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Injury Update at Packers Training Camp: Who's Returning? Who's Dropping Out?

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Injury Update at Packers Training Camp: Who's Returning? Who's Dropping Out?

Jordy Nelson isn't a new addition to the injury report, but Mike McCarthy did give an update on the wide receiver on Tuesday saying he underwent a procedure on his knee and will miss the rest of training camp. McCarthy is still hopeful that Nelson will return in time for the regular-season opener.

There were no specifics shared on Nelson's injury or the procedure he underwent, but ESPN's Adam Schefter did share the following on Twitter...

Here's the rest of the injury updates from Tuesday's training camp practice in Green Bay...

Dropping Out of Practice

Offensive lineman Bryan Bulaga, knee

Commentary: After Bulaga played through his injury during Saturday's intra-squad scrimmage, Tuesday was the first day of practice that he missed. No decision has been made on Bulaga's future, and it would appear he and team are still trying to decide whether he may actually try to play through a torn ACL this season. They continue to wait on one more medical opinion.

Wide receiver Randall Cobb, biceps

Commentary: Cobb dropped out of practice with a biceps injury, according to McCarthy. It's doubtful Cobb's injury is serious, but the Packers are starting to become very thin at wide receiver, considering Nelson, Charles Johnson and Kevin Dorsey all remain out.

Defensive lineman Datone Jones, illness

Commentary: McCarthy said Jones missed Tuesday's practice due to illness. No specifics were provided, but it would have to be a very serious illness for Jones to miss anything more than a few days.

Running back Alex Green, knee

Commentary: Green's knee flared up on him on Monday, even after a day off from practice on Sunday, according to McCarthy. Given Green's injury history and his troubles getting back to full health from a torn ACL in 2011, there has to concern about where he's headed.

Defensive lineman Johnny Jolly, cramps

Commentary: Jolly dropped out of practice due to cramping. He fought through injury earlier in training camp and returned to practice the very next day. There's probably no reason for concern.

Tight end Ryan Taylor, knee

Commentary: Taylor originally dropped out of Saturday's scrimmage with a knee injury, but Tuesday was the first full session he's missed. McCarthy said he's probably week to week and that Taylor is pushing to get back out on the field.

Returning to Practice

Linebacker Dezman Moses, toe

Commentary: Moses was forced to miss Saturday's scrimmage with a toe injury, but returned on Tuesday. He's the only player on the roster with any experience at outside linebacker behind Clay Matthews and Nick Perry, so he's a welcome return.

Linebacker Jamari Lattimore, illness

Commentary: Lattimore has had an on-again, off-again illness that prevented him from playing in Saturday's scrimmage, but he was back in action on Tuesday. Combined with Moses, the linebacker position got a dose of good health.

Safety David Fulton, knee

Commentary: For the second time this camp, Fulton came back from knee injury. If he has any hopes of making the team, he'll have to stay healthy, because Fulton is far down the depth chart as it is.

Still Out

The following players' status hasn't changed (anticipated return in parentheses):

  • Wide receiver Jordy Nelson, knee (regular season opener)
  • Cornerback Casey Hayward, hamstring (a couple weeks, as of 8/26)
  • Cornerback Tramon Williams, knee (a couple weeks, as of 8/30)
  • Defensive lineman Mike Neal, abdomen (a couple weeks, as of 8/26)
  • Running back DuJuan Harris, knee (two or three weeks, as of 8/30)
  • Offensive lineman Derek Sherrod, leg (undetermined, on his "last hurdle," according to McCarthy)
  • Wide receiver Charles Johnson, knee (undetermined)
  • Wide receiver Kevin Dorsey (undetermined)
  • Safety Sean Richardson, neck (undetermined)
  • Defensive lineman Jerel Worthy, knee (undetermined)
  • Offensive lineman J.C. Tretter, ankle (regular season at the earliest)
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hayward4president's picture

Can we just stop practicing .....this is getting to be quite ridiculous.

Tommy G's picture


FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Coach may have no choice but to run the ball substantially more.

hayward4president's picture

Now with Jordy out...JJ and RC better be used sparingly until games that fn count get here.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

We're gonna log on tomorrow and learn that RC ripped his biceps off the bone. I hate talking like that... But I'm expecting it to be serious the way things are going.

hayward4president's picture

I was going to get a jordy or rc jersey to wear this year instead of my cm3 and now raider woodson. But now I think I might just get a t-shirt and spray paint Boykin on it hahaha. (i had a Finley jersey but I dropped it). Hahahaha

RC Packer Fan's picture

I really hope they find another punt/kick returner. Sorry but we can't afford to lose Cobb off of offense.

