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Hints That the Packers Have Signed WR Tavarres King

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Hints That the Packers Have Signed WR Tavarres King

Wide receiver Tavarres King. Photo by Brian Carriveau of

From Lindsay Jones of USA Today:

King is a rookie that's currently on the Denver Broncos practice squad.

He was a deep threat at Georgia, catching 42 passes for 950 yards as senior, an average of 22.6 yards per catch. He also had nine touchdowns.


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L's picture

Interesting. Wonder what this means for Myles White? - no promotion from the PS?

RC Packer Fan's picture

Brian, what did you have on him in the Draft guide?

I remember him, but don't... if that makes sense.

Mike's picture

I like it if it's true. He runs good routes and competes for the ball (See TD against Nebraska in bowl game last year). Tempos routes well and has good hands.

Evan's picture

Scouting report says he has suspect hands...

Still find it odd they'd go outside the organization when they have guys on their own PS. But, In Ted I Trust.

Idiot Fan's picture

Internet says he's short-tall with good-bad hands. Also, he's kind of slowly fast.

dullgeek's picture

You must have stopped early because I'm pretty sure if you keep looking you'll discover you have cancer. At least that's what almost all internet searches eventually turn into for me.

D B H's picture


It's funny because it's true!

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

LMAO, good stuff.

Stroh's picture

Best comment of the day. Thanks for the laugh!

fish and crane's picture

Idiot Fan for the Senate!

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I do agree. But who knows. maybe they are still going to bring up White. Its still early.

Morgan Mundane's picture

If you trusts Ted then why not White. Should have been a solid and obvious choice to put on the team since Ted knows all. Ya right

jmac34's picture

she has her "contacts"

Evan's picture

What does that mean?

jmac34's picture

that's not for you to know

*walks into the shadows*

QOTSA1's picture

I had the Packers taking King in a mock draft I did earlier this year. He would be a nice vertical threat, but he does not have great hands.

Longshanks's picture

Probably a case of the Packers taking out their frustrations of losing Charles Johnson out on another team who like them, had quality starters but not enough room to get a quality rookie wr on the active roster.

The Packers probably are viewing Denver as the top team in the NFL. If they suffer injuries to the WR like GB just did yesterday, they have to dip into their practice squad.

Just the Packers way of trying to make Denver weaker since they probably feel there is a high probability they'll meet up down the road. If they can steal a guy from another "rich" team that could make them weaker and help Green Bay in the process, why the hell not. Just my theory.

Jamie's picture

I seriously doubt (and even more seriously hope they don't) look at things in this way in the slightest.

Maybe they would have preferred to sign Johnson in this scenario, but since he's gone and assuming the King signing is true, they consider King the next best available option.

I'll even throw out the possibility they like King more than Johnson and may have signed him over Johnson and kept Johnson on the PS...similar to what CLE did in signing Johnson over Gurley who was already in their PS.

Longshanks's picture

It's quite possible they liked King over Johnson and did just that. I am sure they had both ranked close together. Either way as far as I am concerned I fully expect Green Bay to be meeting Denver in the super bowl this year.

It was just a theory but if you need a WR, why not steal one from your competition and the team that is as loaded if not more than you are on offense. Denver could suffer a serious injury to Welker in the AFC Championship game and instead of relying on King in the super bowl against Green Bay, they are forced to sign Jeremy Ross. lol

Lucky953's picture

Johnson was just a hamstring injury waiting to happen anyway. I hear King is known for his pre-game stretching-just what we need.

Stroh's picture

Signing from another teams PS means you get more talent overall. You sign a talented player from another team to your roster and keep a player at that position on the PS. If you move a guy from your PS, you have to pick up a guy from the street that was on no other teams roster or PS. By signing from another team, overall you have more talent.

If they promote White from the PS they have to pick up a guy on the street. This way you get a player that was actually talented enough to be on a team practicing and still have your own guy on your PS.

MarkinMadison's picture

So TT is scheming to weaken the Broncos as a potential Super Bowl opponent by, what, grabbing a guy that is not better than any other option? Because the Broncos' 5th WR will change the outcome of the Super Bowl? I mean, 'cause there is no other way they are playing the Broncos this year. Kind of doubt it.

UP-Packer's picture

The problem is fairly simple. Many of the dudes who visit here live their lives based on this -----

fish and crane's picture

LOL that may be true but I still don't have time to watch a :15 commercial to listen to a song I know by heart. I'm too busy thinking about the referee selection for the Super Bowl, and how it can strengthen the Packer's game plan- and weaken the Broncos

Mojo's picture

I hope he didn't duck into the bathroom because he was sick from the thought of joining GB.

If this is true, then who is off the 53?

Evan's picture

Apparently the Broncos are trying to keep him.

Morgan Mundane's picture

No they did keep him

Dan the Man's picture

I watched King play throughout his college career (I live in Georgia). He is a great wide receiver and was always a reliable choice to throw to for Aaron Murray. He would be a great asset to our Packers team.
Sign him Packers. DoooOoOoooOooOo it.
Go Pack Go.

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

From a ginormous UGA Bulldog fan...King is not the most reliable receiver (routes or hands) but his speed can get behind you quick if you're not paying attention. See bowl game vs Michigan State 2 years ago. He could be a nice pickup given we appear to have a running game and DBs might go to sleep on him. Def not a slot guy tho

I bleed Green More's picture

He might not be coming to GB well on to the next man up would seem.

Bert's picture

Looks like we'll have to go a Plan B. Too bad Boykin didn't make the most of his opportunity as the confidence in him right now must be pretty low. Looking at the schedule for the next 6 weeks or so we should be OK even with a guy like Boykin as long as Jones, Nelson and Finley stay healthy.

Morgan Mundane's picture

This guy was fifth round for one reason: smallish. 6'2 dbacks will eat this guy alive. Better be fast and elusive hopefully. But then he would have been a second if that was the case. Fifth round means 31 teams passed 4 times or more on this guy. He's got baggage.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Ya right. Denver cut someone and placed in on the 53 man roster to keep the Packers from obtaining him. Obviously TT waiting too long from when the rumors he spread got out signaling Denver he was interested.

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