn't shock me one bit. Any of these guys gets a chance, and they'll get it done.

Tarynfor12's picture

You may be right Al about Nelson,but only if he is allowed to concentrate on receiving and not returns.I still wish we had a Welker type.Would haved liked Eric Decker from Minn but!!!.

nypacker's picture

Imagine of Shields could be used as a reciever, now that would be scary. All of our guys are okay fast but noone strikes me as a burner. If we had a Desean Jackson or Johnny Knox type of player in the slot, defenses would be quivering. Shields however is being kept strictly as a CB.

DAWG's picture

JJ will always be the third guy on your better teams, maybe a second on your lesser teams. What I like about JJ, he's the hardest WR we have to bring down at point of attack.

Tarynfor12's picture

It's great to be a fighter as a WR but,knowing when not to fight for the 1 or 2 extra is what helps keep you healhty.That second defender hitting you is what hurts you.HAVING BALLS (WHILE WITH THE BALL) DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE STUPID.Hence the turnovers!

Wiscokid's picture

Completely off topic but since I see the add for "Lombardi" advertise on your site, I have couple of questions for Aaron: 1) have you seen the play yet? 2) Were you involved as a technical consultant on the production?

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