Tommy G's picture

3 TE sets like Dallas was running???

shawn's picture

II honestly don't think its due to too much practice its due to lack of practice and the intensity they have to practice at because they have such a few practices

UP-Packer's picture

This is crazy. Short term nagging injuries are one thing but being shelved 4-6 weeks is not good.

calipackfan's picture

Ya nos cargo la chingada

Cow42's picture

I can't even get upset anymore.
Fuck it.
I just have to come to grips with the fact that the Packers will never go a full season with all of their essential guys staying healthy.
I'm going to have to trust that Packer management is right and that having inexperienced backups found in the later rounds and off the street is the best way to build depth.
I'm going to have to become comfortable knowing that if the Packers are going to win another Super Bowl with Rodgers, it's going to have to be done with players like Boykins, Newhouse, McMillian, and Moses leading the way.

Lastly - I'm going to try and appreciate every day that Rodgers and Matthews are healthy... Because it's just a matter of time before both get hurt.

Nelson won't be back until after the bye (if he comes back at all).
Neal won't be back until after the bye (if at all).
Cobb willl play 8-10 snaps during the 3rd preseason game and that's all.
Sherrod will never play football again.
Green will be cut.
Jones will miss the first 2 preseason games.
Williams will never get back to 2010 form.

Hawk will be healthy all f'n year.

On the positive side...
Boykins will end up surprising.
Bakhtiari will end up being a stud (sending Bulaga back to RT next year).
McMillian will end up being more impactful than Burnett (next year).
Lacy will be the best GB RB since Ahman.
Perry will get 6/7 sacks.
Hyde/Shields/Hayward/House will become the best CB group in the league (by 2015).

Drealyn Williams's picture

The season they went 15-1 happened to be their most healthiest season.

Tommy G's picture

ya and look what that got us. 15-1 and one and done. Heaviest injury season got us a ring.

Mojo's picture

Wow, Cow has some positives for GB. Am I on an alternative universe SF website?

On the the Jordy Nelson knee surgery thing, I want to congratulate myself for bringing up the need for this a long time ago and multiple times subsequent. Glad he's having it done or Jordy would have been in-and-out of the lineup all year long. This way he has a chance to get through the season.

Evan's picture

"Glad he’s having it done or Jordy would have been in-and-out of the lineup all year long. This way he has a chance to get through the season."

Exactly my thinking as well.

Tommy G's picture

dead on.

RC Packer Fan's picture

WOW.... is this the real Cow42? Actually giving positives? :)

I agree with mostly what you said. Although weren't you one that said that they could have drafted someone better then Bakhtiari?
Either way. it looks like they found a really good find in him and possibly a steal pending on how he plays.

Which Jones will miss the first 2 preseason games? James or Datone? I wasn't sure which u were talking about.

It will be interesting to see how the injury bug affects the team, that is for sure. It would be nice for one year at least to have the whole team healthy.

Although I will say, I would rather them have the injuries in training camp then week 12+ in the season. At least now they have extra players to play with and hopefully will give them time to heal for the season.

Cow42's picture


hayward4president's picture

Do NOT jinx our badass young CBs! I'm as excited about them as anything else this season!

Idiot Fan's picture

That's the spirit Cow.

Tommy G's picture

Did somebody else take the name? Cow, you are spot on with your prediction!

Ma linger's picture

Ditto again Cow. I see Neal the bust sitting out like forever, Jordy may come back but who cares, last yea he had no separtion.

The O line will suck and Rogers will be creamed by game two.

I have this team 05 and finishing 6-10 and that my friend is being kind.

Our fifth and six rounders now have to play for real. It won't be pretty.

Fish . Crane's picture

Cow won't take to well with all these kind out for his next post.
LOL on Hawk healthy

mudduckcheesehead's picture

GTFO, troll. Go back to Minnesota and spread your gloom and doom -- at least there it'll be justified.

ZeroTolerance's picture

With so much cap being dedicated to Rodgers and CM3, players you agree are worthy, how, may I ask, can we have expensive FAs or high draft picks as backups at nearly all key positions? You are right - we should all resolve our selfs.

packsmack25's picture

Who is Jordy Nelson? Justin Wilson is the guy, obviously.

