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I Got Nothin\'

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I Got Nothin\'

Happy Monday.

After a thoroughly enjoyable Favre-free weekend, I look forward to the resumption of Favre watch as the week goes on. But, as I said before, I won't have anything substantial to say on the subject unless he signs on the line which is dotted. (With apologies to Mr. Mamet)

Other than that, I'm reading (and agreeing with) Brian, I'm wondering why our good friends over at PackerGeeks don't post as much as they used to (and why they don't have a Twitter account), I'm scoffing at Peter King's ranking-teams-as-of-right-now (though I'm pretty sure that's the idea) and I'm wondering how people muster up the energy to write about all these undrafted guys - yes, one or two might make the roster, but piece after piece makes every single one of them sound like the next Kurt Warner or Terrell Davis. I got two words for you: Justin. Beaver.

Other than that, I got nothin'. Oh sure, I could complete one of the several posts lying neglected in my 'Draft' section. A random sample of titles:  Speaking of Underrated Corners, Kampman: Not As Good As His Rep, and of course - Clay Matthews Can Walk On Water. I doubt any of these get completed, but I'll be sure to bring them out when Corey and I release the Cheesehead TV Anthology, complete with demo posts, podcast bloopers, and unreleased Packer Remixes...

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Jeremy's picture

Oooooo CheeseheadTV Anthology. I'm excited. (No sarcasm. Seriously)

And about all of the articles involving the undrafted free agents. I think it all goes back to the title of this post. They got nothin' either, Aaron. I think we all realize most of these guys won't ever sniff an NFL roster, but it's still a nice read during a slow news time :)

Aaron Rogders's picture

Wow. Don't get me started with Justin Beaver. You obviously didn't look at his stats in College or see any highlights or the fact that he won the Gagliardi Trophy. He looked like the next Jones-Drew. The Canadian league got lucky this year..

Jayme's picture

I think King's rankings of the Packers and Vikings are pretty much right on, although ranking the Bears at #4 is silly. Yes, they have Cutler, but who's going to catch his passes? Who's going to protect him once everyone realizes that Orlando Pace is old,and, at some point I'm sure, injured?
How's their defense going to suddenly improve on it's 22nd ranked performance? Glenn Earl? Doubtful. Jarron Gilbert? Only if they suddenly put swimming pools on the field. Anyone drafted after round 3? Unlikely, for this season at least. Until the Bears prove otherwise, they are just another middle of the pack team.

packeraaron's picture

Jayme - don't forget, Lovie Smith is taking over play calling for the Bears' defense. 16-0, no doubt. ;)

wgbeethree's picture

i totally dont get how adding cutler improves the bears to the point they are a top five team. it probably makes them better but they still didnt address the most serious issues they had (imo wr,secondary,oline,aging/struggling defense). the thing that really gets me is that the knock on rodgers is that he struggles when playing from behind when if you look at the stats from last year(which of course arent the end all be all but do have some value) rodgers is better than cutler at playing from behind. rodgers had a better qb rating (88.9 to 76.2) completion % (62.0 to 58.3) yards per attempt (8.0 to 6.8) more touchdowns (17 to 13) and less ints (10 to 12). if the stats were close or split between the two i might be able to understand but rodgers is better in ALL of them. yet somehow rodgers cant play from behind and cutler will make the bears an elite team?

Franklin Hillside's picture

Kampman: Not as Good as His Rep?

packeraaron's picture

No question mark. ;)

Franklin Hillside's picture



Matthew's picture

Ohhhhhh... can't wait for the article about Kampman. I think he is a very solid player, but i think if the packers would give him a huge extension, it would be a huge mistake.

rob's picture

Wgbeethree, that is some great info. Not to mention he is without the genius offensive mind this year in Shannahan. I live in chicago and even Bears fans haven't been this bold in predictions.

wgbeethree's picture

heres a few more things to consider about cutler on the bears...last year cutler was sacked once every 56 pass attempts while bears qbs were sacked once every 18.2 attempts .... the broncos averaged almost a yard more per carry (.96 to be exact) than the bears did last year which makes things much easier on a qb...cutler will also be throwing to a group of wrs and tight ends who individually have never caught more than 750 yards or more than 6 touchdowns in any nfl season while last year with denver he had 5 such players (marshall,royal,stokley, and d.jackson have all had more yardage in a season and marshall,stokley,d.jackdon, and graham have all had at least 7 tds in a season)

bucky's picture

<i>I’m scoffing at Peter King’s ranking-teams-as-of-right-now</i>

Shorter Peter King on the Bears: "Bus Cook returns all my calls faster than anyone else, and so I'll blow smoke up his client's ass for a while."

Just look at today's explanation of why he thinks Jay Cutler is such a great QB: well, sure he sucks late in the season, and he's never had a winnning record or gotten his team into the playoffs (even after Jake Plummer got the Donks off to a 7-4 start). But he's a major difference maker and a lot of people like his arm. Jeff George? Never heard of him.

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