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IQs Around the Packer Blogosphere...

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IQs Around the Packer Blogosphere...

...did they just drop suddenly? Does the prospect of overpaying for marginal talent and the Packers annual removal from the process just cause otherwise usually astute observers of the Packer condition to become the blogosphere equivalent of Ignatius J. Reilly?

Brandon over at ACME Packing Company is the latest Packer blogger to lose the plot. Seems he is "depressed" that the Packers have shown interest in two safeties, an area where Brandon seems to think the Packers are just fine, thank you very much. I think this is the height of naivete, and his insinuations that neither Mike Adams or Anthony Smith are even in the same league as Nick Collins or Atari Bigby is just plain ignorance. The Packers are looking at Smith and looked at Adams (who re-signed with Cleveland) because they could indeed step in in 2010 if the Packers lost Bigby or Collins, but more importantly, because both players could EASILY beat out Bigby for a starting job, and Smith could certainly give Collins a run for his money. 

I keep saying this over and over - Nick Collins is the most overrated player on the Packers' roster. His Pro Bowl appearance was a product of two things. 1) His peers seeing him on SportsCenter returning interceptions for touchdowns and 2) The overall weak play at the position this past season in the NFC. He is terrible in coverage, incredibly inconsistent with coverage calls in the secondary and can't tackle. Sure he can run fast and throw a shoulder into a back or receiver that is just catching the ball but if he has to break down and make an honest to goodness tackle? Terrible. 

Now, I'm not saying Anthony Smith would suddenly turn into Ed Reed. I am saying he's got experience in the type of system the Packers are trying to implement on defense. He has the all the physical tools to become a star at the position. You don't 'get depressed' because your team is looking at that kind of player, especially if you write for one of the better Packer blogs out there. 

UPDATE: The Packers have signed Smith. Excellent.

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Packnic's picture

good post... im glad our GM is more level headed than most bloggers out there.

WoodyG's picture

I'm still searching for a Packer Blogger out there worthy of my attention. Most of them should shut down & start over from scratch. Original thought would be nice instead of rehashing someone else's ideas. (this doesn't include you otherwise I wouldn't be here)

If Collins can duplicate 2008 in 2009 then his status will change. But I agree, I don't think GB is 100% confident that will happen thus enters A. Smith. Both Collins & Bigby are UFA in 2010. They both are playing for an extension this year. Again enter A. Smith. This is just being prepared on GBs part.

Alex Tallitsch's picture


That is perhaps the most arrogant thing I have ever heard. Worthy of your time? Seriously?

Your little holier than thou trip around the blogosphere is getting kind of tiresome. You should stop and quit embarrassing yourself.

Until you know what it takes to write a blog, you should gently stick it where the sun don't shine.

I am sure you will find Nick Collins there. The same Collins who two days ago you swore up and down was a "premier player."

How is that for some orginal thought?

WoodyG's picture


Why short change yourself? If you are content with mediocre standards, then go for it. I consider my time as valuable & pertinent. To visit bloggers who want traffic (they all do) and run across limp arguments to support their ranting & raving can only be termed mediocre.
Writing a blog ??
It takes effort, time, style & consistency to do it at a high standard. My point is simple. Many of them fall short.
I consider any player who starts in a Pro-Bowl to be a 'premier player'. Collins just needs to do it two years in a row. Read the lines, not in between them.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I don't think you can call anyone who hasn't done it two years in a row a premier anything.

All I'm hearing is an argument headed to the Appomattox in a hurry.

Don't trip on Imboden.

buckslayernyc's picture

collins is pretty good actually. He has questionable hands but that's why a college coach put him on that side of the ball rather than on offense....

He has elite athleticism and is very smooth. He has had ass poor coaching and came from a small school so it took a while. But to say he can't cover is bullshit, its just fiction. He is a very good free safety who will never be a great strong safety. The packer and their bullshit " there is no difference between our saefeties they both have to cover and tackle" mantra from past years is now over. You want to know that one of your guys can get the interception (Collins) and one of your guys can make them pay ( Bigby) play to strengths, don't try to fit square pegs in round holes.

Collins is a very good player. He will cost us a lot of money to re sign, no doubt all of you Collins questioners will be Ted Haters when he delays resigning Collins after he makes his 6th interception next year.....


PackerAaron's picture

buck - Obviously, I could not disagree more. ;)

Ron La Canne's picture

"In 2007, Smith infamously guaranteed a victory over the unbeaten New England Patriots and then was beaten for two touchdowns in a 34-13 loss." Is this Packer People?

A 4.71 40? That's not too good for a DB. Did not start in 2008.

Olshansky is now a Cowboy. And another one bites the dust.

Chicago Hooligan's picture

Ooh, I read books! I get references! Great book, too.

PackerAaron's picture

Just keeping' you on your toes CH....

buckslayernyc's picture

Speaking of Books.....I am almost done with "the Blind Side" which is very good. It details the life of Michael Ohrer and the evolution of the left tackle position. Read it....there is about a 50% chance he is our guy at #9

Ryeguy812's picture

I'm not sold on either of our safeties, and any help in the secondary is appreciated. I don't share Aaron's hatred for Collins. I think he has progressed every year he's been on the field and is still an ascending talent. With that said, the 3-4 safety spot is much different (which has been noted) and this Smith character at least knows the drill. As for him not being a "Packer guy"...Maybe Bedard can ask him what he learned from his "guarantee" and what he learned from winning a super bowl ring while riding the bench. Those two incidences probably matured the young man quite a bit

PackerAaron's picture

Let's be clear - I in no way "hate" Collins. I do think he is grossly overrated.

Ryeguy812's picture

Fair enough, sorry I misinterpreted your feelings for Collins.

L.A.'s picture

I have a very, very strong opinion on the safety position. I think that the position has been mishandled for many years. There is no true ballhawking Eugene Robinosn type free safety. The Bates scheme emphasized that you needed to interchangable safeties, and Thompson has continually drafted or brought in more prototypical SS types (Roman, Collins, Bigby, Rouse) who are strong nearer to the line of scrimmage in run support but struggle in coverage and in their angles.
I was ready to give up on Collins as a low-IQ guy at the start of 2008, but it was pretty clear the light finally came on for him this past year. That stated, he is still miscast as a free safety. While his coverage skills have improved, he's still not the quarterback of the defense that the team needs, and would be a prototypical strong safety.
The guy that Packers need is that strong Ed Reed free safety type that can see the whole field and allow Collins to make the risky plays with an actual "safety" behind him (just as Robinson used to do for Butler, maximizing his game).

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