Evan's picture

Also, how is playing through a torn ACL at all a possibility? Is it not a complete tear? If it's not, is the IR with designation to return a possibility?

Tibbits's picture

Honestly, with the massive braces all linemen wear on their legs at all times and the lack of juking needed to be a lineman, you can do it. From what I understand, it's not a complete tear. It will however increase his likelihood of even more catastrophic knee injuries. Probably the best example of a player in a major sport playing with ACL problems is Dejuan Blair of the Dallas Mavericks. He doesn't have ACLs in either of his knees.

Stroh's picture

There have been instances where players in other sports can play w/o ACL's. The ACL runs from the back and bottom of the femur to the front of the knee joint, diagonally back to front. In athletes that don't have ACL's the hamstrings which cross the knee joint in the same matter on either side help to stabilize the joint. It is unusual but possible. As far as I know there haven't been any football players that were able to play w/o an ACL, but I don't know for sure. Basketball doesn't have the same stresses on the ACL that Football does (hence the much higher incidence of ACL tears in football) so its more possible for a basketball player, especially one that is more of a post player, to function w/o and ACL.

Jamie's picture

Don't be so quick to praise cowtaint, when her preceding 'negatives' are largely based on worst case scenario or just altogether baseless.

She's still the trolltard that she's always been.

Evan's picture

Jones misses one day with an illness and suddenly he's going to miss the next two weeks.

Cow42's picture

Just sorta seems like how things work with this team.

Evan's picture

ha...I'll give you that much.

I did say in today's live chat that if Jones had any kind of real injury I'd go into a full Cow panic.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yes you did... I told you, you couldn't be that pessimistic though. ;)

Cow42's picture

What does " Cowtaint " mean?

Jamie's picture

It's the space between a cow's butthole and it's vag. Closer to vag in your case...

Fish . Crane's picture

Cow may be a pessimist but he's not gross.

Jamie's picture

Figuratively speaking of course. I can only judge how disgusting she is as a troll.

Cow42's picture


Bearmeat's picture


pooch's picture

Cant they put. J.F. wide and put that blocking tight end we picked up on the left side to chip for our rookie left tackle and also use him as underneath receiver

hayward4president's picture

Ofcourse we could put JF wide.....that doesn't mean he will catch it.

Lucky953's picture

More proof that life is not fair. Let's kick their collective asses anyway.

Ken's picture

It's interesting to note that the 49ers had very few injuries last year and their head strength and conditioning coach has a different philosophy from the other coaches in the league. They lift real heavy weights rather than lots of reps. I think, but am not sure, that this method strengthens the bones and ligaments more than reps. It would be interesting to see what the 49ers injury statistics were for 2011 and this year to see if 2012 was a fluke or if their S&C guy is really on to something.

Evan's picture

But already this year they've lost Crabtree and Culliver for the season and Willis has had pins inserted into his wrist. Not to mention more than a dozen (I think) on the PUP. I honestly think it's more of a crap shoot than anything.

Ma linger's picture

Ya and the 9'ers have a ton of high quality first and second rounders who player level I football and not a ton of 5th rounders that our so called genius Ted is looking for.

Evan's picture

It's true. The 49ers don't have any 5th rounders.

Mr Smith's picture

I heard they don't draft guys in the 6th round either; is that true?

Evan's picture

Do you even have to ask? After the 2nd round, the 49ers just let the clock expire when it gets to them. They'd rather not pick anyone than some injury-prone, DII waste of space.

steven's picture

Atleast cow gave our new LT props. Guys going to be good.

Ma linger's picture

You draft late round picks others passed on, 31 others, the reason injury prone and whimmpy play in lever ii football, you get a lot of injuries.

Note Jordys injury is one from college. Get it. He was passed on until the Pack too him. We have a whole team of these suckers.

Fish . Crane's picture

maybe this is the price you pay when shopping at the Land of Misfit Toys. But when one breaks down another with the same heart, and desire steps up.

Mr Smith's picture

Outlandish claims, check.
No factual data, check.
Whiny child-like attitude, check.

Yup, we've got a troll problem.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

Actually agree with Cow on Alex Green. As long as Starks stays healthy and productive Green might get cut. Harris could be the other casualty.

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